Pomegranate Salad paleo recipe

Pomegranate Salad

With only two more days until erev Rosh Hashanah I am putting the final touches on the planning phase of our holiday feast.  Soon much cooking and celebrating will begin.

Today I made this tangy pomegranate salad.  During dinner my children coveted the pomegranate seeds and needed a bit of convincing to eat the spicy greens –in the end my husband and I ate the bulk of the salad greens and for once let them indulge in the fruit portion somewhat separately.

You see, we have been a bit more lenient with them lately as we have turned their lives upside down by pulling them from their elementary school mid-year; well not even mid-year, more like one month into the year.  They are bewildered, eager to try something new and slightly traumatized.  We had thought they would be at the school through twelfth grade.

Last year school ended on a challenging note, with disappointment about the lack of open and direct communication processes at the school.  Unfortunately, at it’s beginning, this year took some difficult turns.  So we made the decision.  Change schools.

This situation has been on my mind of late –the children start their new school on Monday.  Further, during fall and the Jewish holidays I tend to get a bit contemplative.  So, with these reflections, please take my salad offering.  And simply skip the reflections if they are a bore, I understand completely.  You want the food!  That’s what I’m here for too.

Pomegranate Salad
Serves: 4
  • 4 cups arugula
  • ½ cup pomegranate seeds
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
  1. In a large salad bowl, combine arugula and pomegranate seeds
  2. Drizzle with olive oil and vinegar
  3. Toss and serve

This super simple gluten free Rosh Hashanah salad is best made just before serving so that it is as fresh as possible.  Let the sweet tartness of the pomegranate seeds enhance the bitter taste of the greens.  Our family will welcome the new year and new school with this bountiful salad.  We will miss old friends, look forward to being in touch with them and embrace new ones.


  1. Sue Paterson says

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful recipes.
    Can’t wait to try the pomegranate salad.
    Still hard to be gluten free out and about
    in the world and I appreciate all you do!

  2. says

    Melissa -I think you are right; the boys have adapted easily. It may be much harder on the mom :-) I was very worried, though happy now that the first week is almost over and they have settled in quite easily.

    Miriam -I would recommend purchasing an oven thermometer from a hardware or baking store. I am wondering if your oven might be baking at a higher temperature than it says on the oven dial. On the other hand, as you mention it could be that you are cutting the recipes in half which may alter the necessary baking time. I would recommend experimenting with this; please let us know your findings. Shana Tova.

  3. says

    Elana, shana tova,
    You bring such joy through your recipes, i know you will be enscribed in the book of life and i wish you and your family good health and happiness.

    I have one question…..i have made several of your recipes—-i usually cut them in half—it’s just me and my husband. i’m finding that the agave nectar browns quickly. would you reccommend that i reduce the oven temperature and the time? what allowance would you make? i’ve even covered the muffins and biscotti, but they still burn.


  4. says

    I love the idea of a simple salad like this. The pomegranate seeds make it special. What a creative combination. Beautiful photo, by the way. Good luck with the new school. It’s hard, but before you know it, they will adjust and be just fine. Kids are so resilient! It’s probably harder on mom. :-)
    Take care,

  5. says

    A beautiful post, and a beautiful photo.
    I to tend to think (a lot) during this time of the year..

    I wish you and your family a happy rosh hashana,
    and good luck with this new move!


  6. Shari says


    Wishing you all the best in the New Year. Thank you for all the sweetness of this last one!

    I join others here in knowing your fierce, engaged love for your children is the best love.And that good food also equals love!

    I was an early childhood educator for nine years..your loving attention provides so much for your children and by extension for the world.

    many blessings,


  7. says

    Lesley -Thanks, today was their first day and it seems that they are off to a good start.

    Courtney -Thanks for your lovely comment, I really appreciate it.

    Mariella -That situation sounds challenging, I appreciate your sharing it with me, I know we’ll get through this!

    Shirley -Thanks for sharing my site with the support group and for your feedback that parents know what is best for their children.

    Heidi -Thanks for sharing your story; I’m glad that decision was a good one and I hope ours will work out as well!

  8. says

    I made a huge, gut-wrenching decision regarding my son’s education five years ago, which ultimately proved to be one of the single-best things I could have done for him as a parent. Best of luck to you.

    Your salad is gorgeous and redolent of the season. Happy New Year.

  9. Shirley says

    I really enjoy your wonderfully simple recipes. Just last week I shared your site with the support group I lead, especially for Rosh Hoshanah recipes. BTW, I checked out the link to the chicken salad with almonds also. Yummmm.

    Best of luck to all with the new school! As a former teacher and parent, I believe parents know best regarding what’s right for their kids. We had an unfortunate few years in my son’s school career, but living in a rural area with one school system that included one middle school and one high school, we did not have good options.

    There’s something very contemplative about this time of year I think. The weather means being inside more, slowing down, and reconsidering possibilities and paths.

  10. Mariella says

    Hi Elana,

    We’ve been through that situation before. It was in a different city and different state. We didn’t pull our eldest out as we were a year away from moving. But it was a poisonous year with very bitter feelings and not much sleep.
    Good for you for going ahead and changing schools. Just like your salad the sweet will come out eventually. Your kids will adapt and discover new adventures that they may never have had before and after a little time new and possibly surprising friendships.
    Best of luck, Mariella

  11. says

    Hello Elana,
    You can tell so much about someone by their interaction with food. Preparing Food is an act of Love and the way we partake has so much to do with our outside influences. Once I gained triumph over my eating disorder, I was able to experience love and enjoyment through the thing that scared me most… food. For most of us, our food will always have a story behind it. I am reading your blog while eating my breakfast, an egg sandwich, and I am reminded of how my mother made the best egg sandwich. She was not the greatest mother on earth, but I cannot focus on a negative thought regarding her while I am partaking of this special meal.

    Thank you for sharing your reflections. Sometimes your reflections make the food that more special! Best wishes in your upcoming events… I am sure your family will bless many along the way.

  12. Lesley Prince says

    I love your family remarks – after all food, family, love and tradition are all part of life’s fabric. I’m a fan of all things pomegranate, too. Thank you for your fine recipes and Happy Holidays to you and your family. I’m sure your children will settle in to the their new schools.

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