Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts

Finding the perfect Christmas gifts for friends and loved ones can be a challenge. Especially if you’ve put off your holiday shopping until now.

Because we celebrate Chanukah it seems like we have far less pressure during the holiday season –though that could simply be the mindset I undertake during the holidays when I try to block out everything I can. Feel free to call me Scrooge, as an HSP, I’m simply trying to make it through this over-stimulating time of year.

Here are some of my favorite things. I did a quick search of my home to look for simple items that add value to everyday life and help conserve time, money and environmental resources.
Here you go:

What are you giving as holiday gifts this year? Do you have ideas you’d like to share? What is at the top of your gluten-free, eco-friendly wish list for the holidays?

And by the way, did you boycott Black Friday? Or did you occupy your local mall? Has anyone else noticed that Occupy Wall Street has morphed into Occupy Walmart during this holiday season? Enough with the pepper spray already people!


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  1. Elana please help! Have you noticed the trend towards the idea of the portable, measured, lunches? In lunchbots for me, or laptop lunches for others, it’s so difficult to come up with ideas. The laptop lunches folks have a list, which will be below, but their food philosophy is so dangerous for gluten free/grain free folks that I wondered if you had considered making a ‘month of lunches’ for us bento folks? Please?

    Here is the laptop lunches site, and fair warning, on my computer the screen jumps all the time….

    Have you seen this site?

    • The Nom Nom Paleo and Paleo Parents blogs both have lots of lunchbox ideas for packing grain-free lunches to appeal to younger kids and parents.

  2. I love the idea of offering people cooking mix, especially to friends who have celiac and who don’t yet cook with almond flour. it’s a great way to introduce them to super yummy desserts.

  3. I was thinking of giving my family homemade deoderant…but I don’t want them to think I’m crazy ;)

  4. Hello Elana,
    Great post… you are a crack up! I love your humor. :-D

    We generally give homemade gifts for Christmas. My homemade soap was so well received that I have recently started a soap business… who would have thought…?! And yes, most people will get… soap – homemade soap!

    Also, each year I have our son make something for each of the grandparents. Shh, don’t tell him he is also learning skills at the same time! One year he wove those great potholders. Remember doing those as a kid… well maybe you aren’t as old as I am. Anyway, they are the best potholders and he makes up his own patterns. Another year he make bookmarks for each person. This year he is making punched tin trivets!
    ~Mrs. R

  5. how about giving people the metal water bottles for them to reuse. It could be a traveler’s kit. I travel a lot, and I always take a metal water bottle to refill at a starbucks or drinking fountain instead of buying a water bottle.

  6. FYI: Did you know the metal lids Ball makes are coated in BPA? Tattler sells BPA free lids for Ball jars. (Just thought I’d share this info that I only recently found out about myself.)

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