Flourless Chocolate Banana Cake

This flourless chocolate cake recipe is s great alternative to cakes made with almond flour. It’s also a wonderful nut-free dessert recipe. My husband and older son love Flourless Chocolate Banana Cake. It’s incredible with the Strawberry Meringue Frosting from my second cookbook, Gluten-Free Cupcakes. They call it banana split cake when I serve it that way.

This Flourless Chocolate Banana Cake recipe is quick and easy. The trick? Make sure that your bananas are quite ripe so that the cake is sweet.  If you are in need of dairy-free diet recipes, try this cake with my Coconut Whipped Cream recipe.

Flourless Chocolate Banana Cake

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  • In a vitamix, blend egg yolks, agave, and salt on medium for 1 minute
  • Add grapeseed oil and mashed banana and blend for 1 minute
  • Blend in cacao powder
  • In a bowl, whip egg whites to stiff peaks
  • Gently fold contents of vitamix into bowl with egg whites
  • Pour batter into a greased 8 inch springform pan
  • Bake at 350°F for 25-30 minutes
  • Serve
Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 27 mins
Total Time 42 mins
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The inspiration for this Flourless Chocolate Banana Cake recipe came from a feature on Passover dessert recipes in Living Without. That recipe was a bit heavy on the eggs, as Passover desserts can sometimes be.  My cake doesn’t have that issue, and is very moist and mousse-like.

Here are some of my other nut-free paleo dessert recipes, all Kosher for Passover too!


100 responses to “Flourless Chocolate Banana Cake”

  1. My 16 yo just made this cake and it came out delicious! We were out of agave so subbed in maple syrup. I’m now wondering if these little cakes would hold up to being the layers in a layer cake. Thank you for this great recipe!

  2. I made it–it was lovely. More like a banana cocoa flan than a cake, but I took it to work and it was instantly devoured, with many requests for the recipe. Very healthy and good. Will def make again.

  3. This cake is so delicious! It melts in my mouth. I’ve made it twice and plan on making it many more time. Thank you for sharing this delicious cake.

  4. Just wanted to comment on the chocolate flourless banana cake. I have tried a number of flourless cakes and made all of them with the tradional mixer. I have read a great deal of ratings on blenders and although I have never been able to afford one, I am aware of the Vitamixer capabilities. I would love to try this particular recipe with the help of such a tool.

  5. My favorite is the banana cake, but they are all great as always! Thank-you for all your hard work testing and re-testing. I can always count on your delicious recipes!!


  6. When I made this the second time, I didn’t bake it, I just put it in the freezer and turned it into ice cream, instead of buying cocoa powder, we grind up raw chocolate in the coffee grinder and use that so when we make this recipe as ice cream, it will have yummy little chocolate bits in it. I love this recipe as ice cream or cake.

  7. I made this cake today and I was amazed that it came out with a cake texture and I didn’t even have to use flour or almond butter. I really love this cake and I enjoyed making it.

  8. Thank you for this recipe, and for a month of cupcakes.

    I’m making this cake for a birthday party – it will delight the three people with gluten intolerance, the person with diabetes, the two people with lactose intolerance, and the kid with a peanut allergy. I love that I can feed all of those people with one cake.

    I need to avoid most forms of sugar, and in the cupcake recipes I’ve used from this website, I’ve replaced the agave nectar with organic apple sauce (apples, water), equal parts by volume, with great results. I still use agave nectar in the whipped cream, though.

    I have been making many of your cupcakes, and sharing them with my partner and my running buddy. I told them that I was making this cake next, and they both panicked and said, “WHAT? DOES THIS MEAN NO MORE CUPCAKES?” So after putting the chocolate banana cake in the oven, I whipped up a batch of your blueberry coconut cupcakes.

    Thanks for making available great recipes that use few, simple, and whole-foods ingredients. What you provide has made baking easy and fast for me, and there are many people in my life who benefit.

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