Carrot Scallion Latkes

We celebrate Hanukkah during the darkest time of year. The Festival of Lights commemorates the miracle of the menorah oil that took place in the Jewish Temple long ago. To honor this divine intervention, we light the menorah and cook food in oil for eight days. Fried latkes are part of the Hanukkah celebration for Ashkenazi Jews and these Carrot Scallion Latkes are a wonderful update on that tradition.

Vegetable Latkes for Hanukkah

Typically made with potatoes, wheat flour, and eggs, latkes aren’t generally thought of as a healthy food. But these Carrot Scallion Latkes are a game changer. They’re gluten-free, grain-free, and compliant with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD). My Butternut Squash Latkes are another potato-free low-carb latke recipe.

Carrot Scallion Latkes

My younger son is the inspiration behind this recipe. He asked for a latke made with carrots and I could not refuse. Carrot Scallion Latkes are perfect for me because I gave up potatoes in 2001 when I went on the SCD. For a look at all of my SCD recipes check out my Specific Carbohydrate Diet Recipes page.

These Carrot Scallion Latkes are perfect for Hanukkah, but we love them so much we eat them all year round!

Carrot Scallion Latkes

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Servings 12 latkes



  • In a large bowl combine carrots, scallions, and eggs
  • Stir salt and coconut flour into carrot mixture
  • In a 9 inch skillet, heat oil
  • Scoop large tablespoonfuls of batter onto skillet
  • Fry patties on each side over medium heat until browned and crispy
  • Transfer latkes to a paper towel lined plate
  • Repeat process with remaining batter
  • Serve with applesauce and sour cream or yogurt
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 10 mins
Total Time 20 mins
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At Hanukkah, we also make doughnuts, or donuts (in Hebrew we refer to them as sufganiyot) and other fried goodies. My Jelly Doughnut Cupcakes are a great stand in for deep fried doughnuts, and far easier to make!

Here are some other healthy Hanukkah recipes for you!


116 responses to “Carrot Scallion Latkes”

  1. Elana,
    I recently tried a Paleo rutabaga latke which was pretty good. The great thing is that it was baked, not fried. Not quite as crispy (perhaps I need to make them thinner?) but not pretty good and healthier than frying. I just googled “rutabaga latke.”

    • I know this comment is old but I’m replying for the benefit of anyone reading. I cook with rutabaga a lot… I’ve used it in countless numbers of ways over the years. It just doesn’t get crispy. Ever. Not matter what. DELISH but no crisp.

  2. Elana, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you………….for ALL your wonderful recipes, your research, your experimenting, and most of all for sharing…..i absolutely LOVE your page ? You’ve made MY life, and so MANY other’s, so much easier. Every recipe is at our fingertips :) and just in case i haven’t told you……….THANK YOU! haha

  3. I made these tonight for the last night of Hanukkah. They were FABULOUS! I got a dozen from the recipe and there are only four left. Did I mention there are only two of us?

    I *tweaked* the recipe a bit, adding a pinch of grated garlic and about 1/4 teaspoon of ground ginger to take it ever so slightly toward the Asian flavor profile. Can’t wait to make these again! Todah!

  4. these are fabulous! I made them with parsnips and they were great- my nephews didn’t even notice they weren’t potatoes. (frankly I think they taste so much better). thanks for wonderful recipes, Elana!

  5. These are freaking delicious. I made them with maple mustard grilled chicken breasts. Good lord, this was tasty.

    • You probably could. . . but coconut flour is 3 times more absorbent than almond flour (or other flours. So you’d likely want to adjust the amount accordingly. Also, almond flour tends to “burn” easily so watch your temp close or they may end up really dark.

      Let us all know how they turn out!

  6. I make my latkes with Jerusalem artichokes, which always are in season here right before Chanukah.

    Since the miracle involved the one and only remaining flask of pure olive oil lasting for 8 full days, till enough new oil could be gotten, we fry foods in oil on Chanukah. On the one hand, besides (usually) being a good choice, and having been the kind the miracle happened with, olive oil seems a good choice. But since it isn’t a good choice (alone) for frying, I usually combine it with canola oil…

    Originally, I think we ate ANYTHING fried in oil on Chanukah, but latkes for Ashkenazi Jews and donuts for Sefardi Jews seem most traditional. In various countries other fried foods are used. When my kids were little and we didn’t have any food issues, we made a different pancake or patty each night — together with the potato latkes and cottage cheese latkes, of course. There’s a recipe in Recipes for A Small Planet, I believe, for potato latkes enriched with skim milk powder and corn, and served with sour cream, which are delicious — for those who can still eat those things ;-) Dairy foods are also customary during Chanukah.

  7. Which variant…carrot or butternut squash…is LESS glycemic/insulin-spiking…anyone?..I’ve been fearful of cooked carrots because I have read their resulting sugar content is akin to refined white sugar or white bread!

      • Elana, can you clarify: Are these carrot latkes “close in the amount of carbs” to butternut squash latkes or to traditional potato latkes? I’m not sure which you are referring to in your comment. Thank you for wonderful recipes!

        • Devorah, thanks for your comment. Carrots and butternut squash are lower in carbohydrates than potatoes and also contain more nutrients. Here’s a breakdown for you:

          Carbs in 100g:
          Carrots 6g
          Butternut Squash 12g
          Potatoes 17g

          This is just a quick search so feel free to do more research!

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