carrot banana muffins

Carrot Banana Muffins

When I saw this recipe for a purely fruit sweetened carrot cake from Heidi over at I just knew I would want to make it into some sort of gluten free version.  So I did.

Last weekend our friends Chris and Larry came over to sit out on our porch and read the Sunday New York Times with us while soaking in some good Colorado sunshine and we enjoyed these descendants of Heidi’s carrot, banana, date yumminess.  Here it is for all of you.

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Carrot Banana Muffins
  1. In a small bowl, combine almond flour, baking soda, salt, and cinnamon
  2. In a food processor, combine dates, bananas, eggs, vinegar and oil
  3. Transfer mixture to a large bowl
  4. Blend dry mixture into wet until thoroughly combined
  5. Fold in carrots and walnuts
  6. Spoon mixture into paper lined muffin pan
  7. Bake at 350° for 25-30 minutes

Yesterday, I was happy to find that The Philadelphia Inquirer included my own little gluten free cookbook,  The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook in an article called “Gluten-free but still tasty.”  Way cool.

Finally, don’t forget to submit your grain free cake post to the “Go Ahead Honey, It’s Gluten-Free” Blog Carnival I’m hosting this month. For more details view my grain free cupcakes post.


  1. Aimee says

    Last night, I didn’t have any dates on hand and wanted these for my kids’ lunch today so I substituted organic raisins and they turned out delicious! I also added a small amount of Enjoy Life chocolate chips just because :) I love that these are sweetened with fruit rather than other sweeteners. It will be dessert for lunch but more nutritious. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe Elana!

  2. MA says

    Made this recipe with a few moderation for Rosh Hashanah and it was wonderful! It got RAVE reviews from my family!!
    I used whole wheat flour due to nut allergies, skipped the walnuts and cinnamon due to allergies. Added 1/4 tsp fresh nutmeg and about 2 tbs honey (to be festive for Rosh Hashanah) . Baked it in a bundt pan for 30 min. The result was super moist. Thanks Elana!

  3. Chelsea says

    Hi, this sounds amazing! Any substitutes for the flour? (Buckwheat/coconut etc) I cannot find/buy that flour in My area of Australia and desperate to try them. :)

  4. Terry says

    I make these often – best carrot cake muffins ever. Made them today for hubby’s birthday and topped with cream cheese frosting. I’ve made them into a 2 layer cake as well and turns out fine. Thanks for a wonderful recipe, Elana!

  5. Tori Fallin says

    What would be a good substitution for the coconut oil? I love it but it seems as though two of us in the family shouldn’t have it – headaches and mouth sores.
    Thank you for all the fabulous recipes you share!

    • Elana says

      Hi Tori, I haven’t tried making this recipe without coconut oil so not sure. If you do experiment please let us know how it goes!

  6. Lee-Anna says

    Made these last night, they are by far the best GF muffin I’ve made so far! Thank you for sharing this! I can’t believe there is no sugar, they are so deliciously sweet!
    Ps. I added a dollop of cream cheese in the middle!!! OMG, amazing! :)

  7. taylorfarrar says

    Hi, I love the sounds of this recipe. Can it be made as a loaf instead of muffins? And, if so, would I need to make any modifications?

  8. Nicky says

    I followed the recipe exactly and these were amazing! Best paleo muffins I’ve made in a long time…and I make a lot of paleo muffins! :)

    • Elana says

      Hi Nicky, that is so sweet of you to let me know that these are some of the best paleo muffins you’ve made :-)

  9. Kate says

    I used 1 1/2 cups almond flour and 1/2 cup Arrowroot flour and threw in a shredded Apple. Delicious! They disappeared quickly and I’m planning to make another batch tomorrow!

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