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Recently I wrote about Safer Sunscreen and many of you reached out for my recommendations on Safer Skincare. Since I have the MTHFR genetic mutation it’s important for me to use non-toxic organic beauty products that are gentle and completely safe. Those with the MTHFR gene can have impaired detoxification so I’m very careful about what I put on my skin, as well as what I eat!

Like the rest of my life, my skincare routine is incredibly simple. I wear make-up every couple of months. I love a natural look and truth be told, I’m totally lazy when it comes to applying make-up, though if you’d like to see what’s in my extremely well organized makeup drawer, you’re welcome to take a peak!

Whether I wear makeup or not, I wash my face each night and apply layers of organic hydrating products. I’ve created a cleansing routine that is non-toxic and nourishing because feeding the skin with healthy ingredients is important at my age. I was born in 1967, you can do the math!

Below you’ll find my favorite non-toxic facial products, including cleanser, cream, and oil. These items will feed your skin and nourish your body. They’re free of endocrine disrupting chemicals, artificial fragrance, and other toxins.

Face Cleanser

I love this Organic Herbal Choice Mari Facial Wash and use it every night to wash my face. It’s gentle and lightly scented which is perfect for my sensitive, dry skin.

Goddess Garden’s Fresh Start Gentle Cream Cleanser is another wonderful choice. It has a beautiful aroma with hints of mint, tea tree, and lavender. I don’t use it as an everyday product since I prefer to use more lightly scented cleansers on my face day-to-day, but I love using it now and then, as well as giving it to friends for birthdays and other occasions.

Once in a blue moon I’ll splurge on this Luzerne Facial Cleansing Creme, but not often since it’s extremely expensive. The upside of this wonderful product is that a little goes a long way and the container lasts for a very long time.

Face Cream

Keeping my skin moist is a must so I use this Era Organics Complete Moisturizer every night after I wash my face. When I open the container I stir in a drop or two of Patchouli Essential Oil to create a light, purely natural scent. Feel free to experiment with other essential oils! I apply a thick layer of this heavy, soothing moisturizer while my skin is still damp, rubbing it into my face, neck, and décolleté.

Christina Moss Organic Facial Moisturizer is another wonderfully hydrating cream for delicate skin. Made with organic ingredients it contains star anise oil which gives it a mild licorice scent. This cream is very concentrated and a little goes a long way.

Face Oil

I have very dry skin, as do most people who are vatas. Further, I live in the high dessert in Boulder, Colorado, an extremely dry climate. So, I love treating my face with hydrating Organic Jojoba Oil. After washing my face and applying face cream, I apply this smooth nourishing oil.

Giving my skin this extra layer of moisture has reduced fine lines around my eyes. In addition, drinking a couple of quarts of water per day, and following a Ketogenic Diet have also been incredibly helpful in slowing the ravages of time that befall middle aged women like me!


Applying sunscreen is another one of my favorite beauty tips. I use chemical-free zinc based sunscreens which I discuss in my Safer Sunscreen post. I only apply sunscreen to my face and neck since I want my body to absorb sunlight in order to naturally increase my vitamin D levels.

Lip Balm

Wondering how to make lip balm? I have the perfect 3-ingredient recipe for you. Vanilla Butter Lip Balm is nourishing and hydrating. If making lip balm isn’t your thing, you’ll love this Super Lysine Stick.

Feed Your Skin, Feed Your Body

All of the products I use to protect and nourish my skin are free of substances that contain toxins. For example, many facial cleansers claim to be pure and non-toxic, but contain ingredients like ethylhexlyglycerin, a known eye irritant.

It’s so important to nourish your skin with pure ingredients that fight off free-radicals. Otherwise, you’re simply assaulting your system with harmful substances. If you’re eating clean, it only makes sense to feed your skin the same way, with food-like products that do no harm. After all, your skin is your largest organ and absorbs everything you put on it.


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  1. I am also trying to keep my skincare products safe. I would highly recommend avocado oil if your skin is extra dry in the winter. I’ve also found that using an all natural witch hazel after cleansing helps “lock in” moisture. I’ve used jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, & avocado oil as facial oils with good success & don’t use other lotions on my face anymore. They all feel so nourishing & I’ve not had problems with breakouts.

  2. Do you have any recommendations for hair coloring products that are non-toxic? Or, do you have any experience with using henna? Thank you!

  3. Thanks so much, Elana! I’ve ordered the Christina Moss moisturizer along with the Thinkbaby sunscreen from a previous post. You do so much research that I trust your recommendations 100%!

  4. I am so excited you shared about these products! I have terrible dry/flaky skin constantly. Along with diet changes and trying your recommendations, I hope I will be closer to getting my skin in great condition :)

  5. My favorite personal care products, including amazing makeup are from Beautycounter. Have you tried this line yet? I’d be happy o send you some samples as I rep it too. It’s not my FT gig. I really do it because I want inform everyone about using safe personal care products even if they aren’t Beautycounter.

    • Stephanie, I’ve steered clear of that line of products because they contain few organic ingredients and substances like ethylhexylglycerin which I avoid. Thanks for reaching out about this and glad you’ve found something you like :-)

      • EWG gives ethylhexylglycerin a 1 (low hazard) so I’d love to hear your take on it. Maybe it irritates your skin which can be the case even with safe ingredients. My experience has be more negative than positive with organic skincare claims as most seem to greenwash and include harmful ingredients.

  6. Sadly, I’m very allergic to aloe Vera, and unfortunately it’s in all these ? Do you have any recipes to make your own cleansers and lotions? I already make my own sunscreen. I rarely ever wear any makeup, maybe 4-6 times a year and never more than a few hours. I use organic natural bar soap with essential oil in it on my body and my face. As a face moisturizer I use a little essential oils.

  7. Since I’m gluten, soy,and dairyintolerance,I can’t wear makeup because I’m allergic to them. Anything with fragrance, perfume etc. I wash my face with Pure Castile soap and coconut oil as a moisturizer, and I wear no make up. I have been looking for hypoallergenic makeumake-up, do you have any suggestions?

    • Candi, thanks for your comment! Stay tuned because that will be the next category of personal care products that I write about :-)

  8. I think it’s great that we can now purchase good quality safe products for our skin. I am also very fussy about what I put on mine and try and go as natural as possible. However I haven’t had much luck with bought deodorants and the cost is very high here in NZ so I decided to make my own with great success.
    If anyone is interested in having a try, I have been making my own deodorant for over a year or so now and both my grown up kids use.
    quarter cup each of baking soda and cornflour/cornstarch stirred together in a bowl (not maize)
    6 tablespoons of melted coconut oil
    1 tablespoon melted shea butter (I added this because without it was too hard in the colder months here in New Zealand)
    1 tablespoon rosewater (optional)
    10-20 drops of essential oil (I tend to use lavender or sweet orange) but you can leave this out
    mix all together thoroughly in a bowl and put into little jars or one big one.
    I just take the tiniest smear out after my morning shower and massage into the armpits. It can still be a bit hard in the winter but will melt easily on contact with skin or blast it with a hairdryer for about 5 seconds. It is honestly the best deodorant I have ever used and the cheapest. No smell whatsoever.

  9. I’ve been on a Paleo diet for about a year. Doing very well, but now my Dr is concerned that my cholesterol is too high. What can I eliminate or add to my diet to lower it. I think I need some help.
    Thanks so much

    • Pamela, I have fairly high cholesterol and I think it’s a good thing because this type of fat is necessary for making hormones and feeding the brain properly :-)

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