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During the last year my husband and I were lucky enough to eat at the Post Ranch Inn in Northern California. We had an incredible meal which included a stunning salad as well as carrot ginger soup, and more. I spoke to our server to get an idea of what was in that amazing carrot soup so that I could turn it into one of my healthy dinner recipes –that’s how this Paleo Carrot Soup recipe was born.

If you have always wondered how to make carrot soup at home the below recipe for Paleo Carrot Soup will be a fantastic guide. The recipe is quite malleable; feel free to omit the cayenne, stevia, and lime garnish if you want to keep it very simple. You could also make this in the summer and try turning it into a recipe for chilled carrot ginger soup.

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  1. Heat coconut oil in a large saucepan
  2. Sauté onion, carrot, and apple in coconut oil until tender
  3. Add ginger to saucepan
  4. Add orange juice, coconut milk and stock to saucepan
  5. Very carefully, in very small batches, puree mixture in vitamix
  6. Return mixture to pan to reheat, stirring in cayenne pepper, and stevia if desired
  7. Garnish with fresh lime
  8. Serve

To keep this recipe quick and easy, do not peel your carrots, apple or ginger –they’re all going to be pureed into soup in the end anyway, and I find it wasteful to discard the skins which are full of rich enzymes and healthy micro-nutrients. I know this carrot soup recipe has more ingredients than most of my recipes, however, I think you’ll find that the amazing flavor profile is well worth the extra bit of effort –and truly, it’s not that challenging to make a delicious, real food dish for you and your family. Here’s to clean eating!

To make this Paleo Carrot Soup recipe part of a full Paleo dinner menu serve it with the following:

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42 responses to “Paleo Carrot Soup”

  1. I made this tonight as I have so many carrots in my fridge – and wow, this does not disappoint! My family of 3 loved it, including my 11 year old daughter, who asked if I could make it again some time. I will definitely make this again. Thanks Elana for another hit – your site is my go-to and has been for years. (I made roasted chicken with cauliflower and olives last night, as well as the Irish Soda Bread earlier in the week – it’s an Elana week here!)

  2. Just made this carrot soup with water and even the non-vegan personnel in my household loved this soup; thank you very much for this recipe

  3. Elana, I just made this…remembered what a hit it is around here and decided to make it for my 14 yr old who got braces yesterday and is in pain. I had to make due with shallots instead of onions, and I didn’t have any OJ so I juiced some clementines! Your site is my go-to on SO much. Thank you so much…you are very appreciated around here!

    • Hallie, thanks for your comment! I remember those days when the braces first went on, one of my boys just got his off recently. I’m so glad that I could be there in the form of comfort for him with this recipe :-)

  4. OH my!!! I just made this soup, well almost this soup. Elena you inspired me, I had a large yam to use so I switched the recipe a bit by adding and removing some of your ingredients. I took out the apple for the yam, but I left the spice profile the same. I sauteed the onion, carrot, 2 inch piece of ginger and yam in coconut oil for 10 minutes. Then I added the stock, covered and simmered on low until veggies were soft. From there I blended and added the remaining ingredients; orange juice, coconut milk. I did season with sea salt and had to thin a bit with water. Still a very easy recipe
    Also used raw honey in place of stevia since I don’t do artificial sweeteners any more. It is ridiculously delicious :) Thank you!!

  5. thank you for all your recipes. I was in despair when I first started my candida diet. I had no idea what to make and honestly felt like bursting into tears many a time. now that I’ve found your recipe and a few others, Ive found it fun to try new recipes and now know there is life after no carbs and sugar lol. thanks from the bottom of my healthy gut.

  6. This carrot soup is AMAZING! Didn’t think it would taste so good. Used powdered ginger, no stevia and an apple from my garden – absolutely delicious. Thank you!

  7. This was a HUGE hit in my family! I have one picky eater, and he loved it. I used a can of Trader Joe’s Coconut Cream (because it’s what I had), and it turned out fine. I also put out a jar of Garlic Chili Sauce that I got at the Asian market so everyone could spice up his/her own bowl of soup. I also used 2 drops of lime essential oil (because the picky eater wanted me to do it). I am SO excited to add this to my list. I have shared with with several friends, and we’re all sharing 2 recipes each to start the new year off with healthy dinners. I so appreciate your blog! Thank you so much!

  8. I’ve been making fall soups – lentil, sweetpotato & thought I would try this one. I don’t have a Vitamix & can’t afford one. So, I took out my food processor and grated the carrots, onion, and apple. I grated the ginger with a plane grater . I followed all other directions, then took out my 40 year-old blender and blended the cooked mix in small portions. Worked like a charm and the soup was worth going through the extra step. Delicious! Didn’t use the “optionsl”s. Don’t skip the fresh lime. Sqeezing a bit of the fresh lime into the soup made a good soup taste even better.

  9. I also made a massive batch of this, intending half for the freezer but it’s never going to last that long. It’s delicious!

    I didn’t add stevia either, I found that the Orange juice and the Pple added more than enough sweetness for me.

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