A Day’s Dose of Wireless Radiation

Think back to 20 years ago. Our lives were totally different. We woke up to an alarm clock, brushed our teeth, and started our day. Now we have multiple wireless devices, bathing us in radiation, to support an efficient lifestyle. Here’s what A Day’s Dose of Wireless Radiation looks like.

Wireless Wake Up

Back in the old days we used a battery operated alarm clock to wake us up. That evolved into a corded clock radio. No need for either of those items anymore, most people simply use the alarm clock on their cell phones. If your cell phone is on all night next to you receiving texts, notifications, and more it may be interrupting your sleep and on a deeper level, the cellular repair mechanisms in your body.1 Even when it’s silenced it’s operating. I use this alarm clock, and cell phones are at least 25 feet away from our bedroom. For more on that, check out my post called Are Cell Phones Dangerous. We have a landline in our bedroom in case our boys, who are now in college, need to reach us in an emergency.

Wireless Toothbrush

What is the first thing you do in the morning? Look at your cell phone when you’re brushing your teeth with a wireless electric toothbrush? Yes, this is a real thing for people who want to track how long they brush their teeth. It syncs with your phone.

Wireless Watch or Fitness Tracker

Next you put on your apple watch or fitness tracker bracelet which you’re wearing all day, and maybe even at night if you want to track your sleep quality. The tracker, along with your cell phone, will be on your body almost all the time, constantly bathing you in electrosmog.

Wireless Speaker

Now it’s time to make coffee and listen to the news or chat with Alexa on your Echo or some other wireless speaker.

Wireless Headphones

Once you leave your home and go to the gym, or walk around town on your way to work, it’s time to listen to music or make a phone call. That’s where your Bluetooth enabled wireless headphones come in handy. They connect to the cell phone that’s on, or right near your body, day and night.

WiFi Home

Of course we all have WiFi in our house these days. it’s an automatic system that we don’t even consciously think about. Until we do. You’re sleeping with WiFi routers, maybe under your bed –hello fertility problems.2 –and your entire house is bathed in electrosmog. Way better than having ugly looking cords all over the place. However, we chose the latter and removed all of the WiFi from our home in 2016, which I wrote about in The Green House that Almost Killed Me. If you’ve recently renovated your home or updated your thermostats you may also be using Nest or some other wireless temperature control system.

Wireless Car

Now it’s time to drive to work. If your car was made after 2014 or so it’s likely decked out with five types of wireless radiation including:

  1. WiFi
  2. Bluetooth
  3. Satellite Radio
  4. Keyless Ignition
  5. Satellite Beacon

Fun fact? In order to avoid all of the above I drive a 1996 Lexus that we bought before my older son was born back when we lived in New York City.

Wireless TV

You get home from work and use the wireless remote to turn on your wireless television. You stream a movie or show using your home’s WiFi.

Frog in the Wireless Pot of Radiation

Little by little we’re cooking ourselves in a toxic brew of wireless radiation.

My WiFi-Free Day

In order to avoid every single source of wireless radiation above here’s how I go about my day. Start by waking up to my old fashioned battery operated alarm clock, then brush my teeth with an old fashioned toothbrush. I don’t own a fitness tracker or wireless speaker so those aren’t an issue, and I use a landline for phone calls instead of a cell. When I go out I take my cell phone with me in case of emergency, but every setting is off so that I’m not radiated as I drive. We plug our computers and television into the wall, thus eliminating those sources of wireless radiation, and long ago replaced the wireless thermostats with hard wired.

Simple Steps to Reduce EMFs

If you’re looking to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation, check out my post called, Simple Steps to Reduce EMFs.

Sources of Wireless Radiation in Your Day

Have you ever stopped to think about all of the sources of wireless radiation that you choose to expose yourself to during the day? Take a moment and do a quick inventory, then leave a comment sharing it with us! And let me know if I missed any common wireless items that typically show up in everyday living!

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  1. Hey Elana,

    Do you have any information about the new 5G frequencies? Or even the established 4G?

    Thanks! Big fan.

  2. I am in the process of switching out my coil spring mattress for an organic latex one. For years I had a brass bed with a coil spring mattress…the brass bed is long gone, but I’ve been sleeping on a traditional coil mattress for years. When having my home tested, my mattress was ranging high on one of the technicians meters.

  3. I usually lurk but wanted to add this info. I wear hearing aids. They’re Bluetooth. I don’t think there is a hearing aid with the same sound quality that is without Bluetooth. This is something to think about as you age. I’ve been in them since I was 10, and I’m now almost 50, but many people are just starting to lose their hearing in middle age. I’ve read that hearing loss is a preventable cause of dementia. I will happily wear my Bluetooth hearing aids to ward off dementia. This is a good reason to protect your hearing.

    • Amy, thanks so much for your comment! This is the perfect example of a necessary medical use of wireless technology. Unfortunately, just about all of the other optional sources of wireless radiation I discuss in this post could be replaced with hard wiring which is safer, faster, and more secure :-)

  4. Elana, are there retreat centers or some places where people can go the remove themselves from all or most of the above discussed radiation, like for a week, weekend, etc.? A place to teach and heal, to remind us of a time before the explosion of all this technology?

    • Nancy, that is such a fantastic question! I haven’t heard of any but I don’t really travel much anymore :-)

  5. I tried a land line but discovered, with a meter, that the phone is high in EMFs! So we still have to be careful with alternatives. No RF from the phone, since it does not have a separate hand held, but the phone is not free of EMFs. I think we all need to have meters so we can be really sure.

    • Kristin, thanks for your comment! Guessing that your landline was either VOI or somehow connected via your internet. I reckon this will become more and more of a problem as newer homes are built and the phone companies use less hard wiring. Agree, I meter everything in our house. I hope you’ll keep me posted on how you’re doing :-)

  6. I appreciate that you are sharing info on how to reduce our exposure. I am already doing all you recommended, BUT there is a cell phone tower about a mile or less away, up on top of a hill..I can see it out of two of my windows in my duplex apartment. Moving is not an option, due to this being the only affordable rent I’ve found in my small town. I know there is paint to shield the walls but its around $200 a gallon which is prohibitive. I wear a shielding -shirt from Less Emf and hope to make a hat from shielding material. What I wonder is, do you know of any DIY inexpensive ways to shield a house or apartment from cell tower radiation? Or any resources I can check out? Thanks so much!

    • Kristin, I think we’re all well within 1 mile of a cell tower these days. I am not experienced enough to implement or recommend DIY shielding as it can be very complicated. So sorry I can’t be of more help with this and keep me posted :-)

  7. This is such an important article, Elana. Thank you so much for writing it. Everyone needs to know this information. The other day I went to a women’s gathering and every woman in the room had a cell phone with them and many were actively using them to exchange contact info or record video. I always turn mine on airplane mode when not in use. Is this enough, Elana, or is it still emitting harm? What are we doing to ourselves sitting in large groups of people surrounded by cell phones not to mention the wifi and other ElectroSmog. Airports and planes are really tough for me, especially. I share this kind of info with all of my clients. This is a great article that really sums it all up. Thank you again!!!

    • Amanda, thanks for a fantastic comment! Yes, keeping your phone in airplane mode when not in use is fantastic. It’s so odd to me that everyone who is eating all this organic food is bathing themselves 24-7 in electrosmog. It will take some time and patience for people like you and myself to get the word out, but I know we will succeed in doing so. Thanks for being on this healthy living journey with me :-)

  8. Hello Elana,
    Such good information. I have felt “deprived” for many years because of financial restrictions was unable to subscribe to many high-tech devices. But now am relieved because I avoided many problems and still use an antiquated flip cell phone. It has gotten me by and maybe our lives will be extended because we have gone “old fashioned”.

    Thank you again for having so much foresight and sharing it with your world.

    • Theresa, I LOVE your comment! Old-fashioned is pretty awesome for the health of the planet and our health too!

  9. I love your article and am sharing it with my whole family and lots of friends! So many eye-openers and suggestions! I called our local Broadband company for info on a $10. a month offer (for the 1st yr) for a landline and now I’ll be ordering that tomorrow. Don’t know why I put it off so long when I’m so aware and feel the frequencies draining me. I found the Stetzerizer filters about 7 years ago and highly recommend them… very effective, inexpensive and last indefinitely due to no moving parts. There are websites popping up full of products like paint, screens, window coverings, etc. to stop 4G & 5G EMR from penetrating into our homes. I’m also driving a 1999 Toyota Avalon that I really love and am keeping to avoid the ridiculous amount of garbage the new ones have. I love keeping in touch with you and others through your excellent, caring articles! Thank you so much!

  10. I had no idea that I was doing so many things RIGHT. We have a battery operated alarm clock, no smart tv, no computer, no headphones, we use old fashioned toothbrushes, we have never used an Apple Watch, no Fitbit, our vehicles were made in 2001, and the only source of WiFi is our cell phones. We turn them off completely when we go to bed and plug them in to charge in another room. Are they still receiving signals when shut down? This is the only thing that I worry about. We have a microwave, but very rarely use it. We don’t even own a coffee maker, we use a cone.
    Thanks so much for all the work you do. It’s much appreciated.

    • Patti, what a great comment! If your cell phone is powered down and off it should not be emitting wireless radiation. Way to go on all of the above :-)

    • Elana,
      Previously, I left a comment about Dr. McDougall but since have done research and realized solely vegan has been shown to have negative health consequences in people. I just ordered the book zapped and am looking forward to making our home less smart. We have a 6 year old and do turn off WiFi when we go to bed, but I want to hardwire everything. Thank you for your informative views of technology!

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