simple bread

Simple Bread

Update: Please see my updated Gluten Free Bread recipe!

This low-carb gluten-free bread recipe is easy to make. Simple Bread has only 6 ingredients –almond flour, baking soda, salt, eggs, honey, and apple cider vinegar. It’s the perfect healthy homemade bread recipe for those that have recently gone gluten-free.

Lately, several people have asked me for my gluten-free bread recipe, so here it is. It seems that so many are in need of a quick and easy gluten-free bread that it is time to divulge mine. All of my friends that are beginner bakers love this recipe, and I think you will too!

Simple Bread
Serves: 1 loaf (about 12 slices)
  1. In a large bowl, combine almond flour, salt, and baking soda
  2. In a medium bowl, whisk the eggs, then add honey, and vinegar
  3. Stir wet ingredients into dry
  4. Scoop batter into a well greased 7.5 x 3.5 magic line loaf pan
  5. Bake at 300° for 45-55 minutes on bottom rack of oven; until a knife comes out clean
  6. Cool and serve

To store this bread, wrap in a paper towel, seal in a plastic bag, and refrigerate for up to 1 week.

This low-carb, high-protein, gluten-free bread is a cinch to make. It is especially tasty toasted, then topped with almond-butter, raspberry jam, and a sprinkle of salt. Add a second slice of bread to it and you’ve got a paleo PBJ!

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    • Elana says

      Cindy, any type of honey will work for this recipe. If you use a different type of salt you may need to reduce the amount :-)

  1. Cindy L kesbey says

    What other Almond flour can you use besides Honeyville? This flour is very expensive but would like to know what everyone is using? Thank you

  2. Diana says

    I made this bread, and loved it! I am making it again this evening, as the first batch is all gone. I had made other almond bread recipes previously, and they did not turn out as good as this one, so I was a bit skeptical at first. But I was pleasantly surprised! I ordered your cookbook, too, so I cannot wait to make more of your recipes. I am not gluten intolerant, but am wanting to eat healthier. This was so good and so simple! Thank you!!

  3. Sarah says

    Hi Elana, have you ever tried whipping the egg whites and folding them in? I would be interested to know if anyone has and if it is lighter but still sliceable.

  4. Dylan Kaulukou-Chang says

    HI elana. what do you need to use to greased with the loaf pan? Is it greased with olive, and grapeseed oil then dust with almond flour? Is it for all breads that you upload? I made your recipe scrumptious sandwich bread from “gluten-free almond flour cookbook” to see if you greased with grapeseed oil, and dust with almond flour. Can I do it the same thing as like yours? Please let me know when you answer questions.


  5. Jane says


    First THANK YOU for this site! I love it.

    If you want a Really easy Really healthy banana bread use this Simple bread recipe in a bread machine on cake mode. When I first made this bread I accidentally used UNblanched almond flour. The texture reminded me of my Grandmother’s banana bread sooo. . . next time I Added

    3 bananas
    Tablespoon (more or less to taste or leave out) of honey

    This is the BEST banana bread and its healthy. Everyone loves it and because I can use my breadmaker its really easy. Thanks for the recipe(s) Elana. I have referred a lot of people to your site.

      • Jane says

        Thanks! I’ve got a few of these on my list of “things to try” already. I made the pumpkin bread/cake for the holidays (and a couple months ago for a treat too!) and really love that one. Everyone that has had it loves it. Its yummy and easy to make! Thanks again for helping out those of us that are new to this sort of eating/baking!

  6. Peggy Murray says

    Thank you for a bread recipe that works. I am trying to go grain free in a home that doesn’t believe in anything but eating whatever you want. I have been craving bread. I tried a recipe from a book (not by you) and there was no binding agent (eggs or flax seed). The bread fell apart when I took it out of the pan. I made your bread and I could have butter and jelly and jelly again. Thanks

      • Dorothy Denney says

        Elana; I made this wonderful bread yesterday. I had a ham sandwich with it for lunch and this morning I had it toasted with my eggs and bacon. It is wonderful. The small loaf came out of the oven golden brown and moist inside with a texture much like a good pound cake. Thank you for developing this great recipe for someone on a low-cal diet.

  7. Rachael Ball says

    I made this today and it was delicious! I don’t have a 7.5×3.5 inch pan, but I do have a pan that holds several min loaves. I divided the batter evenly and came out with 3 beautiful mini loaves! Slightly sweet and very filling. And they didn’t taste eggy! Thank you! :-)

  8. Mirela says

    I made this bread yesterday and subbed flaxseed meal for the eggs and it came out great! I also didn’t have such a small baking dish to make the bread as thick as the picture – so my bread looks more like biscotti when sliced 😊 Elana, thank you for your incredible recipes. All the ones I’ve tried have turned out spectacular!

  9. Rifky W says

    Hi Elana
    My Daughter is now new to gluten fee / sugar free and honey/free . I was wondering if any subsitude sugar will do . such as Xylitol , Splenda, Sorbitol .I do want to try it asap, as I see all Bread recipes contain Honey ..

  10. Albert says

    I’ve found that using a little less flour is best, like 1/4 cup less. I add one more tablespoon of honey and blueberries, and make muffins. Fresh out of the oven with a dollop of butter – now that is pure SCD heaven!

  11. Paula says

    I’m probably overlooking but where can I find the nutritional information for this recipe (and others)? Thank you!


  12. Ginger says

    I am curious as to how you would substitute the almond flour and eggs for a person who is also allergic to those? I am allergic to dairy, gluten, eggs, soy, peanut butter, corn, coffee and chocolate, plus almonds and a few fishes. I have yet to find a bread recipe that is allergy free for me.

  13. Lena says

    this is delicious but does not look anything like your photo. It is more a cake than a bread. I am not sure what I did wrong, but neither time did it rise.

    • Elana says

      Lena, thanks for your comment. If you use the recommended size baking pan, the bread will be the proper height. If you use a pan that is bigger than the one I used, your bread won’t fill the pan up. Here’s an example –if you place 1/2 cup of water in a 1/2 measuring cup it will be 100% full to the top of the cup. If you put the same 1/2 cup of water in a 1 cup measuring cup it will only fill it 50% and will only be 1/2 full in height. That’s why a loaf pan that is too large doesn’t work for this recipe when it comes to the height of the loaf :-)

  14. Joan says

    My husband is allergic to almonds so substituted the almond flour for chestnut flour as one of the posts suggested. The batter was dry and dough like. It tastes good but did not rise. I am going to try David’s suggestions, but Elana, if you have any suggestions I would love it. Been paleo for over a year and it is challenging with a husband that has LOTS of allergies.

  15. Rebecca says

    Thank you so much for this fantastic recipe. We used it last week in a challah ‘braided’ silicone pan and it was perfect for our Friday night dinner. We’ll be using it weekly.
    Thanks :)

    • Elizabeth says

      Just started and was stressing about challah situation, and I can’t wait to try this! I am guessing you need a pan for this…

    • Debra says

      Do any of your bread recipes work for a bread machine with a gluten free setting. I want to purchase a bread maker but I want to make a healthy gluten free bread as well has watch the carb count for a diabetic family member? I have loved every recipe of yours that I have tried from this site as well as what I have tried from your cookbooks that I have as well.Thanks

      • Elana says

        Hi Debra, I’m not sure since I don’t own a bread machine. I keep the appliances in my kitchen to a minimum as I don’t like counter or cabinet clutter!

  16. Nedda says

    Hi, Elana!
    I took this recipe and added a tad bit of vanilla, handful of blueberries and some fresh rosemary and I must say..its AMAZING. I highly recommend the combination. Thanks so much for this great recipe as a bread base!

  17. Bruce says

    Hi Elana. I’m new to bread making, and need some clarity. You say “stir” the ingredients together. Am I not supposed to use a blender or mixer? Am I making a “batter” or a dough? I assumed I needed to make dough to make bread. Look forward to making my own bread. Thanks for the recipe.

    • Elana says

      Hi Bruce, making a quick bread is different than making traditional bread. Use a spoon to mix the ingredients together in the bowl. You will be making a somewhat thick batter. Enjoy!

    • Lydia Douglas says

      Just made this. I wanted no cholestrol to so I substituted the eggs with Egg Creations. Somehow it didn’t look right in the pan. So I added 1/2 cup more of the almond flour 2 more tablespoons of the egg creations and a bit more of the oil and also apple cider vinegar. (I’ve made many a breads ) Well it still didn’t look right. So I pushed the batter to over to the right, to give it more height. Well it is very delicious!! Thou eggs are a protein (makes this bread high in cholestrol) CALORIE COUNT is a free website where you just type your ingredients in sample 1 1/2 cups almond flour. Can’t wait to try the dinner rolls!!!!

      • Lee says

        There is a lot of research on cholesterol (good info, not the rubbish we’ve been fed since the 70’s). Please don’t give up eggs or fat in fear of it. Read Cholesterol Clarity or the Cholesterol Myth. There’s plenty free info also. We also dont count calories. Just eat healthy :)

  18. Lynne says

    my son has autism and adhd and are looking for recipes. Can I substitute for the apple cider vinegar? he can’t have apples. thx

    • N. Van says

      Yes, you can substitute other vinegars. I happened to have raspberry honey vinegar on hand, used it and it was delicious!

      I also don’t understand why some people say their bread is dry. I have made this recipe six times since discovering Elana’s Pantry, and it is wonderful with the same, moist consistency time after time.
      I use raw honey which I think adds moisture and a superfine almond flour.

      My son loves it, by the way!! Thank you for making my low carb, gluten-free journey so yummy!

    • Michelle says

      Hi Lynne,

      Just read your comment about your son not being able to eat apples is this to do with his Autism and Adhd? I have two boys also with Autism and Adhd.

      looking forward to your response

      • Jenn says

        I know this comment is way late but for my son (who is now grown) apples would make the hyperactivity part of his adhd so much worse. He wouldn’t be able to calm himself – it was so strange to watch the result of apples. As an adult, he tells me that raw not cooked apples cause his mouth and throat to itch but he never put the two together to vocalize the feeling as a young person. I guess the apples would just bother him and that’s why he would get out of control. You might try it sometime and see if you see a change. You will notice it within minutes of the apple product. I would give him a red pear in the fall instead. There’s a real old book called the Feingold diet. Maybe google it and see what you think. That’s where I learned to eliminate apples from my sons diet. 😊

  19. Angela says

    Hi Elana, I am so happy to have found this recipe of yours! As I was replacing with chia seed eggs, I halved the recipe so of course, it was a very tiny loaf in height as my “test bread”. I used 2 tablespoons chia seeds to 6 tbspoons water (vs 2 eggs) and needed to add 1/4 cup of water as batter was a bit dry. Did it in the toaster convection oven for 45 minutes and it was nicely browned on top. My hubby loved it with homemade jam from a friend … and said it tasted like a scone. Thanks again for your wonderful, simple and yummy recipes!

    • Dana says

      What have you used in the past as a baking soda replacement? Some use potassium bicarbonate (found in the supplement section) as its a 1:1 ratio replacement.

  20. becky tyler says

    I wanted to share a few changes I made to this already awesome recipe.
    I used Vanilla greek yogurt and added a teaspoon of Cinnamon.
    Its a little sweet treat!

  21. Noora says

    Im from Finland. Iv used many of your recipes, and they all taste very good!
    This bread was perfect! Its delicious. I used fine almond flour, and honey. Nothing wrong with it!

  22. Asha Lata says

    Hi..what can i use to make it rise to the normal loaf height? Btw, it came out great aside from it not being tall enough to use as a sandwich.

  23. Joel says

    I just finished making this and it is delicious! I don’t have the baking pan called for so made it in a regular Pyrex baking dish which made it come out a little flat. Also no palm shortening so used hardened coconut oil. Next time will use the 5X5 Pyrex baking dish I have. Thanks for the recipe. Now on to the Mexican Wedding Cookies!

  24. Sophie says

    Hi Elana

    I have great success with your recipes. Especially the muffins and cakes.
    Do you have any bread machine recipes or no of any decent ones.
    I am desperate for some.
    Many thanks

  25. Shirley Metts says

    I have just gone on a grain-free diet and can’t wait to try this bread recipe ( I could live off of bread) wish me luck!!

  26. Elana Wilkins says

    Hi I just made this bread adding 2 TBSP almond milk and baking for 55 minutes. I also used a ceramic small loaf longaberger bread pan. It came out perfect. I’m the only one in my family who is gluten/grain free yet everyone LOVED the taste of this bread. I live in Minn if thats any help as far as baking time and altitude. Thanks for the recipe.

  27. catherine blanchard says

    I’ve tried your paleo bread recipe 3 times and though I love the flavor, my bread dough is always very dry and once baked and cooled, when I slice it it just crumbles apart. can you suggest a solution to this problem?

  28. Denise says

    I just made this bread. It baked in 16 minutes @ 150 degrees Celsius in a fan oven. My oven cooks super quick and I was a bit hesitant from reading all the comments. We ate it with almond butter and banana on top. This will be a staple breakfast from now on since we are tired of poached eggs! ;-)

  29. Roberta Fox says

    Thank you very much for your recipe, I have been keen to find a replacement for normal bread since i cannot eat any yeast or grains. I tried a flaxseed flour recipe and am not crazy about the taste, so the almond appealed. However, my version came out very dry, tasty enough to eat, but not much risen and dry. I have to say that i used baking powder and xylitol, and it did occur to me that i might need something to make it moister but did not dare add anything. If you have any suggestions i would be grateful. I do not eat sugar in any form which is why i could not use the agave syrup. Many thanks. Roberta

  30. says

    I tried the bread recipe, March 2014, and was very saddened that it did not come out as was crumbly and did not stick together. Rechecked recipe to see if I left out anything..did not..our daughter gave me some coconut and almond flour and I wanted to find a bread that I really far have not. Thank you that you are trying to find more healthy ways to eat..blw

    • kristina says

      odd I wonder why – this is my go to recipe and use all the time and for me works out great – of course without gluten its not going to have the texture f regular bread, but is still delicious – thanks for this recipe!

    • Maria says

      I haves subbed chestnut flour for almond flour in recipes, and it’s worked out great! Chestnut flour also adds a natural sweetness.

      • Joan says

        I just made the bread and the dough was really dry. It turned out but not a batter. It seems as though 3 eggs, 1 tbsp of honey and 1/2 tsp of apple cider vinegar was not enough liquid for my 2 1/2 C of chestnut flour. Did you do anything else? thanks Joan

  31. Jana says

    Hi, just made bread and turned out like biscotti hehehe. Just figured out I put bi carb soda as recipe said soda. Will try again with baking powder ????

  32. says

    Nice post. I learn something totally new and challenging on sites I stumbleupon on a daily basis.
    It’s always interesting to read articles from other writers and use a little something from
    their web sites.

  33. Shirley says

    very good. I fixed it this morning, & just ate a couple of thin slices with some raw almond butter for a snack. I have a small Anchor Hocking glass bread pan that was just the right size. I did not add any sweetener, as almond flour is sweet enough to me. I did not feel there was enough liquid, but instead of adding another egg, I added 1/4 cup canned coconut milk & increased the ACV to 1 tablespoon. The taste is very mild, no taste of vinegar, coconut, or egg. I think it will be good toasted on my griddle with butter. Next time,I plan to add spices to make it savory & use for sandwiches. The size is just right for half sandwiches. I have been wheat free for 2 years & now the first of the month I am going to try to start the Wheat Belly diet. I have all 3 of Dr. Davis’ books, so we will see if I can do it. Sweets are not a problem, & wheat is not a problem, starches are my down fall. I look forward to trying lots of you recipes.

  34. Sally North says

    I’m on Weight Watchers and am finding it very hard to use your cookbook anymore because it lacks the nutritional data needed to calculate points. Do you have any suggestions?

  35. Red says

    I made the simple bread today, I’m not sure if NZ ingredients are different, its turned out pretty dry and crumbly. I added an extra egg and a little bit of water because when I followed the recipe it was just a crumbly mix.
    Any suggestions as to what I’ve done wrong please would be gratefully accepted.
    Thanks Red

  36. Jennifer says

    Wow, I just made this bread and it is delicious. And it was so easy! My nutritionist gave me the link to this page because I am doing LEAP after MRT testing (turns out I am reactive to wheat and rice, amongst other things). I substituted a TB of applesauce for the agave/honey part of the recipe as I have not added sweetener back into my diet yet. It worked beautifully. I am curious about how this bread will taste when I’m able to have honey. Looking forward to finding out. Also, I made this in a slightly smaller pan than Elana recommends– I have a “Daddio” loaf pan that is 6.375″ x 3.75″. Came out perfectly. So easy to slice, too. Yum.

  37. Janis Bryant says

    Hello – I am just beginning to use the “Breaking The Vicious Cycle” eating program recommended by my homeopath for Crohns Disease. My problem is that I can’t get enough information to make certain that I buy the right automatic bread machine. I definitely don’t want an aluminum pan, but most of them are teflon coated. The real issue is that none of the descriptions indicate whether or not the machine will bake good bread using almond or other fragile or specialty flours.

    Can you suggest a brand or model ? Your help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you.

  38. says

    I tried your recipe of Simple bread b/c I heard you on the Dr. Axe podcast and I am trying to go gluten free. He said that all your breads on there were awesome so I tried your recipe and it TOTALLY did not come out. I followed the recipe to the letter except I had regular coconut flour instead of blanched. I could not find anyone who knew what blanched almond or blanched coconut flour was. When I added the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients it was like there were no wet. Totally just a flour mixture.
    Can you help me? I really want to try your breads.
    Thank you

  39. Bika says

    Hi elena greetings from indonesia! I had try ur receipe and its turn aweaome! The texture was perfect just like i want! Btw i grinded the almond flour before bake it, so i dont feel any granule texture, just more like banana bread, thanks for ur great receipe n keep posting!

    • Judy says

      The short answer, Nope, because rice flour is a grain. The ratio between wet ingredients and dry is different between nut flours and grain flours. There are several excellent web sites out there for baking without wheat and using other grains.

  40. Rhonda Graves says

    I’d like to mention that many people keep baking powder for too long, which may be why a quick bread fails to rise. A way to test it is to put 1 teaspoon baking soda in a glass, than add 2 teaspoons vinegar (for the test, it doesn’t matter whether it’s plain or cider vinegar). If it foams well, the baking powder is good. If it doesn’t, it needs to be replaced. This works for baking soda also. I have seen recommendations to replace baking powder every six months, but I just test it.

  41. Lavinia J. says


    I just wanted to thank you for the lovely recipes. They’ve helped me enormously and gave my son some great healthy ideas for his future cooking.:)
    All the best, and thanks again for the very helpful site.

  42. Callie says

    My daughter has just been diagnosed with celiac disease and am looking for new ways to make her favorites. I am so excited about you blog and all your yummy recipes!

    I was wondering if you can make your breads in a bread maker?

    Thanks, Callie

  43. Jaquie says

    Hi everyone, I tried this using Bob’s Red Mill almond flour and it worked fine. Just thought I’d let you know since a lot of people tend to have that brand.

  44. chelscnicole says

    I wanted to make this but only have about 1 cup left of almond flour. Would coconut flour be a good substitute?

  45. emmanuel says

    I suffer from CFS [ chronic fatigue syndrome] so you can imagine baking is an effort. I need to know if I can use this recipe for bread making machine please?

    • says

      I have made the recipe 2 times and each time it came out dry. I think that following Elana’s recipe exactly is the trick to success.
      P.S. I will try again tomorrow.

  46. says

    My registered dietician (RD) suggested this bread as one that I can eat (with some tweaks) as I go through the MRT/LEAP testing program.

    I made it with Bob’s Red Mill almond flour, added one, changed the vinegar (since I haven’t gotten apples back yet), changed the sweetener and tossed in about 1 teaspoon of organic pear juice (no additives) since I noticed it was left in the can of pears. : ) I didn’t have a mini loaf pan, but used a glass Pyrex one that isn’t huge.

    The verdict? It’s delicious, and solved a huge problem of not having something bready to eat, since I’m moderately reactive to wheat and rice, and I can’t eat too much garbanzo flour (to make socca) – good ol’ beans. : )

    The taste reminds me of popovers from a local restaurant famous for them. They’re a little eggy too, and adding the fourth egg (at my RD’s suggestion) probably is why. Even my husband likes it.

    I had already ordered one of the flours Elana recommends, but Bob’s worked great, so it will be interesting to compare. I thought I’d hate it because the smell when it was baking bothered me, so it was such a nice surprise.

    Thank you Elana!

  47. Rebecca says

    I just finished making this bread smells great and tastes good, however, its the sadiest little loft of bread. It didn’t rise. Now we do not use eggs so I subsituted with applesauce and baking soda I found this on a different website. I also did not have apple cider vinigar and so I used white instead…could this have been my issue? Is there something I can use instead of eggs? Thanks Rebecca

  48. Heather from Australia says

    Thanks so much for this wonderful recipe. Even our fussy 4 year old loves your bread, which is testament to how delicious it is!

  49. Elaine says

    I love your recipes! Whenever I bake a loaf of any of your bread recipes, I always have a “crown” on the top! I use the magic line loaf pan and follow all directions, but this happens every time. Any idea why?

  50. Bailee says

    Thank you so much for this recipe. I love the simplicity of it. It takes me 5 minutes to put together and get in the oven. I don’t think I would make bread as often if not for this amazing recipe. My family thanks you too :)

  51. Elke says

    Are you sure this is healthy? It’s way too delicsious..surely it can’t be! I made it last night, super easy, not many ingredients so its affordable to make. So yummy with avocado, banana, or argave on top. Does this bread contain gluten or anything els that I should e staying away from on an alkaline diet? I used almond meal not pulp not sure what the difference is

  52. Serina-Linn says

    I followed this recipe and my bread did not fluff at all! I used almond meal from my left overs of making almond milk (dehydrated it and ground it first obviously). It came out the same way that I put it in…about an inch thick! What went wrong?! Please help! !

  53. Chap says

    Also, I used Bob’s red mill for the tapioca flour/starch and usually I used bob’s for the almond but I made the rice myself (blender) and made the almond twice when I ran out of flour. I didn’t blanch them, I just took regular unsalted almonds tossed them in the blender and let it go. I over blended and the flour was a bit of a ‘meal’ which did make for a runnier batter but it was still better than any other GF recipe I’ve tried.

    I also use millet flour sometimes and that works well for me.

    Buckwheat works well but has a very distinct flavor that I did not like at all.

    Sorghum works fine, but also has a flavor that I didn’t like.

    Oat also works well, adds a but of a ‘whole wheat’ flavor or a ‘whole grain’ flavor. It is cheap and I just toss regular oatmeal in the blender so it is easy to have it on hand.

    Almond, millet and tapioca are my go to flours.

    I avoid gums and use flax, an extra egg or chia seeds mixed with boiling water then add the ‘slurry’.

    For brownies I just use melted chocolate and melted butter with some corn starch. I found various recipies on line for that method. It makes a rich brownie but very good and fudgy. I used one from David Lebovitz’s website but Ghiradelli has one too.

  54. Chap says

    I love this recipe! It really is simple and quick and best of all…it tastes like ‘real’ bread. Often gluten free bread just isn’t quite right.This mix is more of an ‘egg’ bread, but I took the basic recipe and with some variations this makes the perfect fluffy, light bread. Even non-celiacs think it is just great bread for sandwiches and etc.

    I’ve used a 50/50 split between ALMOND and TAPIOCA flour/starch. This made the bread light and fluffy nearly like ‘regular’ sandwich bread.

    I also used a split between ALMOND (1cup), TAPIOCA (1cup) and WHITE RICE flour (1/2 cup). This also gave me a ‘springy’ bread, less of an ‘egg bread’. This also rose in the oven just a bit (many GF breads I’ve made don’t rise at all even during baking). This one rose just a little, maybe about 1/2 inch.

    Batter can be a bit runny.

    Bread lasted at least a week on the dounter in a ziplock bag, but after a week it was a bit weathered. Now I put the batter in the fridge and make it as needed. The batter lasts a week easily in the fridge, I’ve always used it up after 5-10 days so I don’t know if it will last longer than that or not.

    I was worried about the vinegar since that makes me sick but it didn’t bother my tummy at all.

    This bread is very filling when eaten so it is very easy to fill up on bread. It is very moist, not at all crumbly. In fact I ‘tear it’ like you would when feeding the birds or something. It actualy tears whereas many GF breads just do not tear, to say the least.

    As a side note…I’ve leard almond and tapico mix also make a great sub when making regular old chocolate chip cookies. I just followed the recipe on the back of the chocolate chip bag but I used a 50/50 alomond/tapioca flour mix instead of regular flour, then I used 1 stick of butter because when I used 2 the batter was very runny, but for people who like cripsy cookies then two sticks would be fine. I like cakey cookies so I only used 1 stick of butter. Otherwise even non-celiacs didn’t really notice a difference. Once I asked they said if they paid attention there was ‘something’ different but only if they were looking for it and even then they couldnt’ tell me what, but it clearly didn’t keep them from eating the entire 3 batches! :)

  55. Mario Paluck says

    Hi, tried the recipe, there will be no rise in the bread, well not bread if it does not rise. So it should be called short bread. Also. you can make your own almond flour sing simply a coffee grinder and whole almonds. Qd

  56. Rose Kaye says


    I just made my first loaf of Almond Bread with your recipe. Thank you so much. How did you get your loaf to come out so white inside and can it be made highger for a full slice of breat. It does taste incredible. Thanks again. Rose

  57. joe says

    hi – tried this out and it worked well – for those in Uk/ using 300 as stated in recipe is about 160. thank you – joe

  58. Dee says

    This bread is really tasty and both myself and my husband love it! Could you please provide the calorie content ?


  59. Myra says

    Well, I made my first loaf of paleo bread with almond flour. WE LOVE IT! I can’t wait to make more and more of your recipes! It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if I end up buying your cookbooks! : )

  60. says

    Dear Elana,

    I am starting to eat Paleo and find that many recipes ask for “BLANCHED” almond flour as opposed to simply Almon flour.

    I may be wrong but as I understand it you should blanch the almonds before making them flour. Is that the only difference? If it is then the only difference would be the color?

    I am asking because at least where I live, in Hungary, the price difference between almond flour and blanched almond flour is HUGE, so if the results are basically the same (except for the color) I’d much rather use regular almond flour.

    Thank you!

  61. Ursula says

    made a batch last night- did not rise very much at all but still baked. Had one fresh slice and have woken up with my grain eating family having eaten ALL BUT 2 SLICES; something must have gone right!

    Love your site, so inspirational

  62. Abby Lobotomy says

    Love this bread!!! Question though! If I wanted to double the recipe to make a larger loaf, how long would I need to bake this?

    Thanks for the great recipe!

  63. Tara says

    I tried to make this bread tonight and followed the recipe precisely. The eggs, apple cider vinegar and agave seemed like it was too little wet ingredients? Anyhow, I ended up with glorified breadcrumbs. If someone could help me out, that would be great.

    Again, yes, I followed the recipe precisely.

    Thanks, Tara.

  64. Bronwen says

    I made these with maple syrup and put them in greased muffin tins as I don’t have a mini loaf pan. Cooked for 15 mins and were delicious.

  65. Dana says

    I tried this bread last night and despite the warnings against using other flours, I used spelt flour instead of the almond flour. I assumed that 2 dry flours couldn’t be THAT much different but the spelt must be more absorbent than the almond flour because my first red flag was that the “batter” was very dry. I formed it into a loaf shape and stuck it in the oven anyway and in the end it did turn out into a form of bread but it was much more dense than I would like and had a corn-meal texture. It may have turned out better with something wet added to it like a few mashed bananas or some pumpkin. The recipe was simple so thank you for that and I learned my lesson to do my research about flour substitutions in the future haha.

  66. Ruthie says

    I’ve just finished a slice of this bread, with one modification–a half-cup buckwheat flour subbed for an equal equal amo of honey bhave stevia…anyway, it is perfect and deliciousmuchlighter and tastier than the teff bread (my previous favorite) I was buying from a local GF bakery. A versatile recipe to work with and easy to slice.

  67. Rachel says

    My son has EE and has a myriad of allergies. I am wondering if anyone has successfully substituted the eggs in this recipe with either applesauce or something else? I would love to make him my own bread since the ones they sell at the store leave a lot to be desired.

  68. Teresa says

    I bought your book and am very excited about trying some of the recipes, especially the bread and the cracker. I don’t have the size pan you suggested in the book for the bread but have the mini loaf pans and I am going to try those.

  69. gocarygo says

    I love this bread!! I’m not strictly gluten-free but have been making small changes since reading the book called Wheat Belly. This bread is a bit dense and reminds me of the bread my grandmother used to make called “English Muffin Bread”. I can see it being great toasted but I just ate it straight from the oven, after spreading on some ghee (but butter would be good too!) and it just melted in my mouth. The edges of the bread can be a little dry but I actually like that consistency. Just don’t choke on it!! Thanks Elena!

  70. Erin says

    Hey just curious, I’m new to being gluten free by choice. Wondering what acv is?
    Excited to get baking. Thanks


    • sheila h says

      acv is apple cider vinegar. you want the one with “mother”, best is organic, not pasteurized or distilled (like white vinegar)

  71. Lori Carroll says

    Your Simple Bread recipe seems to be missing an ingredient. I mixed the flour,eggs, baking soda, acv, salt and agave nectar, but the batter is the consistency of pastry dough. Please help. Thanks.

  72. Trista says

    This is my favorite all purpose bread! I had my first sandwich since going grain free and it was heavenly! I did double the recipe to use a larger pan. I had to bake it for 65 minutes. Instead of agave, I used 1/2 tbsp honey and stevia. So happy to have bread in the house. Thanks Elana, for your delicious and healthy recipes!

  73. Sara says

    I just made these, but instead of making a loaf of bread I did drop biscuits. I added probably 1/4-1/3c of coconut milk, cooked at 300F on the bottom shelf as instructed for 25 minutes. I can’t even tell that they’re paleo! Thanks so much for the recipe, Elana!

  74. Michelle says

    This was delicious. I needed a simple bread that I can make often. A little small but I guess I can add my other ingredients to make it a larger loaf. Thank you

  75. Heather says

    I made this bread last night. It was really good, but has the consistency of something like banana bread. Is yours like that? It looks a lot more fluffy in the picture then mine does. Thanks!

  76. demi says

    like some others too i wonder..isnt there any liquid in receipe?like milk or water??will it work with just vinegar and eggs??also could i sub the soda with baking powder??how much?thank you

  77. says

    I used the almond flour I ground from the almond meal by product of my almond milk. That is: soak almonds, rinse and blend with water, strain through grain bag, reserve milk and almond meal. Heat almond meal in oven on low heat to dry thoroughly. Then process into flour in a coffee grinder. I followed the recipe here with the addition of a few sliced kalamata olives and finely snipped fresh rosemary. However the “batter” was not batter like. It all stuck together into a small loaf and is in the oven now. Im wondering if the flour I used is too dense causing my batter to be on the dry side. Let you know how it turns out.

  78. Verona says

    Thank you for the recipe, I am definitely going to try it but I want to know if I can use almond meal instead of blanched almond flour. Would they turn out to be the same product?

  79. says

    Elena, what a “find” to come across your blog — and gluten-free recipes! I have just purchased my very first bag of fava bean and garbanzo flour, and am eager to test it to make bread in my bread machine, with yeast. Who knows? It might work. Experimentation is the mother of … something, I guess. I’m not necessarily aspiring to a gluten-free lifestyle, but rather to a healthy lifestyle, as written about in my own blog. And, since I am a lover of Indian breads, I am also eager to try any and all of those. Thanks for your recipes! Yael

  80. Erin says

    Thanks for sharing this recipe! It’s yummy as is and stands up well to modifications. It’s the best grain-free recipe I’ve tried. And like the above commenters, mine takes nowhere near 45 – 55 minutes. Start checking it at 20 or even 15 minutes!

  81. Diana says

    Very yummy! Has a corn-bread (without the grittiness) or pound cake (without the sweetness) sorta consistency. I ate it with chili in lieu of corn bread. When my husband took his first bite, he said, “Mmmmmm.” Followed the recipe exactly, using Honeyville brand flour. I also used the Magic Line 7.5 x 3.5 size loaf pan, and baked for 55 minutes. Thank you so much for sharing! We are happy to eat bread while on a low-carb, gluten-free diet.

  82. says

    i was so excited to find your recipe. I actually liked the ingredients you used and decided to try. Unfortunately, i had just less than 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda, and added some baking powder. The color looks great, but i have this taste of the soda. I was wondering what taste should be.

    Irina G.

  83. Arlene says

    Elana, I love your site. Thank you for sharing!

    I love this bread recipe but I add raisins and cinnamon to jazz it up.

    Keep up the good work!

  84. Ivana says

    my flour isnt blanched and it has most of the fat in almonds removed.. should it make a significant difference in the proportions of the recipe? i already tried cooking muffins with it and it worked perfectly

  85. Ivana says

    my flour isnt blanched and it has most of the fat in almonds removed.. should i make a significant difference in the recipe? i already tried sweets and it worked perfectly

  86. Brenda says

    This is my first attempt at a gluten-free recipe. I’m a bit leary though because I was not able to “scoop” batter into my pan. Instead, I used my hands to shape it into a roll and press it into the baby loaf pan. I read that another person had the same situation, but added more eggs. Did I do something wrong? I have to wait 45 minutes before seeing what comes out. Thanks. ~Brenda

  87. kimberly says

    can you send a link to the size pan you use? i can’t seem to find one with the dimensions you mention, 6.5 x 4. thanks!

  88. says

    So Im new to gluten free cooking/baking and this bread seemed easy enough that I wouldn’t mess it up. Boy was I wrong. My first mistake was using an all purpose gf flour because I didnt have almond flour. Second mistake was pouring the wet mix into the dry. I was left with a hunk of semi wet mostly dry chunky unappetizing dough mixture. I had to laugh at my self a little. In order to save my hunk of dough and not start over I poured in about 1/4 cup organic soy milk and my mixture came back to life! And the bread was delicious. Thanks for the recipe and I hope my tip will help anyone who decides to subsitute out the almond flour =)

  89. ria moran says

    I have tried many recipes for a simple bread, and I find this one to be perfect. It’s a great, neutral platform that can be used in many ways. I put it in the toaster oven with a little ghee, honey and cinnamon to make cinnamon toast; I spread a little ghee, salt, garlic powder and then sprinkle herbes de provence to make savory toast, and for a good lunch, I also add some tomato slices, Tonnino yellowfin tuna and raw manchego cheese for an open melt. This Thanksgiving, I’m going to add poultry herbs to the dough for two loaves, then make bread crumbs out of them for my stuffing.

  90. Kate says

    I made a version of this (added vanilla extract and dried blueberries, and traded half the almond flour for garbanzo/fava bean flour) and it was delicious! A lot like the (Irish) soda bread I grew up with.

    I LOVE your website, even though I’m not gluten free. I’ve been making a lot of stuff at home lately – using and tweaking many of your recipes – and I’m trying to find/adapt a recipe for sourdough bread. I’m working with whole wheat flour – but I wondered if you’d tried this at all?

    It’s my first foray into using yeast and starters, and it’s been messy but fun. I’d love love LOVE to see (like your “rye” bread) and try what you can do to capture that delicious sourdough flavor!

  91. S says

    just made this today, swapping agave with maple syrup. i’ve never made bread before, only tons of cakes n cookies n everything unhealthy, so i wasnt sure what the consistency of the batter should be – mine was on the thick side, not runny at all. had to be spooned into the tin. as for my verdict – while the taste is fine, nutty as others have commented, the texture is far too thick and dry for me. so dry in fact that i worry it will crumble into my hand at any time (it has behaved itself so far)…i smeared some salted butter on a slice, and the taste was acceptable, but the texture needs to be much lighter and softer. i wont be making this recipe again, in fact i am wondering how on earth im going to get through the entire loaf by myself before it goes bad (family are die-hard wheaties). just looking at how heavy it is fills me up. oh well, the search for great almond bread continues.

  92. Lorna A. Murphy says

    Hi Elana,
    I loved your almond flour recipes, and have your book, but unfortunately I have become allergic to tree nuts!! I am stuck – gluten is out – and so I have been baking a little with coconut flour. I recently bought Omega Nutrition’s pumpkin seed protein powder. I would love it if you could offer some healthy breads/muffins with this ingredient.

    Lorna Murphy
    Bellingham, WA

  93. Julie says

    I tried this recipe using Bob’s Red Mill (I’m new to the GF baking thing, so I wanted to try that before investing in a large quantity). I made rolls rather than bread and they were delicious. I just had to bake them for 24 minutes on 300 F rather than the time in the directions.

    Thank you Elana! I love your blog!

  94. Scarlett says

    This is my favorite bread! I actually use only 2 cups almond flour, then put 1/2 cup finely shredded organic coconut and it makes it even mote tasty!

  95. SteRhymeswithtree says

    Very delicious, very forgiving recipe, excellent crumb. I doubled it and didn’t have some things on hand, so this is what I ended up using:

    4 cups Bob’s Red Mill blanched almond flour (wrong brand! I know!)
    1 cup dehydrated almond pulp (from almond milk)
    1 teaspoon sea salt
    1 teaspoon baking soda
    6 pasture raised eggs
    1 tablespoon agave nectar (didn’t double it)
    1½ teaspoon apple cider vinegar (tripled it)

    baked to perfection at 65 minutes.

    We’ve been eating this all week for sandwiches, toast, sopping up some good olive oil, and with soup. The texture was a lot like corn bread using the mix of pulp & bob’s red mill. Will need to try the brand of almond flour you recommend next time…and maybe find a smaller loaf pan. 6 eggs is a lot of eggs!!

  96. Sara Lipsey says

    Elana- thank you so much! I am obsessed with your website.
    I just made this bread tonight but changed it a bit…and it is delicious!
    Instead of the agave I used silan (date honey), instead of the apple cider vinegar I used red wine vinegar and when I was mixing at the end I added fresh dill.
    As a student I do not have the luxury of a full oven, so I baked it in a toaster oven at 150 F for 40 minutes. It came out perfectly!

  97. sweetbiella says

    Just so some of you know…mine cooked after 20 minutes. Make sure you check your bread after 20 minutes with a knife to see if it has cooked…if you go 40+ min it might end up dark brown instead of golden color

  98. amy says

    Just wondering if stevia or xylitol can be substituted for the agave. And if yes if you think I should add a little liquid also.

  99. Sandy Schneider says

    I made this bread last night! It is so yummy. I appreciate your blog very much Elana! I just used a regular loaf pan though so the pieces are smaller but they are perfect for breakfast! Thanks Elana!

  100. Lisa says

    Can you use sea salt instead of cetlic salt?? Thanks for the recipe looking forward to trying it!!

  101. says

    Is there any way to add fiber to Gluten Free BReads and get a good result? I’d love to find a gluten free bread recipe that has fiber! What would happen if I added some to the recipe here? I think you’d have to add a lot to make enough to get a few grams per slice, but that would certainly change the consistency…I’d love to see a discussion on this. Thanks. I cant wait to try these recipes!

  102. Tracy says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! We just had our first sandwiches in 6 months. I have one very happy little boy. I was hoping for a decent bread substitute, but what we got was some really good bread! I can’t wait to go on a picnic!

    My little guy is very unhappy about having to be gf, but I’ve ordered your cupcake book and we are going to make an adventure out of trying every single recipe. Thank you for sharing your talent!!

    Oh, and I didn’t have the small sized pan yet so I used my regular loaf pan, but made a wall with aluminum foil to hold the dough in the narrower size. It worked perfectly.

  103. Tish says

    Hi Elana

    I’m going on a wheat/yeast and gluten free diet and saw your delicous recipes however I live in South Africa and am struggling to get hold of almond flour here have you had any else enquire about where too find almond flour in South Africa and if so, where would I be able to find it?


  104. says

    I was so excited to get bread back since going Paleo with this recipe! I used a half cup flaxseed meal with two cups almond meal in place of the almond flour. Also, I had to use raw honey because I didn’t have any agave nectar on hand and I was desperate to try this. Thank you so much – it turned out beautifully in a slightly smaller loaf pan.

  105. michael guertin says

    Hi. Michael here. My wife & I have been eating almond meal bread now for a month, per a diet we’re on. Love it! I had this question: Could I mix a bag of Trader’s Joe’s almond MEAL with a bag of Trader Joe’s almond FLOUR, add the other ingredients necessary for both, and hopefully make a less “crumbly”, bigger loaf of bread? Would it work?

    • elana says

      Hi michael,

      Welcome :-)

      I think your idea above sounds like a reasonable experiment; I haven’t tried it myself so not sure if it would work though. If you do try, will you please stop back by and let us know how it goes?


  106. chandi says

    I’m looking for a pound cake recipe. Do you think this recipe could be converted to pound cake? If so, can you let me know how? Thanks! I love your recipes!

  107. Macy Smith says

    Thank you so much for this bread recipe!!! I absolutely LOVE it!! I am obsessed with your website. My family laughs at me because i try a new one of your recipes pretty much every week :) THANK YOU ELANA!

  108. Monica says

    I’ve seen a few comments about where to get almond flour. My family has been on SCD fro two years, and get all out flour from lucy’s kitchen shop

    You can get it in bulk 25 lbs at a great rate. Not to mending it is finely ground producing the best breads and muffins. Check it out..

  109. Kaye says

    Hi Elana,

    Can you substitute another type of flour for the almond flour? I ask because I am allergic to almonds.

    Love your site!

  110. sree says

    Thank you Elana for a wonderful recipe. I tried this with few changes since I’m a vegetarian, I added two bananas and 1 stick of butter instead of 3 eggs. It came out good but little darker though. Thanks once again.

  111. says


    My son (15) has been making this recipe for his lunch, he is rather disappointed though as it is not rising. Now the problem could be that we are using a normal loaf tin as I have not yet been able to source your little tin (we are in Australia). Have you any suggestions as to why else it may not be rising?
    I’ve just ordered your book and are eagerly looking forward to its arrival.

    • says

      This bread does not have yeast and so it tends not to “rise.” To get the proper size loaf it is thus key to use the pan recommended above; sorry I don’t have a better solution than this. If you come up with one, please let us know :-)

    • Franleigh says

      The recipe uses “blanched” (skinless) almonds, so whole almonds would make a darker bread. I’ve also found that agave makes the crust a lot darker, even almost burnt sometimes.
      You can find blanched almond flour online, at health food stores and at some grocery stores that have a natural food section.

  112. Julie says

    Hi, My Husband made the mistake and ordered the regular almond meal flour from Honeyville instead of the blanched flour. Also, instead of agave syrup, I used a cup of Organic zero sugar and my bread turned out great, a tad short but great otherwise. The loaf went from 0 – 60 (meaning it only lasted an hour between the two of us)!

  113. says

    Well, I’m getting used to baking with almond flour and coconut flour and have had success with some of your yummy recipes. But I tried this bread today and while it tasted good it was really flat and barely rose… I know my pan was larger and I’m sure that was part of it, but I am also at about 8,000 feet elevation. I’m wondering how I could alter the recipe to help the bread rise a bit more. Additional eggs maybe? More baking soda? But usually I DECREASE the leavening ingredients up here! Hmmm… Any suggestions would be most welcome!

    • says

      Hi Helyn,

      Thanks for your comment. I’ve baked this bread up in the mountains at around 8,000 feet and it is not affected by altitude. It is not a bread that will rise a lot (given that there is no yeast in it), it’s a quick bread. If you use a larger pan you’ll get a flatter loaf. If you use a smaller pan, you’ll get a taller loaf. Either way, if you use the recommended pan above, it will seem that the bread “rises.”

      Let me know how it goes if you try it again.


      • says

        Thanks for the reply, Elana! I am going to try it again but doubling the recipe since I don’t have a smaller loaf pan. I’ll let you know how it turns out… after I do the “rye” bread! That’s been on my list to try for a few weeks now and I finally bought some caraway seeds. I must say I am absolutely LOVING baking with these ingredients, especially the almond and coconut flours. I’ve used agave for a long time so that was an easy ingredient to incorporate into the new routine. And also just recently bought a lot of grapeseed oil. It’s so versatile! Great for stir-frying, too. Thanks again for all you do! I am a happy baker and my tummy is even happier. What a WIN to know I can enjoy all these goodies without the dreaded WHEAT!


  114. Vanessa says

    my 17 month old son has just been diagnosed with lots of allergys/intolerances.
    Not only casein free, sugar free, and wheat/gluten free, but many of the substitutions are out of the question now.

    He cannot have any sugar and has an intolerance to agave nectar, honey, and stevia, etc. Is there ANY sweetener out their that I can use in baking so I can make him food that he can enjoy with the rest of the family

    • Fran says

      You might try Xylitol (a sugar alcohol). Check to make sure it’s high quality (usually higher priced varieties) as the lower grades can cause intestinal disturbances.

  115. Julie says

    This is my first time posting although I have enjoyed your blog for a while now and have your cook book!! I’ve made this bread recipe and love it but with 6 of us we need a bigger loaf. What would happen if I doubled this recipe and used a larger loaf pan?? Would it work??

    Thank you

  116. Yvette says

    I’ve just tried Elana’s simple bread recipe and it’s been such a boon to realise that there are ways of eating wheat and gluten free that taste so good! So much better than buying processed gluten-free breads, I am now an almond flour (as we say in the UK) convert!

    As I didn’t have flax, I substituted it with a little rice flour and it seemed to work fine.

    Thank you, Elana for providing people with recipes that acutally work!

  117. Brenda Baird says

    How do you double the recipe? I would like a taller loaf. I like this bread better than your more recent one. Also, I cooked mine for only 25 minutes and it came out perfect this time.

  118. Kirsten says

    Wow, this looks really yummy. I really want to make this but I don’t have a loaf pan yet. My parents say that they are going to buy me one. Thank you for posting this Elana.

  119. julie says

    I am very excited about your Simple Bread and am going to make it this weekend. I was wondering if Stevia could be substitued for the Agave Nectar? Also, would the liquid or powder Stevia be best?

    thanks!! julie

  120. Rose Flores says

    Hi! I LOVE bread and would like to make this recipe however I’m having trouble finding a 6.5 x 4 inch loaf pan. Is there another size loaf pan you recommend using?

  121. Lisa says

    so i just made this bread tonight and it turned out wonderfully!!! thank you so much. i love to cook and bake but am a total novice when it comes to organic cooking and shopping for ingrediants. this recipe was great. the 2 pickiest eaters (my husband and my 3 yr old) loved it.
    if you or anyone out there have any tips for me on how to make organic cooking easier and cheaper feel free to comment! thanks again and i can’t wait to try more recipes!!

  122. Veronica says

    Hi Elana. I wanted to try this recipe right away, so I purchased the Bob’s Red Mill Almond Flour/Meal at Whole Foods. I used Himalayan salt and maple syrup as substitutes. The bread was absolutely delicious. Thanks for this wonderful recipe.

  123. Monica says

    I don’t have the small bread pan. Can I make this bread in a 7 X 4 pan? My little 7 year old can’t have gluten and he desperately misses bread. My heart breaks for him when he sees his sisters eat good old fashioned PB&J…would this bread work as sandwich bread? He has sensory issues and I am afraid the flax in your sandwich bread would bother him….help :-)

  124. Beth L. says

    Wondering if this bread will work with a bigger loaf pan than the suggested size in the cookbook? My son’s only complaint is that the bread is so small. He’s a growing boy so I’m having to make him two sandwiches right now with the bread being the size it is after slicing. I could double the recipe if I knew it would work in another pan…suggestions???

  125. Beth L. says

    This Bread is fantastic! This is the 3rd of your bread recipes I’ve tried. The other two (the one from the cookbook & the GF Bread 2.0) both had very distinct flavors and while I enjoyed them and my son didn’t mind them, my hubby wasn’t a fan. This one was most favorable to us all & easy to boot! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do Elana! You’ve made my life simpler!!!

  126. Jen says

    I tried this recipe this afternoon, but instead of using blanched almond flour, I used the remnants from the several batches of almond milk I’ve made in the last 10 days! After straining the milk, I take the solids, break them up onto a baking sheet, bake at very low heat until dry, then blend into powder. When I had enough for the 2.5 cups of flour you call for, I finally tried the recipe.

    My results were not too bad! Like another reader above, my loaf was dark on the inside and the outside, not light like in your picture. Also, I didn’t have the special pan you use, so I just shaped it into an oval loaf and baked in a larger pyrex pan. The dough was fairly dry, in that I couldn’t just mix with a spoon … I had to roll up my sleeves and mix and knead with my hands, like regular glutinous bread.

    Thanks for all the great recipes Elana!

    • Fran says

      Hi Jen,
      Two really important keys in this recipe is using a small loaf pan (I use glass) and cooking on the bottom rack. I use VCO (virgin coconut oil) to grease the pan.
      And also the 300 degrees. I forgot to decrease the temp once (automatically starts at 350) and the bread did get really dark. Another time, forgot to put on the bottom rack. Dark that time too.
      The batter should stir fairly easily with a wooden spoon. You might need to add less flour or more moisture. This time I was slowly measuring the vinegar over the bowl and a little extra went in… I think it helped the bread to rise a bit higher.
      Right out of the oven, I take the loaf out and wrap in paper towel while cooling… After it’s cooled, leave the paper towel on, put into a plastic bag and store in the frig.
      Hope these tips help.

  127. Chris says

    Hi Elana,

    I follow, not only a gluten free diet, but a completely starch free one. Your site and recipes have been a very welcome break from the half-dozen coconut flour recipes I’ve been using to get my breadlike fix. Awesome collection.

    I just made the Simple Bread and it turned out tasty but in poor form. I followed your instructions but my loaf came out about an inch high and super dense. Any idea what I might have done wrong?


  128. Barb says

    Hello! This is the first time I am writing, though I have enjoyed your emails and recipes for awhile. My husband is “wheat sensitive”. If he has too much wheat it affects his respiratory. Anyway, when I saw this simple bread recipe, I decided to try it with some almond four and some spelt. (Hubby can use spelt w/o problem) It was so delicious, I will try it again. Thanks so much for all the recipes.

  129. Fran says

    Has anyone used liquid stevia in place of agave nectar in Elana’s GF Simple Bread? If yes, how many drops? I use NOW Brand liquid stevia and there is no bitter aftertaste.

  130. says

    Hi Elana,
    I made this bread over the weekend.
    Sadly I didn’t have blanched almond flour and was too lazy to go to the store to get some so I substituted with a mix of Buckwheat and Sorgham instead.

    I’m not really sure what happened – the “batter” wasn’t batter at all – it was most definitely dough – which was a bit heavy.

    I put it in my pan and baked it for 30 minutes and it came out fine, if a little bit dense.

    I’m wondering if the buckwheat/sorgham combo is more dense than blanched almond flour?

    I’m excited to try this again with the right kind of flour but in the event I don’t have it, can you please recommend an appropriate substitute (aside from rice, please)? Maybe quinoa might work nicely? I guess I”ll have to try!

  131. Rebecca says

    I am unable to have any type of sugar products, and I was wondering if there is anyway to make this a sugar free recipe. HELP!!! I need my bread!

  132. rebecca says

    just made simple bread and tasted a slice with some butter and cinnamon and was tasty. i am taking the loaf on a missions trip for i am not sure what i will be able to eat. i also packed almond butter and now the cinnamon. i think i might add some cinnamon next time to the batter. thanks for the great recipes.

    • ds says

      Im following low carb – grain free way of eating.

      My occasional slip offs were always with bread! Well, not anymore :))

      This bread is simply delicious. I would never believe it is made without flour should I not bake it myself!

      I used finely grounded walnuts and flax 1:1 and substituted agave for honey, but it worked perfectly.

      I love your site and thank you for all the great recipes!!! :)

  133. christin says

    This recipe is Specific Carb. Diet legal if you sub the baking powder for soda and use honey in place of agave. The new bread recipe is not legal. So I still love this recipe!
    Have you tried coconut flour? I LOVE it!!

  134. Gail says

    I substituted the agave with raw honey, added 1 tablespoon coconut oil, 1 cup diced dried apricots,and served it with an all natural apricot spread on top. Simply delicious simple bread!

  135. says

    Rachel -If you go to the link provided in my FAQ’s and follow the provided directions, you can get nutrition for just about anything.

    Mary -Thanks for your comment. You seem to really get the point of my site. I try to stay away from fancy equipment and keep the recipes as simple as I can. Nice to hear from you and hope you’ll be back :-)

    michelle -So glad you like this recipe and great adaptations! To find out more about gluten, I would recommend starting a discussion topic in the forums.

  136. says

    this is the most wonderful bread, I have made it without the egg yolk as I know it has gluten in it and my son is on a gluten free diet, please advise if this is correct? anyway, i double the amount and it works really well. I also add a banana and some cocunut and it still tastes great, but I do reduce the number of eggs by 1 and as my son does not eat a lot of sweet things this works well and what is more is that it is so natural, no oil butter etc….he loves it and so do I……..thanks Elena great recipe

    • sterhymeswithtree says

      Egg yolks do NOT have gluten!! Eggs are totally gluten free and the yolk of pastured eggs is extremely nutritious, especially for kids!

  137. says

    Thank you so much for a simple good receipe I can make without having to buy a machine. I am just starting to explore gluten free products and I don’t have a lot of time to spend looking for recipes or lengthy processing . This sounds like a great place to start. Thanks, again. Sincerely, Mary

  138. Rachel B says

    I went to the link, Elana, but none of the breads on the bread list matched this one. Is there another place I can find nutrition information for Simple Bread?

  139. Valen says

    I made this in my 9×5″ pan for 45 min and it turned out wonderful! Its so easy and tasty. Its the best gluten free bread I’ve made. I just wish I knew the nutrition facts.

  140. Rachel B says

    I make this all the time and I don’t have a 6×3″ pain either. I’ve divided it up and baked it in small Pyrex bowls and I’ve baked it in a larger pan and flattened it out some. With my experimentation, I like it best when it’s done, I cut it into 1 inch wide strips and bake a little longer until it gets a little more well done and tastes like Biscotti. I love this stuff. I put Sunbutter and fruit spread on it and that’s my breakfast!

  141. Valen says

    I was just about to make this when I noticed that the recipe calls for a 6 by 3 inch pan! I do not have one, I have a 9 by 5. What should I do?

    • Jenny says

      I had the same issue when I made this bread for the first time. I made an extra 1/2 of the recipe (so I used one and a half times all the ingredients) and put it in my normal loaf pan. I kept the cooking time the same. The bread turned out GREAT! It is nice that it is a little bigger too as it will last a little longer than a smaller loaf.

  142. michelle says

    Hi Elena

    I decided to give your recipe a go as now my son’s diet has changed to scd but he cant have egg yolks, so I made the bread and it tastes great but didnt rise, what am I doing wrong?


  143. judy says

    i just made this wonderful bread for the first time. i have been gluten free for 1.5 years and now am cutting out flour as well (all that rice flour & tapioca flour after going gluten free never sat with me well either). i just used whole raw almonds that i chopped finely in my cuisinart and the bread came out great. thank you so much, i really love your site!

  144. says


    Thanks for your comment; your son is lucky to have such a thorough and diligent mother. Given that I bake primarily with nut flour, I’m not sure that I can help you with your biscuit request. Your best bet is probably to go to the forums; there are many helpful people over there who have great ideas for nut free recipes. Alternatively, take a look at the coconut flour recipes on my website.


  145. michelle says

    hello elena,

    i just love your site and have a child who is mildly autistic, and of course, gluten, dairy, soy, nut free and lately have also tried him on the corn and phosprous free diet which seems to have really helped but is very restrictive eg no tapioca, rice, arrowroot, tree nuts and soy. The other challenge is that I live in Spain and can only get millet, brown rice, buckwheat,amaranth (he can have tapioca in small quantities only,)is there a biscuit (his favourite is banana) and he likes it hard and bread recipe you can give me, if you could I would love it.

    Kind regards

  146. christin says

    I made this for Thanksgiving with about half a cup of raisins and a bunch of cinnanmon. And when it was almost done baking I drizzled it with agave syrup. It was so good!!

  147. says


    I do the same as you with the almond milk remains, waste not want not and it still is a source of fibre which we need.
    The only recipe on this site I have had any sucsess using that is this one,
    I used 2 cups dehydrated almond milk pulp and half a cup finely ground almonds.
    Subbed grape seed oil for coconut oil (was out of grape seed) but otherwise used the same recipe. They where not the same but came out fine.
    For others its grinding almonds with a pestle and mortar for me, wish I could get almond flour of the right consistency shipped here :/ The recipes are too good not to make.

  148. Rachel says


    On the Honeyville page of was this comment about the Honeyville product:

    “I purchased this flour a few weeks ago and just baked with it the first time yesterday. I was very satisfied with the taste and texture of it. However, I cannot tolerate gluten or rice and after eating some of what I had baked, I had an allergic reaction. I called the company and they could not tell me anything in regards to their mills nor if there could be any cross-contamination. The lady on the phone seemed to think that the mills are shared equipment and that no precautions are taken to avoid cross-contamination. If you’re buying it for low-carb prep only, it should be a good flour at a great deal. Please beware if you are using it to avoid gluten or other allergenic grains!”

    I’d like to know your thoughts about this. Thank you.


  149. christin says

    You wrote
    “In my 20’s I studied ayurvedic cooking. When my son and I were diagnosed with celiac disease, this three-year study came in handy. Celiac disease is an inherited autoimmune disorder triggered by eating gluten. Out of necessity my cooking took on an entirely new dimension as we both went on a gluten-free diet.”
    Would it be too personal to ask what kind of symptoms you guys had..I had health issues when I was little I think due to allergies and now my 2 year doesn’t seem to be as healthy as I would want for how well we eat. Now we are on a DF and GF diet. I just can’t figure out if it’s these two things that bother us..Thanks Christin

  150. says


    Yes, blanched almonds are good; however, almond flour is made from a whole almond, whereas you are basically defatting and deflavoring the almond (in making the almond milk) and using the almond fiber.

    Using almond fiber to replace almond flour is analogous to having a recipe that calls for a whole peeled orange, and instead of using the entire orange, juicing it and using the pulp for the recipe minus the juice. You get the idea :-)

    Anyway, I still think it’s great to use the almond fiber after making the milk, I just think if you’re using it, you will need to significantly alter my recipes since you are using a very a different main ingredient than the recipe actually calls for.

    Good Luck,

  151. Ruth says

    I’ve ordered 10 pounds of your favorite brand of blanched almond flour, and I’ll make a batch with that for comparison. My homemade almond-milk-leaving flour *is* blanched almond flour. Once the Honeywell blanched almond flour arrives, I’ll be able to compare. The taste of the bread with my home-made flour was delicious, so I’m looking forward to it!!



  152. says

    Hi Ruth,

    I think your best bet is to reformulate the entire recipe if you are going to change the main ingredient. I don’t think this recipe would work with almond-milk leavings and is probably why it came out in chunks.

    Hope this helps and you may want to post a topic in the forums on cooking with almond milk leavings –some people may have recipes or good ideas for using this ingredient.


  153. Ruth says

    I just tried this recipe using my own almond flour that I made from almond-milk leavings. (I dry it out in a dehydrator, then run through a food processor, then sift and toss what doesn’t go through the sifter after to iterations of this process.) The other ingredients were exactly as in the recipe. The bread came out in chunks.

    1) Am I supposed to knead the bread into one chunk? The bread came out in about 3 chunks.
    2) Has anyone else had this problem?
    3) Do you think an extra egg might help? I’m guessing my almond flour is particularly dry as I’ve squeezed out a lot of the goodness into the almond-milk (your recipe).

    Any thoughts??



  154. says


    Thanks for your comment; yes, isn’t it easier when the entire family can all partake in one dish, instead of making separate things for the different dietary needs?

    I haven’t made chocolate chip cookies with coconut flour. I’ll probably attempt to do so at some point. If you do try, let us know how they turn out.


  155. mari says

    Hi Elana,

    I love your recipes! I just made cupcakes using your coconut flour chocolate cake recipe w/ vegan chocolate frosting and they turned out beautifully! My kids loved them too and this thrills me because I am the only one in my family who is wheat/gluten intolerant and I am tired of making separate desserts for me. ;o)

    Have you ever made chocolate chip cookies with coconut flour? I made them with your almond flour recipe and loved them but I am curious about coconut flour too.


  156. judy d says

    I have made some interesting breads using other flours. I have gotten the recipes on the site. One of the breads, flaxmeal skillet bread uses brown rice flour, potato starch xanthum gum, sea salt. The other recipe that I have made is a recipe for a bread machine, which I just got. It also uses brown rice flour, tapioca flour, corn flour(I use corn meal) and flaxseed flour (I use ground flaxseed). I like this bread because it has the texture that I used to find in multigrain breads. Though it calls for 1/2 cup of powdered skim milk powder, I am lactose intolerant and I omitted it and it still tasted good.
    If you are unable to find this site, let me know and I can pull up the recipe and forward it to you.

  157. says


    Here are the answers to your questions:

    1) The acid (of vinegar or lemon juice) activates the properties in the baking soda; this is what makes the bread rise.

    2) Almond flour and coconut flour are NOT interchangeable –at least according to my experiments; if you find they are let us know :-)


  158. says

    This bread looks delicious, I’m gonna give it a try…I think it could also be interesting to experiment with different nut flours too.

    I have 2 questions though:
    1/Why the use of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice (I know a lot of GF baking recipes have these but I always wondered why)?

    2/Do you think it’d work with coconut flour as well? I have some at home but don’t really know what to do with it and I’ve been looking for a coconut flour bread recipe that doesn’t use too many eggs.

    Thanks ;).

  159. says

    Dear Hannah,

    Thanks for writing to me with your baking frustration. To get to the bottom of this type of matter takes a little detective work. Can you let me know the following regarding the bread:

    1) what brand almond flour did you use?
    2) what type of salt did you use?
    3) did you use baking soda?
    4) did you use agave nectar?
    5) did you use apple cider vinegar?
    6) is your oven baking at the temperature which reads on the dial (you need an interior oven thermometer to make this comparison and verify this)

    Bread is fussy, substituting or leaving out even one ingredient could ruin your loaf.


  160. says

    Where did I go wrong? I used the brand of almond flour you suggest and followed your instructions but my bread did not rise a bit. It is the size of biscotti. It tastes good, a bit dry, but I smoothered honey on a piece and it’s good but it is so tiny. HELP……..thanks!!!!!!

  161. says

    Dear Jenni,

    Thanks for your comment. I haven’t used this bread for breadcrumbs and am not sure how it would work. If you do try it out, I hope you’ll stop back by and let us know your results.

    Thanks Again,

  162. Jenni says

    Dear Elana,

    Do you use this bread for bread crumbs in recipes? I come across recipes that sound good that require bread crumbs (ex. Parmesan Chicken) but I wanted to see if you have already tried this. I apologize if you have already answered my question somewhere else on your site. I just didn’t see anything in my search. Thank you!

  163. Jo Ann says

    Hi, and thanks for your reply.

    I don’t use a wide array of flour… simply 1/2 organic white and 1/2 organic wheat.

    I found a gluten free flour today at Whole Foods that seems to be a simply prepared mixture, unlike others which use a “wide array” of gluten free flours and other ingredients.

    Thanks for attempting to help.

    Jo Ann

  164. says

    Dear JoAnn,

    As you can see, I use almond flour and coconut flour in my recipes; It sounds as though you are using a wide array of flours with which I am not familiar.

    Further, I experiment 5 to 10 times to come up with each dish and do not have a simple substitution formula that would answer your question.

    Your best bet would be to post your query in the forums –there are many experienced gluten free foodies there who might be able to help you. Sorry I cannot be of more assistance.


  165. JoAnn says


    I am looking for a gluten free way to make a substitute 3/4 white – 1/4 wheat dough that is organic and gluten free.

    The dough is used to make fruit squares for my toddler. I have found all the gluten free flours; the ones that sound similar to what I need are not organic. The organic gluten free flours seem too light… I am looking for a firm dough base. Thanks.

  166. Penny says


    Thanks for sharing! What size pan did you use for the double recipe? And did you bake it on the middle rack in your oven?


  167. Lani Halliday says

    It’s 10 days since I made this loaf for the first time and now I’ve doubled the recipe. I can safely say that it works beautifully as a ‘double size’ loaf. I’ve just pulled it out of the oven and sliced into the middle (after letting it cool, of course!) and it’s perfectly done. I did leave it in for 80 minutes, so I hope that is helpful for those trying to double this loaf. I’m sensing french toast for breakfast…

  168. Penny says

    I tried Honeywell almond flour and it was great! It is like a night and day difference between Bob Mills and Honeywell. I had several failed recipes using Bob Mills because it is just too coarse. I made pancakes and pound cake with Honeywell and the pancakes looked and tasted like regular pancakes! The pound cake was a little different than a regular wheat flour one, maybe a little more dense and not quite as absorbent but, it was still very close. I was impressed. Thanks Elana for telling us about it and for recipes and…for everything!

    • Natalie says

      The differences between Honeyville ***blanched*** almond flour and other almond (really MEAL rather than) “flour” is considerable. Most don’t like the recipes made with the course, gritty texture meal, (i.e. Bob’s Red Mill, for one) but really like how the Honeyville Blanched Almond Flour recipes turn out. sells the Honeyville and I can get it shipped to Alaska. Honeyville Farms sells their products…the Blanched Almond Flour…right up to a 25# bag and will ship to anywhere in the US contiguous states (not Alaska and Hawaii).

  169. Jenni says

    I tried this bread last night and I like it a lot! It was yummy straight out of the oven with a little butter and agave. I had a slice today with peanut butter and jam and it was still moist and yummy! I am thinking I want to make french toast with this bread and see how it turns out. Thanks for the recipe!

  170. says

    Dear Debbie,

    Thanks for your comment, so glad that your daughter enjoyed the carrot cake. Let me know how the experiment with the bread turns out (replacing vinegar with lemon juice). I don’t think that substitution will be a problem, though am not sure since I haven’t tried it myself.

    Take Care,

  171. Debbie says

    My Mom made your carrot cake for my daughter and everyone enjoyed it. My daughter was so excited as she has not had cake in over a year! I would like to make your bread recipe for her, but she cannot have vinegar. I may try it with lemon juice to see how this will work. We have not been able to find any kind of bread she can have as everything we find in the store has something she cannot eat in the ingredients. If this works she will be very happy again.
    Thank you for sharing your receipes.
    Debbie Wulff

  172. says

    Hi Amanda,

    Since I haven’t eaten the type of gluten free food you mention above in over a decade, I’m probably not the one to answer your question. You could try my forums section where you might get a better answer. Sorry I can’t be of more help.


  173. Amanda says


    I’ve been reading all over the place and realized that gluten causes my horribly horrible eczema… so I’m attempting to cut it out of my diet… problem is, I loooove baking.

    I went out and bought the whole, tapioca/rice/potato flour and mixed it all up with some guar gum in an attempt to make some muffins. It went.. well.. not horribly wrong, they’re edible… but not “right”

    They’re “heavy” and quite chewy. Looking at your picture, the bread looks like it would be pretty light and similar to normal gluten filled breads.

    Does using almond and coconut flour eliminate this “heavy” chewyness?

    Thanks :)

  174. says

    Dear Lani,

    Thanks for stopping by and for your wonderful feedback. I hope you will let us know how this turns out when you double the recipe.


  175. Lani Halliday says

    Thank you Elana for this recipe. I tried the Simple Bread recipe last week with fantastic results! Although I used a larger pan than the recipe calls for, and ended up with a slightly ‘smaller’ loaf, I was quite pleased. The best part? It stayed much fresher, much longer than most bread recipes I’ve tried in the past. It sat on my kitchen counter wrapped in tin foil for about a week and was lovely until the last slice. I’m going to try doubling the recipe and baking one large loaf. I’ll post my results as soon as I do. Lovely site, Thanks again.

      • says

        To the individual using coconut flour for which the recipe did not work: (sorry I’ve lost the comment I was on)

        Generally gluten-free flours are not interchangable 1:1. Elana has made this recipe to work with almond flour. That is not to say it won’t work with coconut flour, but you will have to change the amounts(Gluten-free flours have different densities) or add another flour to it (I find the best results come from a mixture of flours). In which case you will be making an entirely different bread.

  176. Dawn says

    I am enjoying looking at all the recipes that you have put together. I have been instructed by my Dr. to avoid gluten… The problem that i am finding is that most recipes that are gluten free have nuts. Which i am highly allergic to. Any suggestions?

  177. says


    I only use almond flour and sometimes coconut flour in my recipes. I have only used almond flour for my bread recipe. So, I wouldn’t know what you could substitute.

    I address substitutions on my FAQ page.

    You can also post your question in the forums.


    • Tup says

      You might Try hazelnut flour. I used that in place of almond flour in Elana’s carrot cake recipe, and it turned out great. (It was Bob’s Red Mill–their hazelnut flour seems finer and fluffier than their almond flour.)

  178. says


    This is the only bread recipe I have. It does have almond flour and eggs as these are essential ingredients in the majority of my baked goods.

    You may want to post your question in the forums to see if any of my other readers have any suggestions or solutions for you.

    You can also just try searching google as well.


  179. mell says

    Hi Elana….I was wondering if you have any recipes for bread that has no dairy,gluten,eggs,rice,almonds or soya in it as iv just found out that my 3 year old daughter is allergic to these things and many more.
    My life is so full on at the moment trying to find things for my little girl to eat,its very hard-on top of all that my daughter cant have her almond milk anymore(your recipe)and she loved it so much-i cant find any milk substitute for her.
    I would be very grateful for any help,thank you from mell

    • Luce says

      Hi Mell,

      I’m replacing eggs in this recipe with milled flax seeds and water. It’s in the oven right now so lets see how it goes.

      By the way Elana I love your site, its changing my life, lost 10 lbs already. Thank you so much.

  180. Christa says

    Hi Elana

    Can either white or brown rice flour be used in the place of the almond flour for the bread?? I am allergic to wheat (gluten) and looking for all kinds of baking goodies to make. Thanks for your site its wonderful. Am from South Africa and some of the ingredients are not easily available here.

  181. says

    Mel– Per your question, I have added an “International” section to my FAQ’s which will provide you with a link that converts Celsius to Fahrenheit. I think this will help! Let me know how it goes.

    Janie -As long as it wasn’t burned and it tasted good, then I think it’s ok. Maybe your oven is a little hotter and browned the outside of the bread. Some of the “golden” tones in the photo above are from the reflection of the silver background onto the bread. I hope this helps :-)

  182. Janie says

    Hi Elana, I love your site. I tried the bread and while it’s tasty, it doesn’t look like yours. Mine is brown in color, not golden. Did I do something wrong? I followed your recipe (it really is easy to make). I plan on making your Blueberry Muffins and Chocolate Chip cookies this week-end. Thanks, Elana. Your site is awesome!!

  183. says


    What can I say other than that you leave the greatest comments and they make me laugh out of sheer happiness for you (and of course your spunky writing style puts a huge smile on my face too).

    You have become so confident and creative in the kitchen it is fantastic! I love this adaptation of the simple bread and will try it out myself.


  184. says

    My mother-in-law has recently been baking “friendship bread”. For those who are not familiar with this bread, IT TAKES 10 DAYS TO MAKE :). She insist I take a starter, but I politely declined. The ingredients are lengthy and I do not care to indulge on the majority of the ingredients listed.
    I decided to make SIMPLE Friendship BREAD. I took this recipe and incorporated 1/4 c. agave and 1 tsp. cinnamon. There was just as much love put into this recipe as its counterpart, and I enjoyed all 12 slices with no remorse.

  185. mell says

    Hi Elana-I love the recipe for this beautiful bread,i cant wait to try it.I live in Australia and our oven degrees are different from yours-the highest our ovens go are 270 degrees-what would be your advice for the degree and time i should use,thank you.
    I also want to thank you for your beautiful almond milk recipe-my little girl cant have any diary and it was so hard getting her off normal milk but with your almond milk its has been great-im going to try your cashew milk next…thanks Elana….from mell

    • izzy says

      hi mel, i think she might be saying its 300 degrees farenheit which is what they use in america. in australia we use celcius so 300 degrees ferenheit is about 150 degrees celcius. hope it helps and i hope its right because im just about to put it in the oven at 150 degrees celcius. please be right. pray for me everyone.

  186. says

    Hi Helen-

    I don’t cook with yeast as I don’t have the patience for the rising time. I do know that there is GF yeast available as many GF bakers use it in their breads. I think if you could use a GF yeast with almond flour that would be ok. Though I’m not sure how it would taste as I haven’t tried this before.

    I hope this helps to answer your questions.


    • Judy says

      In my experience, using yeast with GF flours yields a rough, crumby result. I have a recipe with yeast that uses unsweetened gelatin, Sure-Jell and the expensive but very cool xanthan gum – and the gum is the charm. It provides the little pockets for the yeast to grow in.

  187. Helen Parry says

    Is yeast gluten free?
    Is ordinary bread made with yeast and say almond flour bad for gluten sensitivity?

    This site looks wonderful, I am new today to it.

    • Jacqueline says


      Sometimes yeast is grown on wheat bread, making it contain gluten. It’s best to purchase GF yeast.


  188. Deborah says

    My husband always complains about how many carbs are consumed when I make bread, so this really caught my attention. I’ll have to give it a try!!

  189. says

    Hi M- I haven’t tried the Bob’s Red Mill brand; it retails for close to $15 per pound, whereas the Honeyville sells online for $6.29 per pound inclusive of shipping.

    I really like Honeyville, though please let me know what you think of Bob’s Red Mill if that is what you are using.


    • Ashley King says

      Hi Elena, I was wondering what site I can shop for the Almond Meal flour. I just recently found out I have Celiac Disease and I am having a hard time finding resonable prices online, I have no clue where to even begin. My local stores do not carry much GF products as I live in the country in a small town. I cannot find GF flour anywhere here in my town. Any help would be so greatly appreciative!! Thank you and have a blessed week !!

      Ashley King

    • Jennifer says

      I’ve used both brands and I do like Bob’s the best…and get it for about $8.99/lb here in NH… but the Honeyville is def a better value and is good too.

    • Lynn D. says

      You can buy such foods less expensively on Amazon. Savings are huge if you purchase them on the Subscribe & Save program.

  190. Bev Reimer says

    Thanks for this bread recipe. I will give it a try especially since I am avoiding yeast right now. I make a yeast free foccacia from the almond meal but a slice of bread appeals. And thanks for the print this addition in order to print the recipes easier.

    • Alycia says

      Someone told me that if you are trying to avoid yeast or have candida that you should also avoid fermented products like vinegar

        • Bethany says

          I use lemon (and some ground flax) and it works beautifully.
          I also sometimes add sunflower seeds, other nut meals or use duck eggs in place of chicken eggs. love it for the candida.

          • says

            Hi, some people have problems digesting seeds such as sunflower and if you sprout them a little and then crush them this really helps and makes digestion alot easier.

      • Suzi D says

        In answer to the yeast question, yes you can have vinegar as long as it is apple cider vinegar which is not from a grain and is not fermented the way grains are. It has the ‘Mother’ which is a natural fermenting process that actually helps with leaky gut/candida issues. I use Bragg’s apple cider vinegar for marinades, salad dressings, etc. and am going to try it in Elana’s simple bread recipe. Hope this clears up your dilemma.

        • Lynn Kiefer says

          Is there some liquid missing in the basic bread recipe? I had to add another 2 eggs and about 1 cup of water. It’s baking now. What did I do wrong?

          • says

            I made this bread & took it out of the oven just now.& it looks okay but the top is really brown while the inside still looks a little gooey…plus it didnt rise at all!suggestions? I did substitute reg salt for the celtic salt soo maybe that was it

          • Don says

            I have tried the almond bread and found the dough heavy and lacking in moisture. Is it alright to add some water to the dough?

            Also found that the bread did not raise from the form that I put into the pan. Any suggestions?

          • maria challis says

            yes I found the same thing – most disappointing. I’m from Australia, maybe our almond meal is not the same as almond flour.

          • Rhonda says

            Hi, Here in New Zealand we can only get almond meal not flour. I have found that using almond butter in place of almond flour works well.

          • Tonya says

            You can make your own almond flour by grinding blanched almonds. The only difference between the two is that the flour uses blanched almonds while the meal is using the whole almond which includes the skin.

        • Kim says

          I agree. I will add, make sure your apple cider vinegar is unpasteurized and unfiltered. This pure apple cider vinegar is unique from other types of vinegar in that it is alkaline forming in the body….so good for you! Can’t wait to try this recipe

      • KK says

        The exception is if it’s APPLE CIDER vinegar (raw, organic…Bragg’s is good.) as opposed to white vinegar. :) (I just went to a candida workshop. And it is a STRICT diet!)

      • Mylisa says

        Apple Cider Vinegar is GOOD, regular vinegar is what they’re talking about only. Also, agave and regular honey is just as bad as regular sugar. You need to use organic, RAW, local honey or Stevia ONLY if you’re avoiding sugar or on an anti-candida plan. Lastly, fermented products like Kimchi and Sauerkraut are GREAT for killing yeast in the body and should be eaten in bulk.

        • Mark Winfield says

          You are fooling yourself if you think you can get organic honey. With a foraging distance of 12km the chance that the bees haven’t gone to a with pesticide is next to nil. What you should avoid is filtered honey, it could easily be faux honey. For the best chance of getting organic honey maybe get honey that is from NZ.

    • says

      I took this recipe and added 1/4 cup of Coconut oil, 1/4 cup of ground chia seed, 1/4 cup of water, 1/4 cup of coconut flour and another 1/2 tspn of baking soda and it came out so moist and “bread like” that EVERYone loves it!

      • Denise Enright says

        Hi there, as I realize this is an old post. Thank you Elana for your amazing recipes. It was posted as a simple bread recipe, as you can add to it. I did. I followed David’s suggestions , plus 1/2 cup water. I live above 5,800 feet above sea level. Baking anything is a challenge up here. Bob’s Red Mill is the only almond meal/flour I can find locally(not online) He does state that he uses skinless, blanched almonds,however most of the recipes come out a little more heavy. I feel the addition of the coconut flour and coconut oil help balance this out. Very good simple bread. I don’t have the baking pan, but use a 12 slotted muffin tin. Simple bread on the go. Thank you again.

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