Cranberry Walnut Scones

I’ve been making this Cranberry Walnut Scones recipe for the boys for the last couple of years. Since it’s become an official family favorite, I thought it was about time to share. Last week, I decided to make these Paleo scones one evening; by morning, they were gone. Scones for dessert, breakfast, snacks, whenever. Because this is a mighty healthy scone recipe I’m just fine with that. And because it’s also a mighty easy scone recipe I can whip up batch after batch for the boys in no time flat!

When our family needs quick meals in the morning, these gluten-free scones are perfect with hard boiled eggs made the night before. What’s better than a filling, yet easy meal that’s healthy too?! Not a whole lot. Just remember, don’t eat on the run, take 10 minutes to sit, chew, and digest. You deserve it!

Cranberry Walnut Scones

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Servings 8



  • In a food processor pulse together almond flour and baking soda
  • Pulse in egg, coconut sugar, and orange zest
  • Stir in cranberries and walnuts by hand
  • Transfer dough to a parchment paper lined baking sheet
  • Form dough into a large circle, 1-1½ inches thick
  • Cut dough like a pizza, into 8 slices
  • Using a metal baking spatula move slices apart, leaving 2 inches between
  • Bake at 350°F for 12-16 minutes until edges are browned
  • Serve
Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 12 mins
Total Time 27 mins
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These healthy fruit scones are made with an almond flour base and studded with organic dried cranberries. I love baking with almond flour, for me it is the perfect low-carb ingredient, full of good heart healthy fats.

If almond flour isn’t your thing, and you’re in need of nut-free scones try my Paleo Chocolate Chip Scones recipe, which is made of coconut flour. With only 7 ingredients, it’s every bit as easy to make as these Cranberry Walnut Scones! If you’re looking for something similar to this scone recipe that’s savory, try my Paleo Biscuits. They’re fabulous dipped in my Gluten-Free Gravy. If you’re looking for still more recipes for scones, check out my scones page, it’s full of all kinds of delicious healthy goodness!

Healthy recipes are great. No doubt about it. But good health consists of far more than eating well. So if you’re stressed out during the holiday season, or any time of year for that matter, take time whenever you can to put down your cell phone, and nurture yourself with more sleep as well as adequate gentle exercise such as walking or yoga!

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These are a-maz-ing! I've made them 6 times so far. So simple, so easy and fast. They're all gone in minutes!


119 responses to “Cranberry Walnut Scones”

  1. Elana, can I use flax egg instead of real egg in this recipe? I’m having a tea party and baking at home then delivering very thing no contact drop off, then we will all zoom together. But some of my friends are GF, Dairy free and others egg free. so I’m looking for a recipe I can make for everyone and we all have the same treat. Thank you for any and all help. I’ve been a subscriber off and on due to health and family. But I Love your recipes. The Palo Chocolate chip scone is a favorite!
    Thanks for all you share! <3

    • April, I haven’t tried that in this recipe, but have not had success with egg subs in any of my baked goods recipes where tried :-)

  2. I turn this recipe into biscotti using anise seed with a little almond extract in one batch and dark chocolate chips in another batch with a little vanilla extract. I double, and sometimes, triple bake them, and turn them over a few times. I keep big batches in the freezer and they’re perfect for dunking. Thank you Elana! I’ve been using this recipe for years now. Love how versatile it is. Cheers!

  3. Made this recipe today with a savoury twist by substituting a English bacon and goat cheddar for the fruit and nuts. Cut the coconut sugar in half but added Italian seasonings and garlic. Delicious! Elana gives me the confidence to play with her excellent recipes!

  4. Made these today. They smell soooo good. I used a cup of fresh blueberries and 1/2 cup of pecans that I pulsed in at the last state of the dough. Then I incorporated the blueberries with my hands. I also am allergic to egg, so I had to substitute there. They are fragile, probably due to the lack of egg, but taste is on point. Thanks, Elana!!!

  5. My dough fell apart. The crumbs were delicious, so I’d like to try it again, but I’m not sure what to do differently. I followed the recipe exactly except that I substituted pecans for walnuts because that’s what I had on hand, and because the cranberries were already sweetened I only added 1 tablespoon of coconut sugar. I added one large egg. Should I add another one? A few drops of water? Something else?

  6. These were delicious! I had two small pieces for breakfast with yogurt and they kept me full till lunch. Yum!

    • Julia, I haven’t eaten anything with wheat flour since I gave up gluten in 1998. You might be better off finding a recipe that calls for whole wheat flour. Sorry I can’t be of more help :-)

  7. Elana, these are wonderful. I had no orange zest, so used fine-chopped candied ginger. And I used mango and macadamia – but the basic architecture is what makes these so wonderful. I love the thoughtfulness you put into every recipe, and appreciate your generosity in sharing. My husband can’t stop exclaiming “so good!”

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