Breakfast Power Smoothie

Have you seen Hallie Klecker’s new book The Pure Kitchen?

This cookbook is a lovely collection of healthy gluten free, dairy free recipes. I absolutely love the “Energizing Breakfasts” section which contains quick and easy smoothie recipes full of superfoods; the book also contains wonderful recipes such as Spring Pesto Drizzle, which is packed with healthy greens.

I had the pleasure of meeting Hallie at a conference last year, and can assure you she is every bit as lovely in person as she is on her blog, Daily Bites.

The smoothie below is a slight adaptation of the recipe in Hallie’s book for a Pure Power Smoothie. Hallie and I both like to make smoothies with protein powder in order to start the day off with a nice energy boost. This quick and healthy smoothie is great for breakfast and also makes a delicious afternoon snack.

Breakfast Power Smoothie

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  • Combine strawberries, coconut water, almond butter and stevia in a vitamix and blend on high
  • Blend in protein powder and ground chia seeds, then blend in ice cubes until smooth
  • Serve
Prep Time 5 mins
Total Time 5 mins
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Here are some of my other favorite quick and healthy smoothie/shake recipes:

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What’s your favorite vitamix recipe?


51 responses to “Breakfast Power Smoothie”

  1. Could you plesse provide the nutritional content per serving of all your recipes so I can calculate my Weight Watcher Points? Millions of Weight Watchers would be thrilled and you could increase your customers ten-fold.

  2. I seriously could not bare to think of life without my Vitamix! It was worth every penny;)
    One of many favorites:
    the Emerald Isle-
    1c almond milk
    2 T coconut milk
    3 C spinach
    1 celery stalk
    1/2 C frozen pineapple(Trader joes)
    1/2 frozen banana
    1 inch. UBS ginger

  3. Hi Elana,
    I would love to see more SCD recipes please. And sweets and baked goods made with honey. Thanks for considering this. Love all your recipes. p.s. I just pinned your Irish Soda bread, lovely.

  4. Hey there! This smoothie looks refreshing and tasty. I like that you add coconut water – I put coconut milk (the full fat kind) in my smoothies…this adds a ton of calories, which I’m sure is undesireable to most, but I do love how creamy and thick it makes the smoothie. Anyway, love your blog and keep up the great work! Oh and your sons are adorable; it’s awesome that they help you out in the kitchen.

  5. I went to my local Sprouts market to get the vanilla creme stevia which is quite pricey. I made this smoothie with both the stevia and Xylitol and found it to taste much better w/ Xylitol and a little bit of vanilla extract. The stevia aftertaste is very present in this particular brand (SweetLeaf). Also, fresh strawberries when they are in season will make this much tastier than frozen

  6. Lovely pink color in this smoothie! I can’t wait to make this for breakfast in the morning!

    Can anyone help me with grinding the chia seeds? I used a coffee grinder, but it gums up the blades… what all do you use for this? Or do I need to break down and buy an additional coffee grinder just for this task…???

  7. In response to “Making Changes,” I wanted to thank you for using this technology to network so effectively and really in helping so many.

    I retired early to take care of my very ill wife. An emerging outlet and interest of mine has been to both learn how to prepare meals and to prepare very healthy meals to the extent possible. Your “Pantry” is invaluable and your delivery and personal sharing has made it fun and complete – way more than a great meal plan with dessert.

    Thanks for all you do and for sharing your genius. Tom

  8. I cannot wait for berry season, and it’s just around the corner! The pink color of this smoothie and the vibrant red of the strawberries made me really want to try this. It looks like spring. Very inviting. :)

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