Product Review: Purely Decadent Ice Cream

Purely Decadent’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Ice Cream

This is my family’s favorite ice cream.  I’d have to say they like it quite a bit more than my homemade Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream.

When I posted that recipe last week, several people asked if I had heard of various brands of store bought vegan, gluten free ice creams.  Yes, I have and here it is.  Purely Decadent comes in quite a few flavors and I can attest that each one I have tasted is delicious.

Many people also asked if I had ever made coconut ice cream from scratch.  In fact, I have been making it for the last few years and my boys love it.  They are big coconut eaters and I will post the recipe for my Coconut Ice Cream recipe in the next few weeks.

Although it is supposed to be ice cream weather, we have had day after day of rain here in Boulder.  The creek is little higher every time we walk down to it.  The grey weather has been quite soothing, though the boys are home from school on summer vacation and going just a tad stir crazy.

As for the winner of last weeks Freebie Friday… Gabrielle Dodd has won a copy of Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s G-Free Diet.  Hooray for Gabrielle!


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  1. This is one of my favorite ice creams. I also love the Mango Passionate Fruit coconut milk ice cream. They have great vanilla, chocolate and coconut flavor too. The hardest part is keeping the serving size appropriate.

  2. CoconutGal,
    Your ice cream is simple and all natural…My kind of treat ;).

    For the people who requested book references about non-dairy/vegan ice cream, here are some:
    “Vice Cream” uses a variety of nut milks
    “Ice Dream” uses coconut milk

    There’s also a new one the “vegan scoop”, but it relies heavily on soymilk and I avoid soy at all costs! (see the “Soy Alert” article by the Weston Price Foundation).

  3. So, I went out last night and got some Purely Decadent Coconut ice cream. Yumm. And I’m not even a huge ice cream fan but I do like something cold every once in a while and this hit the spot. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Ok, just had to weigh in…

    Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss ***Chocolate Peanut Butter*** flavor is rolling out RIGHT NOW as we speak–three new flavors, blog post here:

    It should be in stores mid to late June.

    Our staff/family has tried out Chocolate Peanut Butter (rogue pints made their way into our freezer, but didn’t last long!), and I can say it’s way awesome. Way awesome. I’ve never seen people eat something so quickly.

    Commenters, thanks for mentioning that were USDA 95% organic with fair trade ingredients — big differences between us and our (big company) competitors. And we’re just 8 people. Let us know what your needs are, and we’ll get back to you. Ask Coconut.Gal (who doesn’t work for us, despite the similar name. ;) ) And we invented this ice cream category 4 years ago.

    Ok. Thanks ya’ll for your comments. Luna, Larry, and the other 6 of us in Eugene appreciate it. :)
    A Dispatch from Coconut Bliss HQ

    • Vince,

      Thanks for the weigh in. I saw that you have popsicles, now! i haven’t seen them in my stores, though. i live in Hillsboro, OR. Any way you can get them to the neighborhood New Seasons or Whole Foods this summer?


    • Excuse me, but isn’t a blog about a new product an inappropriate place for the competition to be touting its own products? It seems a bit tacky to me. I read these kinds of blogs to learn about foods that my dairy and gluten intolerent child can enjoy. I am truly not interested in reading how a competitor might like to “weigh in.” I most value what the reviewer, who is unbiased, has to say.

  5. two more things: 1) According the Coconut Bliss website, they have just put out ice cream pops! Yippee 2) Somebody asked for the name of books with recipes. i mentioned seeing a book called Vice Cream. it is a small, thin, soft cover book that i saw in a local chain here called New Seasons. i’d check for it.

  6. I have been loving purely decadent and coconut bliss for some time now, but I keep moaning over purely decadent’s cookie dough flavor. I want to try it SO BAD! But I don’t eat grains :-( Maybe on a very very special occasion I will have some, but I fear I will like it too much!

  7. Wow! Who would of thought ice cream would create such a hot debate?! I am in agreement with Christianne. It’s not as if you are eating this everyday, life is no fun when we worry too much about food (I should know) and this is a treat and treats are meant to be scandalous, that’s part of the fun :-)
    We are totally on the same page Elana! I just posted my new no ice cream maker coconut ice cream yesterday:

    As for brand of store bought coconut ice cream– I think it’s pretty obvious where I stand ;-)
    Although I must say- if I could eat peanuts I would definitely be chowing down on this flavor! Chocolate and peanut butter is the best combo ever.
    We have had an out-of-the-norm hot week here and it’s been so nice. I have been reading outside and hoping to squeeze in a walk today, I need some Vita-D while I can get it! Hoping your rain goes away, but on the bright side it’s helping your beautiful green garden!

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