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Marcona Almond Mayonnaise

marcona almond mayonnaise

This vegan mayonnaise has quickly become a family favorite.  I based the idea on a recipe I found in an old issue of Martha Stewart Living.  I happened upon an interesting recipe for a peanut salad dressing, made several adaptations until I ended up (somewhat accidentally) with this scrumptious gluten free, egg-free vegan mayo which is delicious on my Kaleslaw.

Marcona Almond Mayonnaise


  1. Pour vinegar and agave into vitamix and puree on high speed for 20 seconds until combined
  2. With motor running on medium or high, drizzle in olive oil to create an emulsion
  3. Don’t worry, if you don’t get the emulsification, the almonds will thicken up your mixture
  4. Blend in 2 tablespoons of almonds, then check for thickness and texture
  5. If necessary, blend in another tablespoon of almonds, until thick and creamy
  6. Serve with sandwiches, burgers and salads

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posted on January 8, 2010, 40 comments

  1. Linda- Kitchen Therapy @ blog.kitchentherapy.us

    I’ll have to get a Vita-Mix one of these days. This mayo looks too good to pass up.

    We watch Zorba Paster’s segments on our local news show. An interesting guy, he is a foodie, and a personal friend of the Dalai Lama.

  2. This actually looks good! When I saw the title I was skeptical. I might try this using honey instead and normal almonds.

  3. Elana,
    Is there a difference in taste or texture between Marcona almonds & regular almonds?
    I know the Marcona almonds are from Spain so maybe (and hopefully) these are truly raw almonds (they’re not so obsessed with pasteurization in Europe).
    I found unpasteurized raw Italian almonds and taste wise it’s like night & day! These are more flavorful and they almost smell like almond extract!

    Thanks ;).

  4. Kara

    Happy New Year!

    I love your recipes. Thank you so much for them.

    One question though, could you let us know the yield of the recipes you post?

    I made the cinnamon muffins last week and just guessed that the recipe would yield 12.

    However with this mayo recipe- looks really delish –

    I’d really like to know how much it makes.

    This way I can adjust the ingredient portions depending on how much I need to make.

    And… do you soak the almonds (6-8 hours) before adding them to the recipe?

    … and to Linda, yeah – the Vita-Mix is awesome! You can do so much with it. Well worth the investment. :-)

    Thanks again! So glad you’re here!

  5. einat

    Hi! Thanks for this and all the other wonderful recipes you share here. How long does this mayonnaise keep in the refrigerator?

  6. Cindy

    Can this be made with another type of nut? I’m thinking of macadamias.

  7. Hmm, it’s on my list to try and make homemade mayo. Maybe once I conquer the classic version I’ll whip up this too! Thanks for the recipe!

  8. Nancy

    Can this be made with regular almonds?

  9. Very, very cool. I second Nancy’s question – can this be made with regular almonds? Looks tasty!

  10. I just made this recipe—and it turned out great. I was actually shocked at how close to regular mayonnaise it turned out. I suspect that the marcona almonds help provide body, without the raw flavor of raw almonds, and without the fiber and texture of the skin. Not something I’d eat as a dip, but it spreads and tastes beautiful on a sandwich. Lovely. I would next time, double the recipe so the Vitamix can blend it better.

  11. Enid Lemley

    Thank you so much. Am allergic to veganase due to the soy. I can make this easily. Again, thank you for all you give us.

  12. Jenn AKA The Leftover Queen @ leftoverqueen.com

    I love marcona almonds! This looks like a yummy spread!

  13. Robbie

    Hello! I’ve been visiting your website for about six months now and enjoy it tremendously. I just made the pumpkin pie muffins and they were delicious! Here’s my question: Do you limit the number of muffins your children eat? The recipe made 12 small muffins. I told my family we would eat two each at breakfast. Well, after they devoured their two muffins, they were looking for something else to eat! I have a fourteen year-old boy and an eleven year-old girl, both very active with good appetites.

    I suggested to them that as these are very nutrient dense muffins, let’s wait and see if we are actually hungry after 20 minutes or so, or if we just want more because they are so tasty. I also suggested if they need something else, grab some fruit or eggs.

    I’m interested in your comments. Thanks so much for the incredible website!

  14. Lauren @ celiacteen.com

    Mmm! What a fun idea =D. It sounds delicious!

  15. Diane

    Do you store this in the fridge? How long does it keep? Thanks

  16. Alex

    2 to 4 tablespoons of almonds? How many almonds fit in a tablespoon, two?

  17. this mayo looks really good! I’ll have to give it a try!

  18. Rachel @ bb4wa.com

    I recently bought a VitaMix so I decided to try this mayo recipe. It was easy to make but there was way too strong of a vinegar taste for me and my husband and it was too thick, not a mayo texture, with 2 tablespoons of almonds (maybe I blended it a little too long making this happen), I added some Almond Oil to it as I had run out of Olive Oil which made it a mayo texture and toned the vinegar flavor down a bit. I will make it again, but use less vinegar next time. I’m using it in a broccoli and brussel sprout slaw today.

  19. Thanks for this recipe! I’ve been avoiding all vinegar, so I’ve been making my own mayo using lemon juice, but I get paranoid about raw eggs in mayo after a few days of it in the fridge, even though I’m pretty sure all that oil prevents any nasties from growing in there. So this is a great non-perishable recipe.

    I used regular almonds, and blanched them first. I don’t have a vita mix, so I blended the almonds, lemon juice, agave (and 1/4 t salt) to as smooth as I could get it. (I may try cashews next time as they are softer). I emulsified in 1/2 cup sunflower oil and 1/4 cup olive oil. It is so good, I couldn’t stop “tasting” it. :) The sweetness from the agave reminded me of miracle whip, in a good way, though I might take it down next time. Anyway, tasty stuff! I plan to mix in some braggs and dip artichokes into it, and I also made some herby green goddess dressing. (I’ll post the link for these when I blog them.)

    Thanks again for a brilliant recipe!

  20. Donna

    I am truly grateful for the work you put into this awesome website and recipes.

    Please tell us how long this mayonnaise lasts. Looks like I’ll have to try the marcona almonds

  21. Milton James @ almondsarenotvegan.com

    Not quite vegan, but looks good for gluten-free!

  22. cathy

    hi! thanks for the awesome recipe. i have a quick question. can i use a regular blender instead of a Vitamix? thanks!

  23. cathy

    hi! i have another question. i tried to find raw macarona almonds, but i could only find roasted and salted macarona almonds. is it ok to use this kind? if not, where can i find macarona almonds? thanks!

  24. Just wanted to let you know that I made this in an Oster blender, using cashews instead of the almonds. It looks like it worked. I should know by tomorrow. But as of now, I have mayonnaise.

  25. Wow, this made me very happy. I may have used too many almonds, it’s a little stiff not creamy like the picture. But it was delicious in a salad made with thinly sliced celery, fennel bulb, kalamata olives and parmesan cheese.

  26. Rachel

    I use cashew butter which is very smooth already and no blender required. I use lemon juice and/or ascorbic acid for tartness. A little bit of mustard powder sometimes. Good base for dips.

  27. Mark @ i-net.com.au

    I have tried many times to be a vegan but I end up disappointing myself. I think I will try one more last time with your vegan mayonnaise, it really looks yummy!

  28. Belle

    Hey Elana,

    Normally I soak all my nuts and seeds before I eat them to remove the phytic acid. Do you use soaked almonds in this recipe or dry almonds? I’ve tried thickening things with even soaked almonds before (soups) in my vitamix but in my experience the almonds do not become smooth and leave a grittiness even after tons and tons of blending. Cashews seem to work much better in this regard. Is there something different about marcona almonds specifically that makes them better suited to becoming creamy when blended?


  29. Kris

    Since almond flour is just ground up almonds, couldn’t you use almond flour to make this if you were going to substitute regular almonds for marcona almonds anyway? Am I missing something?

  30. Ruth

    Just made this, using lemon juice instead of vinegar (due to brewer’s yeast allergy). FANTASTIC with tuna.
    Used it on a baked potato for lunch today. My husband agreed it might even make a good steak butter.

    Next time I’m going to experiment with a little mustard powder, as it’s hard to find a mustard that yeast-free.

    THANK YOU Elena!

    This recipe definitely goes in my “Frequent Use” notebook as of now.

  31. JT

    Who would have thought this Almond Mayonnaise would work, well, I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked it. I don’t know what Marcona Almonds are so I used plain almonds with skins. The taste is sharp with the cider vinegar, sweet with the agave, creaminess plus thickness with the almonds. Unbelievable. I make my own egg mayo and I liked this one a lot. It was thicker than I wanted so I just added water and it was good. I would think one could play around with it by adding mustard or using rice vinegar if the cider is too strong. Without a raw egg in the mix it will last longer in the fridge. Well done Elana.

  32. Dianne

    Would you happen to have a condiment recipe that is similar to taste as
    “Miracle Whip” without all the not-so-good-for-you ingredients?

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