Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts

Finding the perfect Christmas gifts for friends and loved ones can be a challenge. Especially if you’ve put off your holiday shopping until now.

Because we celebrate Chanukah it seems like we have far less pressure during the holiday season –though that could simply be the mindset I undertake during the holidays when I try to block out everything I can. Feel free to call me Scrooge, as an HSP, I’m simply trying to make it through this over-stimulating time of year.

Here are some of my favorite things. I did a quick search of my home to look for simple items that add value to everyday life and help conserve time, money and environmental resources.
Here you go:

What are you giving as holiday gifts this year? Do you have ideas you’d like to share? What is at the top of your gluten-free, eco-friendly wish list for the holidays?

And by the way, did you boycott Black Friday? Or did you occupy your local mall? Has anyone else noticed that Occupy Wall Street has morphed into Occupy Walmart during this holiday season? Enough with the pepper spray already people!


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  1. I must be a trend-setter! LOL! I’ve been boycotting Black Friday since they came up with the idea. My gift giving has become smaller and more personal as each year passes. This year if I can’t make it or the gift doesn’t enhance the recipient’s creative spirit it isn’t happening. I love your ideas and will stow them away as possibilities.

    And by the way I am thankful that you have blessed us with your blog. Your recipes have helped my family become healthier.

  2. As another HSP (INFJ per Myers-Briggs) I avoid the big box stores and the malls all year if possible, and definitely this time of year. I shop local merchants instead. I also drive more defensively between Thanksgiving and the middle of January, people are even more distracted than usual.

    For gift ideas, as a decent amateur photographer, with a mother-in-law who loves jigsaw puzzles, I have taken an image of one of her favorite places and had it made into a puzzle. For other family, I have had calendars made with a different personal image for each month. Not expensive, lots of options online, and meaningful.

    As a new paleo/low-carb eater your site is wonderful, thanks for all you do!

  3. Thanks so much for these terrific ideas. I have a hard time getting gifts for my parents because they don’t really want anything (they are trying to become minimalists). The mulling spices is a perfect idea. as are the tin containers. Those are perfect for carrying their medications in while traveling. Thanks again.

  4. Love all the ideas, the Wallyworld stuff is great!

    No shopping ever on Black Friday. I used to work retail and know how bad things are as opposed to times gone by. A good load of parents have just stopped teaching their children anything even resembling manners, because they wanted something more than rules and obedience for their kids, and those people have kept up the practice of being rude and crude and greedy. As well, marketing is worse as it keeps the ball rolling, making us all believe that you are nothing of value if you don’t have this or that. Ok, my soapbox just broke.

    I wanted to say that your Almond Joy bars are the best! We made those for Thanksgiving, along with a Vanilla Pumpkin custard.

  5. Thanks Elana for these ideas. I love the bento boxes – I must find and buy them as soon as possible. I also purchased the Paleo Solution just the other day and it’s an eye-opening read… I’m making the change today.

  6. Great suggestions Elana…I’ll vote for Gluten Free Cupcakes. If I didn’t have it already that’s the gift I would want! Although I’m going to check out the Paleo book. I trust your taste…

  7. I love the idea of packing up cookie mixes or mulling spices in lovely jars for holiday prezzies! Super cute, thoughtful, and not wasteful. I’ve done it with tea blends before, and lemon biscotti … but this gives me some great new ideas!

    Love the stainless steel stuff, too – trying to progressively eliminate plastic from my 4yo’s diet!

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