Chocolate Pumpkin Chiffon Pudding paleo dessert recipe

Chocolate Pumpkin Chiffon Pudding

 When fall arrives I pull my pumpkin recipes out of their file. I’m a huge fan of all things pumpkin as well as pumpkin spice. My husband? Not so much. While I add warming cinnamon and nutmeg to my daily (liver cleansing) Dandelion Coffee, he shies away from the flavors of fall.

I made this Pumpkin Chocolate Chiffon Pudding for my beloved, so that he would have a fun fall dessert to partake in while the boys go to town on Pumpkin Spice Meringues.

My husband is a fan of my chocolate recipes, and this is for him. You can’t go wrong with chocolate pudding. You also can’t go wrong with pumpkin pudding –that’s why I made a chocolate pumpkin pudding! And this Chocolate Pumpkin Chiffon Pudding is a richly decadent, yet healthy dessert for the whole family.

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Chocolate Pumpkin Chiffon Pudding
  1. In a food processor combine pumpkin, coconut milk, and eggs
  2. Pulse in coconut sugar, melted chocolate, salt, and stevia
  3. Transfer into ½ cup mason jars, and place in fridge for 2 hours to set
  4. Serve

During fall when I’m obsessed with pumpkin, I keep a freshly baked pumpkin or squash in the fridge at all times. If you’re not sure how to do this see my How to Roast Pumpkin post. It’s easier than you think. If you don’t have time for that, I tested this Pumpkin Chocolate Chiffon Pudding recipe with canned pumpkin as well and I’m happy to report that it works! When you have canned pumpkin (or freshly baked pumpkin) on hand, this is a lovely, quick and easy pudding recipe, that’s perfect for fall, or any time of year!

Lately, the boys and I have been baking my Paleo Pumpkin Pie every weekend. They love this pie with homemade whipped cream (yes, they can eat dairy). It’s super fun to see my teenage boys in the kitchen teaching their friends how to make whipped cream from scratch. Next on their plate? A “how to make whipped cream from scratch” video. Stay tuned!

To see more of my boys and their friends in action in the kitchen, check us out on instagram, I post fun, healthy updates there everyday!


  1. Mike Mehr says

    I used this as the filling for a chocolate cream pie with a purchased shell. (Mi-del makes a GF one with rice flour, if you’re tolerant of that, or try one of Elana’s).
    Since I don’t like stevia and can’t use sugars, I’ve been using Lo-han (the Swanson product). I have found that a few Tbsp in baked goods works well, and I used about 3 Tbsp here. It came out like bittersweet chocolate, but I love that flavor so that’s what I’m posting here. If you prefer sweeter, I would try adding another Tbsp of Lo-han.(Be careful, though! A little goes a long way.)
    I also prefer using Wondercocoa powder (decaffeinated, available at Whole Foods or online), so I modified to use cocoa butter as the fat (I had some around). I’ve seen folks sub coconut oil instead (see post from Elissa on 10/22/14).
    Finally, I used 1/2 tsp. of vanilla extract instead of the vanilla stevia.

    — Full recipe as modified —
    Pumpkin Bittersweet Chocolate Cream Pie
    1/2 cup pumpkin puree
    1/2 cup full fat coconut milk
    2 large eggs
    85g cocoa butter (this is a chunk about like a 2-2.5″ cube or so)
    3 Tbsp + 1 tsp Lo Han Guo from Swanson (my preferred sweetener)
    1/2 cup + 1 Tbsp Wondercocoa decaf cocoa powder
    1/4 tsp celtic sea salt
    1/2 tsp vanilla extract
    1 pie crust of choice

    1. I melted the cocoa butter in an oven-proof dish in a 400-degree toaster oven until all melted (I checked after 5m, 6m, and was done at 7min).
    2. While that was melting, I combined the coconut milk, eggs, and pumpkin in my Vitamix on low speed.
    3. I added the dry ingredients (Lo-han, WonderCocoa, and salt)
    4. When the cocoa butter was melted, I drizzled it into the Vitamix slurry
    5. I poured the mixture into my pie shell and put it into the fridge
    6. I found that at 2 hours it wasn’t quite set, so I left it in for another hour.
    — End of modified recipe —

    If you like that luxurious bittersweet taste, enjoy! I’d love to hear how any of this turned out for anyone who tried it.

    Thanks, Elana, for all your work on recipes. I find them to be an excellent jumping-off point for my experiments. Your attention to detail almost always guarantees me a success (all failures have been my own fault lol!).

    Best regards,

  2. audrey says

    I shared this with two of my friends the other day and asked if they liked it. In answer, they both licked their bowls clean!!! (:
    Thank you so much for such a great recipe!

    • Amber says

      So glad to read your post. I thought it couldn’t be done without them. Hurray for you trying it for all the rest of us cowards. ;)

  3. Judith says

    This is the second time this has happened, and I know how to FIX it, just apparently don’t know how to PREVENT it. The “it” being a grainy texture. I know it has to do with temperatures, and maybe my eggs and coconut milk were too cold – that could be it. But the fix is warming the pudding up again (in a warm water bath) and re-blending until silky. Anyone else dealt with this? Kitchen chemists please advise!

  4. Chelsie says

    I took this dessert along w/some pumpkin spice GF snickerdoodles to my mom’s for Thanksgiving dinner last night and everyone loved the chiffon SO much!! Thanks for posting the recipe :)

  5. says

    I made this today. Oh. My. YUM. I heated the coconut milk and eggs gently on the stove, whizzed that up in the Vitamix, then added pumpkin, a splash of vanilla, and melted super dark chocolate chips. No sugar. It’s PERFECT. It set up really quickly, it’s light, and decadent. A few bites is a perfect treat! My husband declared it too bitter…which makes it all that much better, as now I don’t have to share. ;-)

  6. Elissa says

    I made this yesterday. So delicious! I didn’t have the chocolate chunks so I cheated and used dark cocoa powder with some coconut oil. Melted that together then added the eggs so they were heated a bit too. I also added more coconut cream and only half the sweetener. I like my chocolate dark. It was so thick and decadent. I’m not even sharing it with my family. I divided into containers and hid some in the fridge and a couple in the freezer for another time of chocolate desperation.

  7. Nichole says

    Thanks for the link Elana! Ahh, so many places to try, just might have to stay the night just to soak it all in. Thanks again!

  8. Ashley G. says

    My crew of four kids under six and I made this pudding and (except for my savory-inclined child) all of us gobbled it up! Next time I’ll add a dash of chile or cinnamon to spice it up a bit. We love all of Elana’s recipes–thank you so much for continuing to share!

  9. Cin says

    I made this today and it didn’t set like it did in the photo although it tasted great, not the consistency of pudding. Any ideas?

  10. Patti A says

    I made this with only 1/4 cup coconut sugar and no stevia. I did however add a few shakes of cinnamon. Plenty sweet and divine!!

  11. Nichole says

    Wonderful recipe for a fall treat! Enjoyed every bite. We are heading to Boulder for the day and was curious as to if you had a recommendation of a paleo friendly restaurant we could try for lunch. Thanks so much for all the yummy recipes. Your hard work creating recipes makes my life so much easier.

  12. says

    This is excellent! I love pumpkins…. but… I’ve never really ate many of them, other than just the seeds and occasional soup. I just love the way they look, and love growing them, there is something inexplicably quirky about them that I love. But I always have a glut I give away, or just make soup out of because I never know what to do with them. I would have never of thought of making a chocolate recipe out of them. I am going to try this next week at a dinner party!

  13. Brianna says

    I’m not opposed to the idea of using raw eggs but what purpose do they serve here? I would think the chocolate chunks would thicken it

    • DamselflyDiary says

      I am opposed to using raw eggs and asked Elana the same question. She didn’t know how to make the recipe without eggs. So, I took it upon myself to adapt the recipe.

      I simply whisked the eggs and coconut milk together and then heated them slowly in a double boiler (like you are making custard) while continuously stirring. I heated them until the mixture started to leave a coating on the sides of the pot. I then added the chocolate to melt it.

      In a food processor I mixed the pumpkin, sugar and other ingredients. Once the chocolate was fully melted into the egg mixture, I mixed it into the bowl with the pumpkin. I then poured it into ramekins.

      I just checked on mine after about an hour in the refrigerator and they are set beautifully and have a wonderfully creamy and rich quality.

      Yes, cooking the eggs was an extra and time consuming step but I felt better about not eating raw eggs so it was worth it. Plus, I sense that they will last longer in the frig with the eggs being cooked.

      • Johanna says

        I’m not opposed to raw pumpkin, but another easy way to cook the eggs would be to mix everything up in the blender, transfer to ramekins and then place them in an oven tray with high sides, fill the tray with boiling water and cook in the oven until just set. I’ve only done this without the chocolate but otherwise identical recipe and it works very well.

  14. says

    My hubby is diabetic and we tried stevia it’s disgusting, we now use Xylitol it’s not sugar but has the same sweetness and can be used spoon for spoon as sugar and has little calories.

  15. Kathy says

    If you are concerned about eggs that are raw you can use the homogenized ones that come in a container like a milk carton. These have been subjected to a process that kills off Salmonella and other nasty bacterial agents. Since my family raises our own eggs I don’t worry about such things. I know where the eggs have been. How the chickens have been raised. Their health, their feed and all the variables as to how the eggs have been handled. You can’t say that about the store bought eggs.
    I can’t wait to try this recipe!

  16. Morissa says

    I’ve not really come to understand the use of flavored stevias. If I just stick with vanilla extract, how much would you recommend?

  17. Gail says

    Yes, the eggs are raw; this is normal. Many folks use raw eggs in their smoothies. You can use your Vitamix to make the recipe. Put the egg and milk in first and add the pumpkin puree a little at a time on slow speed. Add the other ingredients a little at a time at slow speed.

  18. Susan says

    Ok – I give up – it wouldn’t let me leave a comment like I used to. It demanded a facebook account, or, etc. I do not use social internet stuff that tracks you.

  19. says

    yes I’m interested in the eggs and if they stay raw as well. I know they vitamix can hear things up but curious on the specifics. thank you! I love your recipes elana, they always work and I’m never afraid my Ingredients will be wasted!

  20. Brooke says

    Just want to make sure that I’m reading the recipe correctly….the eggs stay raw? Is there no heating process other then melting the chocolate?

    • says

      I was wondering that too. Anyhow, I am in love with this recipe. I am new to pumpkin and chocolate and find that duo marvelous! So tasty. Husband is the same as yours on pumpkin, fall flavors not a favorite. But hey, he doesn’t refuse too many desserts.

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