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Roasted Cauliflower Soup

roasted cauliflower soup recipe
Creamy dairy free soup made with superfood cauliflower to warm you up on a cold night.

Soup is good food. Especially healthy soup made with a mere five ingredients.

This quick and easy Roasted Cauliflower soup recipe is one that I found in a recent issue of Bon Appetit. Except their recipe had butter and heavy cream; I’ve de-Paula Deened this recipe so that it is the pure delicious essence of a vegetable without all kinds of unnecessary other ingredients and flavors.

Roasted Cauliflower Soup


  1. Place whole head of cauliflower in a 9 x 13 inch baking dish
  2. Rub cauliflower with 2 tablespoons olive oil and sprinkle with salt
  3. Add ½ cup water to the dish
  4. Bake uncovered at 350° for 1 ½ hours, or until a knife cuts easily through the core
  5. Remove cauliflower from oven and allow to cool
  6. Coarsely chop and set aside
  7. Heat remaining 2 tablespoons olive oil in a large saucepan over medium heat
  8. Add onion and cook until soft and translucent, about 15 minutes
  9. Add cauliflower and 4 cups water or stock
  10. Simmer until cauliflower is very soft, about 10 minutes
  11. In a vitamix puree in very small batches until smooth
  12. Transfer back to pot and bring to a simmer
  13. Serve

Cauliflower is one of my favorite foods. A cruciferous vegetable, it is full of anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds and healthy fiber.

Here are some other healthy cauliflower recipes:

Do like cauliflower? If so what are your favorite cauliflower recipes?

posted on January 19, 2012, 106 comments

  1. I love having another use now for cauliflower! Thanks for a great (and simple!) recipe.

  2. Megan

    I love to do this although I usually cut the head of cauliflower into smaller pieces, add a little olive oil, salt, pepper and sometimes so garlic powder or cayenne and roast the pieces under they’re golden brown. Then i add them to the broth and sauteed onions and cook until they are soft enough to blend. Although I’m sure the cauliflower gets perfectly roasted this way too. It just takes longer. :)

  3. jo @ including cake @ includingcake.com

    I love cauliflour simply steamed and then mixed with leek and potato and covered with a lovely vegan cheeze sauce. P.S Just wanted to say how much I loved the visual simplicity of your blog, so many blogs get overcrowded, and I too have been trying to keep mine nice and simple (though i still have a newbie blog so it makes that easier to do!)

  4. Kate @ The Cheeky Bite @ thecheekybite.com

    Yum! Love the simplicity of your recipe! I love mashed cauliflower and I recently tried this recipe from Living Without magazine for roasted garlic, cauliflower and celeriac soup. I left out the gluten-free croutons, and it was fantastic. Plus, the garlic smells heavenly as it roasts in the oven.


  5. Katie

    Mmmm…the chive oil (from the original recipe) looks pretty good too. Isn’t it amazing how much better things taste when you just let them be themselves?

  6. Margi

    I *love* cauliflower. It’s a beautiful sub for high-carb potatoes and rice. It’s delicious by itself and yet it can play well with other foods. Cauliflower is the delicious winner of my food beauty pageant. :O)

  7. What is the calorie content for Cauliflower soup?

  8. heidi

    Curious, since you test all things every which way, why not chop the cauliflower before baking? Is there a particular reason? And, yes, it’s a favorite. Thanks!

  9. Jay

    Wow Elana, I’m shocked and quite dissapointed. Your “I’ve de-Paula Deened” comment was a low blow, and totally uncalled for.

    Not everyone likes Paula Deens style of cooking & baking, not everyone likes your style of cooking & baking, nonetheless they both exist for people to choose from. Yours is not to judge who’s cooking & baking that should be.

    I don’t have any Paula Deen books, I’ve never cooked a Paula Deen recipe. I do however believe Paula Deen is good person who genuinely cares about others.
    I also believe Mocking/dissing a fellow cookbook author as you have done, is petty and mean.

    There was no need to associate Paula Deens name with this recipe, as it is not her recipe.
    A simple, “I’ve adjusted the fat & cream suggested by Bon Appetit” would have been more appropriate.

    Reading your entry has been a major dissapointment. My thoughts of Elanas pantry, have changed completely.

    • I totally agree! I do not watch Ms. Deene’s shows, do not make her recipes but do not believe she should be slam blasted by another author. Shame on you Elana. The comment was uncalledfor!

    • Latia

      Aaahh, don’t be mad at Elana. Everybody knows that Paula Deen represents cream and butter. Often (always?) in her show as she’s adding a cube of butter or a cup of cream to her recipes, she says, “and maybe a touch more,” and adds another cube or cup. It wasn’t a slam, per se, it was like using a verb, de-Paula Deened.

      • Mia

        I feel the same as Latia. When I read, “I’ve de-Paula Deened this recipe…” I knew exactly what she meant. It was perfectly descriptive of what she did to the recipe (if you have ever watched Paula Deen cook).

        If you watch the Food Network you may have noticed Bobby Dean (Paula’s son) has a new show called “Not My Mama’s Meals”. In that show he is trying to de-Paula Deen his mom’s recipes (by making them leaner and lighter).

        And I find it very curious at how much reactivity there is towards Elana from Jay, Frances and herbalchef. There is always something to learn from one’s own reactivity, if one is curious enough.

        • Jan

          I so agree. I didn’t experience it as a diss at all, just descriptive. C’mon this is a private blog. I want for Elana to be able to have a personality without being so careful that she has to be sanitized. Elana cooks differently than Paula Deen. God help us if we always have to be politically correct.

          I love cauliflower and have just cooked up a batch of Ina’s chicken stock — six delicious quarts which I’ll use in this recipe.

    • Frances Brooks

      Could not agree more. I am perplexed.

      • Frances Brooks

        I want to clarify I agree with Jay’s comments.

        • Krisy

          You silly people… How easy it is to offend some of you these days! There is no sign of malice in Elana’s comment, but you are pretty offensive (and not very accurate) in sharing your opinions about it. You should become educated about Paula Deen and her cooking; anybody that watches her on tv knows that she the heavy use of butter and cream in her recipes is a trademark quality of her cooking. It is one of those comments that reasonable people understand, and we roll our eyes and dream of the days when we ate like that and enjoyed it without remorse! (Before many of us were educated about food and nutrition, or before we discovered that we’re bothered in some way by diary or gluten.) How about demonstrating your intelligence by being understanding in your attitude toward comments and like this, rather than leap to offense.

    • Judy

      Hey, lighten up a bit. I knew exactly what she meant with the comment. It wasn’t said in a derogatory way, just as an offhand comment.

    • Audra

      wow are you seriously going to rag on Elana for saying something about Paula Deen? She just commented on how her version is healthier…don’t get your panties in a twist.

    • Gwen

      I didn’t see it as a diss. I read it as she just changed Paula Deen’s recipe.

  10. Laura @ Gluten Free Pantry @ glutenfreepantry.blogspot.com

    I don’t soup gets any easier than this-can’t wait to make this recipe!

  11. Julie @BananasForBourbon @ bananasforbourbon.blogspot.com

    Such a slow roast sounds like the makings of delicious cauliflower! Very concentrated flavors, I’m sure. I also like to add cashew butter for a little extra heft.

  12. Eva @VegucatingMyKid

    I love cauliflower soup! I did see a recipe from a vegan blogger who suggested using brazilian nuts to make soup creamy–I tried it–it was lovely….

  13. Latia

    Thanks for this wonderful, simple recipe. It was delicious, much better than I expected. I did what Megan did and cut up the cauliflower first, then covered in olive oil and salt and roasted about half the time (45 minutes). It gets a great, caramalized flavor when roasted. I will definitely be making this again (and again). Thanks so much!

  14. The World In A Pot @ theworldinapot.com

    Hmm..I see a lot of potential for a wordly kind of soup made with this one. I can already envision this soup with exotic spices.. Love the simplicity.

  15. Luana

    I love your Mediterranean Blue Le Crueset. I have the same one and I think it’s calling me to make this soup.

  16. The color is so perfectly bisque-ish! The mere act of De-Paul Deening anything makes the world a slightly better and healthier place.

  17. I made a soup just like this last week which I saw on Tarlette. It was fab. I love your bright blue dutch oven!

  18. Looks delicious! A stick blender works as well as a VitaMix if you have one. Makes the texture so smooth. Thanks for another great recipe!

    • Gwen

      My stick blender just did not do the job for me. I had to dump it all in the vitamix. Perhaps I didn’t chop up my cauliflower small enough.

      One thing for sure: This soup is delish and I’ll be making it again.

  19. Kilee

    I love soups! Crockpot, stovetop, takeout – I love them all! This looks especially comforting with all the cold weather we’ve been having lately.

  20. Naomi

    Thank you! I’m struggling to find ways to eat more cauliflower and this sounds lovely.

  21. Mary

    This is so funny- I literally just made cauliflower soup yesterday- and lo and behold, so did you! Must be the cold weather.

    My younger sister was recently put on a very restrictive diet, so I had to come up with a recipe she could eat but would still enjoy. The result was very like potato soup, but without potatoes. I added onion and egg yolks for creaminess, and sprinkled the pureed soup with cheese and bacon. I quite enjoyed it, and the rest of the family did too.

    I also love roasted cauliflower “popcorn,” which is a great healthy alternative to traditional popcorn while watching a movie.

  22. Sarah @ The Healthy Diva @ the-healthy-diva.com

    Wow this recipe couldn’t be easier. I do love cauliflower especially because it’s so diverse. My favourite ways to prepare it are roasted with olive oil in the oven, steamed and mashed with potato for a lower carb treat, or used as a gf pizza base!

  23. Mia

    Thank you Elana! I love cauliflower too. I never thought to make cauliflower soup after having a horrible experience with cauliflower soup at a restaurant. Now after see your recipe, I want to give it a try.

  24. GiGi

    Yes, we all understood exactly what you meant, Elana, by de-Paula Deening this recipe. It means no butter or cream – no high fat – little cholesterol. I often look at Ina Garten and wonder what her health problems are, too. She’s all into French food, but the French don’t look like that. We’d probably all be shocked at their LDL numbers.

    I love butter and cream and do use it sparingly because I don’t have to be as austere as Elana and her family must be because of health issues, but the sooner we all learn that vegetables will help us with our health issues more than any other food, Americans will be better off. I dropped my cholesterol over 30 points in a short time by concentrating on vegetables and reducing animal fats. Vegetables don’t raise cholesterol; fat is not an issue, and they taste good with just a little help. Green beans – 50 calories to a cup. Salsa – low calorie and almost no fat. It takes a while to change. But Americans are smart, and eventually, we’ll get there. I believe in us.

    Just my thoughts, GiGi

  25. Deb Kinney @ reviveorganizing.com

    Cauliflower is one of my favorite vegetables too and this recipe looks so easy. Will try this weekend. Thanks, Elana.


  26. NYCMom

    Hi there,

    While your recipe is fine — I would add a substitute milk instead of the water to make it richer — the Paula Deen comment was uncalled for especially you got the recipe from a leading gourmet magazine and not from PD.

    Elana, please continue to raise people up as you are good at doing, not put them down.

    Thank you for your time.

  27. Heading out to cauliflower in a bit. This looks good. Thanks for sharing, Elana.

  28. jen

    Made this – sooo good! Mmm.

  29. Trish

    Its my favorite veggie!!! Thank you will make it this weekend!

  30. Molly

    Never thought to roast cauliflower this way. I added a can of coconut milk and topped this with some crumbled bacon – divine, divine, divine! My daughter suggested adding clams (and lobster) to make it a non-dairy GF clam chowder or seafood bisque.

  31. Jami Fynboh

    I thouht I would share some information exclusive to the state of Colorado (so far). My local Vitamin Cottage informed me yesterday that bill HB1060 goes up for vote at the end of January. This bill would basically put our diatery needs in the hands of the American Dietetic Association. No longer would we be able to inlist advice from naturopaths, fitness trainers, weight loss centers, complimentary medical doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, or herbalists, as this would allow the “dietician” board to seek monetary and criminal sanctions against anyone it deems is practicing “dietetics” without a license. This could potentially spill over to Elana’s amazing site. Please, if you live in the state of Colorado, look into this bill, and follow-up with what you decide is the best action to take! Our nutrition should remain in our own hands and our own choice!

  32. Kate @ Fit for Real Life @ fitforreallife.com

    Awesome! Here’s my ?: do you need to soak your cauliflower before cooking it to get out any grubs/dirt that would be in btwn the tight little florets? If so, just in water? salt and water? vinegar and water? thanks to anyone who knows!

  33. Olinda Paul


    Your doing a great job. You do CLEAN food…meaning less fat and more heath. I personally love the recipes you have as an alternative to foods. Sometimes I have to de-Elana some recipes for myself as I have multiple allergies. Changing things around a bit doesn’t make it a bad recipe and I don’t think you would take offense by my saying so. You even have said so in the past to “adjust it for your needs”, which I do. I think that if someone is so sensitive they should look elsewhere, where their delicate feelings won’t be accosted.

    I have made this very soup the exact same way…(made me laugh because I said to myself…see, I’m as hot as Elana). It is simple, direct and to the point. I love the simplicity of the recipe, although I did use a dollop of sour cream and chives on top.

  34. Jaime

    This is soup is amazing! I just made some and I am enjoying a cup of it right now! Cant believe there is only 5 ingredients in this! This has got to be some of the most delicious soup I have ever had! Thank you for sharing this wonderful and healthy recipes! :)

  35. Jenn Mendyk

    Wonderful simple recipe. Made it today and roasted the onions with the cauliflower. I cut the cauliflower into smaller pieces to get more browning/flavor. Turned out great! Thanks Elana!

  36. Thank you for this delicious recipe! It was a hit when I took it for a soup pot luck today! Definitely will be making this again!

  37. Tracy

    Looks Yummy! De-paula deened simply means like she said sans butta,butta, butta oh,and cream. Elana certainly meant nothing by that I am sure. Do ya think people are senstive because she is now diagnosed with diabetes? I love Paula, but would never cook like she cooks everyday or eat like she cooks on her show everyday. common sense:)

  38. Ellie

    This soup was delicious! Elana, thank you for all your wonderful recipes:) I will make this again!!

  39. Lynne

    I have celiac’s and suspect that I have a food allergy as well. It has been difficult to pin down but I will be seeing an allergist and having food allergy testing on 2/1. I was wondering how you researched diets in dealing with auto-immune issues. My understanding is that Paleo is a good solution for you and makes a big difference in how you feel. Have you used elimination diets to try and isolate problem foods?? Any advice or directions you can point me in would be greatly appreciated. I love your blog and cookbooks. Keep up the good work.

  40. Stephanie

    My favorite way to eat cauliflower is roasted cut into pieces, core & leaves & all, sprinkled with olive oil, salt, pepper, and whole cumin seeds. I throw in sliced shallot or sliced garlic midway through cooking so it doesn’t burn. It only takes about 20 minutes to cook.
    I think I’ll make a double batch next time, half of it into soup.

  41. Tressa B

    I made this the other night and it was delicious!!! I chopped up the cauliflower before roasting it, and added some whole cloves of garlic to roast as well. Then I topped the soup with some blue cheese and bacon crumbles. It was amazing! I’m having the leftovers for lunch today and I’m so excited!

    • Tressa B

      Okay, it was even better today. All the flavors have had time to combine, and i can really taste the garlic now, although it’s still very mild. I will be making this soup again and again! Thanks for a non-boring cauliflower recipe!

  42. bridget {bake at 350} @ bakeat350.blogspot.com

    I’m not a huge fan of raw cauliflower…and until recently, didn’t even know it had much nutritional value. I guess that white color threw me off. Your soup sounds delicious! This is cauliflower I know I will love.

  43. Rachel

    Hey Elana,

    This recipe looks awesome. I love cauliflower, and I’ve been trying to find ways to eat lots of vegetables a la the Terry Wahls version of paleo/primal.

    Have you seen this video? It is definitely worth 18 minutes of your time if you haven’t.

  44. Carmel

    Hi Elana,
    just wondering if you’ve ever cooked soup right in the vitamix… this one could probably work? Just saute the onion and throw it all in? I am new to my Vitamix and looking for soup recipies.

  45. Amanda Jackson

    I made a Paleo version of Cauliflower gratin with bread crumbs from your sandwich bread! It was amazing and creamy!

  46. Charles Smith

    I normally hate cauliflower (texture thing I think) but I made this soup for my wife and I and it was wonderful… Ended up drizzling top of the soup with chopped green onions and a little lite cheddar cheese …

  47. Anastasia@healthymamainfo.com @ healthymamainfo.com

    Sounds like a great soup! Thank you!

  48. Ellynne

    Absolutely delicious! Thank you.

  49. Hi there! love cauliflower and love soup….think I just found a great recipe – Thank you!

  50. Beth @ Tasty Yummies @ tasty-yummies.com

    Wow – weird, I made a similar soup myself this week – but I added in a head of roasted garlic. I think this might be my new favorite soup! http://tasty-yummies.com/2012/01/31/creamy-roasted-garlic-and-cauliflower-soup-gluten-free-and-vegan/

    Yours looks super duper creamy! Yum.

  51. Jan

    This was delish. I had a lot of organic garlic and a few bulbs of celeriac. So I roasted a head of garlic, too, and sautéed celeriac with the onions. I blended it all in a pot with a blending stick. It’s just great.

  52. I love cauliflower smashed with garlic. I cannot wait to try your soup!

  53. Jessica Swendson

    These recipes are so delicious and easy! Having a husband in the service and three children, but needing to cater to a child with Celiac Disease this website has been so helpful! Kids are enjoying the food, thank you!!

  54. gluten free veg @ wheatlessandmeatless.com

    i am SUCH a fan of cauliflower. this sounds right up my alley!

  55. Amanda - RunToTheFinish @ runtothefinish.com

    oh i just bought cauliflower today and was trying to decide what I’d like to do with it!

  56. quinn

    Great recipe! Much better than I had anticipated. My hubby loved it and has asked for it again so making for the 2nd time today. Super easy to make, makes a ton and delicious. Thanks!

  57. That’s a wonderful idea. I want to make Roasted Cauliflower Soup. =) It’s so healthy, and I KNOW it would be delicious, too! Do you have any suggestions for extra herbs?

  58. Michelle Perkins

    I made this recipe twice and found it a little bland, so I took the suggestions of some of the other commenters and added the chive oil and roasted garlic – YUM! Makes a huge difference, this is one of our staples now.

  59. carrie

    I’m trying to avoid running to the store today & have all the ingredients other than olive oil. I do, however have some coconut oil hanging out in my pantry. Do you think it would work in this soup?

  60. Annabelle

    One of my FAVORITE recipes. This recipe so easy and delicious.

  61. Meredith

    Amazing! I also roasted the cauliflower and used some garlic powder. Probably one of the best soups I’ve had! Who knew how creamy it would be!

  62. Sandra

    Used garlic infused sea salt on the cauliflower while it roasted. Amazing soup! So easy, filling and not bad for you. Winner all the way around!

  63. shazzz

    Thanks I was looking for a recipe without milk or cream…this one is perfect

  64. Mari Ann

    This is the best soup for a dairy free diet! My husband even loves it!

  65. Robin

    I just made this recipe. I love it because it is so simple and smells wonderful while roasting. I added the whole onion next to the cauliflower to roast and pureed it all in a simple mixer with the required water. Following the rest of your instructions to finish it up and it was, presto, ready to eat!!

  66. maartje

    Hi Elena, just made and ate the soup ! Very nice . The cauliflower gets really dark in the oven and the soup is not as white as in your picture. Is that the meaning of it ? Maybe i let the cauliflower turn to dark. Excuses if my Englisch is not to good, I’m in the Netherlands.

    Thanks for your nice website and recipes i do enjoy them a lot also my belly.

  67. Trisha

    Hi Elena,

    Thanks so much for sharing this recipe. I am new to cooking “sans” gluten and grain and dairy, so this soup was a delicious surprise. Enjoyed it very much as did my husband. NOM NOM NOM ;)

  68. Ann

    Wow!! Another amazing soup, simple, elegant, delicious. After reading other comments I also roasted two cloves of garlic, and dressed the finished soup with red pepper flakes, such a pretty presentation. Everyone loved it. Even after reading all the other comments I admit I was really surprised how this soup turned out. A welcome addition to our diet. We had been missing creamy soups, and this fits the bill perfectly, with no lactose to cause me problems!

  69. Abigail

    Hey! Just found your blog through Pinterest. I enjoy cooking but I am a busy mom, do you think this would freeze well? I am trying to compile paleo/gf/asf recipes for freezer cooking. Thanks!

  70. LORI

    I found this recipe online and thought to try it. I had 2 heads of cauliflower in the refrigerator because they were on sale at Whole Foods. I am not on any special diet, just trying to eat healthier. I tried this recipe and the only change I made was to add some white part of the leek and some minced garlic. I processed in the Vitamix and the results were sensational! My dinner guest said it’s the best soup I’ve ever made and characterized it as fine dining restaurant quality. I look forward to trying your Jewish recipes.

  71. SK

    I am blown away by how incredibly easy and delicious this was! Thank you for an excellent recipe.

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