lemon kale chips

Lemon Kale Chips

We are loving these Lemon Kale Chips.  I can’t make enough of them –the boys scarf them down hot out of the oven.  Yesterday, they ate 3 batches, yes you heard that right, 3 batches of kale chips, after school.  Of course, like everything else I make, these are gluten free.

You can use curly kale (as in the photo above), or dino (lacinto) kale or any other type.  My boys say it is best with the curly kale.

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Lemon Kale Chips
  1. Chop kale into ½ inch pieces
  2. Place kale in a large bowl
  3. With hands massage oil, lemon juice and salt into kale
  4. Place kale on parchment lined baking sheet
  5. Bake at 350° for 10-15 minutes until kale is dark green and crispy
  6. Cool and serve

I first heard of kale chips in a comment from a reader more than a year ago.  Then these tasty green treats started showing up on websites all over the internet, so I decided I really had to try some.  And then… when my son made his birthday dinner request a few weeks ago, he asked for “Lemon Kale Chips,” little did I know at that point, what I was making a few times a week had a name.  And so, there you have it, Lemon Kale Chips.

I’m really looking forward to this Thursday, April 15th when I will doing a book signing at Pharmaca in Boulder at 6:30pm. There will be homemade gluten free treats. Hope to see you there!


  1. Mary Anne says

    the photo looks like lemon zest was used, but it doesn’t appear in the ingredients, nor instructions. I’m guessing just go ahead and add the zest?

  2. demi says

    I don’t now if sb else has asked but can I make kale chips in dehydrator and of yes ,I add the olive oil before or after I dehydrate them?i made dehydrated dino kale but the stem was not edible…was chewy and couldn’t eat it but the rest was awsome

  3. Liane Raabe Rumsey says

    I have had so much fun with your “Pantry,” and am completely addicted to your kale chips. I like them baked for 12 minutes, and in small batches, so that each chip gets crunchy. Please send a hello and Happy Hanukkah to the Amsterdam family for me.

  4. Aimee Ginsberg says

    I just made your kale chips and like a good cook I forgot them so they were just burnt enough not to enjoy as chips but I didn’t want to waste the kale so I was making stew at the same time (ergo why I forgot the chips)so I crumbled the whole lot and dumped it into the stew and you know, it was an EXCELLENT solution it gave the stew an real nice flavor. Goes to show you can make a good out of a not so good. Just thought I’d share. By the by I make several of your recipes (with some of my own touches)and love them and when I bring them to places where “regular” people are they just eat it and enjoy it, and ALWAYS comment on how good it is. Thanks for the great recipes.

  5. Bernie F. says

    We modified this recipe for New Years and made Lemon Collard Chips instead. We washed the leaves well, cut off the lower part of the stem that had no leaf and then cut 1 inch pieces. Depending on the size of the collard leaf you could have large “wings” to the middle stem on your one inch piece. On some of the extra huge leaves we trimmed part of the leaf and just cut those green pieces into smaller pieces too and still had pieces with stem and leaf. For one bunch of collards we used 3 Tbsp olive oil, 4 Tbsp lemon juice and 1/2 tsp celtic sea salt. We baked at 350F until nicely crispy (sorry we did not watch the time, just the food).
    Since we also wanted black eyed peas, we used a can of black-eyed peas and lightly sauteed them in coconut oil along with some granulated garlic, granulated onion and dried sage.(we have friends that can’t eat whole onion pieces and the kids don’t like garlic pieces but everyone eats when we use the granulated (dried) forms). I personally ate my black-eyed peas over dark quinoa.
    Enjoy and Happy New Year.

  6. Rebecca Keys says

    Just made a batch of these lemon kale chips and cannot believe how good they were. My toddler wasn’t keen at first, but that’s because I put too much lemon juice on (just bunged the juice of a whole lemon on), but even he was wolfing them down after a while. I’m off to buy another pack of kale for tomorrow!

  7. says

    Mary, I haven’t tried baking the kale chips on foil which may or may not collect moisture; it may work better to use parchment as recommended in the above recipe. Let me know how it goes :-)

  8. Mary says

    I tried this recipe but after 12 min the kale became soggy and stuck to the foil. only few came out crispy. Any suggestions?

  9. Becky says

    I got this recipe from a Parents magazine recently. I had never tried kale but thought it sounded good. Anyway, I followed all of the directions but before the chips were done my oven started to smoke. I tried it with the second batch and the same thing happened. I’ve used the oven since and there is nothing wrong with it. I can’t figure out what I did wrong to nearly burn down the house :) Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • says

      Becky, thanks for your comment. First, check that your oven is calibrated properly with an oven thermometer. What this means is that the temperature you set the oven to is actually the temperature inside the oven :-)

      Next, if your oven is properly calibrated, then check the kale for doneness at 6-7 minutes, instead of the recommended 10-15. Please let me know how it goes next time you try.

  10. Kirsten says

    I made kale chips once but I never thought of making lemon ones. These are going to be yummy. Thank you so much for this recipe.

  11. Sarah says


    My friend pointed me to your website and this was the first post I saw. Having never eaten kale, I immediately was disgusted. But then intreged and read more. Reading that your boys love it, I reasoned it couldn’t be that bad, because kids are picky you know. I tried them out, and LOVED them! Now I get CRAVINGS for them all the time! These are just sooo delicious! I love the lemon juice on them. Thank you SO much for sharing!

  12. Kara says

    I love these so much. Now I crave them all the time! I did add a little paprika, and, because it was a lot of kale, I used more than 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. Thank you so much for this recipe! I’ll never want a potato chip again! :)

  13. Shawna says

    I just put some in the oven, i didn’t have lemons on hand…so I used balsamic vinegar and tamari along with salt & pepper. yum!

  14. KarenZ says

    Never in my life, having never tried kale, did I think I would like it, never mind eating an entire bunch of the lemon kale chips. Thank you for your recipes, which I rely on.

  15. Adele says

    I have made these several times in the past week and I love them! They get eaten before I even have a chance to take them off the pan. This recipe is definitely a keeper!

  16. says

    I made these about a year ago and thought they were kind of gross. Made them again a week or so ago and I can’t stop making and eating them now. I tried this lemon version yesterday. GOOD stuff. A couple of my boys even like it. (My husband, not so much. ;)
    Another great version is just EVOO, S&P and some parmesan. Love your blog, Elana. Going to try your chocolate chip cookies today as I bought some almond flour for the first time!

  17. donna schwartz says

    Absolutely love the kale chips but does anyone know if they are leftover how to keep them crunchy. Tried storing them in a bag and leaving them out on a tray but lost their crunch.

    Thanks, be well, Donna

  18. Heidi says

    LOVED the kale chips, my boys scarfed them down in minutes!
    Found your blog several months ago and just checked out your cookbook from our local library….now I’m going to have to go buy it! It is full of so many things I want to try.
    My husband who has been afraid of doing any gluten free cooking for fear that he will mess it up is even going to try and make the chocolate cake with marshmallow frosting for my birthday at the end of this month!
    Thank you!!!

  19. says

    I made these last night…. they were AMAZING!!

    I am going to make them again and again and again! The whole family loved them.

    For those of you who have not made these yet… you better get to it :) Buy some Kale today and make them tonight. It will be worth it, trust me :)

    I made these following the recipe to a T. But, for next time I will be trying coconut oil, will cook them at a lower temp for a longer time period and I might add some shredded coconut to it. I love coconut :)

  20. Eve says

    Tried the Kale Chips tonight, and WOW! They are delicious, and they do take care of any craving I may have for potato chips, and even my gastronomically conservative husband liked them! thank you—

  21. Yvette says

    I just made this recipe about 15 minutes ago and not a single chip is left. My husband loved them! We are planing our garden and we will definitely add kale. My husband thinks this is the greatest thing since sliced GF bread :)

  22. says

    These look delicious! I’m planning to try some with toasted sesame oil, gomashio and tiny shards of nori. Thanks for another killer post!

  23. Leslee says

    I make these wonderful raw vegan cheezy kale chips that are to die for! Everyone that tastes them loves them and they are never around for very long.

    • Kathy says

      PLEASE share the recipe! =)
      Thank you!

      …….Original Post…….
      I make these wonderful raw vegan cheezy kale chips that are to die for! Everyone that tastes them loves them and they are never around for very long.

  24. Andrea says

    Hi Nedra,

    Click on “prepared and washed” – it’s a hyperlink and it will take you to a page that shows you how to prepare and wash the kale! Like spinach, it’s really important to clean the kale thoroughly because it is often loaded with sand and there’s nothing more unpleasant than sand in your greens!

    And speaking of spinach, these kale chips totally remind me of the spinach version I often enjoy out at local Thai restaurants here in Montréal. Delicious and always a real treat! The memory of those chips inspire to make my own kale version at home.

  25. Nedra Randall says

    Sorry to be so disconnected but what do you mean by prepared and washed?
    Prepared as in cooked, taken apart. I have never used Kale and I don’t understand.

  26. Hans says

    The restaurant Nobu in Las Vegas does a spinach version of these I think, although theirs might be deep fried… the leaves are crispy and just melt in your mouth: love it.

  27. Michelle says

    I was making Kale Chips yesterday, too! My daughter ate the entire batch! We LOVE these! Who knew it could be so easy to get kids to eat greens! Bought more kale today, ready for more chips! We like them with garlic and salt, but I am excited to try many different versions!

  28. says

    Can your kids talk to my kids, and teach my kids to ask for kale? I would think I was on another planet! I love kale chips.

  29. A says

    I never heard of cooking kale this way, but I certainly want to try it. I already eat a fair amount of kale, but I would like to make my snacking dishes healthier.

  30. Liz says

    I just made these with curly red boar kale. Amazing!! My toddler didn’t like them as I was hoping but I think I put too much lemon juice in. However, my 11 month old son couldn’t get enough! Between him and me the batch is gone 10 minutes out of the oven :)

  31. says

    Talk about perfect timing…

    I enjoy green smoothies almost everyday. My mother has not purchased Kale for a while so I told her to buy Kale this week as part of our greens.

    Little did I know that this recipe would be published the next day!!

    I am going to take that bunch of kale and make these “treats”!!!

  32. says

    I’m going out for some kale right now. I have heard of these for over a year, but I never tried them. When I get a dehydrator I am going to try doing the recipe raw.

  33. says

    I made something similar in the past called Crispy Kale. My gluten intolerant daughter liked it, but I have forgetten about it. I will get some local, organic Kale and make your recipe soon. Thanks.

  34. says

    I’m also a kale chip fan, and I agree, I like them best when there are some softer parts along with the crunchy edges.

    I thought of you yesterday because I went to the Honeyville store in Salt Lake to buy almond flour!

  35. Amy says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE baked Kale! It’s the only way I can get my boyfriend to eat it. I keep a bunch of Kale in my fridge at all times! Try using fresh grated parmesan cheese and a bit of pepper instead of lemon juice (sprinkle on after baking). SOOO good!

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