Making Changes

First, I want to thank you all for being part of this community. It’s been such a wonderfully nourishing experience for me have this website and be able to share recipes and tips for good living with all of you.

However, there is another side to running a website. Like everyone in this age of information overload, I’m looking at working better and smarter. Doing more with less. As you may have noticed, I haven’t been posting quite as often. I’ve also gone on a social media diet, checking into Twitter and Facebook a couple of times a week instead of several times a day.

Further, after much consideration, I’ve decided to close down the Forums. Although the forums have served a good purpose, all in all, I’ve found that they are one more place for me to monitor in terms of the work I put into this website. I believe that the community can continue to connect in the comments section of each post and that it will still be productive for you to leave your remarks there.

So yes, change is in the air.

And I’m interested in you. I want you to tell me what type of information you find useful on this site. What are you doing with your life right now and what in particular are you looking for here?

So please, leave a comment and share your thoughts. I’m very interested, even though I do not often respond to comments, I do personally read each and every comment that you leave on every post.

Thanks for 6 great years and looking forward to many more!


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  1. Thanks Elena for the great recipes. I can imagine just like anything in life it can pull you away from the things that need you the most; like family!! I really only look for recipes to keep a delicious menu plan.. So thanks for the yummy recipes!!:) Hope your changes are for the better and work out well!

  2. I am currently searching for a dairy free nut yogurt made with beef gelatin… Crazy, I know but my Doc recommended it and said to use cashews as well. Also, I haven’t been able to find any real pros or cons for Agave. I heard it was processed the same as corn syrup. I am just sharing what’s on my mind! :)

    • Sarah,

      I have been making coconut milk yogurt. It is a bit runnier than homemade yogurt from cow’s milk, but I find it delicious. Also, if you add pectin, gelatin, or agar agar after sterilizing (see link below for when to add it), it does thicken up nicely. You can use a non-dairy pro-biotic blend, small container of commercial coconut yogurt, or the contents of a pro-biotic blend capsule. I make my own coconut milk because it’s cheaper and I know exactly what’s in it, but you can also purchase the milk for convenience. To feed the pro-biotics, I use local honey (which supposedly helps with regional allergies) – the link below claims that most of the sugars are consumed by the pro-biotics during fermentation, especially if you ferment over 8 hours. Without a natural form of sugar, coconut milk (really, the “good” bacteria) will not culture.

      I found this tutorial helpful:

      I’m not sure this is what you’re looking for, since you mentioned a nut yogurt. I suppose you could make it with almond or cashew milk, as well, since they are made using the same process as coconut milk (blending the coconut, almond, or cashew in water, then straining).


  3. My 25 year old daughter has a constant cough. One doctor said asthma and another says allergies and to take Allegra forever. After using it she broke out in a rash. As a baby she was unable to drink formula and had to drink the soy kind. She does eat alot of cheeses, pasta, im thinking maybe about her going gluten/dairy free for a few weeks until she sees an allergist…any advice would be appreciated

  4. I’m new to your site & wondering where you’ve been for the last 2+ years of struggling w/ gf diet. I’ve not mastered it & have been borderline sick constantly. Dr says to talk w/ nutritionist at hosp where I work. She’s gf also, but uses me as a consult instead. Now wondering re nightshades and othe items that could be hampering the process. This site is going to be my #1 resource for the next 6 months or so & I’m hoping to see a real difference. It’s been so frustrating!

  5. 1. I love your website
    2. I really enjoy the recipes. The variety is incredible, and your willingness to experiment with new ingredients has helped me modify some of my own standbys.

    Thanks so much.
    – o

  6. I just want to thank you for your cookbook and your website… I just turned 58 have lost over 40 pounds and feel better than I have since I turned 50, I really thought my enjoyment of life was ending because my body just wasnt happy. Well thanks to you I am doing very well and am looking forward to years to come. Well thanks to you and my homeopathic doc who showed me the way!!!!My two lady mentors thanks!!!!!

  7. Hello Elana,

    I would love to continue to see more recipes for candida sufferers and GAPS. Sometimes I find in my search for dietary recipes, I enter into sites that look more like lists with boring text and no pictures…the dullness primes my mind to expect lackluster fare. When I first discovered your book, I actually cried for joy. You have a way of making restrictive fare beautiful and I will always be grateful to you for that. I’d like to see more breakfast and main dishes. Thank You again.

  8. Training for marathons in Boulder, CO, I was diagnosed with MS, however, it turned out that I have late stage Environmental Illness. Not for long I say. I am on a Paleo Macro Diet with 5 to 9 dishes per meal, similar to tapas style. My body is bored. I miss my home in Boulder. My body and life could use a Tapas Section from Elana’s brilliant girl brain. Lots of love, Tekaye

  9. Elana,

    I have enjoyed reading peoples comments, but understand your change of mind. My comments must include a main quest of always searching for great tasting, but healthy gluten free recipes that can be prepared in the shortest amount of time. I consider dehydrating not a problem because the time spent waiting is minimal compared to the health addition it brings to the dish.

    I have found I tolerate stevia with a small amount of agave combination for sweetening food. Honey, molasses and any of the sugars cause me bloating and weight gain. Then, I am quickly fighting addictions to them once I have allowed myself to eat them.

    So…my desire is for good nutrition. I included coconut in recipes as it does not seem to cause negative reactions and I am able to keep my weight down. However, there are multiple limitations in recipes. I WOULD LIKE TO SEE MORE RECIPES INCLUDING COCONUT IF POSSIBLE. I am not an ALL coconut cook because I believe in moderation and have found sometimes there is too much of a good thing. I ENJOY your site so much. Thanks Elana.


  10. Elana: I just found your blog a few months ago and A D O R E your recipes! I’m beyond happy to create healthy treats for my 12 year old son and for my partner. Thank you, thank you! Much continued success to you and blessings on you and your family.

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