gluten-free paleo dessert pie tart crust recipe

Gluten Free Tart Crust

Gluten free tart crust, made with only four ingredients; the perfect base for a variety of fillings.

I love making gluten free crusts with almond flour. This gluten free flour is super easy to use, high in heart healthy protein and fats, and of course delicious.

If you wish to experiment and try to make a gluten free pie crust out of this tart crust, feel free. Just be sure to stop back by and let us know how it works.

I am anticipating that I will receive a lot of questions about substituting the egg in this crust recipe; to this I answer: not sure. Again, if you find an adaptation or substitution that works in this gluten free pie crust recipe please let us know how it goes. As for me, I’m very happy with how this turned out as it is a wonderful Paleo tart crust, that will be front and center on my Paleo Thanksgiving menu.

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Gluten Free Tart Crust
  1. Place flour and salt in food processor and pulse briefly
  2. Add coconut oil and egg and pulse until mixture forms a ball
  3. Press dough into a 9-inch tart pan
  4. Place pie filling of your choice in crust
  5. Bake pie as directed per pie recipe

The above is a brand new tart crust recipe. I experimented with it numerous times until I was entirely happy with the outcome. In my tests, I made it with a pecan pie filling. Here are some other filling recipes that you can experiment with:

Chocolate Cream Pie
Mousse Cloud Pie
Chocolate Peanut Tart

What will you fill your tart crust with?

Note: for those of you looking for pecan pie filling, please see the recipe in The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook.


  1. Dianne says

    Looks like this tart crust recipe has been around for sometime. I’ve been successful with using ground almonds instead of graham crackers when I wanted cheesecake. Now I’m ready to tackle a more sophisticated dessert that will be for a special dinner with some special friends. I’m preparing classic French Pear Tart with the almond flour crust. I’ll also make a custard to pour over the poached and fanned pears in the tart. I can do this gluten and sugar free using stevia. I’m stoked. Hope all works well and if it’s really special, you can bet I’ll be back to post my recipe for all.

  2. Milly says

    I have just read saying that almond flour is really bad for you. I have been on a Paleo way of life for a good while now and have read this article and am not sure how safe almond flour is. Any ideas?

    • says

      Hi Milly,

      I LOVE almond flour! I wrote an entire book on it in fact :-)

      Of course, not all foods are for everyone. We are all bio-chemical individuals and unique in our individual needs. For me, almond flour is fantastic –it is high in protein and healthy fats and yields an incredible flavor in an array of baked goods. For more information on why I use almond flour check out this post:

      Thanks for your question!

  3. Starla says

    I was told by my nature path that I need to start eating for my blood type which is A positive. Which means no dairy products, no coconut oil or coconut water, milk of any kind. GF uses dairy milk, butter etc. Vegan calls for coconut oil, milk, or coconut water. So that leaves everything out for me. The amount of recipes for eating for your blood type is almost
    Non existent. So what am I supposed to eat or fix for meals.

    • Milly says

      I have just gone to a naturopath and he too suggested following a blood type diet. I think this is nonsense and could be dangerous as you are cutting out a whole group of foods. I’m not trained in nutrition but do know a lot about it having suffered for many years with food intolerance. If he has suggested this to you ask him what you’re meant to use instead.

    • Janet C Fowler says

      Please note there are other types of non-dairy milk out there – I’ve started drinking oat milk which is quite tasty and works in recipes (the few I’ve used).

    • aG says

      you should read up on why the blood type diet works for some people–bec it’s mostly paleo. There is no scientific evidence for the blood type dier, but there is scientific evidence for the paleo one.

  4. says

    Made this a few days ago, and filled it with a blueberry cream pie, using wild blueberries and coconut milk/cream. Came out fantastic!! Was so easy to make and tasted very good even by itself. It did seem to make a bit more crust than we needed, but gave us the chance to try the extra out. We might have been using a 7 or 8″ pie pan though. Thanks for the simple yet tasty recipe!!

  5. Sofia says

    Perfect timing, had 6 people coming over for dinner- I had some apples to make pie with but no crust recipe! This recipe was great and super easy. Also, I can see how it’s very flexible to customise it in whatever way you like depending on what the filling will be. I added a tiny bit of honey,vanilla extract and cinnamon.
    Long time reader, first time commenter – thanks!

  6. Kelly says

    Thank you, Elana, for a wonderful tart crust recipe. I just tried it and am so thrilled with the results.

    I made a blueberry tart. I didn’t pre-cook the crust. I made your recipe as directed. Then I sprinkled a little granulated sugar (I know, bad, bad…) on the crust before filling it with about 4 cups of thawed blueberries tossed with 2 tablespoons white rice flour, and 2 tablespoons (yes, again) granulated sugar. Baked at 350 degrees, using a pie crust protector, for about 30 minutes.

    Again, I’m thrilled. Thank you for a helping me put together a really simple gluten-free dessert, that will definitely be one of my staple, go to, desserts.

  7. Grant says

    Although I haven’t actually tried your Gluten Free Tart Crust, I did have a thought for how it could be used.

    I have across a recipe for using Marshmellow Root Powder, and you can make Marshmellows out of it, but what i was thinking, was to put your Gluten Free Tart Crust into smaller single person tart dishes, and then make this Marshmellow Cream as the filling

    Topped with some home made Chocolate (Organic Cacao Butter, Organic raw Cacao paste or Cacao Powder, some Stevia or sweetner of choice).

    The Marshmellow Cream, topped with home made chocolate is really nice, and because it is all made at home with organic healthy ingredients, they make for a nice weekend treat, or for when guests come over, they will not know it is healthy.

    Just as a side note, if you are vegan and want to make the marshmellows that are also on the above website, replace the Gelatin with Agar Agar, which is derived from Seeweed. All you are using it for is to set the mixture, otherwise it is a goo. Marshmellow cream doesn’t need the Agar Agar as you want it to be creamy and gooey.

    Have a try and let me know what you think.



  8. Sue says

    I’ve just made this simple pie crust today, split it into 2 small tins and part baked them for 10 mins before letting them cool slightly and then filling them with mincemeat and cooking for 20 minutes. The tarts look great and the pastry has come out of the tins cleanly. I’m amazed at how strong the crust looks.

  9. Carise says

    I’ve been baking with almond flour for a year now and I’ve noticed it burns VERY easily. I’m afraid to pre bake the crust AND then bake it in the oven for the 55 min that my pecan pie needs. Will it burn to a crisp? Does covering the edges work as it does with flour dough? Never made an almond flour crust.

  10. says

    I just purchased The Gluten-Free Almond Flour cookbook. Made the first recipe yesterday – the quiche – which was out of this world, along with the savory pie crust.

    As a diabetic and following a low-carb diet, can you please explain to me why there is no nutritional information given on any of the recipes?

  11. Kelly Gambasica says

    Hello Elana,

    I love your recipes ! I would like to substitute the eggs on this recipe. Any suggestions, please ?

    Many thanks,

    • says

      Yes, there are plenty of egg substitutes available for baking or preparing a dish that calls for eggs. Ener-G Egg Replacer is a reliable egg substitute for use in baking. It is available at health food stores and most grocery stores.

      It’s gluten free, wheat free, no preservatives, artificial flavorings or sugar added. No cholesterol. Contains no eggs or animal protein. As a 34 year vegetarian, been using it for as many years as it’s been around.

  12. Laura says

    This was a great crust for cheesecake this weekend. It turned out perfectly in consistency, density, and flavor.

    Also, I replaced about 1/5 of the almonds with hazelnuts for a delicate, nuttier flavor, and made my own almond-hazelnut flour from the whole nuts in the food processor as step 0.5.

  13. Karee says

    Beautiful! Made a Blueberry tart for Father’s Day. The almond crisp crunch was perfect complement to fresh blueberries.

    Thanks! This is a keeper

  14. says

    Re: a good substitute for egg…

    mix ground flax seeds with just enough water to make it about the consistency of very loose mud. The ground seeds will form a gelatinous consistency much like egg whites, and provide a great substation in almost any situation (unless of course having ground flax in the recipe is undesirable).


  15. LEH says

    I have the Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook and have tried to make the Savory Pie Crust (for quiche) and CANNOT get the crust to brown – I’ve even cooked it for 20 minutes (vs the 12-15) recommended time. PLEASE HELP!

  16. CJ says

    Hi I used this recipe but as I’m only gluten free I used butter! I also added little sugar and lots of chia seeds! I baked it for 15min and filled it with a cheese cake filling!! Everyone was overthe moon!!! Will def use it from now on!!!! Thanks!!

  17. Rachel Zuesi says

    I just made your chicken pot pie with the savory pie crust. The taste was excellent, however the crust completely fell apart when I put the pot pie filling in it. I followed the directions exactly, but ended up with mush. Can you give me some feedback?

    • says

      I don’t use grapeseed oil or minced scallions and searched the web for a low carb almond flour pie crust and found one that was simple to make and delicious (for the even more delicious quiche recipe in Ms. Amsterdam’s book).

      3 tbsp. butter
      1-1/2 cups almond meal or almond flour (they’re really the same thing, just finely ground almonds.)
      Artificial sweetener equal to 3 tbsp. sugar. (I used Stevia – and just about 1/8 tsp.)

      Preheat the oven to 350; melted the butter and put it in a 9″ pie pan – added the almond flour & sweetener to the butter and just mixed it with the fork. You want to coat the almonds with the butter, but don’t want them to be soggy. You’re looking for a wettish crushed crumb texture.

      When they’re well mixed, spread the crust evenly in the pie plate with our fork. Then use the back of a flat measuring cup to press the crumbs down firmly. Bake for 10 minutes – but check it at 8.

      You can use the pie crust to make anything from a sugar-free fruit pie to a sugar-free chocolate pudding tart.

      ( low carb – reference)

  18. says

    I have been trying to find a great GF pastry. One that can be rolled out & using cutters to may small individual tarts, as being british I make mince-pies, lemon curd tarts & jelly tarts at Christmas time. So I need a pastry that can be rolled out & cut (small circles). Anyone know if I can add or change anything to make my traditional tarts using this pastry recipe? Thankyou.

  19. says

    I used this recipe for a breakfast pizza tart and I’m in love! It was so easy to make and didn’t crumble like a lot of the recipes I’ve tried. I usually try to make up my own recipes for stuff like this, but there’s no need to when this one is perfect!

  20. says

    Looks great, can’t wait to try it!
    Going to use it for a dark chocolate baked tart (altered from a jaimie oliver recipe)…
    & might try a vegan version too…
    I’ll post recipes & photos on my blog soon, i’d love you to take a look all :)

    • Elizabeth says

      I used this crust for a spinach/veggie quiche and it turned out wonderful. I did not pre bake the crust but I did use a glass pie pan and greased the pan with a little coconut oil. It sliced up beautifully.

  21. Lizzie B says

    Elana, I used this tart crust as the base for 7 Layer bars today. My local grocery stores don’t carry GF Graham Crackers, I didn’t plan ahead to order online and wasn’t going to do the five hour round trip to a “big” town that would have GF graham crackers. It worked great! I did not pre-bake, just pressed it into the pan layered the goodies on top and stuck it in the oven. This recipe makes a nice amount for an 8″x11″ pan… my recipe called for a 9×13, pretty sure that would have stretched this crust a bit thin, so I just adjusted the amount of my other ingredients. Who am I kidding, I just piled on stuff until it looked right. :-)

  22. Vanesa says

    I’m also curious on the pre baking issue… Do you want to comment on that Elana? Since it is not mentioned… Does it depend on the recipe? Is it prevalent if you have a raw filling and not if you have a cooked filling? Or always/never prebake? Thanks so much!!!

  23. Cat Wilson says

    Thanks for this Elana. We do not use coconut oil so we substituted Safflower Oil. It mixed well and I was even able to flute the edge of the dough in the pie pan… something I have not done since going lo-carb two years ago. It’s clear that it will be a great pumpkin pie for my family tomorrow. Love viewing your recipes and thanks so much for all your hard work that enables so many of us to enjoy these foods. Happy Thanksgiving!

  24. Ghita says

    If I double this recipe, will it be suitable for making an apple pie (with a crust below and crust above)? Do I need to prebake the crust?

  25. says

    I made a variation on this for a “stuffed apple pastry” of sorts.

    2 cups of brown rice flour
    1/2 tsp sea salt
    4 tablespoons coconut oil
    2 eggs

    Turned out to perfection. I didn’t pre-bake. Just rolled out, stuffed the dough and cooked my pastry on 350 for 20 minutes.

  26. Ada Rousso says

    I,too, would like to know if this crust should be pre-baked before filling with pumpkin pie mix and then baked again as in the pumpkin pie recipe in The Gluten-free almond flour cookbook.

  27. Linda says

    If I’d like to use pumpkin pie filling, should I bake this crust first? My other recipes call for baking the crust first so it doesn’t get soggy.

    Very excited to try this!

  28. Sabrina says

    I made this and pressed it into a pie pan. I baked it at 350 for about 20 minutes (used pie weights). It was delicious!

    • valerie says

      Thanks Sabrina – I have never heard of pie weights! So, I am assuming you baked it blind and then put in a filling which you did not cook. Is that right?

  29. valerie says

    I did try this recipe and it was delicious – I made a plum tart. However, I felt that the pastry in the middle of the tart was a bit mushy. So,I then tried another one but put some foil over the top to cook the middle a bit longer – this was a disaster as the middle did not improve but the edge of the crust became super-hard and inedible! In both caes, I didn’t prebake the crust as Elana’s recipe didn’t appear to call for this, but I suspect that, had I done so, the whole thing would have become over-hard. Any suggestions welcome.

    • says

      When I baked my apple tart I set the oven to 325 degrees and baked the tart about 1 1/4 hours. The filling topped the crust so the edges didn’t over brown and the middle was a crispy and perfect as the rest. I’m wondering if your recipe used a higher temperature which browned the edges before the middle could bake?

      • valerie says

        thanks Kathryn – no not a higher temp. I used 180 (UK) which I think is about equivalent to 325 US. The edges of the first pie were brilliantly cooked and the second (longer cooking time) awful. I have a fan oven – I wonder if this made a difference?

        • says

          Hum, same temp, same type oven. Perhaps patting the bottom a little thinner might work. My tart pan was an inch larger than what Elana’s recipe called for (10″ or 25 cm) so I had to pat it out rather thin to get it to go part way up the sides. That might be the difference? My filling actually covered the edges of the crust when I popped it in the oven and as the apples soaked the cream mixture the crust started to appear so no over-browned edges.

        • Kelly says

          Have you ever tried an aluminum pie crust protector ring? They work great for slowing the browning down around the edges of a pie crust, any type of crust, while allowing the middle to bake longer. I bought mine on Amazon, or they carry them at many large kitchen supplies stores.

  30. says

    You have made my husband immensely happy! I used almond meal with this recipe and made him a French apple tart for his birthday dinner. It was delicious. I blogged about it and linked to this page. Thanks!

  31. says

    I’ve recently made the decision to go gluten free and as its just before the holidays I was feeling a bit depressed at how it might limit my addiction to baking… I am so happy to find your website and so excited to try this crust recipe on Thanksgiving!

  32. Valéria says

    Elana, I just LOVE your recent turn toward paleo recipes. I’ve been gluten-free for 7 years, but rapidly gave up “gluten-free” products because all the carbs were making me feel totally gross (not to mention the unwanted weight gain). I got your cookbook, but your recent recipes for paleo bread, this paleo tart crust, and paleo breakfast foods are totally rocking our world! Loved your passover recipes, too! We feel so grateful for your the way your fantastic recipes have dramatically improved the quality of our everyday lives. Sincere thanks!

  33. Linda:-) says

    Elana, I love all your great recipes. I especially like that they are easy and only need a few ingredients. I am so excited to have recipes that can be easily changed with fillings and toppings for increased variety! This will be wonderful for holiday baking. Thank you, Thank you!!

  34. Traci says

    You read my mind! My hubby and I were craving a classic French style Pear-Almond tart this last week but I didn’t feel up to tinkering, so we made your clafoutis instead. (Which was delicious and reminded me of something from my childhood.) I think with this crust, I can figure out something similar soon! We loved a good Pear tart at a lovely French cafe when we were newlyweds, before the need to be GF and I haven’t had any for years…

  35. says

    This sounds great…would this work as a pie crust, too…one that you roll out?? Just curious as this would be a great addition to my Thanksgiving menu!

  36. Tonya says

    Thanks for another great recipe. A local bakery in my area makes red velvet cookies with a cream cheese filling sandwiched between them. These do not look like the whoopie cookies I have seen at other places. The cookies appear to have either a sugar or butter cookie appearance except for the red color. Unfortunately these are not gluten free and I have not been able to try them. If you looking for another cookie recipe for the holidays, I think this would be a great one to create. Thanks!

  37. Iestyn says

    This is great. I just came to see if there was a pumpkin pie recipe & this is perfect. It’s in the oven now. Can’t wait to try it.

    Thank you for your constant updates to the site. Once your books are available on the uk iBookstore I’m buying them.

  38. says

    Great recipe you seem to have cracked it which is more than can be said for myself. Think I may be missing something but whenever I take the trouble to bake..usually a blackberry and apple pie I opt for a pastry crust my pastry never holds together, as if the particles are not bonded and so drops to pieces whenever I attempt to work lift it off the board. Help..Why is this?

    Mike – PaleoWorks

  39. Shayna says

    This looks really great. I’ve been using chia seeds lately as an egg substitute. Google it and learn about the versatility of those little guys. They seem to be great in all of the baked goods that I have made. My picky kids don’t mind them either. I roughly use 1 tbs of ground chia (I grind them fresh) then add 3 tbs of water for 1 egg. Let it sit for a few minutes and it makes a gel – very egg like constancy.

  40. Jenny says

    Elana, I am so excited to have such a simple recipe for the holidays. When I start looking at the menu and coming to grips with the fact I will be the only chef in the kitchen, it gets really overwhelming. I was going to cut a corner by getting frozen GF crusts from WF, but this recipe I am happy to make! I also didn’t know there was a difference between tart and pie crust traditionally, I thought it was all in appearances. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge!!!

  41. Belinda says

    Hi Elana, I’m going to try this pastry with a lime filling as a trial for Christmas Day – being in Australia it’s summer here soon!

  42. Dayle says

    Elana, we need the pecan pie filling recipe…You have left us hanging on a limb, curious and hungry….please post it soon so we can “experiment” before the holidays too. You are a blessing to all!

  43. Karen says

    I’m curious what difference in taste/texture or even nutrition I might experience if I used almond flour that is not blanched – anyone?

    • says

      Gee….well all I can tell you is what Elana has printed in her cookbook on almond flour:

      “Almond flour is not to be confused with almond meal which contains whole, ground almonds that still have the skin on them. Please note: Almond meal or almond flour that is not blanched will not work for the recipes in this book–you will not achieve the desired results.”

      Does that help?

      By the by, I did try Bob’s Red Mill (almond meal) and the results were horrible tasting and grainy texture so now use Honeyville Blanched Almond Flour. Don’t know what to do with the bag of Bob’s Red Mill, it’s not good in any way.

      • Jane says

        I think that bob’s red mill works great for “breading” meats. I use it for liver or chicken and grill or bake it. It ads a delicious flavor and is perfect texture.

        I usually just add some kind of spice and dip them in the bag w/out oil because the meat is usually pretty damp and the almond meal sticks to it.

    • Katie says

      I too wasn’t so thrilled with Bob’s Red Mill, which is so easily to find. But if you are near a Trader Joes, they have an almond meal (whole ground almonds with the skin on) that is ground so fine it works perfectly. I have used that for Elana’s recipes with success. And its pretty. It is also $3.99 a pound which for supermarket prices isn’t too bad.

    • says

      Techinically, un-blanched almond meal works fine for Elana’s pies. I’ve used it before without any problems. In fact, if you add a little cinnamon to it it can sort of feel like a graham cracker crust. I don’t know why Elana only uses the blanched (other than it’s closer to white flour). The un-blanched stuff works in a lot of recipes with great success.

  44. Vanesa says

    Curious if you need to grease the pan first? I had a hard time removing it from the pan, but maybe because I used a glass pie pan instead of the metal one per above…

  45. says

    As everyone is saying, this will be perfect on my holiday buffet. Though I have thoroughly loved the Whole30, I am so glad I’ve finished, so I can treat myself to this crust. This seems like one of those totally worth it extravagances.


  46. Lara says

    Elana, How did you know this was what I was needing :) I bet you are also the type of person that knows just what to give a person for the holidays or birthdays :)

  47. Anne says

    Can you share your pecan pie filling recipe? Also do you have a pumpkin pie filling recipe for the holidays? Gearing up for Thanksgiving!

    Thank you as always! We ADORE all of your recipes at my house :)

  48. says

    Wow! So very simple. I’ll do a pie or two for Thanksgiving. I love a simple apple pie – just chopped apples with sweetener, spices, lemon juice, perhaps citrus rind. I normally whip up a cobbler topping. I might put a crust on top using some extra from this recipe. I suppose I should test this out beforehand on a smaller scale. Oh don’t throw me into that briar patch.

  49. Joie says

    Hi Elana,

    Thank you for your inspiration and for you recipes. I greatly appreciate both. I too would like to know the time and temperature for baking this crust so I can use it pre-baked.

    Thank you again.

    • says

      Elana most probably prebakes the tart crust as I have her cookbook, “The Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook” and both the pie and tart crusts (of which this is her newest version) are prebaked. Temperature is 350 deg F for 7 to 10 minutes.

      Really is worth the effort to purchase her almond flour cookbook since its loaded with excellent recipes. Tried many of them and some from this website and every one of them are absolutely fabulous. I like using the Almond Flour from Honeyville. A little goes a long long way and I keep the bag (not a wimpy bag either) in the freezer. Love Elana’s Paelo Bread and Scrumptious Sandwich Bread although I have to admit the Almond Butter was “off the wall” price-wise and would make some sort of substitution for that item in the recipe.

      • Karen says

        Very helpful information. I need to pre-bake mine! I’m using this crust for a lemon meringue pie for my hubby’s birthday today. Can’t wait to try the two bread recipes, too. I will search for them for sure, as we’ve been missing out on breads since we started eating Paleo a year ago. Thanks again!

  50. Katie says

    Thanks Elana! I having been trying to think of how to ask you to tackle this one…and eggless, so the above comments help. It looks like you didn’t blind bake it. About how long do you need to bake the pie for the crust to be yummy? I’m a big fan of jam tarts, and they don’t take that long in the oven as you don’t actually have to cook the fruit. I’ll play around with it in the meantime.

  51. Stephanie says

    So happy to see this recipe! I’ll be trying it out with my sugar pie this weekend. Super unhealthy filling will be balanced out by the super healthy crust *wink*.

  52. says

    This my restore my faith in GF pies and tarts. I had a disasterous episode this weekend when I tried a GF mix that will remain nameless. It was rock hard on the exposed bits, and like glue under the fruit.

    The simplicity of your recipe is refreshing. I’m bound and determined to give it a try.

  53. Amy G. says

    Hi Elana –

    I love your recipes, but would you specify when using coconut oil whether that means refined (doesn’t taste like coconut,) or extra virgin, (which does taste like coconut.)

    Thanks alot!


    • PJ says

      Amy G
      If you click on the ingredient coconut oil, it takes you to this brand at
      Barlean’s Organic Oils Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 16-Ounce Jar

    • says

      I use a coconut oil from Tropical Traditions ( and it’s a wonderful clear coconut oil in a glass jar. They often (at least once or even twice a month) have a 2 for 1 offer (2 qts or 2 pints for price of one) or they have a free shipping offer. They are on Twitter and Facebook (neither of which I use). I do love their coconut oil because of the glass jars. W/O free shipping, 2 pint jars cost $10.00, 4 pint jars cost somewhere around $7.95. But, watch for their specials as they are constant with their specials and if you sign up for email notices you get a notice weekly on what is on special deal for the week. Love their coconut soap for the shower as well; even their coconut oil deodorant is fabulous and really works.

  54. Monica says

    Elana, where do you buy your almond flour? Here in Tulsa, OK it is soooo expensive it is a stumbling block for me to use it in cooking. Thanks, love your blog!!

    • Amy says

      You can make your own in the blender. Just find almonds on sale and put them in the blender a bit at a time, using the pulse setting until each little batch is sufficiently ground. If you use too many at once or blend too long it doesn’t work, you’ll get almond butter. About a quarter of a cup works in my blender. Slow, but it works. I can’t afford to buy it already ground either!

    • Viviana says

      Hello Monica. In her book, Elana recommends buying the blanched almond flour from Honeyville Grain?. I recently bought a 5 pound bag from them and am very happy with it. If you want to save some money, do a search for Honeyvill Grain coupons and you may find a code to save 5% on the order. It’s not much but it’s better than nothing. The 5 lb. bag was $29.99 and the total came out to $32.98 after the discount and shipping.

      PS. I lived in Tulsa from 2000-2004 and worked in Broken Arrow. I hope all is well after the earthquake and bad weather. :o)

    • Tara says

      Yes, Honeyville is the recommended brand. Be sure you buy their *blanched* almond flour, as that is what Elana’s recipes call for. Once you place an order and are signed up to receive the notices by email, you will periodically (every few months) get email coupons for 10% off, and once in a while it’s 15% off. The coupons are good for a specific number of days, so those are always the times when I order. The shipping is flat rate, I think about $5 – so I can order 15 or more pounds of flour, a very heavy box, and pay the flat shipping rate. Not bad!

    • Lauren says

      You can also buy it online (Elana has links for resources and I believe there are some websites there). I get mine from Honeyville.

  55. says

    It looks like it’s finally time for a new tart pan! I’d given all my baking pans away when my gluten issues started and replacing the tart pans just never happened. Your recipe looks perfect and I can’t wait to make something special for Thanksgiving.

  56. says

    I can’t wait to make this for Thanksgiving! Do you have the pecan pie filling that you tested with on your site somewhere? Thanks for the great recipe!


  57. Netty says

    mmm….I think I might try filling this with the sweet potato casserole recipe from the Sweet Potato Queens….YUM! :)

  58. Christine says

    As far as making a pie crust, your recipe should work. Ever since going gluten free 2 years ago, I’ve made pie crusts out of almonds (ground in the food processor – this was before I knew almond flour existed), butter, and an egg, and it’s come out great.

  59. says

    Simple and I’m sure oh so good, Elana! I make a pie or tart crust all the time, Elana, that is is simply almond flour and honey (or agave nectar), so subbing either of those for the egg might be an option. :-)


  60. says

    Wow! This is so similar to the tart crust that I make. I’ve found that a few tablespoons of arrowroot (tapioca) flour and a little extra water helps with replacing the egg. Yum.

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