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Chocolate Pots de Creme

chocolate pots de creme dessert recipe
Dairy-free Chocolate Pots de Creme made with a mere five ingredients.

This recipe for dairy-free Chocolate Pots de Creme is based on an award winning recipe by one of my favorite bloggers, Michelle of Nom Nom Paleo. Michelle is an amazing person and chef, and both she and her recipes are beloved and admired in the Paleo community.

While the name “pot de creme” is quite fancy, don’t be intimidated. This recipe is easy to make with only 5 ingredients –dark chocolate, coconut milk, egg yolk, stevia and salt, and is so creamy it melts in your mouth. My husband inhaled these and the boys enjoyed them too, in spite of their aversion to dark chocolate.

Chocolate Pots de Cremeprint

  1. Place coconut milk in a medium saucepan
  2. Stir in egg yolks, stevia, and salt
  3. Heat over medium-heat 5-10 minutes, stirring constantly
  4. Remove saucepan from heat
  5. Transfer mixture to vitamix, and add chocolate
  6. Blend on high for 30 seconds
  7. Transfer scant ½ cup of mixture into 4 ramekins
  8. Refrigerate overnight or for 8 hours
  9. Serve

Makes 4 pots de creme

I like this Paleo dessert because it relies on stevia as its primary sweetener and does not have any added honey. Serve this dairy-free dessert after dinner or at the end of a family brunch.

Here are some Pots de Creme recipes from other bloggers:

posted on June 17, 2013, 34 comments

  1. Jessica B

    Would baker’s chocolate work or does it have to be sweetened dark chocolate?

  2. I love how easy and healthy this is!

  3. Looks great !! Have to give it a try.

    What if I don’t have vitamix? would the bullet help?

    thanks !!

  4. Michele

    Looks & sounds delish! I’m allergic to chicken eggs, but can have duck eggs so I’d like to try substituting, but since duck egg yolks are a little larger, would you recommend using 1 or 2, based on your experience with this recipe? I just realized that I do not know what eggs do for this kind of recipe! Thx!

  5. Kathleen

    Is the dark chocolate sweetened or unsweetened?

  6. I’m going to give this a whirl with my dark chocolate chili bar :-)

  7. Shirley @ gfe & All Gluten-Free Desserts @ allglutenfreedesserts.com

    I adore Chocolate Pots de Crème! This dairy-free, sugar-free, paleo recipe is a must make, Elana! :-)

    Thanks! xo,

  8. Sherry

    This looks so good, so looking forward to making this.

    Also can’t wait for your cookbook….I pre-ordered it!!

  9. Brenda@SugarFreeMom @ sugarfreemom.com

    This recipe is lovely! I’m a big fan of stevia and coconut milk rocks! The photo is pretty too!

  10. Arlene

    Is there such a thing as an egg substitute for this recipe, unfortunately I can’t eat eggs?

  11. This sounds heavenly! I’ll serve it with fresh locally picked strawberries. Thanks for another stevia dessert recipe.

  12. AnneKD

    Well, I guess this is as good a time as any to go looking for soy-free chocolate. I just found out I have soy intolerance.

    • Sarah

      If you haven’t already found it, the Enjoy Life brand makes allergy-friendly chocolate – in chip form, and also a bar with rice crisps (and probably plain chocolate as well) – I believe they use sunflower lecithin instead of soy. The best part is that they’re pretty widely available in health food stores, or even in the natural foods sections of a lot of box grocery stores. Good luck!

      • Danette Halloran

        Enjoy Life products are the best. We have a Casein food allergy in our family. Enjoy Life chocolate has worked in every recipe I have ever tried. Can’t wait to try it with this one!

    • Molly

      You should try Middlebury Chocolates. They are soy, dairy, and gluten free and absolutely delicious. Their website is middleburychocolates.com. I order from them all the time! Their bars are literally cocoa beans, cocoa butter, and sugar.

  13. Kristen@ changeofpaceforme.com @ changeofpaceforme.com

    Elana I love how simple your recipes are! :)

  14. Nancy Bennett

    Sounds and looks delicious. By the way great picture of you

  15. Ester Perez @ nurturemygut.com

    I love this recipe! Sugar free, dairy free and simple! Very nice! I will try making this. I really like the vanilla stevia by sweet leaf too. I use it in a lot of my desserts at home. Thanks!

  16. This recipe looks delicious and easy! I initially thought it was a baked custard and was happy to see it’s almost more like an upscale cooked pudding. I’ll try this out for dessert this week!

  17. Brenda D. Gaines

    I got your new book, I use your Almond Flour Cookbook all the time. I will check out the Benefit Life store, thanks for all you do.

  18. Brenda D. Gaines

    I bought a waffle iron and I was wondering if I could use your pancake recipe in it,
    or do I have to add something??

  19. Sarah

    This recipe was posted just days before my husband was musing that he would really like a chocolate cream pie for his birthday – perfect timing. Even though I did realize that Elana’s GF Almond Flour cookbook has a chocolate cream pie recipe, I decided to use this instead – and we were able to make an entirely paleo pie! The pot de creme recipe worked great as filling. (We topped it with coconut “whipped cream” and for the crust used a slightly modified version of the almond flour crust from Elana’s cookbook.)

    Even my husband said he never would have guessed it wasn’t the “real thing”!

    • Michelle

      Sarah, I would love to do this as a pie as well, did you use the same amount of ingredients or did you double for the pie. Thanks,

      Also, wondering if I only have plain stevia on hand could I add vanilla extract to it to make up for not having the vanilla stevia

  20. Lonnda Paige

    My I use trader Joes almond flour in your recipes ( ask for blanched almond flour?) I am just starting out. your recipes look great, but dont want to buy a 5 lb bag at this time.

    thank you Lonnda brlosp@msn.com

  21. Barbara

    Is there a substitute for the Stevia, like maple syrup or agave? Also, how much would I use in place of the Stevia. Thanks. This looks delicious.

  22. Tracey

    Thank you for posting this recipe. I made it for thanksgiving and it was absolutely delicious. I would have liked it a little thicker. I’m not sure if I heated the milk too long, or blended all the ingredients together too long. Either way, it was very good.

  23. Emily

    Oh my goodness! I think i just found tonight’s dessert! adding a can of coconut milk to my grocery list now!

  24. Angie

    This looks absolutely delicious!
    It’s great that there’s only stevia in it too, so it’s great for a hyperglycemic like myself. I can have my chocolate fix & eat it too~?

  25. Ashley H.

    This looks Delicious! Could I substitute Cacao Powder for chocolate chunks? If so, any idea approx how much?

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