Flourless Chocolate Banana Cake

This flourless chocolate cake recipe is s great alternative to cakes made with almond flour. It’s also a wonderful nut-free dessert recipe. My husband and older son love Flourless Chocolate Banana Cake. It’s incredible with the Strawberry Meringue Frosting from my second cookbook, Gluten-Free Cupcakes. They call it banana split cake when I serve it that way.

This Flourless Chocolate Banana Cake recipe is quick and easy. The trick? Make sure that your bananas are quite ripe so that the cake is sweet.  If you are in need of dairy-free diet recipes, try this cake with my Coconut Whipped Cream recipe.

Flourless Chocolate Banana Cake

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  • In a vitamix, blend egg yolks, agave, and salt on medium for 1 minute
  • Add grapeseed oil and mashed banana and blend for 1 minute
  • Blend in cacao powder
  • In a bowl, whip egg whites to stiff peaks
  • Gently fold contents of vitamix into bowl with egg whites
  • Pour batter into a greased 8 inch springform pan
  • Bake at 350°F for 25-30 minutes
  • Serve
Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 27 mins
Total Time 42 mins
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The inspiration for this Flourless Chocolate Banana Cake recipe came from a feature on Passover dessert recipes in Living Without. That recipe was a bit heavy on the eggs, as Passover desserts can sometimes be.  My cake doesn’t have that issue, and is very moist and mousse-like.

Here are some of my other nut-free paleo dessert recipes, all Kosher for Passover too!


100 responses to “Flourless Chocolate Banana Cake”

  1. I have made this twice now. It is so good! especially frozen. The second time I made it I wasn’t in the mood for the banana flavor, so I substituted avocado, which you could not even taste, just the pure chocolate. Thank you so much for this recipe!!!!!!!It may save my life!

    • Thank you for your input about using avocado instead of banana. I have never cooked with avocado… can you tell me if the cooked avocado lasts in the refrigerator for about a week? I’m usually the only one who eats these desserts and I don’t want the avocado to go bad before I get a chance to eat the whole thing. :) The banana flavor was a bit overpowering to me in this recipe, so I’m thinking I’ll try less-ripe bananas next time. I’d also like more input on the avocado for future reference too – if you get this message.

  2. Hi,

    I just thought I would share that I love making this cake with dates instead of bananas…

    just soak the dates in a little boiling water, drain, puree and use in place of the bananas :)

  3. Oh my goodness – Elana, you are my hero.

    This was delicious!

    I subbed honey for agave, and it was positively divine.

  4. I made this tonight as cupcakes for a bake sale. We made a strawberry whipped cream, cream cheese, icing. The first batch didn’t come out well. I think we didn’t get the egg whites stiff enough. The batches after that were much better. The only thing I did different was cut the agave in half and used a tsp of stevia. I wish I would have doubled the recipes for bigger cupcakes, as the rise that they did get when baking flattened almost immediately. I think next time I may cut the bananas in half as well – they were a bit too sweet for me.

  5. Hello Elana,

    Found this recipe interesting. My little boy is allergic to wheat,nuts,oats and eggs. Can you advice what I can use to replace eggs in this recipe? Thank you so much for this recipe.

  6. Hi Elana. I made this cake for my family and it was great. They thought it was very rich and sweet and suggested cutting it into squares and serving then as petit fours. I was a little short on the agave but deemed it a success any way and served it with fruit. Even though I am not necessarily gluten free, I do not eat bread, pasta or rice, so this site is definitely helpful. I found your site when I was researching for gluten – free recipes because my mother, sister and nephew are all gluten- free. Now I am going to try some more recipes just for kicks.

  7. Am going to try the Flourless Choclate Banana Cake receipe today…sounds exciting….I have no idea what Agave nectar is but will go on line and find out. Wonder if I can use something else? Will see what I find out on line…will let you know late how it went or whether or not I even go ahead to make the cake….it looks good, it must taste yummy….can't wait to try receipe….

  8. This was really good! I made it with egg whites instead of whole eggs and it came out with a pumpkin-pie consistency. I might even try pouring it into a crust next time… I topped it with strawberries that I had soaked overnight in some riesling. Delicious!

  9. This is baking in my oven as I type. I subbed pureed prunes for grapeseed oil to reduce the fat. I greased a 8×8 dish to make sixteen servings. I put this in the weight watchers recipe builder, and with the prune modification, each serving was 1 point.


    And I got to use my blender like a real grown up.

    Last, Elana, just want to thank you for your marvelous posts. I have been sugar free for 10 years (I am hyperinsulanemic) and came across your blog during passover. I have been truly enjoying your agave recipes. It’s a pleasure to be baking again, without the awful taste of splenda in my mouth.

    • ….and how did it come out 5 years later. I am just reading this blog and want to try to cake, and would love to swap out at least half the oil for prunes or ‘pumpkin.’ thanks if you see this. D

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