Paleo Crepes

This paleo crepe recipe is from my latest book Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry. Like all of the recipes in that book, this one is healthy and super easy to make. I think that’s the biggest compliment I get about Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry –that the recipes require very few ingredients, are an absolute breeze to assemble, yet wow those who eat them every time. Truly a winning combination.

These nut-free low-carb crepes are made with only four ingredients –coconut flour, eggs, coconut oil, and water. When you are making them the batter will look a bit watery. Don’t worry though, it will thicken up nicely after it sits for a minute or two, and you will have gorgeous crepe batter.

Paleo Crepes

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Servings 6 crepes



  • In a food processor, pulse together coconut flour and eggs
  • Add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and water and pulse until thoroughly combined
  • Heat 1 teaspoon of the coconut oil in an 8 inch frying pan over medium-low heat
  • Scoop ¼ cup of the batter onto the skillet to spread the batter to the edges of the pan
  • Cook until small bubbles form and burst on the surface of the crepe, then flip and cook the other side, 4-5 minutes total
  • Transfer the crepe to a plate
  • Repeat the process with the remaining oil and batter, then serve
Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 14 mins
Total Time 29 mins
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If you’re wondering how to make healthy crepe filling try my quick and easy Cherry Berry Syrup, and then smother these healthy coconut flour crepes in my luscious Coconut Whipped Cream. Those three quick and easy recipes are depicted in the above photo.

I haven’t tried making savory crepes, but I imagine these would be amazing with sauteed onion, spinach, turkey bacon, and mushrooms served up for a deliciously, healthy dinner. For now we’re enjoying these breakfast crepes, though of course, we often have them for brunch. They also make a mighty fine dessert crepe when served whipped cream and drizzled with melted dark chocolate.

A bunch of people have asked me if they could use these Paleo Crepes as a coconut flour tortilla. I haven’t tried that because I use romaine lettuce or bib lettuce to make tacos for our family in an effort to eat as many vegetables as possible on a daily basis! If you are looking for something more traditional as a corn or flour tortilla replacement, these paleo crepes might just work for that.

Finally, this recipe calls for two tablespoons coconut flour and four eggs –that is not a typo. A little coconut flour goes quite a long way. Coconut flour is a very dry flour that absorbs a ton of moisture, hence the unusual ratio of wet to dry ingredients in this recipe.

Do you own a copy of Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry? If so leave a comment and let me know what your favorite recipe is in that book!

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Elana, I could just hug you! These crepes are yummy —so delish! Thank you!


118 responses to “Paleo Crepes”

  1. These Crepes where easy and delicious. I was able to make 4 great 8 inch and then a little left for a taster one lol. I made my Crepes with ground turkey, onion and some Cole Slaw Sautéed very nice dinner. Thanks!

    • Robert, thanks for your comment and for letting me know these were easy and delicious! I love the idea of filling these with turkey and onion :-)

  2. I just made these darling looking crepes for brunch. Only did half the recipe as my hb doesn’t it paleo; it worked like a charm and made a little more than 2 crepes. They taste “eggy” but I knew that would be the case, didn’t expect anything like a flour-based crepe so it was quite fine. I used mozzarella pieces as a stuffing, next time I’ll try incorporating it shredded to see how that comes out. With cherry tomatoes and spring lettuce mix, it was a delight. Thank you, Elana :)

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