Pumpkin Spice Meringues

My teenage boys love these Pumpkin Spice Meringues. They plowed through batch after batch as I tested them. Yes, the boys are not only cookie lovers, they are meringue cookie lovers and devour my baking recipes. Right now they are asking for my Paleo Pumpkin Pie a couple of times each week. Of course I oblige! I am completely obsessed with pumpkin recipes, and especially pumpkin desserts now that fall is here.

The recipe for these Paleo Pumpkin Spice Meringues went through several iterations. The winning recipe is the one featured below in the grey box. Runner up, and a very close second, was a batch of Pumpkin Spice Meringues that had one-quarter teaspoon each of ginger and nutmeg, plus a pinch of cloves –all of the other ingredients stayed the same. This, more spicy formulation was the adult favorite. However, it was a bit too spicy for the boys, although they ate them all up just as greedily.

So here’s my advice, if you like spicy food and are craving antioxidant rich, warming spices such as cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg, use the aforementioned measurements for your pumpkin spice meringues. If not, go with the regular recipe below.

Pumpkin Spice Meringues

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Servings 50 meringues



  • In a medium pot, combine egg whites and maple syrup
  • Turn flame on to lowest setting possible
  • Using a hand blender with whisk attachment, whisk 4-5 minutes, until stiff glossy peaks form
  • Blend in spices
  • Fit a pastry bag with a ⅜-inch round tip (ateco #804) and fill bag with meringue
  • Pipe meringue kisses 1-inch in diameter onto parchment paper lined baking sheets
  • Bake at 200°F for 2 hours
  • Allow to cool for 1 hour
  • Serve
Prep Time 10 mins
Total Time 10 mins
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This recipe for Pumpkin Spice Meringue cookies is based on a Meringue Frosting recipe in my first book, The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook. Please note, You don’t have to use a pastry bag for this recipe. You can drop the batter a spoonful at a time onto a parchment lined baking sheet, which might not look as nice, but will be quick and easy.

Another relevant note, these meringues do not taste nearly as good when made with honey. Although they work with honey in place of the maple syrup, it creates a strong, cloying flavor. They are much better with maple syrup. According to Martha Stewart, meringues can be made 5 days ahead and stored in a cool, dry place at room temperature. And although Martha uses a stand mixer to make her meringues, I simply use the whisk attachment on a hand blender to make these. In fact, I don’t own a stand mixer.

As you know I am a big fan of all things paleo and pumpkin spice. If you are too, try my Pumpkin Spice Latte and take a look at all of my Pumpkin Recipes!


32 responses to “Pumpkin Spice Meringues”

  1. I’ve made meringues many times before and I wanted to try this recipe for the holidays this year and mine came out very sticky and soft to the touch.
    I’m a little confused why there’s not cream of tartar or something similar to that in this recipe. That’s the only reason I could find of why mine didn’t come out correctly.
    If you have any suggestions please let me know how I could fix soft meringues for next time.
    They do taste good the texture is just a little weird. Thank you!

    • Madelyn, if these are not as crisp as you desire simply put them back in the oven for an hour with the temperature off, and the oven light on. That will crisp them right up :-)

  2. What did you sprinkle on the top of these meringue cookies to make them look even more delicious? Making these for a Harvest Party and need to know!

  3. How can you prevent these from sticking? These are absolutely delicious, but they stick, even after sitting out for a while.

    • Hi ED, thanks for your comment! You may need to bake them a little longer to dry them out, this will prevent sticking :-)

  4. Just made two batches of these today and will be taking them to a Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. I used an electric stove, a glass burner, set at low. I had to leave for a granddaughter pick up after only 90 minutes, turned off the oven and left them there. They were perfect when I returned home an hour later. The smell is great while it’s baking, too. Melt in your mouth spice! I used Trader Jo’s 100% maple syrup. Yes, you can get 50 cookies out of one batch if you make them smaller in size. Thanks for this recipe; I will make it again and again.

  5. Excited to give these a try but “serves 50”? I never made meringue cookies before so maybe 2 egg whites can expand that much, but wanted to make sure. Does this mean makes 50 cookies?

  6. Elana, sorry I’m confused. I’ve never made meringues over a flame – is that what you mean by #2? We are to whisk the eggs under a low flame? What’s the reason? Thanks!

    • Hi Karyn,

      No problem! Yes, step #2 of the method in this recipe calls for whisking the eggs in a pot over a low flame; this direct method is a shortcut that eliminates using a double boiler which is typically used in meringue recipes.


  7. Now i know what to do with the left over egg whites, from eggnog, also great to blend into tapioca pudding.

  8. Do you need to warm the mixture a little to get your stiff peaks? I have a fabulous Tupperware gadget that whips egg whites into stiff peaks in no time, but obviously it won’t work on a stovetop, hehehe! I’ve only tried sugarless meringues once before, with honey, and they were a flop.

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