Almond Pulp Crackers

These Paleo Almond Pulp Crackers are made with 5 healthy ingredients. They’re perfect for using up leftover almond pulp. Yes, if you’re wondering what to do with the pulp after you follow my homemade Almond Milk recipe, this is the answer.

I’m a bit of a cracker-a-holic. I think the quest for crunchy food intensifies when one goes on a gluten-free diet. I went gluten-free in 1998 when I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Since then I’ve created many healthy cracker recipes for y’all! The problem? My crackers are too good. As quickly as I make my paleo crackers they disappear. That’s because so many cracker thieves dwell in my abode. Therefore, my cracker quest continues day-in-and-day-out.

Crackers made with almond flour (or in this case almond milk pulp) are highly nutritious and slightly addictive. These amazing Paleo Almond Pulp Crackers are also awesome because they’re a recycled treat.

If you make these paleo crackers in your dehydrator they’ll be “raw.”  I bake mine in the oven on low because I don’t have a dehydrator. Baking on low preserves as many of the live enzymes as possible. If you’re oven doesn’t go as low as 135°, set it to the lowest temperature possible and reduce your baking time. The crackers are done when they’re nice and crisp.

Almond Pulp Crackers

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  • Combine all ingredients in a large bowl
  • Press dough between 2 pieces of parchment paper, and roll to ¼-inch thickness
  • Remove top piece of parchment paper
  • Transfer bottom piece with rolled out dough onto baking sheet
  • Cut dough into 2-inch squares with a knife or pizza cutter
  • Bake at 135°F for at least 20 hours, or until crunchy
  • Cool, and serve
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 20 hrs
Total Time 20 hrs 10 mins
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116 responses to “Almond Pulp Crackers”

  1. This recipe made me smile, Elana. With you being so innovative and busy in your kitchen, I can’t imagine your oven being empty for 20 hours straight! You continually amaze me. :o)

  2. I want to try making these crackers however my oven won’t go below 170 deg. Not sure how long I would bake them at 170 vs 135 deg.

    • Gary, there was a post by Christy on 17th March 2011 stating she did this at 170 deg for 12 hours. Hope you’re still not waiting, as you’ve been waiting a while ;~)

  3. I made these and enjoyed them, but then decided to experiment a bit. I used 1/2 cup almond pulp and 1/2 cup hazelnut pulp. Then I omitted the thyme and added 1 Tablespoon coconut sugar and 1 tsp cinnamon. They are delicious and don’t last long in our house.

  4. Made these last night, subbing fresh rosemary for the thyme and they are really good! Although completely forgot about adding the flax seed until the dough was all rolled out and cut. I’m sure it will give the crackers a better texture next time. Thanks again for a great and useful recipe :-)

  5. Elana, do you take the skins off by blanching first? I usually soak my almonds overnight before making almond milk. I blanch and remove the skins when I intend to recycle the pulp, usually by dehydrating it then throwing some into meatballs or meatloaf as a binder. When I leave the skins on, I throw the pulp into the compost. Reuse, recycle!

  6. I have tried to make these 3 times now and they just wont stick together. Any thoughts? The crumbs are amazing – I’m thinking I’ll try them on top of Mac and Cheese next, but I want these crackers! :-)

  7. My oven doesn’t go below l70, so I’m trying your almond pulp crackers at that temp for 8 hours (give or take). Will let you know how this works. Thank you for the recipe! dm

  8. Trying these for the first time–in the oven at 170 as I “speak” (thanks for the tip re: the 12 hours).
    A couple of modifications: I didn’t have any thyme, so I used some Chef’s Shake and a little more salt than called for–was just too bland for me without. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out!
    Also, instead of parchment, I rolled these out between two Demarle Silpat mats, baking, of course, on the bottom one. Worked like a charm–minimal sticking. I really hate throwing stuff away, even parchment paper. :)

  9. I just made these last night and they are delicious! I’ve tried making several things with almond pulp, only to be disappointed at the “chalky” taste. These crackers, however, the chakiness is minimized my the crunchiness and herbs. This will definitely be a staple recipe after I make almond milk.

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