Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies are fabulous for any special occasion or holiday, though especially at Christmas.

A couple of weeks ago I posted a recipe for Mexican Wedding Cookies and asked y’all what other Paleo Christmas cookie recipes you would like me to share. Here is a comment that was left by reader Marlene Placido requesting one of my all time favorite cookies:

I have been looking for years for a recipe for a raspberry thumbprint almond cookie… a traditional Christmas cookie from maybe one of the Scandinavian countries.

With only six ingredients total, my Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies are one of the easiest cookie recipes you can make during the busy holiday season. Looking for other gluten-free Christmas cookie recipes? Try my Star Cookies (which make wonderful rollout Paleo sugar cookies) or Gingerbread Men Cookies. Just be sure to use the recommended brand of almond flour –more on that below.

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Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies
  1. In a food processor combine almond flour, salt and baking soda
  2. Pulse in coconut oil and honey until dough forms
  3. Scoop batter 1 tablespoon at a time onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet
  4. Press your thumb into the center of each cookie to make an indentation
  5. Place ½ teaspoon of jam in the center of each cookie
  6. Bake at 350° for 8-10 minutes until golden brown
  7. Let cool on the baking sheets
  8. Serve

Wondering which types of almond flour will yield perfect results in this (and my other Christmas cookie recipes)? Check out my almond flour page. Please note, that there are certain brands of almond flour that will not work at all in my recipes; for more information please view the aforementioned almond flour page.

I’ve been making these healthy, lightly sweetened Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies for years, and they’re one of my favorites. In Sweden they are referred to as hallongrotta, here they’re known by many names including: jam thumbprint cookies, almond thumbprint cookies, and shortbread thumbprint cookies. Whatever you call them, they’re absolutely delicious. Happy baking and Merry Christmas to you my dearest readers!


  1. Angie Adams says

    I just tried this recipe (from recent fb post) and I didn’t have almond flour so I used cashew flour.
    They turned out great! Delicious! I will try again with almond flour when I go to store.
    I took pictures if anyone want to see them.
    My 7 year old granddaughter helped. She loves baking with Grammy and we’ve made a lot of Elana’s recipes.
    Thank you Elana for sharing your recipes.

    • Elana says

      Angie, I’m so glad you and your granddaughter enjoyed these cookies! I would love to see your photos, perhaps you can share them on Facebook or Instagram :-)

  2. Sruthi says

    Thanks so much Elana! This is a very simple recipe. Ever since I started Paleo diet and with additional restrictions on some fruits, veggies and any kind of sweeteners, I was scouring the web to find something to make with the ingredients I and my husband could eat. You website if full of delicious recipes. I have never baked before, but your recipes are so easy to try even for a beginner.
    I made some variations to this recipe due to my diet restrictions and they came out very good. With the changes you can no longer call these “raspberry thumbprint” cookies, they are not “Pecan thumbprint” cookies :D

    As I cannot have honey, I added stevia and 1/4 cup roasted almond butter to make the batter along with coconut oil. Also instead of the jam, I put a pecan in the thumbprint. :) enjoying them now..

  3. kka says

    I absolutely loved these and so did my family. I’m curious if I could use this dough for other cookies ….add walnut, cranberries and chocolate chips, white chocolate macadamia nut . Very yummy!

  4. Mona says

    I ‘ve just tried to make them but everything went wrong. I mixed almond flour with coconut flour (because we like it and i didnt have enough almond flour) and the dough looked like bread crumbs and everytime i Tried to forme a round shape they craked so it was impossible to put jam in. Should i have sticked only to the almond flour?? and what about oil and honey?Should coconut oil be melted togheter wtih the Honey? I cant see in the recipie if it should be melted or solid.
    So sad that it did’nt Work but hopefuly I can try it Again. I have feeling I did something wrong.

      • Mona says

        Thank you Elana for the link. I am very new to this way of cooking and I had no idea, there was a Blanched Almond Flour. I just bought Almond meal which looks like flour but didnt work in this recipie and now I know why :) Thank you so much for your reply. I’ve learn so much today about almond and coconut flour.Thank you.
        P.s I Love your site and I am going to try again with the right flour :)


    • Judy says

      I just baked a batch of these with all almond flour and my dough was a little dry as well. I added a little more honey and coconut oil and it turned out just fine. In any recipe that’s too dry it usually doesn’t hurt to add a little more moisture. I love Elana’s recipes, I use them all the time!

  5. Rebecca says

    Maybe I did something wrong because no one in my household liked them.
    Can coconut oil go rancid, maybe that was it.

    • Elana says

      Hi Rebecca, thanks for your comment and for sharing your concerns. Yes, coconut oil can definitely go rancid, and when it does it will have a very “off” flavor that will ruin the taste of anything you use it in.

  6. Jade says

    Absolutely love these cookies! My mom made a non- Paleo version when I was growing up. I can no longer tolerate almonds so I subbed cashew flour in the same measurements. Also used grapeseed oil instead of coconut and strawberry preserves. Turned out lovely with a nice warm buttery flavor. My husband and I love how simple, easy & tasty these are!

  7. Diana says

    Hi, thank you for this recipe. I made these for Christmas and everyone loved them. I just made them again today and used homemade nutella instead of jam. They aren’t cool yet but they still taste delicious!

  8. Dawn says

    My husband was recently diagnosed with Celiac and I’m diabetic. I always count on Elana’s recipies to meet both our needs. We love these cookies and recently served them at an open house. Our guests raved about how good they were. Thanks, Elana!

  9. Janet Paula says

    As I live in Jerusalem I do not have access to the brands that you recommend. So, can you give me an idea about the consistency of the dough before baking. Thank you.

    • Melissa says

      Hi Janet! I also live outside of J”lem :) I buy ground almonds from the Nitzat ha Duvdevan in Givat Shaul. It’s cheaper and I find bakes better than the almond flour you buy in small bags. Be’atzlecha!!

  10. Anna says

    I LOVE this recipe & everyone who tasted the cookies devoured them & wanted more. Including non-paleo people! Great that they are both VEGAN & paleo. I made a couple tweaks in my 2nd batch that worked great; reduced baking soda to 1/8 tsp and only a pinch of salt. Increased coconut oil to 4 TBS so the dough would come together. Only takes 8 min @ 350° in my oven. Thx Elana!

  11. Jen says

    These are so delicious. I made them with Bob’s Red Mill Almond flour and apricot jam (apricots and apple juice). Perfect with a cup of tea in the afternoon. Thank you Elana for your dedication to healthy eating and sharing that with everyone.

  12. says

    Made these cookies tonight! They are really delicious. Can’t believe how few ingredients, and how easy they were to make!
    **Side note: I had to add nearly 1 full Tbsp more of coconut oil to my first batch… it was not forming into dough until I did that. Not sure why, as all the other ingredients were correct.
    I also had to reduce the baking temp to 325 due to using a dark non-stick pan (my first pan got slightly overdone at 350 for 7.5 minutes). Did 325 for 8.5 minutes second pan, and they were PERFECT. :-) I have a crazy oven too, so there’s that…

    Thanks for another fantastic recipe. I am finding your Paleo recipes are the simplest ones out there; no major fails with them, and they are super easy to follow.

  13. Lisa says

    I made these cookies tonight. I decided to add an extra step so that they would be like the ones I purchase at my favorite cookie store that I no longer visit. Followed recipe, then rolled the ball of dough in egg white and rolled in chopped almonds. These were very good! Thank you so much for the wonderful recipe. I used Bob’s Red Mill because that is all that I had. Dough was kind of dry and crumbly and this was probably why, but they turned out great.

  14. Gabrielle says

    These were amazing!!!! Best biscuits ever, however… They are only good for the day they’re baked, they go so soggy and soft by the next day! Or could that be rectified if they were kept in the fridge do you think??

  15. Rowan Riley says

    :) Making these darlins up right now! They look and smell yummy! Because we are in our camper, we are making them in the electric skillet at a lower temp and with the lid and they are turning out great! Thank you for such wonderful recipes!

    • Jenni says

      I see this is a pretty old comment, but often when you use maple syrup, it’s good to add just a pinch of baking soda. I don’t remember why, but I know it bakes up better that way. :)

  16. Maria says

    I was excited to try these cookies, but had a very hard time getting the dough to come together… very crumbly and hard to form into balls. I wish I had seen the comment that suggested adding an egg!
    Is there a reason Elana recommends using a food processor? I don’t have one and used a hand mixer, but maybe that would have helped the dough to bind together better?

    • Ryan Louise says

      I think the food processor is a must have when it comes to GF baking, as a lot of the recipes are going to be crumbly. I added a “dash” of water of mine and they turned out fine.

  17. Jamie says

    Thank you so much for this recipe. These cookies are easy and a nice change from the chocolate chip cookies that we make ALL the time! I made this recipe at least 4 times over the holidays. These were the cookies that we left for Santa :) The only change I had to make was to add an additional Tbsp. of honey for the dough to stick together better. Thanks for making my holidays easier with this recipe!
    Kansas City, Missouri

  18. ana says

    cant wait to bake these!

    Should i liquify the coconut oil first? I love in Detroit, and its always solid during the winter months.



  19. Deborah Wilson says

    I was wondering how many cookie recipes are in Elana’s Gluten Free Almond Flour cookbook? My husband and I are newly on Dr. Perlmutter’s healthy brain diet which is very low carbs (gluten and starch free) and high protein with the all important healthy fats added in. My husband is the original cookie monster, however, and I’m looking for those cookie recipes specifically made with almond flour.
    I’ve gotten a few off this sight and thank Elana soooo much for that!

  20. says

    Wow. No joke, you are a culinary genius. I actually tell most of my patients about this site because it’s so consistent. I can always count on really good tasting recipes that are grain free. Keep up the great work!

  21. Monica says

    These were a hit at my house! So simple. So delicious. I played with different flavors of jam, but raspberry ended up being the favorite. At 9 minutes, the cookies were still under-cooked so I cooked them for an additional 2 minutes. Thanks for ANOTHER great recipe!

  22. says

    These probably are one of my favourite cookies to buy as a little treat. I just love the raspberry jam in the middle.

    However, I haven’t had them in a long time. The ones in stores are usually full of far too much butter.

    I’m glad I can now make a butterless and healthier version at home!

    I will be bookmarking this recipe and trying it soon.

  23. says

    Just wanted to tell you, Elana, that despite not having the right almond flour for this recipe, it worked out pretty dang well! The final product tasted great, and probably the main thing that was hard to do with my almond flour was the forming of the dough. Mine was crumbly and I had to work hard to make it into cookie shape, and I’m sure your recommended brands would have been easier to use. The final product though tasted great and was a hit with my family at Christmas! Thank you!!

  24. Teresa says

    Thought I would share some additions and substitutions…I added a 1/2 tsp of almond extract as well as 1/4 tsp vanilla extract. I also subbed out some of coconut oil for butter – used 1 tbs of coconut oil & 2 tbs of butter. The cookies were a big hit at our house!

  25. Deb F says

    Made your thumbprint cookie recipe yesterday & they were fabulous! They have always been my favorite cookie to make at the holidays , I am so happy to have this healthier version. Thank you for all your hard work and for sharing all your delicious recipes with all of us! Happy holidays to you and your family!

  26. Terri says

    Thank you SO much for posting these recipes! I have used almond flour for years based on your recommendation but just found out I can’t eat dairy or eggs either :( These are fantastic! I made them tonight and they are SOOOO good!

  27. Pat in FL says

    Hi Elana. Thank you so much for this recipe. I just made them. Half were with raspberry jam, the other with apricot. I also added a tsp. vanilla and about 1/2 tsp almond extract. WOW. Just wonderful. They flew off the cookie sheet and were devoured with enthusiasm.

    It’s such a simple recipe for me to tackle because I’m not much of a baker, though I do make bread regularly.

    I so appreciate all the time and effort you commit to perfecting these goodies and sharing them with us.

    Thank you again and best to you and yours in the New Year.

  28. says

    What a lovely, simple recipe.

    Thank you for your continued inspiration, healthy and thoughtful recipes.

    Wishing you and your family an amazing New Year!

    Be Well,

  29. Sophie says

    I was so looking forward to trying these, but I have run into a problem and was hoping someone might have some suggestions. I made them as written, except omitting the honey (I don’t eat sweeteners). I baked them longer than suggested (my oven tends to take longer, and they weren’t browning at all). I finally took them out after about 20 min, let them cool, but they are mushy. My question is: could omitting the 2 T of honey make that much of a difference? Do you think they needed to bake longer? The edges did start browning as I took them out. I did taste them (using a fork)- I enjoyed the taste, but the texture was a bummer for my kids. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

    • Susan says

      This was the only recipe from Elana’s Pantry that I felt I needed to alter, I added an egg. I felt it needed something to bind it, it seemed like it was just falling apart.
      The yummy part is I also brushed them with egg white and rolled them in chopped peacans! OMG they were great!

      • Jenny says

        I also added an egg, as well as a little extra honey, and some pure almond oil/extract, then a bit of coconut flour to keep the consistency right. Turned out fantastic!

  30. Conni says

    I made these with homemade olallieberry jam last night . My husband said they are the best gluten-free cookie i’ve made and they don’t taste like they are gluten-free. That is a huge compliment coming from my husband because his parent’s owned a bakery for 30 years. I will be making these again!

  31. says

    I love thumbprint cookies, and really look forward to trying Elana’s paleo version. While researching for my website I discovered that there are many versions of almond thumbprint cookies that are traditionally flourless.

    One version that is offered in French patisseries resembles the sun, with apricot jam centers and slivered almonds radiating out from the center like rays of the sun. It was invented by some enterprising baker who called them Nicois Suns, to remind customers of their holidays around the sunny Côtes d’Azur, where the rich would vacation.

    You can make them with raspberries or any kind of jam or creamy filling. The recipe isn’t Paleo, but is gluten free. You can check it out here: http://www.gluten-free-around-the-world.com/thumbprint-cookie-recipes.html

  32. says

    Elena, love your recipes and site..Have been using almond meal and coconut mixed with organic coconut sugar, which turns them beige.

    The cookies are heavy and not like they should look. I don’t like to use sugar, but some people don’t like the taste of stevia.

    Do you know of a brand for almond flour that soaks their raw almonds? Soaking, as you may now, releases the nut’s vitality. Are the almonds you recommend organic?

  33. says

    Elena, love your recipes and site..Have been using almond meal and coconut mixed with organic coconut sugar, which turns them beige.

    The cookies are heavy and not like they should look. I don’t like to use sugar, but some people don’t like the taste of stevia.

    Do you know of a brand for almond flour that soaks their raw almonds? Soaking, as you may now, releases the nut’s vitality. Are the almonds you recommend organic?

    Does anyone have a solution to these questions?

  34. Sandi says

    Thanks so much for posting all these yummy recipes! I love your blog and cookbooks and often recommend them to others.
    I really appreciate the work you put in to making living Paleo a little easier for the rest of us!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!

    • zingara says

      good, sweet, elana…I love your blog. I’m not on a G-free regime but some of my family are. my mother, [Italian, from Italy] used to make cookies very much like these but she rolled the balls in sesame seeds then added jam [usually fig, guava or apricot] then they were baked. the seeds then toasted & they were very tasty. can your fans eat seeds? I hope you & your dear family have a very joyful Christmas & new year. Z

    • Deborah Wilson says

      I use the almond meal from the Bulk Barn and put it through a sieve. The little bit that won’t go through, I put in my spice grinder to make it finer. My baking has been turning out great and I’ve made many things from Elana’s (my fave) site.

      Does anybody know why Bob’s Redd Mill almond flour is not recommended? My hubby didn’t feel like going to the Bulk Barn today and brought me two bags of this stuff and I’m hesitant to try it. I wanted to make her Orange Cake, but now I don’t know if I should….

      • Deborah Wilson says

        I took the Bob’s Red Mill Blanched Almond Meal/Flour and doing 1/2 cup at a time, pulsed it in my Secura spice grinder (a great little thing bought at Amazon). It only takes a few seconds to do and the flour is much less course. The cake I made turned out beautifully. I’m going to try the thumbprint cookies next.

        • Susan says

          I use Bob’s Red Mill Almond Flour all the time. All the recipes have turned out great anyway. Maybe with the other recommended flours they would have been even better. But so far I haven’t had any trouble. The raspberry thumb print cookies were the only ones that just seemed like they needed something more to bind them together so I added an egg.
          Happy Baking.

  35. Trine says

    I used to make these with my Mom, when I was little. They are called “husaren krapfen” Germany. Husaren are Hungarian/kroation cavalrie soldiers, so I think that’s where this recipe originated;)

  36. Elizabeth says

    You are my HERO! I was just sitting down to search for something like this, and your facebook post came across my news feed . My family always makes “marzipan bars” at Christmas time: cookie base, a layer of raspberry jam, a layer of almond paste, bake, and frost with chocolate frosting. We had to go egg free just a week ago, and we were hoping to find a way to fake-out that flavor profile. This is PERFECT. I’m going to make these and then cover them in chocolate frosting. Paleo/primal? Not so much. Still avoiding those darned allergens? You betcha.

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