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Multi “Grain” Crackers

gluten-free multigrain crackers recipe

The recipe for these gluten free crackers comes from my friend Betsy

Don’t be confused by these gluten free Multi “Grain” Crackers.  Because they are in fact gluten free and grain-free.  That’s right, these crackers don’t contain grains.  What are they made of?  They contain a multitude of high protein, high fiber superfoods including almonds, flax and hemp.

So as you can see, even though these are called Multi “Grain” Crackers, I have not started eating grains again.  And yes, I’ve been grain free since 2001, on an eating plan (don’t like the word diet) that is similar to those referred to as Paleo or Primal.

Multi “Grain” Crackers


  1. Pulse almond flour, macadamias and coconut flour in a food processor until well ground
  2. Pulse in seeds, flax meal and salt until almost fully ground (leave a little texture for crunch)
  3. Pulse in shortening, then water; dough will form a ball in food processor
  4. Roll out dough between 2 pieces of parchment paper to ¼ inch (or less) thick
  5. Cut into 2-inch squares, 5 rows each way
  6. Bake at 300° for 20 to 25 minutes (or dehydrate; haven’t tried so you will need to experiment)
  7. Serve

Makes about 25 crackers

The idea for these gluten free crackers is from my dear friend Betsy.  She came over one Saturday afternoon last November so that we could go for a hike.  We did, and then we set out to bake our way through my kitchen.

These crackers were the first thing we made.  It was a lot of fun because Bets (that’s her nickname), cooks the way I used to, before I started cooking for all of you.  She just throws ingredients around without any measurements and says things like, “a few handfuls of this,” and “a lot of that.”  I translated her handfuls and throws into exact measurements and then made the crackers a few more times to get them exactly the way I wanted.

Here are some more gluten free, grain free cracker recipes you may enjoy:
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-Honey Graham Crackers from Eat the Cookie!
-Herbed Almond Crackers from At the Bakers Bench

posted on February 15, 2011, 65 comments

  1. Katie

    Can not wait to give these a try! So high in protein!

    • Karen Petrie

      How much fiber/calories for each cracker. This recipe sounds great!

    • Roy Johnson

      Ran this through the recipe calculator on Nutritiondata.com and got the following per cracker:

      Carbs: 2 Net carbs: 1
      Fiber: 1
      Calories: 58
      Protien: 2
      Unsat. fats: 3
      Saturated fats: 1
      Sodium: 25

      I would omit the salt since my wife has a heart condition as well as diabetic.

      Recipes here are for the most part either low carb or easily altered to be low carb with a few exceptions. Wife needs to be well under 50 carbs a day.

      Elana has done a wonderful job with her recipes, her research and her site.

      • Nancy Morgan

        THANK YOU for mentioning this nutritional site!! I’ve often tried to figure out how I could get the above info now that I make so many foods from recipe sources that don’t give me nutritional info. This is wonderful!

        I’d been going down the slippery slope of gaining weight because I’d been so focused on finding recipes which fell under things I COULD eat, with all my sensitivities, that I’d forgotten to keep in mind the “normal” issues of calories, carbs, etc, partly b/c none of it was before me. When I realized my mistake, I didn’t know how I was going to figure out these facts. BLESS YOU,Roy!

  2. Shirley @ gfe @ glutenfreeeasily.com

    Yippee for grain-free crackers and friends who share their “little of this” and “little of that’s”, and hike with you! :-) They look like scrumptious crackers!

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Elana! Multi-“grain” crackers sound really good after indulgences, don’t they? ;-)


  3. Linda

    These look delicious and healthy! Might I sub grapeseed oil for the shortening? Must I use the coconut flour or could I just use a TBL of another flour instead? Thank you.

  4. Joie

    These look great. I worry about flax, nuts, and hemp though. I have an extremely upset digestive system and am currently trying to figure things out (I’ve heard everything from bacterial overgrowth, excess acidity, and IBS). But my issues are not good! I’d like to figure out a good “meal plan” that is not calorie restrictive (if you have specific meal plan samples for 1-2 days that you follow, let me know – my email is attached).
    I have thought about putting chia seeds in my smoothies. But I’ve heard those can be havoc on digestion since they are so tiny and can get “caught up”.

    I might try these crackers though.

    I’m looking for a nice “bread” recipe. Maybe a coconut flour or an almond flour. I notice your almond ones call for flax and stuff, which I am not sure about.

    I’ve found some coconut flour ones on the web; but there seem to be a range of some with a LOT of eggs, or only one or two. I love whole eggs, but I eat alot of them in a day time anyway, and worry that too many in a bread will only contribute more that might not be so good. It is hard to know what to do that will gentle and kind to my stomach.

    • Kathleen

      Just a thought to share…fungus (yeast, mold, etc.) can be at the core of many health problems. Doug Kaufmann at http://www.knowthecause.com has done a lot of research in this area and has a wealth of information on his website about how to eat to kill fungus in one’s body. Fungus is way more than Candida issues and abounds in foods we eat, especially grains. His eating plan is probably similar to the Paleo diet in some respects as one only consumes foods that fungus cannot live on (meat, veggies, seeds, nuts, very limited fruit), gradually adding things in but leaving some things out ideally forever. There are lots of testimonies of aliments doctors couldn’t cure being healed by eating to starve fungus, as well as people recovering from ailments the doctors could never identify what was the cause. It’s worth your time to investigate. I am giving this a try and am seeing some improvement after just a couple of weeks!

      I have to say I love Chia, but have to limit or eliminate it’s use in our home. I have a little one allergic to eggs. One Tablespoon of ground chia meal (I grind chia seed in a coffee grinder-we don’t drink coffee) mixed with 1/4 cup water, let sit to gel a few minutes, makes a wonderful egg substitute in any baking recipe I’ve tried so far. However, little one number two has broken out in hives in reaction to the chia and has gas from it. One can’t have eggs, one can’t have chia. Creative mom will have to work on this some more! However, there is a great recipe for raw chocolate pudding at The Spunky Coconut that is thickened with ground flax and chia that is just wonderful!

      • Mary-An

        Is your little one also allergic to flax seeds? Flax meal can be mixed with water in the same way chia meal is used (though often slightly more is added to the same amount of water). It makes an excellent substitute. Certain mashed or pureed fruits (such as banana, apple, pear, etc) work well as an egg substitute in many recipes, too, although they do of course make the recipe sweeter. Cooked pureed carrots, sweet potato/yam, pumpkin or other winter squashes, parsnips, and some few other vegetables also can work as egg substitutes quite nicely. There’s almost always a way to get around allergies! Good luck!

      • Maureen Joyce Giasson @ https://www.facebook.com/mmgiasson

        Try using potato starch 2 tbsp = 1 egg. My niece is the mad baker for a family that includes egg, wheat, grain, problems. She finds it makes a great texture.

    • Roy Johnson

      Be especially careful of inulin. Causes my wife extreme gastric distress.
      As well as most products extracted from root sources.

  5. sas

    These look really great, Elana. I’m going to try them for sure—and I love that they are egg free (the egg thing can keep some of your delicious creations off my plate)! I think I will try them without the shortening…. Thanks!

  6. Kelley

    Sounds good, but I’d love to know the nutrition info that goes with this – calories, carbs, fat, etc…

  7. These look good. Why shortening and not a different oil?

  8. Jenny Eliuk @ Stay on Path @ stayonpath.blogspot.com

    I’m interested in trying these because I just get bored with the same GF crackers all the time, and up in the high country we have very limited options compared to Boulder. How would you say they “stand up” to being used with dips? Do they break easily?

  9. Robin at Stone Soup Homeschool Network @ stonesouphomeschool.com/ss-blog.html

    Thank you! We are moving to a “primal” low carb diet as well. Giving up things like crackers has been a challenge—mostly for my kids.

  10. AllieNic@ Frisky Lemon @ friskylemon.com

    YUM! Grain-free is the way to be! I’m definitely going to try these…maybe in the dehydrator!

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. I’m getting lardo at the butcher’s this weekend and I thought it would be nice on a cracker but wanted one without the grains…Ta da! Thanks, Elana! I can’t wait to try my hand at creating these.

  12. Heidi @ Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom @ adventuresofaglutenfreemom.com

    Elana, those are absolutely gorgeous!! I’m making them as soon as I get home from California. :-D


  13. What a fantastic cracker recipe! I will definitely put this on my “to cook” list. Thanks Elana!

  14. Megan D

    These look fantastic! I have incorporated large daily amounts of hemp into my diet and looking for new suggestions (instead of adding to gf oats or to nut butter spreads).

  15. Wendy--Celiacs in the House @ celiacsinthehouse.com

    I am going to be playing with this recipe for sure. I haven’t made crackers in a while and that situation will be remedied.

  16. Awesomeness! These should be named “Superfood Crackers!” :)

  17. I can’t wait to try these Elana! They sound super delish and super easy. Thanks.

  18. Katrina (GF Gidget) @ glutenfreegidget.com

    Hmm… I wonder what I could sub for the macadamia nuts. I have all the other ingredients, but am allergic to macadamias.

  19. Ooooo – these look great. I like the way “Bets” approaches things. :)

  20. The Teenie Foodie @ theteeniefoodie.blogspot.com

    Oh my god, this recipe is just what I have been looking for! Thanks Elana, you always have great recipes. I’ve been wanting to find a grain free cracker recipe that’s full of nutrition like this. Can’t wait to try this. Allergic to macadamia nuts so do you thinkI could use pine nuts or walnuts?

  21. Angie Halten @ blog.glutenfreeclub.com

    I have to admit I’ve been lazy and haven’t made crackers in ages but after looking at this one I think my stomach is telling me to get off my duff and make a batch of these fabulously healthy looking crackers!


  22. Debbie

    These look great! Looking forward to trying them!

  23. These look awesome, I bet the flavor is amazing! To be honest, I have never made my own crackers but this post is seriously making me want to!

  24. Gluten Free Diva @ glutenfreediva.com

    You could call these Quadruple Seed Crackers, but that’s a mouthful, so perhaps sticking to Gluten Free Multi “Grain” Crackers is a better idea:). These look great!

  25. kate@ahealthypassion @ ahealthypassion.com

    oh yum these look delicious I love homemade crackers!

  26. Britt

    Just made these and they are delicious! I substituted 1T. Of coconut oil for the shortening and baked them about 30 mins. I calculated 17.2 grams of net carbs for the total recipe. Thanks for the great recipe and I look forward coming back.

  27. sas

    I made these and Britt is right, they are delish! I also used coconut oil instead of the shortening, and also subbed extra sunflower seeds because I didn’t have sesame on hand. Next time I make them I may add some herbs for fun!

  28. These look delicious. Love all the different “grains” – and I imagine the lovely fat from those macadamias is so rich and satisfying.

  29. Wendy Lawson Hoffman @ menopausetheblog.com

    I’d love to try the multi-grain cracker recipe. Sometimes I’d just like a light snack and crackers would be perfect. This recipe has healthful ingredients like Flax. Would love to try it!

  30. Josiah Ferrin


    I love your website and have been making your silver dollar pancakes several times a week since I started eating Paleo. There are many recipes on your website I have been longing to make, but have not tried, for the simple fact that I do not have a food processor (or even a high powered blender).

    This recipe for crackers along with some of your tasty looking desserts are at the top of my list to try out as soon as I get my hands on a food processor. My wife and kids have pretty much enjoyed everything I have made from your website even though they don’t eat Paleo, so I’m planning on picking up your cookbook here in the near future. Thanks for all your efforts.


  31. Ahhh! I’ve been dying to find gluten free grain free crackers and now I can have them! Can’t thank you enough for posting this!

  32. Podiatrist in Charlevoix @ drthomasdekorte.com

    I need to get a food processor so I can try these! I wonder, would blending them in a blender work?

  33. What can I use as a substitute for ‘shortening’ as I am not really sure what this is. We have different terms ‘down under’?

  34. Bunnie Girl

    I have this recipe made…and I have a Q and none of you have addressed it. Oh poo! I just rolled it out, and the consistency is such that you can’t pick up a dough form. So I am assuming I leave it ON the parchment and just cut the “dough” into rectangular shapes and slide the parchment onto cookie sheet? So the cracker doesn’t enlarge as it cooks? I think I may force a space in between each square for good measure.

    Also, I used coconut oil, and ground nuts such as almond, hazelnut, walnut and sunflower to measure the almond flour macadamia nut measurements. I have sesame and it really looks pretty as a dough. Will come back with a review. Was wanting to put shredded cheddar cheese on the top or Parmesan. Still may do that. Thanks for the recipe “Bets”!

  35. Hi Elana, love these crackers I have an Australian version on my blog thanks for all your inspiration. Jodie

  36. Frank

    Hi Elana, do you soak the nuts and seeds for this first?
    It looks like a great recipe!

  37. Samantha

    I’m allergic to tree nuts but seem to be fine with seeds though. What other flours do you suggest using to replace the nuts flours?

  38. Joelle

    Mine are falling apart, any thoughts?

  39. These crackers look delicious–packed with a lot of goodies. Who said healthy can’t be tasty? Thanks for sharing.

  40. Jessamine

    I tried these today and they turned out AWESOME!! I had bad results with another revipe. Now I can have my cracker fix. I made the following changes because of what I did/not have in stock:
    -I used chia seeds instead of hemp seeds
    -I used coconut oil instead of vegan palm oil shortening.

    I think I will try adjusting the recipe and make it kid-friendly for my daughters–shapes, add cheese, etc.

  41. Robin Robinson

    THESE crackers would bee great for Days of Unleavened bread. Thanks

  42. Donnaramamom

    what can i sub for sunflower seeds? we have a severe allergy.

  43. Dawne

    Do you have an alternative to palm oil shortening? People should avoid buying palm oil products due to the devastation it causes to the rain forests and killing animals in the process. Google it and you’ll see more info on it

  44. Dawne C

    People should avoid buying palm oil products due to the devastation it causes to rain forests and killing animals in the process. Google it and you’ll see more info on it

  45. Voni

    I make these once a week – I always add dried rosemary and sprinkle sea salt on top before I bake them. They are delicious with avocado and or smoked trout! And if you eat cheese, a lovely ripe brie or blue (living in France, one cannot escape cheese) Now I can say no to the baguette!

  46. Janet Bublitz

    Made these today for the first time. I followed the recipe with one addition. I added 1 T. Golden Flaxseeds. I baked for 40 minutes (I live at 5000 feet above sea level in Montana). I turned halfway through. I also baked on airbake cookie sheets, letting them “finish” baking on top of the stove. I let them cool on racks. Also my yield was double (50 crackers), crisp and delicious! Thank you so much!!!

  47. Mariyah

    Elana, are the seeds you use for this recipe raw? My husband and I try to eat raw but for crackers (which are a special ‘treat’ for us), I’d be happy using roasted seeds…still, what kind do you use? Thank you, Mariyah

  48. Brian

    Every recipe I have clicked on uses almonds, and that disappoints me. First, I am allergic to almonds, and second they are so bad for the environment. This isn’t the most scientific article, but it gets the point across


  49. Kathy

    can Flax meal be replaced with Chia seeds, I experience a reaction to flax meal and can I use Coconut Oil instead of the Palm.

  50. Christy Schadoff

    Just wanted to give kudos for all the info here. Talked to my FNP about a grain free diet and she referred me to my very pleasant surprise. Excited to go shopping and get what I need to start baking away!!!

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