Marcona Almond Mayonnaise


This vegan mayonnaise has quickly become a family favorite.  I based the idea on a recipe I found in an old issue of Martha Stewart Living.  I happened upon an interesting recipe for a peanut salad dressing, made several adaptations until I ended up (somewhat accidentally) with this scrumptious gluten free, egg-free vegan mayo which is delicious on my Kaleslaw.

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  1. Pour vinegar and agave into vitamix and puree on high speed for 20 seconds until combined
  2. With motor running on medium or high, drizzle in olive oil to create an emulsion
  3. Don't worry, if you don't get the emulsification, the almonds will thicken up your mixture
  4. Blend in 2 tablespoons of almonds, then check for thickness and texture
  5. If necessary, blend in another tablespoon of almonds, until thick and creamy
  6. Serve with sandwiches, burgers and salads

I have a couple of radio interviews coming up in support of my gluten free cookbook, The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook. The first is tomorrow (January 9th) at 8:30am (MT) with John Walters on The Food Dude Show (1450 WHLL in Massachusetts). The next one is on January 12th and it’s with Zorba Paster and Tom Clarke on the Zorba Paster on Your Health program, Wisconsin Public Radio at 9:15am (MT).

There is no Nutrition Label for this recipe yet.


41 responses to “Marcona Almond Mayonnaise”

  1. Would you happen to have a condiment recipe that is similar to taste as
    “Miracle Whip” without all the not-so-good-for-you ingredients?

  2. Who would have thought this Almond Mayonnaise would work, well, I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked it. I don’t know what Marcona Almonds are so I used plain almonds with skins. The taste is sharp with the cider vinegar, sweet with the agave, creaminess plus thickness with the almonds. Unbelievable. I make my own egg mayo and I liked this one a lot. It was thicker than I wanted so I just added water and it was good. I would think one could play around with it by adding mustard or using rice vinegar if the cider is too strong. Without a raw egg in the mix it will last longer in the fridge. Well done Elana.

  3. Just made this, using lemon juice instead of vinegar (due to brewer’s yeast allergy). FANTASTIC with tuna.
    Used it on a baked potato for lunch today. My husband agreed it might even make a good steak butter.

    Next time I’m going to experiment with a little mustard powder, as it’s hard to find a mustard that yeast-free.

    THANK YOU Elena!

    This recipe definitely goes in my “Frequent Use” notebook as of now.

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