Magic Spoon Keto Cereal

Elana, did you say Keto Cereal? Yes, I did! My friends Gabi and Greg have created a low-carb Keto Cereal called Magic Spoon.

Magic Spoon Keto Cereal

This is the only cereal in my pantry. I stopped buying breakfast cereal in 1998 when I went gluten-free after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

Low-Carb Cereal

That’s because breakfast cereal used to be a carb bomb. Not anymore. Magic Spoon Keto Cereal has only 3 grams net carbs per serving and is absolutely loaded with protein –12 grams!

Gluten-Free Cereal

Like me, one of my boys has Celiac Disease. Now, it’s amazing to have a low-carb, gluten-free cereal that I can feel great about giving them for a high-protein, healthy breakfast when they need to get out the door fast.

Magic Spoon Cereal Flavors

With four magically delicious flavors, each a nod to your childhood favorite, Magic Spoon tastes just like you remember, only better and without all the crud.

  • Fruity
  • Cinnamon
  • Cocoa
  • Frosted

Keto Milk

Almond milk is my favorite milk alternative, what is yours? Check out my guide to learn more about milk alternatives and learn what the best milk for keto is.

Where to Buy Keto Cereal

Grab yourself a box of Magic Spoon Keto Cereal and use code PANTRY for free shipping.

Thank you Elana for introducing my family to Magic Spoon cereal. My kids love it for breakfast!


31 responses to “Magic Spoon Keto Cereal”

    • Lynda, thanks for your comment! Right now Magic Spoon is sold as a 4-pack, but you can get any combination of flavors you like :-)

  1. I’ll give you that this cereal is lgluten-free, high-protein, and convenient for getting out the door fast. However, “healthy” it is not: it’s ultra-processed junk, just like the cereals it replaces, composed entirely of highly-processed ingredients like protein powder, “natural flavors,” and sugar (allulose). I’m not even sure it can properly be called ‘low-carb:’ most of the carbs don’t appear on the label because of an FDA ruling that allulose doesn’t need to be included in the total sugar on the Nutrition Facts panel because “it produces negligible effects on blood glucose and insulin” — but in scientific reality, it’s a (refined) carbohydrate, and specifically a sugar. This may not cause problems for Coeliac patients, and may be compatible with low-carb diet by ignoring its actual carbohydrate content in favor of focusing on its lack of a glycemic response, but steamed broccoli and filet of sole it ain’t.

  2. I just ordered a variety pack for the second time! Thank you so much for recommending Magic Spoon! I didn’t think I’d ever be able to have cereal again after starting a ketogenic diet.

  3. Hi Elana,
    Thanks for all of your great posts. I follow you regularly. I just ordered the Magic Spoon variety pack and when I got it, saw that it has something called allulose. I try to stay away from sugar substitutes, and was wondering what your take is on this ingredient. Helpful, harmful, neutral? Any information would be appreciated!

    • Julie, thanks for your comment! Allulose is a natural sugar found in figs that is not absorbed by the body. I like it because unlike other alternative sugars it does not cause gas and bloating :-)

  4. I just ordered the variety pack. I am excited to try it since I haven’t had cereal in YEARS! Thank you for introducing it to us and giving us the code for free shipping! Can’t wait to report back to say how my kids and I like it!

  5. I ordered a case of the variety just to try! The frosted ones are indeed magical! They somehow manage to taste like the crunchy bits and the marshmallows from Lucky Charms without any of the garbage. Can’t wait to try the other flavors!! Thank you for giving us a little change from the norm of eggs!!!

  6. Thank you Elana for introducing my family to Magic Spoon cereal. My kids love it for breakfast and I’ve substituted it for my protein shake. It’s an easy, go-to favorite. Great taste and a nice treat while also healthy.

  7. Was so excited and would have purchased the variety pack if it wasn’t for the milk ingredients. Would love a dairy-free version for their next cereal venture!

    • Kelly, thanks for your comment, and I totally agree. I’m hoping they’ll make a dairy-free version so that I can eat this more on the reg :-)

      • Yes, got on board without reading the ingredients.
        Received my order last week.
        I tried 10 pieces (cocoa) and within an hours I was having digestive distress.
        My regular diet is void of all dairy or allulose. Well, now that I have had it I will not ever eat it again.
        Sad that this product wasn’t a good fit for me.
        But OMG the CRUNCH!!!!!

        • Snac, thanks for touching base on this! I’m begging them to make a dairy-free option since so many of my readers are DF. I hope you will give them that feedback as well. If you send back the product, you’ll get a refund. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Thanks again for reporting this to me! :-)

  8. Hi Elana, thanks for this suggestion? Do you like this cereal yourself? Is it something you eat on regular basis?

    • Karen, I love the cereal and worked with the company to ensure it was amazing. It’s perfect for those on a Keto Diet and I love serving it to my family. That said, it is a special treat for me since I focus on eating meat and vegetables :-)

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