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In 1998 I was diagnosed with celiac disease. The gluten-free diet did little to relieve my pain and symptoms. Quickly, I realized my ticket to health would not be the typical high-carb, gluten-free diet comprised of corn, rice, and potatoes. So I went grain-free, following a strict Paleo Diet and found almost immediate relief. Within a month I began to feel better. Soon after that, I began writing grain-free recipes to help others with autoimmune disorders like celiac.

This Amazing Community

I launched this website to share my easy recipes and healing tips with you. One of my favorite things has been answering your questions here on the website. You’re an amazing group of people and I love hearing from you! Elana’s Pantry is an incredible community that is very dedicated to healing. And when Times Have Been Tough you’ve blessed me with your unconditional support.

Top Reader Questions

I love chatting with you here! Most days I spend a good amount of time answering everything you ask. It is time well spent. I love helping people by sharing everything I’ve learned since that celiac diagnosis in 1998, and I also learn a lot from you!


The question I get asked most frequently is about substituting ingredients. I can’t be as helpful as I’d like with those queries because the only way to answer and know definitively is to test each possibility. I wish I could clone myself in order to do so!

Nutrition Information

The next question I field is for caloric information for my recipes. I provide the nutrition information for recipes in my third book, Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry. You don’t have to buy the book to take a peek at the macros for every single recipe because I provide it for free right here! I will also have it for my first two books very soon!

Health Puzzles

Finally, I often receive comments inquiring how to solve health puzzles and while I love all your comments, these are my favorite! I’ve recently answered questions about Reducing EMF Exposure, Treating Epilepsy Naturally, and the Ketogenic Diet, to name a few!

Your Questions

Now I’d love to hear more from you! What health questions do you have? Is there something you’d like to learn more about? I’m so happy I get to connect with you every day, and also love breaking down complicated concepts into easily digestible information. How can I help you? Leave a comment and let me know!

Elana, Thanks for all you are doing for those of us that are trying to embrace a healthy lifestyle and adopt healthy eating habits.


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  1. Elana, perhaps this is a bit nosey, and of course you’re free to decline to answer! Out of curiosity, what are your cholesterol numbers? I believe dietary cholesterol has very little effect on blood cholesterol levels, and besides, I am a cheerleader for the health *benefits* of cholesterol, especially regarding brain and hormonal health. According to conventional standards, my numbers and my sister’s numbers are on the high side (low to mid-200s, total) but our ratios are quite good according to Dr. Mercola’s measurements. Of course, sadly, the health screener recommended a low-fat diet and switching from butter and coconut oil to vegetable oils. She won’t do it, but it led me to wonder about other people who deliberately pursue a high-fat, healthy oils diet. Understanding of course that we are all unique, do you mind sharing?

    • Sarah, I totally agree about cholesterol. My total number is over 200 and there are so many benefits to this for me :-)

  2. Hi Elana,
    I’ve been following you for many years and love your recipes. You were the first GF chef that I found after my diagnosis of celiac disease about 8 years ago. Since then I have always been gluten free, but now I am also dairy and grain free and feel pretty good but I am having trouble losing weight.
    I am post menopausal, work out 4-5 days a week and follow a pretty clean diet, yet I can’t lose a pound! I am currently following a paleo diet, but that doesn’t necessarily aid in weight loss from what everyone says, however, I can really benefit from losing about 10-15 lbs.
    If you have any insight into paleo and weight loss or any other healthy diet or suggestions, I would love to see more info about it. At this point, I am very frustrated with my weight and I don’t want to fall off the wagon. All the best to you

  3. Hi, elana. I have hashimotos and eat paleo. I love your recipes! I also take thyroid medicine-armour and levothyroxine. I have a friend who was diagnosed with it a year ago and began following the protocol set forth in the Medical Medium. And she does not take any medication. I’m wondering if you have any knowledge/thoughts about this protocol? And if you still take thyroid medicine in addition to eating paleo? Thanks. I hope to hear back.

    • Terry, thanks for your question! I am totally pro-medication for thyroid disorders when healthy lifestyle strategies including a strict grain-free diet, sleep, and gentle exercise are not enough :-)

  4. How have you increased your walking time to one hour Elana? I cannot get mine past the 30min mark without needing to sit and it’s so frustrating !! Would love to hear your tips , thank you ?

  5. Elana, I have been following you for the last few years and have very much enjoyed your stories and recipes! I recently figured out that the toxins in my breast implants have been leaching into my body causing my immune system to malfunction and preventing my body from detoxing normally making me very sick the past several years. I will be having them removed in July and will need to work on detoxing my body afterwards to recover from my illnesses. I would love to hear what detox protocols have worked for you for toxins, microorganisms, fungus, heavy metals, mold and parasites. Thank you for all you do!

    • Heather, I’m a bit surprised a doctor would recommend something like this. Every “blocking” device I’ve measure has not worked effectively. It’s best to eliminate EMFs from your home by removing all wireless devices, that’s what we did :-)

  6. In using almond flour, should one be concerned about the use of chemicals to pasteurize almonds? I use almond butter, but always buy organic. Should I buy organic almond flour as well? Thank you and enjoy your site and recipes!

    • Susan, I think organic food is best but haven’t used organic almond flour since I’m worried the majority of my readers would not be able to afford it :-)

  7. Hello Elana,
    I’ve been following you since September of 2012 the year I was diagnosed with a very advanced RA (rheumatoid Arthritis) now it’s been 6 years and two more added auto immune diseases have been added. You never think such a thing can happen to you all of a sudden and I’ve began to read on how to try and deal with the disease without medication. I did away with all white sugar and any sugar substitutes the only sugar I was getting was fresh fruits. I also did away with all white stuff, pasta, flour, rice, etc. I did away with dairy and substituted it with almond and cocanut milk. I also did away with additives and preservatives. I only eat Turkey, chicken and fish for meat. It wasn’t easy but I did it. I ended up having to take medication because my RA was advancing to quickly.
    In the last three months I started to incorporate foods back into my diet like rice some boxed or can items and my acid reflux that I have now had been agitated severely. I of course have put on a lot of weight and with my RA is a big no, no.
    I now have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and currently not taking medication for that because I told the doctor that I can’t deal with that disease right now. So do you have any suggestions on my diet ?
    I did buy your 3 cook books and they are my life saver. It made my change of eating a lot easier and it gave me ideas in how to make my Mexican Food so I can continue to eat my favorite foods. Healthy. Thank you Elana!!!

    • Hi Sandra, thanks for checking in here and sorry to hear about all that you’re dealing with. What has worked best for me in terms of diet is not eating grains and grain-like foods such as corn, rice, and potatoes, etc. I believe that digesting grains which contain anti-nutrient enzymes is incredibly taxing for those of us with autoimmune conditions. I hope you’ll stop back by and keep me posted on how you’re doing :-)

  8. Hi Elana

    Absolutely love all of your recipes that I’ve made, so easy to follow and they always come out looking like the picture that you post! Thank you!
    I have a couple of autoimmune conditions and like you, I treat naturally. I first heard of the instant pot from your newsletter and I bought a large one and I’m loving it! I would love to see more Keto dinner recipes using the instant pot if this interests you! You’re so creative and talented in the kitchen and so giving of your expertise.
    Thank you! And wishing you much love and health.

    • Suzy, thanks for letting me know that my recipes are easy to follow and always come out looking like the picture. Love the idea of doing more Keto dinner recipes featuring the Instant Pot :-)

  9. Elana, Thanks for all you have done and are doing for those of us that are trying to embrace a healthy lifestyle and adopt healthy eating habits. My question is regarding Sorghum seed. In many references it is referred to as a grain but on further investigation I have found articles that confirm that sorghum is a seed similar to grass seed and is Paleo embraced. It can also be popped like popped corn which is also a nice side benefit. Have you encountered, used or have comments about sorghum seed and potential recipes or where it can be used as a substitute?

    • Sue, thanks for your question! Most if not all grains are seeds similar to grass and very taxing on the digestive system. I haven’t eaten any of these grain-like seeds including sorghum, quinoa, and teff since 2001 :-)

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