My Favorite Gluten Free Valentine’s Recipes

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us. I don’t buy into the flowers and Hallmark card aspect of this holiday. Rather than the usual hoopla, my favorite taste tester (that would be my husband) and I don’t do much, if anything at all. Simply put, I try to appreciate and show my love for him day in and day out.

On another note, who on earth decided that consumers should show their love by purchasing useless items on some specific day? The rebel in me dislikes holidays such as this based on mandatory consumption. However, the baker in me loves them.

For me, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to bake lots of treats, give them out and make cards with the boys. This year, my younger son, E decided to sew his Valentines. His teacher asked each child to bring in just five “cards” to exchange, so I think he’ll be up to this little project of his, which you can see taking shape in the photo above.

In terms of the baking aspect of this holiday, below are my three favorite recipes for wholesome, delicious Valentine’s treats. All of these desserts are gluten-free and dairy free.

So, have a great gluten-free, DIY holiday!


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