Meringues are a light and crunchy naturally gluten-free dessert that melt in your mouth. Better yet? Mine are made with only two ingredients –egg whites and maple syrup.

Meringue cookies are fun, yet elegant, pleasing both young and old; my children and their friends devour them. So does my husband. We’ll be serving my quick and easy Meringues at our Passover Seder, along with my egg-free Macaroons, in order to give everyone with food restrictions loads of options.

If you’re not Jewish, these meringues are also a wonderfully springy, light, and festive Easter dessert.


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Servings 50 meringues



  • In a medium pot combine egg whites and maple syrup
  • Turn flame on stove to lowest setting possible
  • Using a hand blender with whisk attachment, whisk meringues in pot on stove
  • Whisk 4-5 minutes total, until stiff glossy peaks form
  • Fit a pastry bag with a ⅜-inch round tip (ateco #804) and fill bag with meringue
  • Pipe meringue kisses 1-inch in diameter onto parchment paper lined baking sheets
  • Bake at 200°F for 2 hours
  • Allow to cool for 1 hour
  • Serve
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 2 hrs 4 mins
Total Time 2 hrs 14 mins
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This meringue cookie recipe is based on the meringue frosting recipe in my first book, The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook.

If you don’t want to be fussy and mess with a pastry bag you can drop this meringue mixture one large spoonful at a time onto a parchment lined baking sheet. One of the best things about these delicious, melt-in-your mouth meringues is that you don’t need to own a stand mixer to make them, you can make them like I did with a cheap hand mixer using the whisk attachment.

Another note on these gluten-free meringues –I tried making them with honey and they had an overly sweet cloying taste, my entire family preferred the ones I made with maple syrup, in fact, the boys would not eat the meringues made with honey.

If you’re wondering what to do with all those extra egg whites when you make my Chocolate Pots de Creme, use this Meringue recipe. According to Martha Stewart, meringues can be made 5 days ahead and stored in a cool, dry place at room temperature.


110 responses to “Meringues”

  1. 5 stars
    Hi Elana,
    I have your 3 cook books and enjoy the recipes. However, I’ve been skipping heating it up on the stove. I’ve been using organic fresh local eggs. Is there a problem with skipping that step? For several years I’ve been skipping heating it up and find they turn out better. I do the same with making the chocolate pots de creme and they always turn out and taste great.

  2. Good Morning Elena,

    I have been cooking your marvelous Maple Meringue, I don’t know, for 3 or 4 years, and the last 3 times… after one day in the metal box, they are sticky and soft instead of crispy or crunchy… do you think it might be the maple sirup or the eggs (I bought my eggs directly from a farm and free range hens for many years !!!

    It’s a real mystery… help !!!!!! It’s the most appreciate dessert of my grand-children !

    Thanks for your excellent recipes.

    Lynda from Canada (Québec)

    • Lynda, I would guess it might be a slight increase in humidity. If this happens again, put the meringues back in the oven with the light on until they crisp up.

  3. Thank you so much for this recipe, I was so pleased to find it.
    I really didn’t see how these could work but they did! So easy and delicious, perfect little sweet bites for those who don’t eat refined sugar but need a treat!
    When they were cooling I found they went a little tacky but your tip to put some crumpled kitchen roll in the airtight box soon made them dry and crisp again.

  4. Elana, my immersion blender doesn’t have a whisk attachment. Is this a deal breaker for the recipe? Chag sameach.

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