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Piña Colada Ice Cream

pina-colada ice cream dairy-free recipe

Serve a couple scoops with a slice of Gluten Free Carrot Cake

Hey all you vegans out there, this dairy free Piña Colada Ice Cream might be just what you’re looking for on a hot summer day.  With a mere 3 ingredients (coconut milk, agave and pineapple), this simple vegan ice cream recipe will appeal to moms too.  I like the quick and easy dimension of the recipe and my boys love the flavor –they’ve been lapping it up all summer.

After I posted my Coconut Chocolate Chip Ice Cream recipe (which contains eggs) a few weeks ago, I had numerous requests for a vegan ice cream made with coconut milk, so it’s high time I posted this.  Enjoy!

Piña Colada Ice Cream


  1. Place coconut milk, agave nectar and ½ cup pineapple in a vitamix
  2. Blend thoroughly until smooth and well combined
  3. Briefly blend in remaining ½ cup pineapple, leave the texture a little chunky
  4. Process according to the directions of your ice cream maker
  5. Serve

We arrived home from the Little League Regionals on Wednesday after our loss in the semi-finals of the tournament.  The boys had an amazing run, winning every game in their pool (my older son, age 12 plays on the team).  The boys played live on ESPN Tuesday night (the semi-finals) and lost by one run in that game.

Here is our team video which one of the dads on our team made:

If for whatever reason you aren’t in the mood for ice cream but still want something cooling and tropical I have a scrumptious Piña Colada Protein Shake if you’re in the mood for a high protein smoothie.

Here are more healthy ice cream recipes from other food bloggers:
-Very Berry Breakfast Ice Cream from Shannon of Nourishing Days
-Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free Strawberry Coconut Ice Cream by Ali of Nourishing Meals
-Coffee Ice Cream (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Refined Sugar Free) from Shirley of Gluten Free Easily

posted on August 12, 2011, 29 comments

  1. Looks great! Perfect dessert for this weekend’s dinner.

  2. Shirley @ gfe @ glutenfreeeasily.com

    Oh, that simple luscious looking ice cream is exactly my kind of treat these days! :-) Thanks for the link love, dear! Love the video … your and his team did so well. I loved watching their game on ESPN and seeing you in the stands. ;-)


  3. Deb Kinney @ reviveorganizing.com

    Hi Elana,
    Love how simple the recipe for the pina colada ice cream is. And seeing the boys is a treat. Congratulations to the team on the regionals!


  4. I love simple recipes like that! I need to try this out. YUM!

  5. Kiran @ KiranTarun.com @ kirantarun.com/food

    Pina colada ice-cream?!? Holy yum! What a great way to start the weekend :D

  6. Lexie

    Great video … one to treasure years down the road. I’ll be by for a scoop of this ice cream!! As always, you make it so simple :)

  7. Lisa {Smart Food and Fit} @ smartfoodandfit.com

    I love simple ingredients. I can see my kids being impatient waiting for the ice cream to freeze, they’ll just want to drink it like a smoothie. lol

  8. Gretchen @ veggiegrettie.com

    This looks great. I love the simplicity of the recipe and know that the coconut and pineapple will taste great together.

  9. Pat @ Elegantly, Gluten-Free @ elegantlyglutenfree.com

    The video shows so much in so little time! Those boys did a great job!

    Thanks for this luscious-sounding ice cream recipe. I’m hoping it will work in a regular blender, too.

  10. Ruth

    Is it possible to make this without an ice cream maker? Will it turn out o.k. if you just freeze it in the freezer without the ice cream maker? I hate to invest in one to just make this every now and then.

  11. Marisa

    Elana! This looks so tasty and refreshing! Are there anymore vitamix giveaways in the future???

  12. Tressa B

    I’m going to make this, put two scoops in a large glass, add a shot of Myers dark rum, and a big ole dollop of whipped cream because I’m not vegan! Happy Summer’s End!!!

  13. Hedy

    Sounds yummy and non-dairy
    Is canned Coconut Milk different from the coconut milk in a carton?
    There are two kinds in the carton…one in the refrigerator next to milk and one on the regular shelf non-refrigerated. Which do you recommend?
    Thank you

    • Nicole Smith @ thefaithfuloven.com

      I believe I have read Elana explain it before as the coconut milk in the refrigerator section are actually “coconut drinks” and not just pure coconut milk. I would imagine it is the same thing for the shelf stable version. My guess would to go with the canned version as it is straight coconut milk. :D

    • samara

      Just make sure you get Pure Coconut Milk and not a “coconut drink” “coconut water” or “coconut milk beverage”.

  14. Kathy Foulk

    Enjoy this great time in your kids lives. Nothing better than following their baseball games all over the country. Congratulations on a great season.

  15. Nancy @SensitivePantry @ thesensitivepantry.com

    So easy!!! And, I can eat it. TY!

  16. Megan

    I just made this last week – the only difference was that i added a tablespoon of dark rum and some fresh lime juice…it was delish!

  17. samara

    I tried this once as the recipe says and once with Stevia “Nu Naturals Clear Stevia drops”. I used 10 drops and it was great. This recipe lends itself to Stevia because the fruit has some natural sweetness too…

  18. Diane

    Looks sooo delish!!! Thank you, Elana, for all your great recipes!!! I love your new cupcake book too.

  19. Bethany

    Thanks for this recipe. I’m staying with my parents for the week and am trying to introduce them to my gluten free/ dairy free diet. I made this ice cream for us to have for lunch… and even made it with the baggie & ice method since we don’t have an ice cream maker.

    It was delicious! I loved it and my parents did too!

  20. Lakisha Scott

    Can this ice cream recipe, and the other ice cream recipes be made using a Ninja or a standard blender? Unfortunately I don’t have one of those lovely Vita-mix miracles, and I love Pina colada=(.

  21. This looks amazing!! My favourite drink as an ice cream, could it get any better?!
    I have just started a blog devoted to homemade non dairy ice cream!

    Thanks for sharing!

  22. Sophia

    Hi! just made your pina colada ice cream and it is no thickening in my ice cream maker. Any ideas why? Thanks!

    • Karen

      I had the same problem. I just made it and although it tastes delicious, it’s more of a milk shake than ice cream. Even after sitting in the freezer, it doesn’t get very frozen. Oh, well, still delish!

    • QueenJellyBean

      I’ve made Elana’s ice creams in my Vitamix several times. The -density- of the coconut milk is the crucial factor the results in either a slushy shake or something more ice creamy.
      – The carton of coconut milk that is the consistency of skim milk or 2% dairy milk will produce a slushy shake.
      — TRY THIS: Go to Trader Joes and buy their can of “Coconut Cream”. Use this in place of “Coconut Milk” in any of Elana’s Ice cream recipes.

      • QueenJellyBean

        Forgot to add: TRY THIS: Put blended mix of all ice cream recipe ingredients in ice cube trays. When frozen – puree those ice cube chunks in the Vita-mix – transfer to a chilled bowl and it’s ice cream.
        This was suggested by another reader comment on Elana’s site. It works. I’ve been doing this for years since I don’t have an ice cream maker and don’t really want another kitchen gadget/appliance. :-]

  23. ronna

    my children are going to camp what would be a good healthy lunch?

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