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Gluten Free Mother’s Day Recipes

Here’s a recipe round-up for a healthy high protein, gluten free Mother’s Day brunch.  This is a brunch menu that won’t leave you with the dreaded brunch bloat and hangover afterwords.

I haven’t figured out what we’ll be doing for Mother’s Day yet, though I do know that we don’t have any baseball games scheduled so it will be a nice and hopefully fairly lazy day.  Maybe the four of us will take a walk down by the creek.

Usually we plant our garden on Mother’s Day, however this year the entire garden is in already.  We’ve utilized every inch of space in the front and back yards not giving a darn about what people think (in terms of how it looks).  Personally, I think kale and lettuce in the front yard is gorgeous.  Because homegrown food is a beautiful thing!

For more inspiration on growing your own food and information on where our food comes from, check out the blog carnival Food Roots hosted by Shannon over at Nourishing Days.  I love her blog, it is so down to earth and eco-friendly.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Diane from over on twitter.  She is a gluten-free coach and has a great website with free recipes to boot.  Every Friday Diane has a blogger’s carnival called Friday Food Fix with a secret ingredient.  Last Friday’s ingredient was strawberries and since I have this refreshing recipe for Strawberry Sorbet, I thought I’d participate, even though I’m a little tardy.  Thanks Diane, for organizing a great event!

I hope you all have a fabulous Mother’s Day.  Leave a comment and let us know your plans for this Sunday or better yet what you plan on serving, or being served for Mother’s Day.  What’s your all time favorite Mother’s Day dish?


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    Marian, thanks for your comment and welcome! I haven’t used the coconut flour from Bob’s so am not sure how it is in terms of quality. Your DIL is very lucky to have such a thoughtful mother in law :-)

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    Hi Elana – I’m so excited to find your website. My son is marrying a wonderful young lady who has celiac as does her mom, sister and brother. We have been searching for yummy recipes (as well as not complicated) and yours fit the bill. I was diagnosed pre-diabetic back in January so I have cut out all processed foods, flour, sugar etc and have been using agave nectar for the small sweetening that I have had…and I’ve been using grapeseed oil for over a year now and love it. I’m really looking forward to trying your recipes for my family as well as my new DIL. One question, have you used the cocount flour from Bob’s Red Mill. I know you don’t recommend the almond flour from his company, but wondered about the coconut flour. Thanks again and I’m pre-ordering your cookbook for myself and my DIL.

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    Meagan -Thanks, I hope you get a chance to make those muffins soon, they’re mighty tasty :-)

    Shirley -Wish I could meet you in person, my dear, you are such a kindred spirit!

    Diane -That sounds like a great Mother’s Day.

    Shannon -Thanks so much for the suggestion, I’ll do it.

    Marta -Sounds like a wonderful experiment; please let us know how they turn out.

    Meghan -That comment is just too funny and cute!

    CDM -Thanks!

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    You read my mind. Just this morning I was trying to think up what I was going to do for my amazing momma this Sunday. And I again I wish I had never shared your site with her. She knows all my secrets before I even start cooking them!

  5. Marta says

    I've tried the lemon poppy seed muffins and they are very good! I'm wondering about trying to substitute chia seeds for the poppy seeds…hmmm.

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    Wow, I love this menu and the sorbet. My youngest son and I are going to bake on Saturday and now make sorbet! Thank you for sharing your recipes on the Friday Foodie Fix. I love finding blogs like yours that work with whole ingredients, that are gluten free and not loaded up on sugar. Keep us cooking!

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    What a great roundup, Elana! Any mom will be happy to be treated with any of those delicious foods. :-) That video is such a nice instruction, too.

    Glad you met Diane. She's such an enthusiastic, gf (and more) blogger! Her blog and the Friday Food Fix are great–the FFF is such fun each week!


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    Those recipe sounds so refreshing! Perfect for a spring meal, and I bet Mom will love it! I am a personal fan of your lemon poppyseed muffin recipe, but haven't gotten around to actually make it (which is very disappointing!) Have a happy Mother's day with your boys and baseball games, Elana!

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