10 Paleo Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

Since I started this blog in 2006 I’ve created hundreds of easy dessert recipes. Dessert is such a special part of any meal. Since Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, I figured what could be better than 10 Paleo Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes?

The Easiest Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

These paleo dessert recipes are perfect after Thanksgiving dinner and will round out your Thanksgiving menu because while they look totally stunning and impressive on your table, they are actually easy, unpretentious recipes. The superstar dessert is my Chocolate Pecan Pie. Fans say it’s better than the real thing, i.e., a wheat, dairy, and sugar-filled pie!

My Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes will help you make this glorious holiday just a little sweeter.

When I think of Thanksgiving I can hardly contain myself. A holiday dedicated to giving thanks? That is amazing! It’s fantastic that we get to spend a day in the kitchen with our loved ones contemplating everything we are thankful for!

Helping Others

This year, I’m happy and thankful for more than ever. I hope that while you take a look at my 10 Paleo Dessert Recipes for Thanksgiving and ponder which ones you’ll make, that you’ll also take a moment to leave a comment letting me know what you’re thankful for. If you’re so thankful that you are moved to help others that are not as fortunate, take a look at my Non-Profits Page. Happy Thanksgiving!


6 responses to “10 Paleo Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes”

  1. I am absolutely grateful for my friend and health care practioner for suggesting a grain free diet to help with my Insulin resistance, my personal trainer (who is also paleo-inspired) and you for the rock solid proven recipes to help me achieve my goals for this past year! Very pleased to say it is time for some new goals! Grateful that I am healthier, stronger and have a lot more stamina to enjoy my very active young grandchildren. I am blessed to have a very supporting husband and family as well. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  2. Thank you for all the all your great books and ideas you send to my e mail which has helped me so much after being ill so long . I am always trying something new I will be making some of your pumpkin recipes for Thanksgiving. I am thankful and blessed to see the sun rise each day and set each evening. Thank you

  3. Thank you Elanor. Your recipes are awesome. I am grateful every day of my life that I wake up each morning and I am still here and have so many blessings. I am grateful to be getting these wonderful recipes that are so healthy.

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