Chia Pudding

Chia seeds are a wonderful food, and healthy Chia Pudding is a fabulous breakfast, as well as a great snack! Rich in fatty acids, chia seeds contain more omega-3’s than any other vegetarian source. They are also quite high in anti-oxidants, minerals and fiber.  Further, I find that they are quite soothing for my digestive system (and I’m always looking for a boost in that realm).

I got the idea for this smooth and tasty recipe from yoga teacher extraordinaire and raw foodie, Jess Price.  I give her full credit for turning me on to both chia seeds and chia pudding.

Chia Pudding

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Servings 2 -4 people



  • Place the cashews and water in a vitamix and blend on high speed until smooth
  • Blend in the honey, vanilla, and salt
  • Place the chia seeds in a large mason jar (½ gallon size), pour the cashew mixture into the jar and shake well (very well!)
  • Place in the refrigerator overnight
  • Serve
Prep Time 10 mins
Total Time 10 mins
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When I have extra time I soak my cashews for several hours (be sure to discard the soaking water) which makes for an even richer, creamier treat. You can also experiment by adding cinnamon, vanilla beans, and other tasty enhancements to this recipe (in your desired quantity).

Don’t let the fancy presentation above fool you. This delicious, nutritious pudding is ridiculously easy to prepare. Throw a bit of chia pudding into a smaller mason jar and it makes the perfect driving snack –ideal for slurpping up on road trips.

If you venture into the land of chia seeds and healthy Chia Pudding please let us know how you like ’em!

Update: Per questions below, I have made this with a mixture of cashew and coconut milk and it is delicious.  I have also used chia seeds to make my morning protein shakes more rich, creamy and nutritious. This chia pudding keeps in the fridge for 2-3 days. Enjoy!


106 responses to “Chia Pudding”

  1. Has anyone tried making this with walnuts or pecans? I’m allergic to almonds and am supposed to eat cashews sparingly.

  2. eeeek! Made it with almonds and almond milk……….. it came out (?) (searching for words – hahahaaa) I would like to say “special”. It was not bad, but it was not good either. Well I will try it again. But then I will do the original cashew version.

  3. It looks very good, but I’ve never been a fan of tapioca pudding. Have you ever tried to grind the chia seeds before to get a smooth pudding?

  4. Hi, I just made this but the consistency wasn’t like pudding — it was thinner than pudding. Is this correct? Thanks

    • Karen, if you leave the pudding in the refrigerator overnight and use full fat coconut milk it will thicken up to the consistency of pudding.

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