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I’m always looking for new ways to drink my liver cleansing dandelion coffee and this Caffeine-Free Ketoccino is a warm weather winner. Made with 5 healthy ingredients –dandelion root, coconut milk, collagen protein, sunflower lecithin, and stevia, it’s heaven in a glass.

I’ve been drinking caffeine-free dandelion coffee since the mid 1990’s. That’s when I gave up the real thing. Regular coffee, and decaf, have too much caffeine for my nervous system. But dandelion coffee is totally caffeine-free, so it’s the perfect drink for me. It doesn’t give me the jitters and it’s made with liver cleansing dandelion root. Now that’s a win-win.

I call this healthy iced coffee a Ketoccino because it’s sweet and frothy, like a cappuccino, but without all of the sugar and carbs, so it’s keto. Further, my Caffeine-Free Ketoccino is packed with coconut milk and sunflower lecithin, both healthy fats that are perfect for a ketogenic diet. If you’re looking for more low-carb high-fat (LCHF) diet recipes check out my Keto Diet Recipes page!

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  1. Place tea bags in a large mug
  2. Pour hot water into mug and steep "coffee" for 5 minutes
  3. In a vitamix, puree coffee, coconut milk, collagen, lecithin, and stevia
  4. Serve

I use sunflower lecithin in this recipe because it’s a great source of phosphatidylcholine, a phospholipid that’s essential to human health. Phospholipids are a type of “lipid” which is simply a fancy word for fat. The most critical role of phospholipids is regulating the structure of the cell membrane. I’ve been researching the role of phospholipids intensively and I promise to share more on this critical fat in the near future. I can tell you now though, that if you’re eating a high-fat diet, consuming this type of fat is important since phospholipids help break down fat and make it more digestible, a very good thing for the body, and especially the brain.

I use collagen protein in this recipe because I am always looking to get more protein into my diet. Given that I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2006, and am working to rebuild the myelin sheaths that coat my nerve tissue, protein is a key building block and collagen is ideal.

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38 responses to “Caffeine-Free Ketoccino”

  1. Why do you have to use 4 tea bags/1 cup of water? That makes this a pretty expensive cup of tea, especially to have on a daily basis!

  2. Hello Elana, I just tried this Ketoccino “coffee” and it is absolutely delicious. I love the taste and smell of real coffee but for years I have done without coffee because it upsets my stomach. This is just like the real thing and I don’t have to worry about the jitters or stomach upset… thank you thank you.
    Just wondering if I can use the ground dandelion root you use in your dandelion root coffee in this recipe and what would be the equivalent in the bulk for this recipe.
    Thank you

    • Angela, thanks for your comment! I would make a cup of the Dandelion Coffee from scratch and use that in the recipe in place of the 4 bags :-)

  3. Sounds delish! I’ve been looking for a coffee substitute since coffee causes my joints to hurt but unfortunately, I get hives from dandelion tea. I also have a gluten sensitivity, any suggestions of what I could use? Thanks

  4. Thanks for the recipe, Elana! I plan on trying this tomorrow morning. I recently bought vital proteins collagen and have such a hard time consuming it. Since you mentioned you use it often, do you also notice a funky taste? I often don’t enjoy the drinks that I add it to, although I would like to use it more often for the health benefits. Is it just me that feels this way?


    • Marie, I do know the taste that you are describing, but when I use it in this drink the other flavors tend to hide it :-)

  5. Thank you Elana! I have made this everyday this week! I am always amazed by your creations – I had all these ingredients but would never thought of putting it all together. Thanks for sharing and for all that you do.

  6. Awesome Elana. You’re on the cutting edge w/ these recipes! I haven’t had cappucino in 15 years thanks to a severe coffee allergy but this dandelion tea version could be my gateway back in. Appreciate you sharing it. – ryan

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