paleo date walnut bread

Paleo Date Walnut Bread

This is not your typical Date Walnut Bread, this is Paleo Date Walnut Bread. This bread is purely fruit sweetened, and has no honey, maple syrup, agave or other processed sweeteners. Because of this, the bread is not as sweet, or dessert-like as other breads of mine such as my Paleo Chocolate Zucchini Bread.

During the last year, I’ve worked on lowering the amount of sweeteners in my recipes, and this bread is a prime example of that.

This gluten-free, grain-free bread is heavier and more bread-like than my dessert breads which are light, fluffy, and cake-like. Paleo Date Walnut Bread is perfect with a side of eggs for a paleo breakfast. With super food ingredients including almond flour and walnuts, this naturally sweetened paleo bread is the perfect paleo treat.

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Paleo Date Walnut Bread
  1. In a food processor, pulse together almond flour and coconut flour
  2. Pulse in salt and baking soda
  3. Pulse in dates until mixture is the texture of coarse sand
  4. Pulse in eggs and apple cider vinegar
  5. Very briefly pulse in walnuts
  6. Transfer batter to a mini loaf pan
  7. Bake at 350° for 28-32 minutes
  8. Cool bread in pan for 2 hours before removing
  9. Serve

To store this bread, wrap in a paper towel, seal in a plastic bag, and refrigerate for up to 1 week.

Here are some of my other easy Paleo bread recipes:


  1. Terry says

    I made this recipe and your nut-free carrot cake one all the time using mini-muffin pans. These make staying paleo bearable for those of us who need a small bit of something sweet. I hope you have a coconut flour and oil cookbook coming out soon. Everyone who tries these small desserts wants the recipes. BTW, I have all of your other cookbooks.

  2. Dawn says

    Hi Elana, I made these today and I like them real well. I doubled the reciped but minus one egg ( since i only had five). I put them in a regular muffin pan for 25mins and they turned out great!!! I like this recipe, with butter! Thankyou for your hard work and sharing these healthy alternatives in a limited world (but not for long).

  3. Lisa says

    This bread looks great, I’m looking for bread I can cut into slices for a almond butter and jelly sandwhivh. Does this type of bread cut well? I’ve made paleo breads before that when I try to cut into slices, seems to crumble and fall apart a bit.

    • Elana says

      Hi Lisa, this is a great bread if you use the recommended ingredients as well as the brands that are shown when clicking on the green text in the ingredients portion of the recipe. Enjoy!

  4. Sylvie says

    I’ve made this bread many times, and it is delicious but always comes out a bit on the dry side. I just made it this morning, adding 1 over-ripe banana to the mix and it turned out amazing! Moist and sweet. People couldn’t believe it was paleo :)

    • Erina says

      I just made this bread and just made one quick change- separated egg whites from yolks and beat them until nice and fluffy, and then add both to the processor. I also don’t like coconut so I added 2 more tbs of almond flour. Came out unbelievably moist and fluffy. Can’t tell its gluten free!
      Thank you!

  5. Helen says

    Date and walnuts are my favorites, I want to try it, but I do not have a food processor ,will work by mixing by hand??

  6. Pat says

    Tried this recipe this morning after reading the comments and found several of them very helpful. First, I was concerned that my almond flour would be rancid since it was in my cupboard for a year and found that it was fine. Whew. Second, I was 1 egg short, so I added 1 Tbl. chia seeds with 3 Tbl. water – worked great! Also, I don’t own a mini-pan, so used the 6 inner muffin holders and it worked great! Third, I added 2 Tbl water at the end in the food processor simply because it looked like it needed a tad bit more moisture. Worked great! The result… delicious with my home made ghee!

  7. Me says

    Can I do these bread recipes in a bread maker? I hate baking but Love eating! I can’t do sugar, wheat or dairy any more so need some yummy stuff I can make easily to stuff in my face.


  8. says

    I just made your date bread and it is incredibly delicious, husband loved it, thank you for creating such a great treat. Anyone who wants to remove gluten or grains from their diet can learn so much from you. Quite a while back I made your pumpkin bread too and it was the same experience; a wonderful tasty treat. You are inspirational to other home cooks. Thank you!!!

    • Elana says

      Veronique, thanks for your lovely comment. I’m glad you found this bread “incredibly delicious,” and also thrilled to hear that you are enjoying my other recipes!

  9. Andrea says

    Perfect texture, great taste, BF loved it! Had it with goat cheese for dinner with salad, then with apple butter for breakfast.

  10. Jackie says

    Hi Elana,
    I have Hashimoto disease and Fybromyalgia. I would like to know which diet is best to follow: Paleo diet or Gluten Free diet?

  11. says

    Hi, Elana! I am from Boulder originally and now live in Denver. I also have MS and I am navigating the AIP diet and lifestyle modifications. I would like to thank you for all the work you do to support the community. Simply amazing! I love all of your bread recipes, however, I recently discovered that I have an extreme egg allergy. Do you have a AIP-compliant recommendation for egg replacements, especially for cooking at altitudes?

    • Elana says

      Hi Suzanne, thanks for your comment! That is one area of baking I have not tackled. I do have one egg-free cupcake recipe in my second book, Gluten-Free Cupcakes, but that’s about it. Sorry I can’t be of more help!

    • Andrea says

      I followed the recipe exactly and it turned out perfectly. It makes a mini loaf. Perfect amount for slicing up and serving with fruit and cheeses as an appetizer- you won’t have leftovers! Mini-loaves are awesome for baking a variety of fresh batches more often rather than having one big loaf for the whole week.

  12. Laura says

    I made this for my mum who is severely allergic to wheat flour and she absolutely LOVES it. I do too, although I didn’t get much of a look in! The texture is amazing and tastes so good. I used about 6 medjool dates though as we love them, so thought it could do with some more and it came out really well
    Thank you for the awesome recipe! I will 100% be making this again

  13. says

    This bread has three of my most favorite ingredients: ACV, dates and walnuts. I’ve only made paleo banana bread so far, and it was good but I’m getting sick of bananas as I use them everywhere. I will give this a try for sure.

  14. Ann Power says

    This is not a comment, but a question that isn’t covered in you FAQ’s
    page. What size is a mini loaf pan?

    • Ali says

      She used to use a 7.5 x 3.5 magic line loaf pan and had a link to an amazon page. Not sure if that is what she still uses, but I don’t know why she’d change. If you look in her older recipes, there might still be a link somewhere…. The pans are about the size of the mini foil pans you can find in the baking aisle at the grocery store. I hope this helps :)

    • JH says

      I just compared the recommended pans in the Paleo Bread recipe and the Paleo Date Walnut Bread recipe. They are not the same. The Paleo Bread calls for the Parish Magic Line pan, which is 7.5″ x 3.5″. The Paleo Date Walnut Bread recipe pan is Baker’s Secret Mini (or Petite) Loaf Pan, which is 5 3/4″ x 3″ x 2 1/8″. I used a larger pan than called for. The results were really short – vertically. Tasted good, but I’ll try a smaller pan next time.

      • Judy Casco says

        I didn’t have a mini loaf pan so I used my muffin tin. Cut baking time to 15-20 minutes. They came out great. Also swapped out the walnuts for pecans. Will definitely make again.

  15. Kathy says

    Is there a substitute for apple cider vinegar? I have loads of red wine vinegar, white vinegar and balsamic…will these work?

    Thank you…Kathy

  16. Nadia says

    This is my favorite Paleo bread so far. I’m wondering how long I need to put it in the oven for if I double the recipe. Thanks!

  17. Andrea says

    I just made these using cashew meal (flour) because that is what I had on hand. I doubled the recipe and made 12 muffins. These came out great! MY 2 year old just had half of one for his afternoon snack. They are perfect for me as someone with Type 1 diabetes who eats Paleo at only 13 grams of carb per muffin (using myfitnesspal to calculate carb count). I love fruit sweetened treats! Thanks Elana!

  18. Tracy Bouley says

    Hello Elana, I love your recipes they are all so good. Recently I have found that almond flour causes a lot of inflammation in my body and wondered if you have tried coconut cream in place of the almond flour? I have not tried it yet and thought that I would ask to see if you have already tried that combo.

  19. says

    This has become pretty much a breakfast staple for me, as i’ve gone grain free.
    I usually triple the recipe, cut & freeze pieces so I have it ready to toast in the mornings. This recipe does require a lot of eggs especially when increasing the quantity x 3, so today I experimented with the egg substitutes – chia seeds & ground flaxseed. I used 2 tbls of chia seeds soaked in 6 tbls of water for 5 minutes to equate 2 eggs.
    Then 1/4 cup ground flax (used 1 1/4 cups of ground almonds instead) and several tbls of water, to make up another egg substitute. At the end I just added a little more water to thin it a bit. And am very pleased to say it worked perfectly! I am also very pleased to have increased both the fibre & nutritional content of this recipe!

  20. Eve says

    I love your recipes and am always wanting to save them for later! Are you able to add a “pin it” link to your recipes?? Thanks!!

  21. Kim Beck says

    Hi Elana!

    I’m allergic to coconut. Is there something else I could use in replace of coconut?

    Thank you,


  22. karin says

    Hello, thank you for your wonderful recipes. My son is allergic to eggs, as well as many other things. What would you recommend as an egg replacer in this recipe? He is also allergic to the egg replacement powder.

  23. Julia says

    This turned out delicious!I made this in a muffin pan using the middle 6 wells as I have no mini loaf pan.thx for the recipe :)

  24. says

    I have this ready to put in the oven, but I’m concerned about the thinness of this batter. I doubled the recipe and it’s very thin, is this the way it’s supposed to be? I wondered if it was supposed to be one cup of flour instead of 1/2? I haven’t noticed any others questioning it, so I’m hoping for the best. I was afraid I had done something wrong, but I’ve checked my ingredients.

  25. says

    Hej Elana
    I’ve tried some of your bread recipes and they were excellent, thank you for that. I did have a question about the paleo date walnut bread. It calls for half a cup of almond flour and it seems like rather a little. Any chance it could be one cup?


  26. Lori M says

    This loaf is a hit! My husband and I love and so do those special colleagues at work whom I shared it with. Delicious!

  27. says

    Its in the oven…looking good. Only 10 minutes left to go. I added a dash of Saigon cinnamon. I had to post cos I’m so excited. My first almond flour bread. Yum!

  28. says

    great recipe! i used economical almond meal from trader joe’s and doubled the recipe to fit in a normal sized loaf pan and had good results. probably a little denser and crumblier than blanched almond flour but still delicious. even my husband and daughter loved it!

  29. Aubrey says

    I just made this and it such a good, hearty bread I can eat for a high protein breakfast!! I did add 1/4 ts of powdered stevia because I like my breads on the sweeter side. It is deicious and I plan on doubling this again soon! I also subbed hazelnuts for walnuts because thats what I had on hand. Thanks for great healthy and delicious recipe!!!!

  30. Marcia says

    This recipe looked so yummy I had to try it right away!

    However, I had only the small metal loaf pan I purchased for Basic Bread 2.0 from this website. I decided to double the recipe, and bake for 32 minutes. I tested with a toothpick, and needed to increase the baking time, so I tried 5 more minutes. It was absolutely delicious and a big hit at home. However, still needed a bit more oven time. I’m baking it again today as I write, and am trying 38 continuous minutes in my oven to see how that turns out.

    Thanks again for another wonderful recipe!

  31. Diana says

    I can’t do the dates (doing a zero-carb thing) – any ideas on what to use in place of dates? Sour cream, perhaps, or butter? Thanks for any ideas, readers!

    • Ali says

      The dates provide sweetness and also help hold the bread together. I’d suggest keeping the dates and just eat only a small bit at a time if you are concerned and want to make this. I don’t know if applesauce is lower in carbs, but that could be an option. I would not sub dairy for dates in this recipe.

      Another poster, Regina, left this message:

      Just made a double batch and it turned out wonderful! I used organic dried cranberries instead of dates since that is what I had on hand. I was curious about the numbers so I calculated them out based on a double batch. They are approximate not exact I’m sure but here’s an idea:
      Makes 12 slices
      Calories: 239
      Fat: 19.5 g
      Sat. Fat: 3 g
      Carb.: 11 g
      Diet. Fiber: 4 g
      Sugar: 3 g
      Protein: 8 g

  32. Ann says

    I haven’t done paleo breads before, but this is just what I was hungry for. I made it in a small square casserole–about 6 x 6″, baked 28 min. though less might have been fine. This morning I had a bit toasted with butter–a treat!

  33. Emily says

    I made these this evening as muffins instead of bread (I don’t own bread pans). They were extremely delicious! I made them exactly as the recipe stated, only I added a teaspoon of cinnamon to the batter. I baked them as muffins for about ten minutes at 350 F (I have a small oven, so the batter only needed ten minutes) and they are perfect! Thanks for another great recipe, Elana! Your website has helped me tremendously with being able to make healthy recipes while living overseas!

  34. Leslie Olson says

    2nd batch of these this week – subbing raisins in for the dates cause that’s what I have, but they are deeeeeeelicious! So excited that this recipe let us break away from the honey/agave/maple syrup sweetened batters. Thanks – love your blog. We are 4 months grain free. 38 pounds lost between the two of us and happy tummies.

  35. Karen says

    I just baked this up in four tiny loaf pans (2 x 4 x 1.5 inches) and baked them for 18 minutes. It worked beautifully. I also added about 1/2 tsp ground ginger. This is just sweet enough for my family. Thanks, Elena!

  36. says

    Thanks for posting this terrific recipe. The coconut oil shmear definitely made the Paleo Date Walnut Bread even more rich and wholesome! Delicious!

  37. Camille says

    Yum!! I just bought some walnuts and I now know what do with them!!
    I was wondering if you could share your opinion on soaking nuts in a future post? I didn’t do it that often until very recently since I found out that phytic acid can cause malabsorption, and when I do they tend to spoil quickly afterwards. Is this something you do and would recommend? Thanks for the great recipes, you’ve been the perfect introduction to GF paleo cooking for the last 3 months!

    • Carolyn says

      Do you dry your soaked nuts in a dehydrater? I do and have never had problems. We do live in a very dry climate,though, and for long-time storage I freeze them.

  38. Regina says

    Just made a double batch and it turned out wonderful! I used organic dried cranberries instead of dates since that is what I had on hand. I was curious about the numbers so I calculated them out based on a double batch. They are approximate not exact I’m sure but here’s an idea:

    Makes 12 slices

    Calories: 239
    Fat: 19.5 g
    Sat. Fat: 3 g
    Carb.: 11 g
    Diet. Fiber: 4 g
    Sugar: 3 g
    Protein: 8 g

    Thank you Elana for delicious, healthy recipes!

    • says

      You absolutely should! I’ve been doing primal/paleo for about a year and a half and turned my food blog into primal/paleo recipes. It is so fun! I just made some primal cheez-it like crackers based on Elana’s Cheddar Cheese Crackers from her cookbook! Yum!

  39. Beatrice says

    I made this today ,and it was delicious ! I served it with wipped coconutcream and sliced fruit.
    Thank you so much for the recipes ,they are really nice.

  40. says

    As always, look delicious. I love the fact it’s not an overly sweet loaf and am thrilled I have all the ingredients on hand – cant wait to try this.

    • Michele says

      Blanched almond flour is lighter than almond meal (which is what you would have if you left on the skin). I imagine the difference being similar to what pastry flour would do to a dessert as compared to what whole wheat flour would do. Or maybe white rice vs. brown.

      • K says

        I use almond meal (skins on the almonds) and always am happy with the results. I haven’t tried the blanched flour so perhaps I’d like her recipes even more, but so far I am more than satisfied with the results using the almond meal in every recipe I have tried.

    • says

      She talks about this in her almond flour cookbook, I’ll paraphrase: Almond flour is made with blanched almonds whereas almond meal is made with whole almonds, with the skin in tact. Blanched almond flour has a smooth texture and a uniformly fine consistency. Almond meal or almond flour that isn’t blanched don’t produce the desired results in her recipes.

      • Deirdre says

        I know Elana isn’t a big fan of the texture of Bob’s Red Mill Almond Meal, but I have to say I’ve had no problems with it I’ve used it almost exclusively for all her recipes.

        • Sandy says

          Bob’s Red Mill is called Almond Meal/Flour, and it does NOT have the skins in it, and so it is blanched. I use it all the time and everything comes out just fine. I have ordered Honeyville with the skins on and blanched (without) the skin. No difference in BRM blanched (meal/flour) and Honeyville blanched .

    • Kelly says

      Elana does mention it in her cookbooks, but I have to say, I have always used Trader Joe’s Almond Meal and everything has turned out beautifully- I would say if it’s what you have in the house, go for it :)

      • Jabbara says

        I also use Trader Joe’s almond meal with the skins on. It makes a denser more earthy product but I’m ok with that, the price is great.

  41. says



  42. says

    I was going to make the pecan date bread from your Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook last weekend, but hesitated because of all of the agave. This is a great solution–I can’t wait to try it! :)

    • Elaine Worner says

      Fantastic recipe and very tasty…a second batch will be made today… so nice to eat something that is free from sugar and flour.

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