Beef Brisket

Beef Brisket is so easy to make that it practically cooks itself. You simply throw all of the ingredients in a crockpot and a few hours later it’s done. This easy brisket recipe is a favorite paleo dinner in our family! Growing up I loved the brisket that my Bubby made. It was melt in your mouth amazing. My mother also made incredible beef brisket.

Since I started eating red meat religiously a couple of years ago (rather than every now and then) I have watched my iron levels climb to a healthy level. I was chronically anemic for years, and found from personal experience that eating red meat was the best way for me to solve this health issue.

While it is not often discussed, so many people with celiac disease and gluten intolerance suffer from anemia and low iron levels. One can supplement with iron as many doctors advised me to, however iron supplements are extremely challenging to assimilate and can cause problems of their own.

Beef Brisket

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  1. Place stock, onion, garlic, mushrooms, and carrots in crockpot
  2. Sprinkle with garlic powder, onion powder, and salt
  3. Place meat in center
  4. Turn crockpot on to low and cook for 6-8 hours
  5. Serve
I made this on Friday and there wasn’t even a sliver left after it hit the table. I dearly love this recipe, it brought me right back to my childhood!

We serve this easy Beef Brisket recipe with the following paleo side dishes:

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78 responses to “Beef Brisket”

  1. Hi Elana. I would like to try this recipe for Roshashanna but I will need to make 2 -5lb briskets. How can I do that using the slow cooker or is there another recipe you make using the oven?

    • Heather, thanks so much for your comment! I haven’t tried that so not sure. If you do experiment I hope you’ll stop back by and let me know how it turned out :-)

  2. If I want to make this recipe in my Instant Pot how much liquid or broth do you think would work well and not make it into a soup. Thanks for your recipes and your help.

  3. I made this on Friday and there wasn’t even a sliver left after it hit the table. I dearly love this recipe, it brought me right back to my childhood!

  4. hi elana
    thanks for the recipe. I followed it to a t but it came out as a soup rather than a stew. not sure what I did wrongly.

  5. Hi Elana, thanks for this mouth watering recipe. I am wondering if anything could be substituted for the mushrooms as I can’t eat them. Or maybe just leave them out?


  6. Elana,

    I am just starting on the SCD diet (recently diagnosed with Crohn’s and so hungry) and was seeking a simple and hearty stew/cholent recipe that I could put up for shabbat in a slow cooker. I am eating only soft foods so I am essentially desiring something with soft meat and vegetables.

    I would be grateful for a recommendation!

    Best of health,


    • Hi Gershson. I just made a beef stew with cranberries and veggies. Also a chicken stew w many veggies. Meats were soooo tender cause I cook them in a crock pot for 8 hours. Or you can take the meats and out in a blender then add back into crick pot. Enjoy !!

  7. I decided to use this recipe last night, did exactly as instructed …. I would NOT…. strongly would NOT recommend to use the entire onion …. It was overbearing the entire taste of meat…. I had to use a variety of sauces and other spices after finishing everything just to make it semi edible. Would try this again minus the onion

  8. I love all your recipes!!! I recently had to start cooking low sodium for my husbands heart condition, I would love to see some low sodium recipes too!! Thanks for all your great ideas!!

  9. I just threw all this in the pot with some fennel and ginger, as it was laying around… I wonder about the mushrooms, I would think they would overcook… I’ll try it, though!

  10. Way too much garlic. I cut to 3 garlic cloves and the garlic powder and it still tastes like garlic. More salt and less garlic.

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