rochels cashew bread

Rochel’s Cashew Bread

This Paleo Cashew Bread recipe has only 5 ingredients and can be whipped up in a jiffy! It’s another super easy bread recipe that you’ll fall in love with. Why? Because to make it you simply throw the following into a food processor: cashew butter, eggs, baking soda, salt, and apple cider vinegar. You then mix it up, transfer your batter to a pan, and bake it! Voila, it’s easier to make Paleo Cashew Bread than regular bread.

Paleo Cashew Bread is a fabulous Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) recipe. What is the Specific Carbohydrate Diet? Read below to find out more! This easy bread recipe is also an amazingly delicious Paleo bread for those following the Paleo Diet.

a taste of wellness The Specific Carbohydrate Diet is the diet that saved my life. While I haven’t spoken extensively about it here, I owe Elaine Gottschall a load of thanks for long phone conversations, incredible advice, and her friendship more than a decade ago. The diet that she developed for her daughter did so much to heal both myself and my son (I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 1998, and he was diagnosed in 2001). The SCD (one of the first grain-free diets) came to our rescue when nothing else worked! It was truly a miracle.

Thankfully for the newly diagnosed, there are people like Rochel Weiss and Lucy Rosset to keep the traditions of Elaine Gottschall alive –if you are looking for more information on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet see Gottschall’s book Breaking the Vicious Cycle.

This amazing grain-free cashew bread recipe is from the book, A Taste of Wellness –it’s an incredible bread that tastes as close to the real thing as any grain-free bread recipe you’ll find out there.

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Rochels Cashew Bread
  1. In a food processor, pulse together cashew butter and eggs until very smooth
  2. Pulse in apple cider vinegar
  3. Pulse in baking soda and salt
  4. Transfer batter to a greased 9 x 5 inch baking dish
  5. Bake at 350° for 45 minutes
  6. Cool for 2 hours
  7. Serve

I’ve added a touch of my original Paleo Bread recipe to Rochel’s recipe above by including apple cider vinegar –I’ve been using it in my breads for nearly a decade in order to create a chemical reaction that helps the bread rise. I also switched the method from a stand mixer (I don’t own one) to a food processor. Finally, I eliminated the oil, as well as the honey from Rochel’s recipe in my constant quest to develop recipes for you that call for as few ingredients as possible. So here you have it, a low-carb, gluten-free bread recipe brought to you by Rochel, and tweaked by me, Elana.

To store this paleo cashew bread, wrap in a paper towel, seal in a plastic bag, and refrigerate for up to 1 week.

Here are some of my other paleo bread recipes and paleo dessert recipes that use nut butter. If you’re wondering how to make paleo baked goods without almond flour, these recipes are for you!


  1. Mike says

    Cashew Butter is either almost impossible to get hold of or costs a fortune in the UK. How easy is it to make cashew butter?

    • Elana says

      Mike, I haven’t tried making this with homemade cashew butter so not sure if that would work in this recipe :-)

    • Tina Anthony says

      I just made this with homemade Cashew butter with my Champion Juicer, which makes all the nut butters, and it turned out FANTASTIC! I just bought roasted unsalted Cashew and just pour them in the shoot and it comes out butter. I paid $11.95 and it made 3 cups. I am VERY IMPRESSED with this recipe! Looking at the ingredients and wondering how bread will happen :) So far all of Elana’s recipe’s I’ve tried 3, the scones, the pumpkin bread and now the cashew bread and all turned out perfect. THANK YOU Elana :)

    • Elana says

      Michael, cashews are one of the higher carb nuts, but all-in-all, this is a lower-carb bread recipe given that it does not contain wheat flour or added sweeteners :-)

  2. Natalie says

    ELANA THANK YOU !!!this bread is THE BEST! Its the only bread my girl will eat.
    YOU saved us ! the endlesly search for bread is over. :))))))

  3. Enid says

    I really loved this bread toasted with a bit of honey. The toasting changes the taste somehow, completely! In a previous comment, I said that the bread was somewhat lacking in taste for me….and wondered about adding some cinnamon and vanilla. I will try this next time. The texture and consistency are great.

  4. Enid says

    I’m sorry, but I found this bread to be really lacking in taste. I think that it needs cinnamon and vanilla. The texture, however, is really good. I love that there is no sugar in it….but I think that I’d need to tweak for more depth of flavor. I wonder if adding some cinnamon and espresso powder would help.

  5. Jacquie says

    After seeing this recipe as the basis for your blueberry french toast bake I was inspired to use the loaf as a substitute for lady fingers in a grain-free tiramisu. I was so pleased with the result! Both the taste and texture were excellent, without becoming soggy or disintegrating in the espresso. Thank you so much! I will definitely be making it again!

  6. Kris says

    Two quick questions – Do know if, after fully baked and cooled, would this Cashew Bread freeze well & thaw well for eating later? Also, have you ever used the slices of it in french toast or a french toast bake by covering it with the egg/milk mixture, or melted butter, brown sugar, etc. – would it withstand all that decently? Thanks so much! Grateful for your delicious recipes!

  7. Linda says

    This looks easy and delicious. I’m anxious to make it, because I cannot stomach another store bought loaf of gluten free bread.
    Does anyone have an easy recipe for focaccia bread. I really miss eating veggie panini sandwiches.

  8. Karen says

    If I don’t have cashew butter on hand, but have raw cashews, dies one cup of raw cashews yield one cup of cashew butter? Then I can make my own? Thx! I’d love to make this today!

    • Elana says

      Karen, I haven’t tried using homemade cashew butter in this recipe and I’m not sure if it will work. If you do experiment please let us know how it goes :-)

  9. Natalia says

    My favorite low carb bread recipe! My whole family enjoy it and I make it every week. Thank you so much Elana!

  10. Pratibha says

    Hi Elana, yet another great recipe however I tried with half portion of all ingredients and 3 eggs instead of 5 since eggs were medium sized. The loaf looked good great but it was very eggy I taste and a bit too salty. Is the eggy tasty and saltiness intended?

    • Elana says

      Hi Pratibha, thanks for your comment! We don’t find this bread to be eggy or salty, we love it!

  11. Sheila M says

    Thank you for this recipe! This is my favorite bread now and I make it every weekend. What I love about it is that it stays moist for the whole week and I don’t even have to toast it. I store it as you recommended wrapped in paper towels inside a plastic bag. It is great for sandwiches but I find myself just snacking on a couple slices once in awhile.

  12. Eileen says

    I tried this recipe with peanut butter (w/ground chia and flax added – Trader Joe’s variety). The bread rose beautifully but I’m not sure about the taste. It seemed kinda tasteless. I’m wondering if maybe I just didn’t add enough salt or something.

  13. Veronique says

    Made this delicious cashew bread today. Turned out just as Elana instructed; I’m glad I tried it. I plan on slicing and freezing it to eat it at a slower pace. Will try to post back on how well it freezes.
    Thank you Elana for sharing.

  14. michelle says

    Hi there! I just tried your recipe today,and I think it tastes pretty good! I would have liked my bread to rise higher, or perhaps I used a bread loaf pan that was too big! But anywho, I was amazed at how well this bread turned out with using so little ingredients. I made my own cashew butter, homemade is cheaper, and better for me. I think this will be good toasted, with some ghee, and some homemade jam made with honey!!๐Ÿ˜Š Thanks for the great recipe!๐Ÿ˜Š

  15. Ellen says

    i would like to know the nutritional value of how many carbs etc. in a slice Rochel’s Cashew Bread
    Being on a low carb diet i would like to keep track.

  16. Mike T says

    This was easy to make and came out pretty good. I had me some nice salami and grilled cheese sandwiches with this bread! Next time I make this I might use 3/4s cup raw cashew butter and 1/4 cup tahini to see if it cancels out the nutty flavor. Anyway, thanks for the awesome easy recipe!

    • Jenn says

      Wow what a good idea! How did it turn out when you tried it? And have you tried using 100% tahini instead of the cashew nut butter? Tahini is much more commonly available, and much cheaper, than cashew nut butter where I live.

  17. denise pearson says

    Hi there! This recipe sounds wonderful and am looking forward to trying it. I don’t have a food processor or mixer but I do have a vitamix. Has anyone tried this recipe using a vitamix? If so would you please share what setting you used? So far I’ve only used it for smoothies. Thanks so much!

  18. Maureen says

    This bread was so easy to make and it has better texture than most processed gluten free breads. I can eat bread again, yay!

  19. Beverly says

    Does anyone know how to make this into banana bread? Just add bananas or will that make it too moist? I am a newbie.?

  20. Barbara says

    have you ever heard of egg replacement by Red Mill? I got some tonight, because I do not eat eggs and would love to make some of your things, but most call for eggs…

    • Kat0711 says

      I haven’t tried that egg replacer but after being egg free for two years I found that subbing over three eggs just won’t work when the egg is needed as the glue to hold the item together. I used ener-G, my favorite was soaked flax seeds, and another trick that I think would be most helpful to you is to microwave tapaioca starch.

  21. Lisa says

    I normally don’t post comments, but my 8 year old daughter and husband absolutely LOVED this. After eating too many lol, she said, whoever gave you the recipe, you need to tell them I said THANK YOU!!!!

  22. Lori says

    I LOVE this bread! Works wonderfully for me… Anyway I can take this recipe and turn in into a chocolate cake?

  23. Jana says

    This was so easy and turned out perfect!! I’ve only had it toasted with butter so far and it’s exactly what I needed to kill the garlic buttered toast craving.

  24. Hannah says

    This is great! I see cashew butter on sale after the high holidays are over and have tried it…not good by itself. But I would get it again just to try this bread.

  25. Debortah says

    I have been on a version of SCD for almost two years and have tried numerous bread recipes. This one comes the closest to real bread. The bread is slightly dry and, while not horrible, I started thinking about to improve it. Then I remembered that Dry Curd Cottage Cheese is SCD complaint and it adds texture to the bread. Tried it yesterday and the results are amazing. This is the closest thing to wheat bread I’ve eaten in two years! Am having to use a lot of willpower to not sit here and eat the whole thing. I didn’t use a food processor, used my mixer, and it worked just fine.

  26. Susan says

    This is an awesome recipe but not really low-carb. The cashew butter has 6 carbs for 2 tbs. There are 16 tbs in a cup. Plus there are carbs in honey. Almond butter is lower in carbs, but not by much. If you are on a keto diet or are diabetic, you will have to be careful with this bread.

  27. Renee Baker says

    Love it, it came out great! I didn’t have honey, so I used agave and it was just fine.

    Another good one! :)

    • Jenn says

      I’m wondering this too! Did you try it Rachel? How did it come out? What volume of cashews did you use to substitute for 1 cup of cashew butter? I would guess 2 cups, but please let me know how your experiment came out. Thanks!

  28. Sam says

    Do u know if I could add psyllium powder to make the bread rise more and have more of a bready texture? If so, how much?

  29. lah says

    I just discovered this recipe and I have already made it several times! It is incredibly easy to make. When I am short on cashew butter, I can add a bit of coconut butter or coconut oil & a small bit of coconut flour to thicken it a bit. I also did away with the honey & use stevia only, with no problem. The main concern I have is that cashew butter is expensive & that makes for an expensive loaf of bread. And the other issue is that these nut butters are high oxalate. I am wondering if there is something else I could substitute for some of the one cup of cashew butter that would still taste good; not affect the texture of the bread; and help w/costs. Not fruit or sugar. Any ideas? Thanks again for the recipe. Amazing.

  30. Fletcher says

    I tweaked the recipe slightly to make spice cake.
    Increased cashew butter to 1.5 cups and added the following:
    Brown sugar – 3/4 cup
    Powdered Cinnamon – 3 Tbs
    Powdered Ginger – 3 Tbs
    1 container ready-serve Apple Sauce.
    It’s addictive.

  31. Lisa says

    I make this bread often and love it. I’m going to try it with 3 eggs and 4 egg whites to see if it’s not quite as “eggy.”

  32. Margaret says

    I love your blog Elana, so interesting and marvellous . Thank you. Just ready to make my first cashew bread.
    I am trying to buy on line ” A Taste of wellness “. NO SUCSES . THE IS NO SHIPPING SO FAR OUTSIDE USA. Would love to get one.

    • Cynthia says

      If you have not tried Amazon UK, then do as they might have it.
      Otherwise, find out the all the details of the publisher – someone on here may know – then when you have the book details – title, author & the ISBN number, you can contact the publisher to ask if they will sell the book to you.
      I know that is is possibe as I’ve had books sent to the UK from California.

  33. Anne says

    This looks delicious. How can I cut down the fat content of this bread significantly without jeopardizing the quality of the bread. The cup of cashew nuts and the 5 eggs make this a high-fat loaf.

  34. lfdc77 says

    I just made this! It’s good, although I do think it needs some type of grain free flour like almond or coconut. I found it too eggy for me and that’s why I think it makes it a bit spongey! I loved how easy it was to make! I love that it’s a great base for so many other flavours! Looking forward to trying it again!

  35. Marci says

    For those using sunbutter: the bread turns green because of a chemical reaction between the chlorophyll in the sunflower seeds and the baking soda. I usually only use baking powder and then add twice as much lemon juice. Since this needs the soda to rise & already has ACV, try adding a tbs of lemon juice or an additional tbs of vinegar. That should keep it from turning green, the acid stops the reaction.

  36. Eileen Rice says

    You can substitute 2 cups of cashew meal/flour for the cashew butter. It works great that way:)

  37. Teresa says

    Do you have a recipe for great gluten/dairy/soy free sandwich bread without eggs??Would love it (!) since we can’t do eggs either.

  38. Bea says

    Just made this with tahini. Turned out great although the taste of tahini is fairly strong but its worth it considering how healthy tahini is and how much cheaper it is where I live. Thanks for the recipe!

    • Jenn says

      Fabulous! I was wondering about this Bea! Thanks so much for sharing! Did you make any other modifications to the other ingredients?

  39. Nat says

    I made this a couple weeks ago using almond butter in a muffin tin (made 12, baked 16 mins) for portion control and liked them but found them a little “eggie” for my taste. Today I subbed two of the eggs for flax eggs, and also added some cinnamon and raisins. Super yummy!!

  40. says

    WOW OMG I just baked this cashew bread and couldn’t believe how amazing it is! I was so skeptical because of the very few ingredients inc. no flour of any kind but it rose so well and is soft and sooo delicious! My husband really loves it too! This recipe is amazing. Again another incredible recipe from you Elana and another reason to go to your blog every time, first, for Paleo recipes that work and taste fab! :D Thank you so much!

  41. Emma says

    This is quite low-carb! About 3.4 net carbs if you manage 16 slices.

    I was looking for a \bread\ for easter, and the brioche you linked to was much higher in carbs due to apple juice, etc, and seemed like it would be more difficult to modify. (plus it required grinding the nuts – I only have a small coffee grinder and a regular blender, no vitamix!)

    I love the air pockets in this bread so won’t risk substituting xylitol honey for real honey as it’s only a tsp. (6ish net carbs)If that’s what is required for the ACV reaction. Do you use unfiltered ACV?

    Looks like others have made this with almond butter, which would significantly reduce carbs.

    so excited, I miss yeasty hot cross buns! ):

  42. arline says

    I made this bread last week with almond butter, sunbutter and tahini. It turned out great, but it also had green stripes throughout when I took it out of the oven. The next day the center of the bread was green, I was wondering what could cause this?

    • Amy says

      There is a chemical reaction between the sunflower seeds and the baking soda that causes the green. It can happen with pumpkin seeds as well. You can read more about the reaction on (just search the site for “green cookies”).

  43. Randi says

    I made the bread with homemade almond butter. It was delicious. I see other comments wondering about substituting chia or flax “egg” . I was wondering if anyone tried it for some or all of the eggs. I think it would add more fiber and healthy fats.

    • Lisa P. says

      I made my own cashew butter by processing a 9 oz bag of salted whole cashews (and nothing else) and was pleasantly surprised that it came to 1 cup exactly.

      My bread is in the oven now. I can’t wait to taste it. The batter smelled amazingly yeasty!

  44. Jane says

    I love this easy and delicious recipe! I added a layer of dark chocolate squares inside and the result is VERY reminiscent of chocolate croissants :)

  45. Lor says

    Such a surprise! With only 2 healthy ingredients, it turned so tasty and with the perfect consistency! Great for breakfast! Moreover, so quick and easy to make! We loved it (and we’re French! ahahah), I’ll make it again and share the recipe! Thank you Elana :)

  46. Lor says

    Hi! After reading the comments, I was curious and I made this 2-ingredient-bread… amazing! I still can’t figure out how it is possible to make such a healthy, tasty and good consistency bread with only 2 main ingredients!! We loved it (and we’re French!). Great for breakfast! I’ll make it again and again and share the recipe!
    I made my own cashew butter, even if I have a Vitamix I’m always afraid to kill the engine when I do nut butters (and I don’t want to add oil).

    • Sofya says

      Hii there, i’m very curious of your 2 ingredients bread. Did you post it? I’m french too! And gluten free bread can be so dissapointing… Especially when you love french baguette! ;-)

  47. Will says

    with regard to the comment about cider vinegar. not everything fermented uses yeast. for example, sauerkraut is just salt and cabbage… organic cider vinegar uses apples that are allowed to develop bacertia in the same way… if in doubt, make your own, it’s very easy

  48. Alissa says

    Thank you so much Elana for this recipe!! I tried it yesterday and it turned out fantastic!! I am making another loaf as I am writing this review.
    Anyone reading this, and who loves cashew must try this, Quick and easy!

  49. glenda jordan says

    OMG OMG OMG!! My life is changed with this bread! Finally a bread that chews like bread, has the mouthiness/umami of bread. It’s tasty, it “bends”, it does not crumble. What a wonderful base to start from for other “breads.”

    Your website and recipes keep me on track of living a gluten free life. If I have a craving, I can usually dial in a flavor and several recipes appear that work.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I cannot wait to share this recipe with my GF friends. <3

  50. Nancy says

    I don’t know what happened, but this did not rise at all. It’s spongy inside and has a greenish hue. I made the cashew butter from cashew flour that I had just bought. Followed the recipe exactly. Could it have something to do with the weather? Disappointing.

  51. Kristin says

    Just wondering what accounts for the strange smell when baking nut butter based breads? I haven’t found one without it. It almost smells chemical

  52. Hendanie says

    AMAZING! I was skeptical, but it turned out wonderfully. And it’s incredibly delicious! My husband’s verdict: A++++.

  53. Jennifer says

    I tried this last night. It is, by far, the easiest paleo bread recipe I have come across. It came out great!! Moist and almost spongey, but strong enough to hold up to the knife when I cut it and slathered almond butter all over it.

    I wonder… is there any way to tweak this recipe to make a cake? Add some cacao and maple syrup maybe? Have you tried anything like this?

  54. Anne says

    Thank you so much for this. Although I love your brownie, cookie, pancake recipes, what I really crave is a great piece of bread. This one does the trick. I’ve used nut butter from soaked and dehydrated cashews and it is even better (none of the bitterness). Thank you again for all your work and inspiration.

  55. Sanya says

    Thanks for sharing this, my dough is on the way to owen and already tastes good! I made the cashewbutter myself in a regular blender and it turned out well. I added no ingredients other than the cashews. I just laughed I have never made such a weird dough and in the end I will have BREAD!

    • Anne says

      I have used other nut butters, including one that was a mixture of sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and it was delicious. I believe you could use any nut or seed butter in the recipe – it won’t affect the rising, just the taste.

  56. Marci says

    Hi Elana,
    Just made this bread. It’s yummy but came out very brown on top, sides and bottom. Inside is moist. Am guessing I need to turn the oven down a bit but if you have another suggestion I am open to it. Very much enjoying your recipes and ideas.
    Many thanks,

  57. Ellen says

    I find BRAGG ORGANIC Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar works well, just shake the bottle before use, to loosen any sediments.

  58. Glyn says

    This is by far my favourite version of a cashew-based bread (of which I’ve tried several); it rises really well, tastes great and most of all, is so simple to make. I might go as far as to say it’s my favourite grain-free bread because it has a light and airy texture like a wheat based bread – however, sometime’s I really want the denser, satisfying texture of Elana’s Paleo Bread. Give this one a go, you’ll really enjoy it.

    FYI my first step in making this bread is to make my own cashew butter in the food processor using 270g nuts. I cheat a little and use roasted cashews (because they turn into butter more easily than raw) and once it starts to ball up in the machine I add ~2 tablespoons of macadamia oil to thin it out to the consistency of a thick batter. Then I throw in the rest of the ingredients, pop it in the oven and it comes out perfectly every time. I make sure to grease the entire internal surface of the baking dish with a little coconut oil, as I find this yields a very even rise across the loaf. Love it!

  59. Rebecba says

    I made this bread with roasted organic sunbutter, since my kids do better with seeds vs. nuts. It came out beautifully!! I am going to try it with tahini too, and may add slightly more salt since the butters are unsalted. Thanks so much Elena! Your recipes are so simple and delicious, I have made many and enjoyed them all! Your cookbooks are going to be gifts this year :).

  60. Emily says

    Hello Elana,
    I saw that you mentioned Elaine Gottschall and thought I’d tell you and other readers about a researcher who has taken Gottschall’s writings and expanded them to another level. It’s Dr. Norm Robillard. His books are on heartburn and IBS and I believe he may be coming out with a new one with Celiac info. I would recommend his work to anyone with digestive issues. His info on gut bacteria has helped me a lot! Reading through his website at has much useful information. Good luck, all!

  61. Arleen says

    Made this yesterday with my hand mixer, otherwise as recipe indicated. Made a beautiful loaf of bread, very moist too. So wanted to love this as written, but it is just too eggy for my personal taste. Next time I will try using 2 flax eggs and 3 happy chicken eggs, or vice-versa. Has anyone tried it this way?

  62. spilyoso says

    Thanks for this! Love the taste! Didn’t have any cashews so I made it with almond butter and it turned out perfectly. Anxious to make it with cashews to see how the taste differs. So nice to have some bread back in my life that is super simple to make!

  63. says

    I’ve recently discovered cashew almond butter and I have to say that I really like it.

    It’s a little different than the usual (and boring) peanut butter and is still a great source of protein.

    I have all the ingredients at home, so I cannot wait to try this. I will substitute the cashew butter with the almond cashew butter I have.

    Hopefully the recipe will still turn out okay.

  64. says

    I made this the other day and it is the best gf bread for toasting and sandwiches I’ve had. I loved it and will make it regularly.

    I made my own cashew butter by grinding cashews in my food processor. It worked great. I used roasted, salted cashews and added just a bit of walnut oil. I think it would have been fine without adding the oil, but that just made it a little less stiff.

    I’ll be trying this recipe with almond butter also. Thanks for sharing it, and for all you do!

  65. Kim says

    I made almond-pecan butter this morning and used it to make this bread. I was skeptical, but it turned out to be fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing.

      • Bee says

        I just purchased a 1 lb. bag of organic, raw cashew pieces at Natural Grocers. The bag sold for $5.99-pieces are less expensive. No need to get the whole cashews since you will be processing them into nut butter. I made mine in my Cuisinart food processor and added a 1/4 cup of unrefined virgin coconut oil. I was going to try to make it without oil but it formed such a huge ball that was not creamy I decided to add it. I am going to try the sandwich bread recipe from Against All Grain and that recipe specifies to be sure the cashew butter is creamy and smooth. I really think I could have used less oil, but we will see how it firms up. It got a bit warm processing it till it was smooth.

        Another note: using the NOW brand unrefined virgin coconut oil could be a mistake for anyone with an aversion to the coconut flavor. My cashew butter definitely tastes and smells of coconut. I love coconut, so it won’t bother me. Also, in adding other ingredients the slight flavor and scent might not be apparent. I will certainly find out tonight after I make it.

        • Becky Gormley says

          When I make cashew butter without any oil it gets to that point, where it’s a ball and not very moist. I keep scraping and keep processing a few more minutes and it releases the oil. Then it’s oily and creamy like the kind I’ve bought in the store. You will probably think it won’t get oily but it will if you go on long enough.

      • Bee says

        Sorry, I didn’t see that it was a 5 lb bag of cashews you were asking about! I’m sure I was of no help!

  66. Shaylene says

    I’m a more recent follower of yours on FB and here and have made a few recipes and followed some of your advice. I tried this recipe today and it’s excellent. Our whole family has transitioned to GF this past year and feeding small children the GF bread you can get in the freezer case has not been popular. I’ve been trying to find other options and this was way easy! I can whip this up in the evening to have ready for breakfast/lunch the next day. I made my own cashew butter and I didn’t have the smaller loaf pan that you call for so I made do with a 9×5. It was a little shorter and flatter and I baked it 8 minutes less but it’s excellent. Great toasted with my homemade pumpkin pecan butter!

      • Shaylene Caffey says

        I found a recipe online for cashew butter that yielded 2 cups, so I modified for this.
        1c cashews (the recipe called for unsalted but I only had salted.
        1.5-2 T vegetable oil (I used olive)
        1/4tsp salt
        1 T sugar (more or less to taste or omit entirely)

        Pulse cashews and 1T of oil adding oil as needed to smooth, blend until smooth. Add sugar and salt (I omitted salt because my cashews were salted) and blend until smooth. I had to use a little closer to 2T of oil to get the smooth texture. I used my food processor and put it on blend (my pulse is broken).

        I hope that helps!

        • Sherri says

          With any nut butter, there is no need to add in oil. Have the nuts at least at room temperature to help release the oils. Put nuts in food processor (2 cups nuts yields 1 cup butter), process until a solid mass. Now here’s the key: let sit for a few minutes or longer so that the oils release and process again until you have a nice smooth nut butter.

        • April says

          I wish I would have looked at your comment first. I made my own cashew butter but blended the cashews with the eggs, that might explain why my loaf tastes really good but was super thin, like a biscotti cookie.

  67. says

    I just made this recipe and it is incredible. I can’t wait to try making a grilled cheese with this :) Do you think the bread should be refrigerated or left on the counter? I find that many GF recipes stay fresh longer in the fridge…

  68. Batya says

    I’ve been buying my almond flour from Digestive Wellness for years! I’m so delighted to see two of my favorite resources working together. :)

  69. Katie says

    Is cashew butter a commercial product? Like Does it have oil and sweetener added like most nut butters?
    Or can I just make my own by grinding cashews?

    • Steph says

      All the cashew butters I have found commercially are made by natural brands and contain only cashews. But you could definitely just make your own!

  70. Carolyn says

    Thank you for this recipe. I have a recipe from a grain-free cookbook, but it is much more involved so I appreciate the simplicity of this one.

  71. says

    Hi Elana
    I went grain free about six months ago and it has taken me to a whole other level of healing. I am also experimenting with the SCD (reducing certain carbs). My frustration with most Paleo recipes is the amount of egg used. I cannot tolerate egg as well as grains. I think it could be a lectin issue but am not sure. Do you think there would be any hope of doing this recipes with chia egg? (I can’t so flax either)

    Kim Rice

    • Elizabeth says

      I was wondering if you’ve tried non GMO, free range eggs? I can only tolerate eggs from chickens that are not fed any soy or corn, etc. They are hard for me to fine, and expensive, but it sure has opened up a lot of foods. Good luck.

  72. Jia says

    This is so simple and healthy. And I love all the ingredients! I guess other nut butter can do the work cashew butter does, right?

    • Maria says

      I’ve made recipes that call for using a food processor – in fact, one very similar to this recipe – with a hand mixer instead and it turned out fine. Give it a shot.

  73. Joni says

    I can’t wait to try this. But before I do I don’t see any flour in this. Is that right or did you leave it out by mistake. Love your books Elana!

  74. says

    That looks great and so simple. I love these kinds of recipe. Plus it’s something more accessie since i usually have nut butter around (or does it have to be only cashew?)

  75. Ruth says

    Too bad it has vinegar, hence brewer’s yeast.
    So a no-no for us yeast-free gluten-free folks.
    I might try substituting lemon juice.

    • Adrienne Wood says

      If it’s a naturally produced organic cider vinegar, such as Aspalls, it may not involve brewers yeast, but may have been produced by brewing with a ‘mother of vinegar’, and therefore be yeast-free. Check with the manufacturer.

      • Ruth says

        I went to Aspall’s website. It says it is “fermented.” Very very very rarely does something fermented not have yeast.

    • says

      Lemon juice works exactly the same as vinegar in this type of recipe. You just want something acidic to activate the bicarbonate of soda. You could also use a gluten free baking powder.

      • Ruth says

        I’ve been using starch-free Bakewell Cream to activate the baking soda. Works great! Unbuffered vitamin C powder works as well.

    • Ferns says

      you can sub the ACV with Cream of tartar, it’s the reaction you are after (base + acid = carbon dioxide bubbles) When bicarbonate soda (arm and hammer) and cream of tartar get hydrated in the dough, the reaction begins.

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