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Raw “Tapioca” Pudding

raw tapioca pudding recipe

Chia seeds are my new favorite food!

Rich in fatty acids, these seeds contain more omega-3’s than any other vegetarian source. They are also quite high in anti-oxidants, minerals and fiber.  Further, I find that they are quite soothing for my digestive system (and I’m always looking for a boost in that realm).

I got the idea for this smooth and tasty recipe from yoga teacher extraordinaire and raw foodie, Jess Price.  I give her full credit for turning me on to both chia seeds and chia pudding.

Raw “Tapioca” Pudding


  1. Place the cashews and water in a vitamix and blend on high speed until smooth
  2. Blend in the agave, vanilla, almond extract and salt
  3. Place the chia seeds in a large mason jar (½ gallon size), pour the cashew mixture into the jar and shake well (very well!)
  4. Place in the refrigerator overnight
  5. Serve

Serves 2-4 people

When I have extra time I soak my cashews for several hours (be sure to discard the soaking water) which makes for an even richer, creamier treat.

You can also experiment by adding cinnamon, vanilla beans and other tasty enhancements to this recipe (in your desired quantity).

Another tip? I eat this for breakfast, snack or dessert.

Don’t let the fancy presentation above fool you. This delicious, nutritious pudding is ridiculously easy to prepare. Throw a bit of chia pudding into a smaller mason jar and it makes the perfect driving snack -slurp it up on your road trips.

If you venture into the land of chia seeds please let us know how you like ‘em!

Update: Per questions below, I have made this with a mixture of cashew and coconut milk and it is delicious.  I have also used chia seeds to make my morning protein shakes more rich, creamy and nutritious. This chia pudding keeps in the fridge for 2-3 days. Enjoy!

raw tapioca pudding gluten-free recipe

posted on January 23, 2009, 85 comments

  1. The Wind Attack @ windattack.com

    interesting! I saw some chia seeds when I was at whole foods last night. I’ll have to buy some next time…

  2. Erica

    How ironic is this. I was just asking the lady in the health food store today about chia seeds… she was like, I think people mix them in their yogurt… next time I go, I will pick some up! Thanks

  3. Sherene Silverberg @ homeschooledtwins.blogspot.com

    I’ve been craving the sago pudding from my youth. I could not work out what sago was. recently I discovered tapioca pudding and now realize that it’s yet another case of different country, different name. I have been trying to work out how to make a parve tapioca pud. This recipe sounds marvelous. I have made it and it’s in the fridge. Can’t wait for tomorrow am.

    Do you have any cake recipes using coconut flour that are also vegan? We love your totally wicked “cream cheese” frosting for carrot cake.

  4. ~M

    This looks fabulous! I bet a splash of coconut milk could be great too! Or cardamom! My husband just loves cardamom anything!

    How many does this serve? And how long does it last in the fridge? This looks like it would be a nutritious snack for me, and one that would really fill me up!

    I’ve also heard great things (see Mike’s “Gluten Free Blog”) about making a chia seed slurry in the Vitamix to make creamy “milkshakes” that are rich in nutrients, omegas, and fiber – and no dairy!

  5. I’ve never heard of Chia or it’s seeds, but this looks so tasty. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Emily

    This looks scrumptious!!! I have been hearing about Chia seeds for some time now, but haven’t seen them at my Co-op or Whole Foods. Where do you purchase yours?

  7. Stephanie @ glutenfreebynature @ glutenfreebynature.com

    Hi Elana,

    Wow – this looks fantastic! Can’t wait to try it. I have some chia seeds and have been wondering in what kind of fun application I could use them – I think this is it. Thanks for all of your wonderful recipes. You are so creative!

  8. Marie C

    Thank you for this healthy recipe. Which type of tapioca pearls do you use for this recipe. The big pearls or the small pudding type pearls?

  9. Oh my, what an elegant treat!! Love it.

  10. Ruth

    Has anybody tried substituting
    something else for cashews?
    My husband is allergic.



  11. gfe--gluten free easily @ glutenfreeeasily.com

    Beautiful. We have a person in our support group who often sings the praises of chia seeds. Like you, Elana, she says they really calm her digestive system. Not that long ago, she shared the following article on our group’s listserv. http://www.naturalnews.com/024955.html Per the article, like quinoa, they were a super food of ancient cultures. Sure seems like a better use than growing a head of turtle “hair” on your chia pet! LOL Seriously, I do want to get some chia seeds and try this recipe. :-)


  12. Jess

    Do the chia seeds have a similar texture to tapioca? This looks so delicious I will be making it anyway, but I was just curious.

  13. Shannon

    Chia! As in Ch-ch-ch-chia pets. I had no idea what chia was.

    I am so getting some and trying the recipe this wekend!

  14. Sherene Silverberg @ homeschooledtwins.blogspot.com

    We’ve just eaten the pudding. OMG, it is delicious. My daughter loved it so much that she’s asked for a copy of the recipe to be printed out for her recipe file. (she’s 7 years old and keeps a file of recipes that she can easily make and that she loves – it’s so cute)

  15. derj

    it looks great!!! thanks for being a experimenter!

  16. Christianne

    This looks amazing!
    Unfortunately chia seeds are not sold in Europe (they are considered a ‘novel food’, which means that european law requires proof of 35 years of safe market experience before they are allowed on the market) But on the very upside: my boyfriend who is half canadian will be visiting his family in a couple of weeks and I’ll sneak an empty suitcase in his luggage… I will definitely let you know how this works out! I had to smile at the ‘raw’in your post title :-) (after recovering from your previous one on raw food..) You are doing the most amazing thing and if you’ll ever publish a cookbook, it would be my great honor to translate it for our people here!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    xox christianne

  17. pjarvistx


    I have used chia seeds for several months in my smoothies. I let them set for a minute to soak before drinking the smoothie.
    Question – would it work to add chia seeds to your almond power bar recipe? I have heard of power bars that contained chia.
    Also, I am on a low gluten, low carb eating plan (no wheat, soy, corn or rice) but I am a Mexican food lover. I would love to have a type of tortilla that I could use in recipes. Any ideas?

  18. ~M

    pjarvistx – what about using a thin egg “crepe” instead of a tortilla? Like Heidi’s skinny omelette recipe? Just spread mashed avocado or refried beans instead of the pesto, and maybe use scallions instead of chives.

  19. Kristin

    My daughter and I just had chia “tapioca” pudding last week at our local raw food restuarant. My thought was, “wow” I’ll have to figure out how to make this.” The next day there was an email announcing your post! Thanks so much for saving me the time and effort!

  20. Emily

    Yum, morning protein shakes? I would love to see a post on how you make these!! Anything to change up my boring-same-old breakfast!

  21. Margo

    How much chia per day do you need for it to be effective.

    Thanks Margo

  22. Theresa Watson

    I made this last night and just had some for lunch. I substituted one cup of the water with low fat coconut milk and added some pumpkin pie spice — it came out wonderful. The chia seeds are so wonderfully calming to my stomach — Thank you Thank you!!! I am definitely going to double the recipe next time. One question, if I use almond milk instead of the water should I omit the cashews?

    Have you ever added the chia seeds to cookies or in any of your baking?

    Can’t wait for your book to be released! Dying to get my hands on your scone recipes!!

    Love & Laughter,
    Theresa Watson
    Merritt Island, Florida 75 degrees and sunny (sorry I couldn’t resist)

    Thanks Elana for another wonderful recipe.

  23. The Wind Attack -Thanks for your comment!

    Erica -How funny!

    Sherene -That’s a lovely coincidence, isn’t it? I’m glad you decided to make this recipe! Unfortunately, I do not have any coconut flour cake recipes that are vegan. Thanks for your feedback regarding my “cream cheese” frosting recipe!

    ~M -Thank you! I bet your coconut milk and cardamom additions would be delicious. This recipe serves 2-4 people.

    Hayley -Thanks for commenting!

    Emily -Thanks! I buy my chia seeds from my local health food store, Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers. You can also buy them online.

    Stephanie -I’m happy to offer this recipe as an application for your
    chia seeds :-)

    Marie -Thanks for your comment. I don’t use tapioca pearls for this recipe. The “pearls” that you see in the photo are chia seeds.

    VeggieGirl -Love your comments!  Hope school is going well :-)

    Ruth -You could try using almond milk with a splash of coconut milk. I’m not sure what the results would be so it would take a little experimentation. You could also try posting this question in my forums.

    Shirley -Great article! I have been on a chia seed kick for a while now. Thanks!

    Jess -There are some similarities in texture, however chia seeds offer more when it comes to nutrition.

    Shannon -Chia!  I hope you are able to try this recipe this weekend. Thanks!

    Sherene -Thanks for sharing! I’m glad you and your daughter liked it. That IS so cute! :-)

    derj -Thank you!

    Christianne -That’s too bad :-( although, It is always nice to have connections overseas! I look forward to hearing about your results after making this recipe. The ‘raw’ reference in this post is purely coincidence, I swear! Thank you SO much for your comments. My first cookbook will be out this fall! If I need a translator I will be sure to contact you :-) xxoo

    pjarvistx -You could definitely experiment and try adding chia seeds to my Power Bar recipe. Try posting in my forums as well. I don’t have any low carb, gluten free tortilla recipes, sorry. One of my regular readers did however respond to your inquiry above. Thanks for your comment.

    ~M -Thanks for the help.

    Kristin -Awesome! Glad I could help!

    Emily -Thanks for your suggestion! I will definitely consider posting a morning protein chia shake on my site.

    Margo -I’m not sure I could answer this for you. It’s really dependent on your own diet/body. I use a couple of tablespoons of chia seeds every day or two, or whenever I’m in the mood to eat them.

    Theresa -Your version sounds delicious!  Yes, when using almond milk, omit the cashews.  Right now I’m very into the raw chia (love the taste and more available nutrients, I think) though I have thought of using them for cookies and a couple of people here asked about adding them to the power bar recipe.  There’s just something about soaking them though, that I prefer for now.

  24. Eva

    This was really wild that you put this recipe on the day that I got my nut milk bag in the mail. In that package was a sample of chia seeds. I just didn’t get what they were except to put them on one of those animal shaped pottery thingies. After I had made the almond milk (no cashews on board), and my son flat out rejected it, I decided I was the one that needed to consume it. I decided to follow your “tapioca” pudding recipe. I really enjoyed it, but the chia seeds stuck together in clumps. Did I do something wrong or is this normal? It didn’t matter either way because it was still great.

  25. Beth

    I made this last night and it is sitting in my fridge for my after work snack.
    Can’t wait to try it.

    The second time I made your power bar recipe, I was out of flax seeds, so I used the chia seeds instead. It turned out great, and now I use chia seeds all the time for that recipe.

  26. ~M

    Beth – just to verify, when you make elana’s powerbars subbing chia, do you:
    – use an equal amount of chia instead of flaxseeds?
    – use the chia seeds dry (instead of soaking them)?

    Do you grind the dry seeds in the blender/food processor or what?


  27. Emily

    I think I am being tricked again! At Whole Foods I found “Salba” I looked at the bag and thought, aren’t these chia seeds? No where on the bag was the word chia but I remember from searching them online the name was the same, or so I thought. The bag was small, I can’t remember the weight (maybe 1 pound or less), but it cost $17!! Your linked chia seeds are $6.45!
    So I wrote down the website and found this on their webpage:

    Any thoughts? Think this is a marketing scam?

  28. Eva -Your comment made me laugh hysterically, the part about “animal shaped pottery thingies.” No, you did not do anything wrong, this happens to me sometimes and the way to remedy it is to shake more vigorously when you combine the chia with the liquid. Let me know if this helps in your quest for lumpless pudding.

    Beth -Thanks for the chia news regarding the Power Bar recipe.

    Emily -Great detective work. Yes, salba is a type of chia. By the way, I purchase mine at Vitamin Cottage for $1 per pound! Take care and keep up the good work.

  29. Emily, I found white chia seeds at Whole Foods last night – the stocker had to go in back to get them b/c there were none on the shelf – they were about $7 for 8 ounces. I am going to try them with almond milk, and, if it goes well, I’ll be looking for more chia seeds at Vitamin Cottage in the future…

  30. Theresa Watson

    Ok — so this is my new favorite recipe. Lately, there are very few things that I can eat, but this is so soothing. Originally I gave up wheat and dairy and felt so much better, however, six months later and I am now sensitive to so many other things (beans, certain spices, corn, the list keeps growning).

    I made this recipe again using 2 cups of unsweetened almond milk,1 cup of coconut milk, 3 tblsp agave, 1 tbls cinnamon (I love the combination of cocoa and cinnamon), 1 tblsp of cocoa, 1 tblsp vanilla and 1/4 cup chia seeds. It didn’t thicken like the original recipe but it made a wonderful thick shake lunch/snack. Very soothing and satisfying — keeps me full for several hours.

    I am going to experiment with a pumpkin pie version this weekend. I will share my results next week.

    Thank you for the original recipe which is also magnificent!!!

    Elena, on a separate note, could you please share what vitamin/mineral supplements if any, you take. I am concerned that maybe I am not getting enough nutrients from my diet due to my recent restrictions, which keeps growing. I take several supplements but wonder if there is something specific that celiacs lack.

    Thanks again for always answering all of our emails — you are a very busy lady and very inspiring as well,

    Theresa Watson
    Merritt Island, FL

  31. Theresa Watson

    Hi Again Elena,

    You mentioned that you bought your chia seeds at Vitamin Cottage for $1 a pound — do you have some type of deal with them because I called them and they said it was $10.73 a pound. I paid $17 from Greens Plus. Since I find these seeds so soothing, I know that I want to always have a supply on hand. Do you know of any other suppliers that charge a little less.

    Thanks again,

  32. Beatrice -Thanks for your comment. I think your price sounds right on. I was originally incorrect about the price of the seeds I purchase at Vitamin Cottage, they actually cost around $6-7 per pound.

    Theresa -If the recipe doesn’t thicken up to a pudding consistency, just shake in a few more seeds; sometimes I have to do that. Per your question about supplements, I’m really not qualified to answer that, though any good nutritionist could. I can tell you however, that I am sure to take the following regularly: a probiotic, digestive enzyme, vitamin D, COQ10 and some type of fish oil. All of those to aid digestion and reduce inflammation (important for any auto-immune condition IMHO). Oh, and as you can see above, i totally misread the price the first time I purchased these –sorry ’bout that :-(

  33. Margaret @ chiativity.org

    I’ve just published your recipe and photo on my website (with attribution and links). I hope that’s ok.

    Your readers are already very knowledgeable about chia seeds, but if they want to know more (including info about the pottery that grows), they should visit my website: http://www.chiativity.org


  34. Margaret,

    Thanks for providing all of us with the link to your site –I LOVE the chia head!!! Brilliant.


  35. Theresa Watson

    Elana and Readers,

    If you visit the site Chiactivity listed above, follow the link to Where To Buy Chia and then to Raw Food World. They have 5 lb bags of Chia seeds for $32.95 plus shipping — it comes out to about $8 a pound. (They have one pound bags also) This is the lowest price I have been able to find even with my wholesale license. They also have good prices on Agave.

    Chia Away —
    Theresa Watson
    Merritt Island

  36. That looks so interesting! I’ve been wanting to get soem chia seeds to try in place of flax in baked goods but this recipe sold me. I have to try some now!

  37. Ruth

    I found some Chia seeds at Whole Foods for about $7 per 8 ounces. I wanted to try them out before purchasing a large amount (to justify S&H) on the internet. I was pleasantly surprised!! I think these might become a staple. I’ve been craving “goo” for awhile, and this seems to fill the bill.

    QUESTION: I had a glass last night at about 7pm, and woke up fairly wide awake at 2am. Has anyone else had this reaction after a night-cap of chia?? (Or maybe that was stress.)

    I made this with hazelnut milk (Elena’s recipe, substitute hazelnuts for almonds) and some coconut milk. (I come here because of my allergies, not because of celiac. I need to vary my diet a bit so that I don’t develop allergies to daily-consumed items. I try to make hazelnut milk instead of almond approximately every 4th week, and give my body a break from all the almonds.) (I’m allergic to bananas, so I can’t use hardly any of the recipes from chiativity.)

    I’m intrigued by the cocoa/cinnamon combos listed here. Yes, these will be a staple.

    Looking forward to more chia-recipes here!!!


  38. Adrianna

    Made the chia pudding last night and loved it! I replaced the agave with stevia and also added a dash or two of cardamom.

    My one question/concern with this recipe and the other recipes containing almond and/or coconut flour is: what about the high levels of fat?

  39. I’ve really enjoyed experimenting with the chia. I’ve found that 3 cups almond milk plus 1/4 cup chia makes a nice drink, and 1 cup almond milk plus 1/4 cup chia makes a thicker brew that requires a spoon. I like adding a little vanilla or rosewater to the almond milk.

  40. Theresa -Thanks!

    Maggie -Glad you find it interesting and please let me know how the chia in baked goods turns out.

    Ruth -I have a chia nightcap every evening before bed and haven’t experienced any stimulating effects thus far.

    Adrianna -There are several studies by highly esteemed medical journals (which you can find online) that state the fat in almonds is “good” fat that lowers cholesterol, controls appetite and has numerous other benefits. I think almonds are great and an essential source of important nutrients.

    Beatrice -Yes, when I want a thicker dessert I reduce the ratio of liquid to chia seeds. Love your addition of rosewater –so creative.

  41. Szuchi

    I am wondering how much we need to “chew” the chia in the pudding? I think I saw you use the word “slurp”. Thanks

  42. Theresa Watson

    Dear Elana,

    I promised to report on my experiment with pumpkin and chia — well it didn’t turn out so well. I used canned pumpkin (which I rather not use but fresh pumpkin is not in season) with vanilla almond milk and a few almonds and vanilla, chia seeds, some spices — well the color was a little repulsive — didn’t taste that great either. The ultimate test was on my husband who is very supportive and eats just about anything I make — not this one — he said it looked like something you would find in a diaper and wouldn’t even try it. Thought you would get a chuckle from this — I am going to wait until next pumpkin season to continue this experiment.

    Also, found a great website http://www.nutsonline.com that has great prices on chia seeds, nuts, and they have these wonderful vegie chips for those of us who desire to “crunch”. The shipment arrives in three days — wonderful customer service.

    Thanks for the wonderful chocolate covered cherry recipe — can’t wait to try it.

    Theresa Watson
    Merritt Island, Fl

  43. Szuchi -Well, you are correct, I do say, “slurp,” as well as “eat.” Regardless, of what it is, I was taught to chew my food 40 times before swallowing it to aid in the digestive process. I was also taught that digestion starts in the mouth. I hope this answers your question. Of course, I think it is great for everyone to chew as much or as little as they feel comfortable :-)

    Theresa -Your comment is hilarious, poor hubby. Please keep me posted on how your chia-pumpkin quest goes next season :-)

  44. Ruth

    Elena…I know you are “anti-canned” because of BPA’s. And now so am I (knew to avoid plastic, didn’t know about canned goods).

    Anyway, the only coconut milk (natural) that I can find at Whole Foods is canned. Do you buy yours in cans or bottles? (PLEASE don’t tell me you go out and buy coconuts and crack them yourself :-)

    I now make coconut-milk yogurt and use coconut milk in my (now compulsive) chia-shakes, so I can’t ignore the monkey on my back that says I need to get a non-canned source.



  45. Ruth,

    Great question. I used to get my coconut milk in tetra packs which I think are OK. Since it is no longer sold that way I unfortunately do purchase it in cans.


  46. Has anybody tried making their own coconut milk? I have meant to try the “dessicated” recipe on this site but I haven’t taken the plunge yet. I wonder how it compares, since I don’t want the kind with gums added and stuff.


  47. Susan,

    What a great question. This would be perfect for the forums.


  48. Ruth

    Does one buy dessicated coconut at a store like Whole Foods??

  49. I think most unsweetened coconut is dessicated. You can get unsweetened coconut at Whole Foods.

  50. Ruth

    OK, here’s what I’ve gravitated to. I work, so I need something that’s speedy, doesn’t require refrigeration. And I don’t have time to make another batch of almond milk every week just for my chia seeds (allergic to cashews).

    1/2+ cup water
    1 T chia seeds
    1/8 t Vitamin C crystals

    Add chia seeds to water, whisk, wait 15 minutes,
    whisk again, add Vitamin C crystals, drink when you can. The protein+Vitamin C burst is perfect for those with stress/adrenal issues.

    The Vitamin C adds a “tartness” to the drink. The Vitamin C does *not* work well with coconut milk. (Haven’t tried adding Agave Nectar or sea salt yet, as I really like the tartness.)


  51. cate

    I just recently got into Chia Seeds- sooo healthy. A coule people mentioned in thier comments a Chia Nightcap-Do tell! Water and Chia seeds? How much?


  52. Shannon

    Hi Elana! I’m relatively new to the gluten-free community and even more so to the baking/cooking one (lol), so you have no idea how much your website has helped me – so many great recipes! I love this one but wanted to try it with almond milk to make it a little less watery-tasting. I noticed you told another poster to omit the cashews… now this is a stupid question I’m sure, but how do you make it thicken if its just almond milk and chia seeds? Like I said, new to this… :-) Thanks, looking forward to hearing your answer so I can try it again!

  53. Dana

    **Amazing!!!** This was my first recipe with chia seeds. Make a double recipe, this stuff will go fast!!!

  54. We made this recipe last night and it’s all gone today…my family and friends loved it! I’ve never used chia seeds before so this was a new experience. Thanks for the adventure!!

  55. So glad to hear that everyone is enjoying this. It is one of my faves!

  56. Vanessa

    Oh wow. I’m living in a student dorm room for the summer for a language course with very limited access to the fresh healthy foods I’m accustomed to, and this recipe has saved my life! I shake up the seeds with almond milk and some honey, put it in my tiny refrigerator, and there’s breakfast. I can’t wait to get back home to my kitchen to make the classier version from your recipe. Thank you for all that you do, Elana. You’re helping so many people.

  57. ~M

    Does anyone know whether brands are important for chia seeds? I see many brands on amazon, at different price points, so I’d like to know if there is a quality difference or something specific to look for?

  58. I adore chia pudding. The version on my blog uses only soymilk, but I bet coconut milk would be divine! (Though soymilk allows for different flavors. . .strawberry chia pudding is an all-time favorite). Your photo is gorgeous! :)

  59. Faith

    Whole Foods brand of Coconut milk does contain BPA in the cans. The Native Forest Brand does not. I have emailed both companies. I just found this site which lists many different brands and whether or not they use BPA tainted cans.

  60. will

    i had just learned of the chia seed a few months ago and i soak my chia seeds in water and drink them just like that, but i have been thinking about doing something like this for the past couple days because i always really liked tapioca and rice pudding so i googled it and found this site. i cant wait to make some it sounds amazing!!

  61. Lydia

    I like to make a version of this with blended banana. Then you don’t need the agave. It’s also good with of course, chocolate. and other spices, such as ginger!

  62. I recently made your recipe (but didn’t add the coconut milk, since it wasn’t printed on the actual ingredients). Would you add the coconut in place of water? I don’t have a Vitamix blender, so used my Kitchen Aid. Would you recommend a food processor? My cashew milk seemed to separate a bit….even though I pre-soaked the nuts for a few hours before making. Would that matter on the separation of the cashews (very, very small bits) and liquid? I read all the comments and noted adding more chia seeds next time will thicken it, mine was liquid the first time around. Enjoying this raw, healthy alternatives in my life.

  63. Kendra

    Oh! I’m so glad I saw this post. I mix almond milk with blueberries and mango’s, now I can use chia seeds to make it even healthier. This past month we have had health challenges and your recipes are the answer to a healthier lifestyle. I can now share your recipes with my family and friends.

  64. Marian

    There is a little video here http://www.freecoconutrecipes.com/recipe_HomemadeCoconutMilk.htm that shows how to make your own coconut milk. Hope that helps.

  65. EVA

    Love the flavor – it was a bit thin – so i added more cashews as I like things thick and creamy – i realize that it will thicken overnight too.

    It came out rich and delish – I still have to let it sit overnight – can’t wait!!!!

    YUM – thanks for sharing!

    Live Well,


  66. Kyle Berube @ kyleberube.com

    Found this recipe through Laura Jane over at The RAWtarian dotCOM
    She was inspired by you to share.

    I whipped up a batch and drank it with a straw. It gave me the energy equivalent of 2 Bananas and 1 fresh coconut. I surfed for 2 hours and never felt a loss of energy.

    Great stuff!


  67. debbie

    where do you buy chia seeds?

  68. renee DV

    I made this over the weekend and brought some to work. Everyone loved it and never would have guessed it was dairy free had I not mentioned it. Next time I won’t share though, it was way too yummy!

  69. suzanne thune

    why do you suggest to throw out the soaking water?

  70. Hello Elana!
    I make a ‘breakfast mix’ with chia seeds. I have the recipe posted on my blog. http://honeyfromflintyrocks.wordpress.com/2011/07/14/breakfast-mix-gluten-free-dairy-free-grain-free-and-raw/

    I love that the chia thickens up the mix, and gives it one powerful nutrition punch to boot! I purchase my chia seeds in bulk from Azure… usually in 5 pound increments.
    ~Mrs. R

  71. Reginald Fairchild

    Your recipes are the greatest, aboslutely amazing! They have changed our household’s way of cooking & eating. The sesame kelp noodles are the best! THANK YOU for all you do, my abundant gratitude!

  72. Tigerlily @ catgirljourney.com

    i love chia seeds by the spoonful- chew on them long enough to crunch them up and they begin to taste like oatmeal.

  73. Jessica Tonner

    First off, I love you recipe’s. I tried to go Paleo a year ago and failed, mostly because the recipes I was using didn’t taste good and I just could’t stick to it with all this “icky” food. So thank you for posting stuff I can enjoy!

    So my question is: Have you tried this recipe with any other nuts? I am violently allergic to Cashews and pistachio’s, but no other nuts, and was wondering if knew of an alternate nut that would still work in this recipe before I go buying a bunch of nuts. Thank you!

  74. If I wanted to make this a chocolate chia pudding, how much cacao should I use?

    I LOVE chia pudding!

  75. This looks good. I have recently been making chia pudding using frozen berries and coconut milk. I will be trying this version soon.

  76. Minnie@thelady8home @ thelady8home.com

    Never tried chia seeds. This looks very appealing.

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