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How to Make Lemonade

how to make lemonade

Have you ever wondered how to make lemonade? It seems like such a simple thing. Until you actually try to do it. Making lemonade from scratch is fantastic for a bunch of reasons.

First, it tastes incredible. There’s nothing like freshly squeezed juice from real lemons. Making your own also allows you to avoid the nasty chemicals and preservatives in store bought lemonade. However, the biggest reason I like to make homemade lemonade is to avoid the sugar in the store bought stuff.

Since the boys were little I’ve been making this homemade lemonade recipe with a mere three ingredients –lemons, stevia, and water. As I mentioned in my When Things Fall Apart post, I’ve cut back on my intake of sweets. With summer heating up I’ve been making several pitchers of lemonade for myself and the boys each week. As a parent of teenagers who are increasingly on their own and free to make independent food choices I enjoy getting something healthy into them as often as possible!

Lemons are incredibly healthy and full of amazing phyto-nutrients. They are also a great source of Vitamin C, one of the most important antioxidants around. Further, lemon juice is very alkaline, balancing the pH of the body, and it is also incredibly helpful to the immune system.

How to Make Lemonade


  • 2 quarts water
  • 1 cup lemon juice
  • ½ teaspoon stevia
  1. In a large pitcher combine water, lemon juice, and stevia
  2. Serve over ice
  3. Garnish with herbs of your choice if desired

Serves 4

For the best flavor result in this lemonade recipe be sure to use a brand of stevia that is of excellent quality. My preference is NuNaturals stevia, which is linked in the recipe above. I cannot consistently find it at the grocery stores in my area, so I purchase it online.

If you really want to know how to make lemonade like a pro, you’ll need the handy dandy tool in the photo below. It’s fantastic for juicing lemons easily. To maximize juice output from the lemons I not only cut them in half, but cut the tip off of each end of the lemon so that there are more areas for the juice to exit when I squeeze them.

citrus juicer

Homemade lemonade is the perfect low-carb treat for my family. What’s your favorite summer drink? How do you keep cool and cut down on your sugar intake? Do you avoid natural sweeteners such as honey, maple syrup, and coconut sugar?

posted on August 15, 2014, 17 comments

  1. Danielle @ Chits and Chats and Chocolate @ chitsandchatsandchocolate.blogspot.com

    Thanks for these ratios! I make lemonade with these ingredients all the time, but I always add too much or too little stevia!

  2. Catherine @ Chocolate and Vegetables @ gravatar.com/catherineshields

    A friend has a super productive lemon tree right now and keeps giving me his excess–I was just thinking it might be time to figure out lemonade!

  3. I make it by the glass several times a day. Keeping a lemon squeezer and a bowl of lemons on the counter along with a bottle of stevia, makes it convenient. 1 small lemon (or 2 key limes), juiced + 3 drops of stevia (I like mine not too sweet) and 16 oz water. Daily fun.

  4. Christiana Hancox

    Thank you for all your wonderful recipes – I use them almost every day and refer people to your blog constantly.

    I think you are supposed to put the lemon in the handy dandy tool the other way, so that the cut face of the lemon is against the holes. It seems counter-intuitive, but when you squeeze, the lemon turns inside out, and all the juice is extracted. I too, cut the tip off the lemon, so that the rounded shape of the tool sits more easily before squeezing! Anyway, that’s the way I use it, and can’t wait to try the recipe – having the lemons and the tool to hand.

  5. Cheryl Spencer @ gravatar.com/cherylspenc

    Just a note, the Stevia brand you link to seems to have changed its formulation recently. There are a number of negative reviews on Amazon like “PRODUCT FORMULA HAS CHANGED and is now disgusting” I am not sure how accurate this is, since I haven’t purchased this brand. But I though you should know that the bad reviews are out there.

  6. jimlee

    Thank you for sharing your recipes with me. Jim Lee

  7. Jen

    Any ideas on how to make this strawberry lemonade? I know that would be a bit around here….


  8. Susan

    I just bought the same lemon juicer tool…and made a pitcher of lemonade….I did not use a sweetener but added a handful of mint from my garden. Left it overnight for a great marriage of lemon and mint. Yum. Also, I use the juicer as you do but put the squeezed lemon back in again facing the other way and get a little more juice out.

  9. Kelly

    Hint. The cut side of the lemon (middle) should be facing the holes, not opposite.


  10. M Khan

    I want to get on the GrainFree diet as soon as possible?.
    Please let me know what is the best bread maker that I should purchase. There are too many listed on Amazon

  11. Marg

    Stevia is illegal to use in Canada. Not approved by environment canada for import.


  12. gail

    Anyone concerned that this tool is made from aluminum?

  13. sassybites @ sassybites.com.au

    Using a soda stream or old-school soda fountain would make a delicious fizzy version of this!

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