Homemade Halloween Candy

Find the ingredients in Halloween candy a little spooky? You’re not alone. I’ve created loads of healthy Homemade Halloween Candy for your little ones to fill up on before they go trick or treating. Truth be told, big kids, aka adults, love these healthy Halloween treats too!

Trick or Treats

This healthy homemade candy will take the trick out of the treat. No refined sugar, artificial coloring, or toxic chemicals in these easy, wholesome recipes. These healthy Homemade Halloween Candy recipes are the perfect way to please palates in search of sweets this season!

Healthy Homemade Halloween Candy Recipes

Here are my favorite healthy Homemade Halloween Candy recipes!

Gummy Bears
Gluten-Free Candy Bars
Homemade Mounds
Peppermint Patties
Almond Joy Bars
Nut Butter Cups
Orange Coconut Clusters
Macadamia Caramel Clusters
Fudge Babies

Our Creepy Crawly Halloween Strategy

Our boys, now 11 and 13, started their Halloween candy careers when they were 7 and 9 years old. BTT (before trick-or-treating) we took them to a haunted house at the Waldorf school which distracted them from the unhealthy aspects of Halloween. Now our strategy is to let them trick-or-treat. We offer them money for their candy, paying by the piece, and they love it. They sell us about 80% of their haul and keep what they really like.

The Halloween Buy Back System

This works for me because the boys are in middle school, an age where they are increasingly out of the house with more freedom of choice to exercise regarding food. Selling the candy to us allows them to create their own boundaries with foods they know are seductive, yet devoid of nutrition.

Your Halloween Plan

If you’re trying to maintain a healthy household, how do you deal with the onslaught of processed Halloween sugar that arrives each year? Do you let your children trick-or-treat? If you do, do you let them keep their candy? What about the Halloween fairy? Does she visit your house? Let’s all share our strategies (or lack thereof) for dealing with the season of sugar.


72 responses to “Homemade Halloween Candy”

  1. Wanted to provide you some awesome feedback. The class loved the treats. The parents loved the treats. The teachers and staff loved the treats. For the class I made 3 of the 4 items. I did not make the nut butter cups.

    I just made the almond joy bars again and brought them to my girlfriend’s home. Her hubby made a special request for those.

    The parents of the boy with Leukemia were thrilled and so was he. He was able to eat the mounds bar which I made in a mold with halloween characters, the orange cluster, and the almond joy bars. Because some of the goodies were made with either coconut palm sugar or agave syrup he was able to eat all of them.

    On Halloween everyone came to our house for a potluck and after they went trick or treating he came to me and asked if the candy he had received was made with sugar. I went to the refrigerator and got a chocolate orange nut cluster and told him he could eat that one. He was delighted. His mom was relieved and delighted.

    Thank you from all of us for the awesome treats that are healthy and sweet. I passed out your recipes with your website information and I already know who is getting your cookbooks for the holidays. Your gift of food goes beyond and keeps on giving. I’m so glad you have this blog.

    • Elana, thanks for your awesome and very touching comment! What a terrific idea to make the homemade Halloween candy in a mold with characters :-)

  2. I just made these. I did omit the extract and used the zest from one orange instead. These are AMAZING! Thank you so much for posting some clean candy ideas. My son opted to trade in his Halloween candy this year for a small toy. I was so proud that I wanted to make him some “clean” candy as a treat. This really fit the bill. I am going to try all of your clean candies and serve for the holiday’s. Thank you!

  3. Sugar is a simple carb and eating sugar has the same effect as eating potatoes,for instance – it increases the level of insulin. As long as my children are not drinking fizzy drinks with high-fructose corn syrup, there is not much to worry.

  4. I made the peanut butter cups with almond butter and they were FABULOUS!!! I also made a recipe from your new cupcake cookbook and baked them in a Babycakes cake pop maker. Thanks for a great Halloween!

    • Erin, thanks for letting me know that the Almond Butter Cups are FABULOUS! and I’m so happy to hear you are enjoying my second book :-)

  5. My kids are now in their late teens and 20’s. We also “bought” their halloween candy, both in hard cold cash and in lego sets. A fun tradition that they still try and get in on.But a homemade treat would have been a harder buy off. Thanks for all the great ideas.

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