Homemade Whipped Cream in a Mason Jar


One of my favorite desserts is homemade whipped cream with fresh berries. It’s quick and easy so I often make it at the end of a casual weeknight dinner, but elegant enough that it’s one of my go to’s when we have guests over. My boys absolutely love homemade whipped cream. They were raised on it and prefer the real deal to alternatives with strange ingredients like canned whipped cream, or the stuff that comes in a tub.

The boys are so enamored with homemade whipped cream that I taught them how to make it when they were in grade school. Now, homemade whipped cream is a given in our house. When friends are over they’ll ask the boys to make it. The next thing you know, one of my sons is in the kitchen teaching the gang how to make homemade whipped cream! Sometimes the friends who have been trained in this process simply grab a mason jar and whip it up themselves. This recipe is so easy and fun that it’s a great one to introduce to your little chefs who are just starting out in the kitchen.

There are a bunch of ways to make homemade whipped cream. You can simply shake it up in a mason jar until it’s thick. That way has not produced great results for me and I don’t really care for it. You can use a stand mixer, but I don’t own one and friends tell me it doesn’t work very well since the beater does not touch the bottom of the bowl, and the results are uneven. You can also make whipped cream in a regular bowl using a whisk. That takes a ton of arm power and you will get very strong, and patient, doing it that way.

I like to make whipped cream in a mason jar using a hand blender. It’s the easiest and most reliable way that I’ve tried and produces incredible results. I also love that you can simply store any leftovers in the mason jar that the whipped cream was made in. Homemade whipped cream leftovers can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours, but will deflate a bit, so I don’t recommend making homemade whipped cream more than an hour ahead of when you need it.

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  1. Pour heavy cream and vanilla into a one quart mason jar
  2. Hold mason jar steady with one hand
  3. Move hand blender in circles around mason jar
  4. Blend sixty seconds or until cream thickens and soft peaks are formed
  5. Serve
Thank you for the time you put into developing the recipes and for sharing them with all of us.

When I used a stop watch to time this recipe it took exactly one minute to make. Sometimes it may take longer or go faster, so keep an eye on it as you whip it. I’ve had a few odd batches of whipped cream that took almost two minutes to make, and some that go much more quickly. As with all recipes, your results will vary slightly based on conditions such as the ingredient you start with or even the weather.

Since it does not contain any sweetener this is a keto whipped cream recipe. If you are in need of more high-fat low-carb recipes, check out my Keto Diet Recipes page. If you are not on a low-carb diet, you may want to add maple syrup to the whipped cream according to taste. My boys add around a tablespoon to the recipe above. Stevia is another sweetener that you can use, however, it doesn’t work super well since the flavor of the whipped cream is mild and does not hide the aftertaste of the stevia.

If you are on a dairy-free diet you’ll want to take a look at my Dairy-Free Recipes page. To make dairy-free whipped cream see my Coconut Whipped Cream or my Pumpkin Whipped Cream recipes.

Here are some of my desserts that are amazing with homemade whipped cream! If you serve this with my Paleo Birthday Cake it’s absolutely incredible and tastes like a HoHo!

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41 responses to “Homemade Whipped Cream in a Mason Jar”

  1. I do love making whipped cream in my stand mixer and never have a problem with it being uneven. It is ideal for large amounts over the holidays. That said, I love this mason jar method for smaller batches! Great for the kids too and I love that you just pop on a lid and store.

  2. Wondering if this will work with coconut cream. I’ll be trying that to see. Dairy is horrible for me. Kinda nice to know ya’ll can enjoy it though.

  3. I can’t wait to try this method!!!
    (Trick to make the whipped cream last a long time: beat 1c Cream until soft peaks form, then add 1/4c. Sour Cream, and finish beating. I popped the cake in the fridge for 1-1.5 hours before serving, and it looked great….They say it would last/look good even longer if you popped the cake in the freezer for 30m to 1h (to set it)….)

  4. Hello Everyone! Here are two things I find helpful with keto whipped cream. I use organic whipped cream, that way there are no fillers, and it whips quickly. Also, I don’t want to ingest any additives or residual pesticides that can build up in animal fat, and be easily absorbed in my food. Secondly I like xylitol as a sweetner. It has no aftertaste, and is distilled from the sap of the birch tree. It does not cause loose bowel syndromes as easily as mannitol or any of the other alcohol based sweetners. It has zero carbohydrates, and I can also bake with it, as it doesn’t change chemically with heat. I also had a surprising result with using xylitol products in my mouthwash and chewing gum. My sensitive gum issues cleared up, and my dentist said I had de-aged my gums by 10 years as the pockets between the teeth healed up and shrank from 5 mm to 3 mm. Xylitol also does not give me any gas. The only time we stopped using it is when we were on the FODMAPS diet for a month, to clear up keto diet resistant candida in our guts. It wasn’t what was causing the candida, a temporary foray into organic wheat and needing to do a parasite cleanse was the issue. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! ♥

    • Marilyn, thanks for your comment. yes, xylitol is a great sweetener for those that do not react to it :-)

  5. Hi Elana
    This has been a saviour for me whilst on a Keto diet. Double cream as we call it here in the UK feels such a luxury to have on a diet! I know I have to be careful not to eat too much..interestingly it’s quite hard to find exactly how much cream is ‘allowed’ daily, on a Keto diet..
    I love your recipes by the way, look forward to new ones popping into my email box!

  6. Unfortunately, I cannot find Heavy Cream that does not contain carrageenan! Carrageenan is impossible to digest for anyone with a “normal” digestive tract, but truly dangerous to those with IBD, colitis, Crohn’s, etc. Please recommend a heavy cream that does not contain additives such as carrageenan or other damaging chemicals!
    By the way, I love getting your posts!

  7. I love how your recipes are almost always so simple and fuss free. Thank you for the time you put into developing the recipes and for sharing them with all of us. I love you cookbooks too!

    • Thanks Ileana! I love writing recipes for people such as yourself and make it my goal to keep them as simple and fuss free as possible. I’m so glad to hear you are enjoying my cookbooks :-)

  8. Hi Elana,

    I read all your posts with pleasure. Thank you.

    What kind of hand mixer do you use? From the picture it seems to have a short shaft but a well-endowed bulb.

    Thank you.

    • Thanks Maggie! If you click on the green text in the instructions portion of the recipe you will be taken to the exact hand mixer that I use :-)

  9. I also have MS and have learned that dairy and gluten make my symptoms worse. I know this would be yummy but I use whipped coconut cream instead.

  10. Homemade whipped cream and sliced berries tossed with balsamic vinegar (optional) and topped with shaved 85% dark chocolate is the best.

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