Hanukkah Recipe Roundup

Hanukkah begins this Friday at sundown.  My older son is sitting next to me as I write up this post.  As I read the text out loud, he exclaimed, “Really?!”  He’s getting into the Hanukkah spirit and you can too with this yummy little gluten free, higher protein holiday menu below.

I’m looking forward to whipping up a batch of Squash Latkes and Homemade Apple Sauce this Friday and lighting our menorah.

Have a great Hanukkah everyone!

Boulder Magazine wrote up my gluten free cookbook,  The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook in a wonderful article called Bye-Bye, Wheat: Living gluten-free is getting easier to digest.  They also featured the lovely Kelli and Peter Bronski of noglutennoproblem.blogspot.com and Mary Capone in the article as well.

In addition, The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook was featured in the Business section of the Boulder Daily Camera today.

That’s all for now, off to finish dinner and pull some test muffins out of the oven.


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  1. Hi Elena,
    These recipes look great! Sadly enough I won’t get to eat latkes this year as I cannot eat eggs for health reasons (I eat gluten, dairy, egg, soy, sugar, red meat, caffein, chocolate, and preservative free food). I have been looking at you site for a couple of months now and I absolutely love it. I would really like to buy your book but I saw that there are only 29 recipes that are vegan. I do eat chicken and fish. But from the ‘look inside’ feature on Amazon it seems that the eggs are going to be the problem (and the chocolate). Can you advise me on how many (more or less) recipes there are in the book that can fit my strict diet? or maybe you have an idea of how I can replace the eggs in savory and sweet recipes?
    Many thanks & happy Hanukah.

  2. Dear Elana, I have been reading your blog for a while,e ven though I never commented before. Thank you for your inspiration – I have learned a lot from you about gluten free foods….
    I have nominated you for the Honest Scrap Award, details are on my blog….
    In gratitude, Neeta

  3. Squash latkes? Yum! Sounds great. I wish you and your family a very happy Hanukkah.

    BTW – I received word that there is a ribbon-cutting and dedication at the House of Neighborly Service in Loveland, CO on December 15 from 4-6pm. They’re the nation’s first gluten-free food bank. They are the new test site for a new program designed to gather gluten-free foods for the holidays. I wish I wasn’t all the way in Texas or I’d go! I know you’re a few hours away, but as a CO resident, I thought I’d share this info with you! I think it’s awesome what Dee is doing. Check it out at her site http://www.glutenfreedee.com/?p=134

  4. This site is making our Holidays so much more fun and exciting since my family (including my mother) started eating grain free, dairy free, 3 weeks ago. One of my sons has been gf since he was 20 months and the other son (age 3) has not been tolerating gluten well either so I just switched him to gf at the start of the school year. Both are dairy free as well. So….now we all are grain free, dairy free. We stick to a diet of meat, vegetables, nuts,seeds little starch and little sugar. My husband and I are feeling great and leaning out and my mother is doing great too. Thanks for your site and all you do and I love your cookbook and have it on my site!

  5. Great latke variety and OTHER fun festive fare as well!!

    Congratulations on the cookbook feature; and I hope to see the results of the test muffins :)

  6. Your menu sounds wonderful. I hope you and your family have a relaxing and joyful Hanukkah. I just finished making your Carrot Cake from your cookbook. I used the Cream Cheese icing from your article in Delight Magazine. It’s for my birthday tomorrow so all I can do tonight is look and drool. Can’t wait to cut into it tomorrow. Thanks to you I now bake!

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