Losing A Loved One To COVID

In mid-March I wrote about the seriousness of COVID19. At that time, I didn’t know it would affect my family in a devastatingly personal way. I didn’t know that we’d be losing a loved one to COVID, and suffer so much more.

2020 Cancelled

I was scared and hunkered down at the outset of March, a bit before life stopped and 2020 was cancelled, while many were still traveling around on vacations.

It Was The Worst Of Times

My knowledge and forethought did little to prepare me, or my family for the losses. Here I said “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.” Now it’s just the worst of times.

COVID And Our Loved Ones

COVID impacts us all with tremendous losses that are far too grave and widespread to detail here. Below are just a few of those my family has suffered.

Losing A Loved One To COVID

One family member is gone. One family friend is gone. Yes, two of our people are dead and will never come back.

COVID Rampant Danger

A robust young cousin suffered from COVID19. It was nothing like a flu. He appeared briefly at our Zoom Passover Seder and 15 days out looked like he had been hit by a truck.

Praying For Our Health Warriors

A dear friend is a nurse on the front lines and shows up for work day after day in New York City while we worry that she will not be given personal protective equipment (PPE). She doesn’t care. She just wants to save your life. I pray she will not lose hers.

9/11 x Ten = 30,000 Dead

This virus has killed more than 30,000 Americans. That is ten 9/11s in a few weeks, and the death count marches on. I can no longer bare to hear the word “hoax” in any context whatsoever.

The Opposite Of Preparedness

Why does a simple one-syllable word bring me to tears? It reminds me that the US was focused on “small government” and killed our Global Health Office. It reminds me that while other countries were fighting a battle against an invisible terror orders of magnitude more threatening than 9/11, our government was still denying its existence. That is the opposite of preparedness.

Patriotic Americans

This is the moment for patriotic Americans to make time for brave self-reflection. And for grieving. It is a time to understand what it is to be human and vulnerable. To look at what it means to be part of a family. And to look at how we can be better Americans.

A Time For Self-Reflection

This is the time for the patriotism that makes our country great. To look at our mistakes so that we can improve. A time to honor the fallen, so needlessly sacrificed to a terrifying enemy, as our country, ruled by disorganized dysfunction and chaos, allowed it to run rampant. We can do better than this.

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Tragic. There is no other word


284 responses to “Losing A Loved One To COVID”

  1. Hello Elana,
    First, my husband and I have enjoyed your recipes and your thoughts on health for several years now. Thank you for your continued efforts and commitment to healthy eating and healthy lifestyles. Your comments on loss and grief are particularly relevant to me. I’m an elder law attorney here in MI. Amongst the circles of my friends, my law practice, and my family, I’ve lost 5 people to the virus since March 29th. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on grief. I’m not at the point where I can put words to my feelings yet. I do get a little wound up when I encounter folks in public areas who don’t wear masks, tho. With all good wishes, eh

    • Elizabeth, thanks so much for your comment, and I am very sorry for the losses you’ve suffered to this terrible disease. It is absolutely awful. I hope you’ll keep in touch.

  2. As much as I am sending a virtual hug, I only wish I could reach out and you would be there. There are no words that can tell you I understand your pain because no one truly does. Know you are appreciated and you are loved. Thank you for the kindness you share with your blog and I will keep you and yours in my heart!

  3. Yes, there is a lot of tragedy right now. I also see some people waking up and taking a hard look at how we live, the way we have structured our lives, how we have abused the Earth and created toxic environments. I feel deep sadness, for what has happened. And deep concern that we are being controlled by systems that in my opinion, do not really know what the f(*&K they are doing. Meanwhile, there is a great deal of beauty, caring, kindness and connection happening. People like you, like me, like many of your followers, who are making this world a better place are rising up, and soon our voices will join in a loud NO to a society that does not promote health and well being. thank you for being part of what is beautiful in the world, a touchstone of sanity.

    • Rhianne, thanks for your incredible comment. I am right there with you praying, and working everyday for this.

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