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Mushroom Masters: Herb Stuffed Mushrooms

I was recently invited to develop an appetizer recipe for the Mushroom Masters, a global competition that helps celebrate National Mushroom Month (September). Since I love mushrooms, and they are so easy to prepare gluten free and Paleo, I jumped at the chance to participate.

For the competition, I created the recipe for these Herb Stuffed Mushrooms –they make a lovely gluten free appetizer for a cocktail party or nice nosh for a gluten free brunch. While this convenient finger food looks complicated, it is quick and easy to make, healthy and of course, delicious.

You can view the complete recipe at the Mushroom Channel blog.  Voting is taking place at TasteSpotting. So, head on over and vote for your favorite mushroom appetizer.

herb stuffed mushrooms recipe

I began cooking with mushrooms when I was 13 years old. Back then I stuffed my mushrooms with a processed cheese. Thankfully, my cooking has evolved some since then and I now make these stuffed mushrooms from scratch with goat cheese, anti-oxidant rich parsley, plus chives, and garlic. Even my children chow on these cute little appetizers, which makes me very happy since mushrooms are an excellent source of manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin C and selenium.

Full Disclosure: I received compensation for my photos and recipe from sponsors (The Mushroom Council, Mushrooms Canada and the Australian Mushroom Grower’s Association) and TasteSpotting.


  1. says

    Quick question. If I haven’t quite aquired a palette for goat cheese, is there another type of cheese that might be a comperable substitute?

  2. says

    My girlfriend absolutely adores mushrooms and they are pretty much in most dishes we make. She doesnt like the normal garlic rich mushroom starters (as the garlic dominates) but I think the goats cheese will offset that so you got yourself a guinea pig here. thanks

    • Kristy says

      They’re totally different, but you did get me to click on your link, so kudos.

      Nicely done, Elana. These look awesome!

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