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Recently I wrote about Safer Sunscreen and many of you reached out for my recommendations on Safer Skincare. Since I have the MTHFR genetic mutation it’s important for me to use non-toxic organic beauty products that are gentle and completely safe. Those with the MTHFR gene can have impaired detoxification so I’m very careful about what I put on my skin, as well as what I eat!

Like the rest of my life, my skincare routine is incredibly simple. I wear make-up every couple of months. I love a natural look and truth be told, I’m totally lazy when it comes to applying make-up, though if you’d like to see what’s in my extremely well organized makeup drawer, you’re welcome to take a peak!

Whether I wear makeup or not, I wash my face each night and apply layers of organic hydrating products. I’ve created a cleansing routine that is non-toxic and nourishing because feeding the skin with healthy ingredients is important at my age. I was born in 1967, you can do the math!

Below you’ll find my favorite non-toxic facial products, including cleanser, cream, and oil. These items will feed your skin and nourish your body. They’re free of endocrine disrupting chemicals, artificial fragrance, and other toxins.

Face Cleanser

I love this Organic Herbal Choice Mari Facial Wash and use it every night to wash my face. It’s gentle and lightly scented which is perfect for my sensitive, dry skin.

Goddess Garden’s Fresh Start Gentle Cream Cleanser is another wonderful choice. It has a beautiful aroma with hints of mint, tea tree, and lavender. I don’t use it as an everyday product since I prefer to use more lightly scented cleansers on my face day-to-day, but I love using it now and then, as well as giving it to friends for birthdays and other occasions.

Once in a blue moon I’ll splurge on this Luzerne Facial Cleansing Creme, but not often since it’s extremely expensive. The upside of this wonderful product is that a little goes a long way and the container lasts for a very long time.

Face Cream

Keeping my skin moist is a must so I use this Era Organics Complete Moisturizer every night after I wash my face. When I open the container I stir in a drop or two of Patchouli Essential Oil to create a light, purely natural scent. Feel free to experiment with other essential oils! I apply a thick layer of this heavy, soothing moisturizer while my skin is still damp, rubbing it into my face, neck, and décolleté.

Christina Moss Organic Facial Moisturizer is another wonderfully hydrating cream for delicate skin. Made with organic ingredients it contains star anise oil which gives it a mild licorice scent. This cream is very concentrated and a little goes a long way.

Face Oil

I have very dry skin, as do most people who are vatas. Further, I live in the high dessert in Boulder, Colorado, an extremely dry climate. So, I love treating my face with hydrating Organic Jojoba Oil. After washing my face and applying face cream, I apply this smooth nourishing oil.

Giving my skin this extra layer of moisture has reduced fine lines around my eyes. In addition, drinking a couple of quarts of water per day, and following a Ketogenic Diet have also been incredibly helpful in slowing the ravages of time that befall middle aged women like me!


Applying sunscreen is another one of my favorite beauty tips. I use chemical-free zinc based sunscreens which I discuss in my Safer Sunscreen post. I only apply sunscreen to my face and neck since I want my body to absorb sunlight in order to naturally increase my vitamin D levels.

Lip Balm

Wondering how to make lip balm? I have the perfect 3-ingredient recipe for you. Vanilla Butter Lip Balm is nourishing and hydrating. If making lip balm isn’t your thing, you’ll love this Super Lysine Stick.

Feed Your Skin, Feed Your Body

All of the products I use to protect and nourish my skin are free of substances that contain toxins. For example, many facial cleansers claim to be pure and non-toxic, but contain ingredients like ethylhexlyglycerin, a known eye irritant.

It’s so important to nourish your skin with pure ingredients that fight off free-radicals. Otherwise, you’re simply assaulting your system with harmful substances. If you’re eating clean, it only makes sense to feed your skin the same way, with food-like products that do no harm. After all, your skin is your largest organ and absorbs everything you put on it.


46 responses to “Safer Skincare”

  1. Elana, jojoba oil is one of my favs too! I used it on my son when he was a baby for his after-bath massage.. which helped him calm down a lot! And I still use jojoba today on my own skin – it’s fine even during summer humidty. And it’s lovely to use in a massage blend with a couple of drops of aromatherapy oil. Such a fantastic plant.Thanks for your articles. Stay well xxx

    • Wendy, your comment brought back the best memories for me of when I used to give my older son, now in his 20s, post bath massages when he was a tiny little thing.

  2. Hi Elana,
    Thanks so much for all the wonderful recipes you offer your subscribers!
    I was wondering if you have any organic recommendations for a body butter or creme for very dry skin like mine.

  3. I have rosacea and the only moisturizer and sunscreen I have found that does not irritate my skin comes from K and K skincare. Pure products, reasonable prices, good people making them. Elana, give them a try. They are a small business in New Mexico and products are great for dry climates.

  4. Great sunscreen suggestions! Thanks so much.
    I wonder if you’ve checked out the Mother Dirt line of products that have been developed out of research indicating that, even though we’re cleaner than ever, our skin is constantly being stripped of it’s beneficial microbiome. I am in no way connected with them other than being a new customer interested in finding a way to improve some intermittent, chronic itching….would be interested in your opinion.
    Have a great rest of the summer season!

  5. Have you looked into 100% Pure skincare and cosmetics? They use fruit dyed makeup and plants in the skincare products.

    • Florence, thanks letting me know about this! I looked it up on Google and could not find the products, but I’ll keep trying :-)

  6. Dear Elana, Would it be possible for you to add the “Envelope Symbol” to the other 4 symbols you show to make it easier for us to SHARE, tidbits from your articles? For some reason, it has become difficult to easily email an article with just a “Click” as it used to be. I personally, do not wish to either ADD all 4 modes of use as I do not want to belong to EVERY new Mode that becomes available. Thank you for your consideration for your followers who are less “Techy” than others! ( I hope I have not missed it, but I did look for it)
    Thank you for ALL the work you do and Share with us, You are my favorite site!

  7. Elana, have you looked into the Medical Medium books by Anthony William? It would supplement you’re already meticulous diet and skincare—w a few extra eye opening tips to help you control your MS and combat the MTHFR gene that impacts your detoxification.

    Going very low fat, boosting veggies and fruit over meat and nuts, and he also shares easily accessible skincare products and food choices if you google “Medical Medium supplements.”

    Thanks for your skincare advice too! I’m always looking for ways to keep the junk and chemicals out of my body.

  8. Hi Elena, love your recipes and have been a follower for many years. I’ve experienced various health issues myself and am always looking to improve with diet and natural solutions. I value your advice as it’s researched and proven helpful to me! Recently purchased a few of your skincare and sunscreen recommendations and they work really well. Better than I expected! Question, do you recommend any eye cream and body wash? What about shampoo/conditioner? Looking forward to your response! Jen

    • Jen, thanks for your comment! I don’t use eye cream or body wash. I will be sharing my shampoo/conditioner recommendations soon so stay tuned :-)

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