Paleo Chocolate Pie

This Paleo Chocolate Pie is a family favorite. The boys like to top it with homemade Whipped Cream. It is absolutely fantastic served that way! If you want to keep the recipe dairy-free, top it with my Coconut Whipped Cream. I hope you enjoy this Paleo Chocolate Pie as much as we do!

Paleo Chocolate Pie

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  • In a saucepan, melt chocolate over very low heat; remove from heat
  • In a medium bowl, beat egg yolks with honey for 1 minute with a hand blender
  • In a large bowl, beat egg whites with a hand blender until stiff peaks form
  • Stir egg yolk mixture into pot of warm chocolate
  • Mix chocolate and yolks until combined; mixture will be slightly thickened, shiny and beautiful
  • Stir salt into chocolate mixture
  • Fold egg whites into chocolate mixture
  • Transfer into cooked and cooled Pie Crust (page 79 The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook)
  • Refrigerate for 3 hours
  • Serve
Prep Time 15 mins
Fridge Time 3 hours
Cook Time 11 mins
Total Time 3 hrs 26 mins
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This quick and easy Paleo Chocolate Pie recipe is made with 4 ingredients. The recipe is based on one from Silvana Nardone’s book, Cooking for Isaiah. I met Silvana at Blogher Food in 2010. During the conference, we learned that in terms of our children, we have much in common.  Silvana is the former editor-in-chief at Rachael Ray Everyday. She began cooking gluten-free after her son, Isiah, now 13 and very into basketball, was diagnosed as gluten intolerant.  I too began my adventures into gluten-free cooking when my son Jacob (now 12 ½, and very into baseball) was diagnosed with celiac disease.

My son has been on a strict gluten-free diet since he was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2001. He’s a huge fan of this gluten-free Paleo Chocolate Pie recipe, and so are his friends. And they have no food restrictions whatsoever!


41 responses to “Paleo Chocolate Pie”

  1. There appears to be a broken link in this recipe in the ingredients list for 1⅔ chocolate chips. No need to post this comment!

  2. My grandmother taught me a lot making candy and especially chocolate. She showed me how to bring a pot of water to a slow boil, and place chocolate in a glass or metal pot over the simmering water, but not touching it. She also monitored the temperature, although soft ball etc might not be necessary. And she stirred with a special wooden spoon. This avoids the problem of overcooking the chocolate. Or having it seize up or even scorch. Why recipes now delete this detail and go directly to a stovetop or microwave procedure, I don’t know. Elana, did you start out with the double boiler technique and then drop it?

    • Dorothy, I started using the single pot method over very low heat in 2005 and it was totally uncommon then, now I see it everywhere. I don’t use a microwave :-)

  3. When I added the yolk mixture it got super thick! Like a paste! There’s NO WAY I can fold egg whites into this! What do I do now? What did I do wrong?

    • Hi Melissa,

      Sounds like you may have overheated your chocolate and that it likely “seized” up. Unfortunately, once chocolate has seized and gotten stiff there is now way to repair it that I know of.


  4. Since i put this in a pie crust that said, “and bake according to pie instructions” I got stuck because the mousse isn’t cooked. Had to find another source. Just thought you’d want to know. I will be experimenting this morning and see if it worked out.

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