A Day’s Dose of Wireless Radiation

Think back to 20 years ago. Our lives were totally different. We woke up to an alarm clock, brushed our teeth, and started our day. Now we have multiple wireless devices, bathing us in radiation, to support an efficient lifestyle. Here’s what A Day’s Dose of Wireless Radiation looks like.

Wireless Wake Up

Back in the old days we used a battery operated alarm clock to wake us up. That evolved into a corded clock radio. No need for either of those items anymore, most people simply use the alarm clock on their cell phones. If your cell phone is on all night next to you receiving texts, notifications, and more it may be interrupting your sleep and on a deeper level, the cellular repair mechanisms in your body.1 Even when it’s silenced it’s operating. I use this alarm clock, and cell phones are at least 25 feet away from our bedroom. For more on that, check out my post called Are Cell Phones Dangerous. We have a landline in our bedroom in case our boys, who are now in college, need to reach us in an emergency.

Wireless Toothbrush

What is the first thing you do in the morning? Look at your cell phone when you’re brushing your teeth with a wireless electric toothbrush? Yes, this is a real thing for people who want to track how long they brush their teeth. It syncs with your phone.

Wireless Watch or Fitness Tracker

Next you put on your apple watch or fitness tracker bracelet which you’re wearing all day, and maybe even at night if you want to track your sleep quality. The tracker, along with your cell phone, will be on your body almost all the time, constantly bathing you in electrosmog.

Wireless Speaker

Now it’s time to make coffee and listen to the news or chat with Alexa on your Echo or some other wireless speaker.

Wireless Headphones

Once you leave your home and go to the gym, or walk around town on your way to work, it’s time to listen to music or make a phone call. That’s where your Bluetooth enabled wireless headphones come in handy. They connect to the cell phone that’s on, or right near your body, day and night.

WiFi Home

Of course we all have WiFi in our house these days. it’s an automatic system that we don’t even consciously think about. Until we do. You’re sleeping with WiFi routers, maybe under your bed –hello fertility problems.2 –and your entire house is bathed in electrosmog. Way better than having ugly looking cords all over the place. However, we chose the latter and removed all of the WiFi from our home in 2016, which I wrote about in The Green House that Almost Killed Me. If you’ve recently renovated your home or updated your thermostats you may also be using Nest or some other wireless temperature control system.

Wireless Car

Now it’s time to drive to work. If your car was made after 2014 or so it’s likely decked out with five types of wireless radiation including:

  1. WiFi
  2. Bluetooth
  3. Satellite Radio
  4. Keyless Ignition
  5. Satellite Beacon

Fun fact? In order to avoid all of the above I drive a 1996 Lexus that we bought before my older son was born back when we lived in New York City.

Wireless TV

You get home from work and use the wireless remote to turn on your wireless television. You stream a movie or show using your home’s WiFi.

Frog in the Wireless Pot of Radiation

Little by little we’re cooking ourselves in a toxic brew of wireless radiation.

My WiFi-Free Day

In order to avoid every single source of wireless radiation above here’s how I go about my day. Start by waking up to my old fashioned battery operated alarm clock, then brush my teeth with an old fashioned toothbrush. I don’t own a fitness tracker or wireless speaker so those aren’t an issue, and I use a landline for phone calls instead of a cell. When I go out I take my cell phone with me in case of emergency, but every setting is off so that I’m not radiated as I drive. We plug our computers and television into the wall, thus eliminating those sources of wireless radiation, and long ago replaced the wireless thermostats with hard wired.

Simple Steps to Reduce EMFs

If you’re looking to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation, check out my post called, Simple Steps to Reduce EMFs.

Sources of Wireless Radiation in Your Day

Have you ever stopped to think about all of the sources of wireless radiation that you choose to expose yourself to during the day? Take a moment and do a quick inventory, then leave a comment sharing it with us! And let me know if I missed any common wireless items that typically show up in everyday living!

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66 responses to “A Day’s Dose of Wireless Radiation”

    • Carol, that is a great question and I haven’t looked into it yet. If you do I hope you’ll stop back by and let me know what you learn!

  1. In CA we have to worry about all the 5g towers that are basically top of houses (just a few feet away) and smart meters that were pushed on us. All of our schools just put in bigger WiFi ….. and they wonder why our kids are getting sick.
    Thanks for helping brainstorm in dealing with it all

    • Sue, thanks for pointing out all that you’re dealing with in CA. I’m so glad that we can brainstorm together :-)

  2. Thanks for mentioning about your older model car. We have been looking for an older model small pick-up truck, and when we go to the car lots we always take our TriField meter along to measure the EMF levels in the passenger and driver side while the car/truck is running. If it reads too high, we do not consider it a workable vehicle for us. So far we have not found what we need. This is a big issue for us and a lot of others who are EHS.
    Thank you.

    • RuthAnn, same. When our family looks at cars (now always used cars) I take my meter to make sure we get one without WiFi features in it :-)

  3. Hi! I have had EHS for several years now, and after consulting a building biologist from Boulder, we got rid of our microwave oven, wrapped the wires from our computer (desk top), put in Stetzerizer filters, put the cell phone away to use only in emergencies, and kept our landline for everyday use. We have no WiFi exposure in the house, but we do have a type of meter in the yard that can not be blocked or wrapped to prevent it from putting dirty electricity onto our house wiring…thus the Stetzerizer filters. My problem is that when I shop I am exposed to a ton of WiFi in Walmart, the grocery store, restaurants, etc. When I get home I am wiped out, and wish that I had a maid who would have lunch already prepared! Aside from staying home all the time, there is no way to avoid exposures to WiFi in today’s world. But we do our best. My daughter and her family, on the other hand, are bathing in it 24/7, especially at the school where she works and the kids attend, also. They really do not listen very well, when I tell them about WiFi and its effects. Sad.
    Thank you, Elana, for posting about your life and what you recommend to keep healthier.
    RuthAnn Timperley of Hay Springs, NE

    • RuthAnn, so many great points you make here and I’m on this journey with you every step of the way. When I go to stores I like to have a list of exactly what I need so that I’m not in there for a very long time. Other than in our house, my family is the same as yours, they love their wireless radiation. It will take a while for people to wake up to this, it was just the same with smoking. I hope you’ll keep me posted on how you’re doing!

  4. How did you get your landline hooked up? I have a landline but it’s connected to the WiFi, which I don’t think helps at all. I’ve found the books on radiation by John Ott very helpful- he’s the inventor of the Ott light.

    • Rebecca, you may need the phone company to come out and install a jack for a landline. Then, all you’ll need to do is plug the old fashioned phone into the wall. Yes, Ott is a fantastic :-)

    • Are you sure you don’t have VOIP service? It may look like a landline, but it is actually through your internet Voice Over Internet Protocol). You might want to talk to your phone and/or internet provider to be sure.

  5. That was an inspiration read Elana, thanks so much! Shared with a bunch of friends. You’ve really inspired me to hang onto my ’02 Subaru as long as possible. After doing inventory I see I have a battery alarm clock, my stereo is 26 years old and sounding great and no TV.

  6. The electric company installed smart meters in our neighborhood without permission, I might add! I noticed it and had them change it back, so a meter reader still needs to come out to the house and read the meter. The electric company wants to charge us an extra $14/month to be smart-meter free.

    • Soraya, it’s so sad that they are not giving us a choice about what we put on our own property without this type of ridiculous extortion. Thank you for sharing this here and I hope you’ll keep me posted :-)

  7. Wow, Elana, I never thought I’d be happy to have my beat-up old car with no wireless anything! Thanks for the post.

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