Passover Torte

This incredible Passover Torte is a three layer vanilla cake with raspberry filling, smothered in rich dark chocolate frosting. It's Kosher for Passover, and since it's dairy-free it's the perfect Pareve dessert recipe to serve at the end of your Seder. Of course, we love it so much that we eat it all year round!

Passover Torte

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  1. In a medium bowl, combine almond flour, coconut flour, and salt
  2. In a large bowl, Whisk eggs, honey, and vanilla
  3. Whisk flour mixture into egg mixture until well blended
  4. Line bottoms only of 3 9 inch round cake pan cake pans with parchment paper
  5. Divide cake batter evenly between pans
  6. Bake at 350°F for 20-25 minutes
  7. Remove from oven when golden brown and a toothpick inserted in center comes out clean
  8. Cool cakes for two hours
  9. Run knife around cake to loosen from pan
  10. Remove from pan and peel off parchment paper
  11. Place bottom layer on a cake plate and spread with jam
  12. Add next layer of cake and spread with jam
  13. Place top layer on cake and frost entire cake with chocolate frosting
  14. Serve

This dairy-free cake and frosting are rich and sweet. However, because this Passover Torte is made with almond flour which is high in protein and good fat, it can pass as a low-carb cake when compared to typical cake recipes. It tastes just as good as anything made with wheat flour and white sugar, but is far more nutrient dense. I like to serve this healthy dessert at the end of our Passover Seder because it doesn't leave guests with a high-carb hangover after a long meal.

Because all of my recipes are gluten-free they're also all Kosher for Passover. Here are just a couple of my healthy dessert recipes that are delicious served at the end of your Passover Seder!


60 responses to “Passover Torte”

  1. Hello Elana,
    Just happened onto your website. My wife has had MS for more than 30 years, officially Dx’d after the difficult birth of our youngest, 26 yrs ago. She has been addicted to the caffeine in Dr. Pepper(5-6 cans per day) until we recently discovered Happy Tree Maple Water while in Chicago visiting our first grandchild.
    She limits herself to one can/day and has to dilute it 50/50 with San Pellegrino mineral water because the Dr. Pepper is too sweet!
    I look forward to making a new Passover this year with your gluten-free approach. Thank you, Thank you.

    Chag Sameach,

    • Al, thanks so much for your comment and for sharing your family’s journey. I’m so glad that we are on this healing path together. Chag Sameach to you and yours! xoxox

  2. Hi Elana, love your recipes, thanks so much. Have one question: Making this cake, to what point-texture or how long you have to mix the eggs – honey and vanilla together? Pale-yellow and thick, or more liquidy?

  3. I am so happy to stumble across your site :) I would love to make this and the macaroons. I am in phase 1 of the anti candida diet and can’t have honey/ sugar. Is there any way to substitute? It sounds amazing and would totally work for my bf’s gluten intolerance as well.
    Thank you so much!

  4. Thank you for all your inspiration of yumminess :) I just made a version of this as cupcakes (makes 12) using only 1 cup of almond meal (which was actually a mistake) but they turned out great, all golden with beautiful domes and yey for us since they have less calories now. I added 2 tablespoons of coconut manna to the mix and sweetened them with pitted dates which was all blended with the egg mixture. I used organic strawberry preserves just 1/3 cup putting a dollop into each cupcake and topping them all off with remaining batter. They smell divine. I’m going to frost them with my homemade dark chocolate sauce. Can’t wait to bite into one :)

    • We’ve tried them, delicious :) I which I could up load a picture so you could see the crumb. Very happy with them :) froze 8 of them will try the other two plain and I’ll try to let you know how they freeze. Thanks again Elena for the inspiration!

  5. This is a delicious recipe! Because most sweeteners besides sugar, honey, molasses, and maple syrup trigger my migraines, I replaced the agave nectar with raw honey. I also found it to be a little bit dense and dry, however, so I made a few changes. To help it be a little fluffier, I separated the egg whites and beat them until they were frothy and stirred them carefully into the rest of the batter. To counter the dryness, I made a glaze from coconut oil, salt, vanilla, sugar in the raw, and almond milk and poured it over the warm layers before I let them cool. That being said, everyone loved it! There definitely weren’t any leftovers after our Pesach Seder!

    • Lauren, I usually make the cakes the day before, cool them overnight, and then fill and frost in the afternoon before our Seder.

  6. elana, thank you so much for this recipe! i was initially wary of the number of eggs but i tried it, persevered through an extremely liquidy batter and turned out with three beautiful cakes that are delicious in taste and texture! i was never a baker before my intestines began protesing gluten. since this change, i’ve taken my baked indulgences into my own hands and your site is fantastically versatile and inspiring. thank you!!

  7. I have made this cake 3 times and it is absolutely delicious. It tastes like the Jelly Krimpets I used to eat as a child!! I omit the chocolate frosting (only to cut down on sweetness) and it is just heavenly. My 4 kids devour it!!
    Thanks for an amazing cake recipe!!

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